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I absolutely love the school. I am a recently transfer student and when I first came to Armstrong I loved it! The teachers are so friendly and very helpful, the students are very nice, and there's always something to do on campus you will never get bored while being at Armstrong! I love to school so much that I want to apply for graduate school here as well.
I loved the teacher to student interactions! I really have high hopes that the consolidation with Georgia Southern is really worth the change!
I do not attend Armstrong Atlantic State University but i would to go there . They have my major that i want to study in and i want to experience college life in the state of Georgia.
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I enjoy attending Armstrong. It has positively shaped my early adult life, especially since I am an out-of-state student. Armstrong has been my home away from home, and I can go early say it's been great. The food isn't very welcoming or delicious, but the atmosphere is wonderfully and the campus beautification team really does a great job making Armstrong well decorated and welcoming.
Compared to other schools Armstrong is much more affordable. I am not to crazy about the master programs, also think there should be more degree programs offered. They are merging with another university which is great. I hope to see improvement in classrooms and buildings. It’s an okay school.
Very small class sizes and extra helpful professors are the perfect recipe for success! The on campus resources are awesome and updates and the campus is so beautiful, especially their intricate gardens
I love how friendly and respectful all the staff and students are. They are diverse in many ways whether it be race, age, or religion. They accept you as you are. I wouldn't change anything about Armstrong.
Armstrong is a very safe and good school. I feel comfortable and at home. I feel as though I’m getting a good education and have nice facilities and resources available to me.
It is a very excellent institution, especially my career field I want to go into. I'm very thankful for everything that everyone at that school helped and gave me everything I needed to succeed at Armstrong State University.
AASU has a very nice campus and the student life is great. They have a lot of different clubs and a good variety of events. The staff is great and very helpful.
Armstrong is a very small campus and it's not very diverse. Their student life is great, but other characteristics aren't so well. People who are employed by this school are very rude on the phone and even in person. They aren't very considerate or reasonable. They're all about their money. Financial aid is always behind on what they need to do.
Armstrong is a very welcoming campus to all new, transferring, and reoccurring students. The student life at armstrong is well valued, and this makes attending this campus, full time, much more enjoyable and desirable.
I currently attend AASU now. To be more specific I go to the Liberty County Campus. I personally think its a good start there. Its something small and welcoming. The classes are very interactive and the professors are not bad. I would reccomend this location if you don't live close to savannah and it'll be a hassle for you to commute daily. Also if you don't want the normal college scene instead something more private and small.
Nice campus. Faculty very helpful and nice. Easy accessible. Campus close to shopping and restaurants for those who don't have transportation.
Armstrong is a really great college to attend. The professors are amazing and go above and beyond to help you succeed. Being in the heart of Savannah is always great. The campus food is pretty nasty, but that's about the worst t=of your problems because the campus is absolutely safe.
I like that Armstrong in a small school, which was my main reason for picking it for my undergrad studies. Once I got into my major courses my classes were no more than 30 people, typically 20. Professors are very good at assisting with questions inside and outside of their office hours, I practically lived in my professors offices. The campus has activities almost every other day, if you miss one there is always another opportunity. There is also a slew of organizations to join during your college career.
Armstrong is a great school and so far has provided an excellent education for me. The professors are very helpful and work to ensure that students are successful in their class. Armstrong has many clubs and activities to participate in and they regularly send out emails to inform students of upcoming events they may like to attend.
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My overall experience at Armstrong State University has been great. I have learned a lot from the different courses I have taken and I have also learned about myself. I have met a lot of wonderful people that are really close friends now. The only thing I would recommend changing is the cost of tuition and fees. Completing my degree is extremely important to me and I have ranned into complications many times due to the cost.
It is a great learning place and the faculty is very friendly. They will help you outside of class and set up meeting days to get extra help. You can build a close relationship with them because the classroom are not that big.
It's fairly a good for what you're investing. The teachers can help you after class and will get to know you with small class sizes. Although, the environment isn't the best learning environment and makes you feel sluggish sometimes.
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