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The biggest flaw I saw with this school was that I was at my end of year review and a professor asked me, "So, what did you learn this year?" and I opened my mouth to answer, but had to close it again. I have good grades, yet I couldn't think of one new thing I had learned.
The school is fine if you want to work in a gallery, but I tried to investigate what classes I could take that would allow me to work in an animation company and I was told that I would essentially have to make it on my own, no classes would give me the skills I needed.
Where one big happy art community. The walls come alive with art works made by the students and teachers. Everyone has there own styles and connections within the art community. We challenge other fellow artists with good sportsmanship. While as we work, we share ideas to help each other to improve. Thus, we work together to help each other to grow as artists. That is what an art community is all about it's to help one another to succeed in our lives growing as artist.
We should already have security cameras throughout the school and outside the building, however, they are cutting budgets and installing them for next year.
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I do not know if we have a career center at all. Occasionally students will get emails, but it's never for certain majors. We have about six majors(Design, Illustration,Print media, Painting&Drawing, Photography, Sculpture), and the emails are usually for two of the majors(Design and Photography) and occasionally Print media. Anything else would be word from mouth through teachers. The teachers would only tell only a select few.
The teachers will go out of their way to help a student out when creating artwork.
It's a warehouse that was remodeled for a school. Very poor housing system. Only freshmen were allowed to have a dorm, if a student was lucky sophomore year, there would be a spot open. Otherwise, the student has to find an apartment on their own if they want to continue.
I do love the teachers at this college, but the school is not safe around campus, people are stealing stuff within the studios and they are just now getting security cameras. This is my third year and they threw Juniors under the bus because they switched how credits worked for the whole course. Some advisers wanted certain students to not take a certain class, and now behind in credits they need to graduate. The teachers will step aside and will talk to you besides class time to make sure you are learning what you need to learn, however, they are not really teaching on how to get your first contractor or how to go about in getting a job. They do encourage students to explore mediums and subjects, and second term of junior year along with senior year, they want students to make work that is a body of work.
While we have a small campus so assault isn't a security issue, we have a huge problem with theft and vandalism in-school.
The best professors are most often adjunct, but since we only have 8 full time teachers it makes sense. Professors are all referred to on a first-name basis which makes the classroom very personal, and teachers often encourage students to pursue their desires and art outside of the classroom.
There is no job training and job assistance like at most schools, which is absolutely awful. There is also no official "career center" so upon graduation, students are almost entirely on their own.
The dorms are right across the street from the single-building school which is a huge convenience. Each rooms in the 12th St. dorms also comes with a full bathroom, kitchen, and washer/dryer in-building which is fantastic. The 13th street dorms are a little less convenient, featuring single bedrooms with a connected toilet and sink and shared kitchen and showers and coin laundry. The dorm community is absolutely amazing- when I lived in the dorms no one locked their doors and everyone had total mutual respect for one another. Depending on the students there can be a little partying and most of the RAs are very lax on rules, but outside of the expense there are no other substantial problems.
The community at AAC is absolutely fantastic- being a small school, the student community is amazing. However, there is a HUGE disparity in the quality of teachers, especially considering the fact that only 8 of our faculty are full-time, and of those there are probably two who are absolutely garbage at their job. Also being a small school, there have also been a number of security issues that wouldn't happen at larger schools, including things like theft and vandalism in the school building. We've also had issues the past few years with staff retainment and it's hard to find non-faculty staff members to rely on because people are constantly leaving.
Since Campus housing is freshmen only, upper classmen are forced to find a place to commute and if you wanna live downtown its extremely pricey.
Its a college what do you expect
Not really a party campus. its in the middle of downtown.
It was easy but I still need a lot more money
not the greatest but better then nothing
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It is okay if you are in the lofts but Urban city sites for the other dorm is the worst.
printers don't like to work on the weekend that is the only thing
friday and satruday are the most popular for the noise of music
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