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The Art Academy of Cincinnati is filled with passionate and genuine professors who take advantage of the small student body to truly invest in each student’s career and success.
I am a 2007 AAC alum. I went on to fashion school and got a masters in fashion from SAIC in Chicago. I taught English in Gifu, Japan. I was responsible for magazine content, sponsorship and programming at Kiki Magazine. I have freelanced on music videos etc. I currently co-run PIQUE art gallery, develop programs and teach. These things were possible because of the rich foundation I built at the AAC. What separates my experience at AAC was that they really helped me get to the bottom of who I needed to be, and supported and pushed me to get there. I left AAC with the skills/confidence/strength I needed to fight for my goals moving forward. While at the AAC I formed bonds in the art community that still inform my art practice today. When I wanted to become a professor, I chose the AAC because I knew they would get behind my big/unusual ideas, in a way other colleges wouldn’t be brave/bold enough to do. #AACPRIDE
I went to the Art Academy because I was looking for a smaller more individual experience with the faculty and student body. I was not disappointed! The professors and administrators are very involved in the student’s life in the form of mentorship, advising, academics and visual art. The professors and staff are local, national and international creative practioners and educators. I felt we shared a unique community with the school that was both respectful and insightful. I would recommend anyone to this great school!
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The AAC creates a challenging and supportive environment for students to contribute to the discourse in Contemporary Art and Design. Their major-fluid program produces artists, designers, writers and entrepreneurs that make a difference in the community and the world.
The Art Academy of Cincinnati is a great community of talented students and teachers. I am a 2015 alumna currently pursuing an MFA degree in New York. The Art Academy has a small, tight-knit student body with the amazing resources of a much larger program- studios, equipment, materials, and dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to give students access to personalized feedback and critique. Most importantly, the Art Academy gives students the tools to think conceptually and grasp dense, high-brow methods for learning and creating. If art is something that matters to you- go somewhere art matters. Located in the center of OTR in Downtown Cincinnati, new students get a real city experience on a smaller scale, without the high costs. The art and music scenes of OTR are accessible, energized, and always in conversation with the Art Academy.
This school is amazing because it teaches its students to think for and educate is not for a lazy student expecting an easy ride. This school is a good fit for someone with self discipline, the desire to learn, work hard and grow. It is one of the least expensive private art schools, and truly teaches their students to become extremely resourceful artists. You have to work for every opportunity at AAC, nothing is handed to you, just like in real life. The faculty are also working artists and the school is a small, safe, and extremely accepting community.
The Art Academy is where I discovered my love of painting. I was given the room to grow and discover this passion through the guidance and encouragement of the faculty. I also learned invaluable problem solving skills which I use on a daily basis.
The Art Academy is an excellent place to find your artistic voice and to develop into the type of professional artist you want to be.
The Art Academy provided me with an excellent education, a broad network of creative people working in the field and hands on experience. I was always encouraged to try new techniques and methods and enabled me to develop problem solving skills amongst a wide range of critical thinking and engagement. Although I graduated with an emphasis on drawing, the focus of my work came to be installation, sculpture and performance based work. I feel that my time at the Art Academy was submersive and crucial for my artistic voice as I begin my path into furthering my education.
I transferred to the art academy from a large state college and I have been incredibly happy with my experience here. The academics are much more challenging and the professors are so much more qualified and helpful when compared to the last school I attended. The design program has given me experience with real client projects and access to the plethora of design firms and agencies in Cincinnati. Because of the experience I have gained with the art academy, I have already been offered a job after graduation.
The professors offer great connections to the outside world. The faculty and staff definitely put students first. There is always something fun going on in the area. Since it's a smaller school, you get a lot of feedback.
AAC changed the entire trajectory of my life. It not only focused my ambitions to a greater purpose, but instilled a drive toward self-discovery and self-realization. I'm able to take on any problem and any situation and know that uncertainty is a strength. The faculty opened the doors to a rich and creative life. I will be forever thankful.
Students get personal attention and are encouraged to find their own vision. The interdisciplinary program is designed to give students training for the real world of creative business and professionalism.
I loved going here for college. It was awesome. It was truely like no other college experience. Learning from teachers that are practicing artists themselves and getting real creative feedback from others gave me the skills I need to navigate the art world on my own beyond the college setting. The AAC helped me nuture friendships that will last forever and network with professional artists that I can rely on in the future to assist in my success. I dont know where I would be without this school.
The biggest flaw I saw with this school was that I was at my end of year review and a professor asked me, "So, what did you learn this year?" and I opened my mouth to answer, but had to close it again. I have good grades, yet I couldn't think of one new thing I had learned.
The school is fine if you want to work in a gallery, but I tried to investigate what classes I could take that would allow me to work in an animation company and I was told that I would essentially have to make it on my own, no classes would give me the skills I needed.
Where one big happy art community. The walls come alive with art works made by the students and teachers. Everyone has there own styles and connections within the art community. We challenge other fellow artists with good sportsmanship. While as we work, we share ideas to help each other to improve. Thus, we work together to help each other to grow as artists. That is what an art community is all about it's to help one another to succeed in our lives growing as artist.
We should already have security cameras throughout the school and outside the building, however, they are cutting budgets and installing them for next year.
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I do not know if we have a career center at all. Occasionally students will get emails, but it's never for certain majors. We have about six majors(Design, Illustration,Print media, Painting&Drawing, Photography, Sculpture), and the emails are usually for two of the majors(Design and Photography) and occasionally Print media. Anything else would be word from mouth through teachers. The teachers would only tell only a select few.
The teachers will go out of their way to help a student out when creating artwork.
It's a warehouse that was remodeled for a school. Very poor housing system. Only freshmen were allowed to have a dorm, if a student was lucky sophomore year, there would be a spot open. Otherwise, the student has to find an apartment on their own if they want to continue.