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It's fairly a good for what you're investing. The teachers can help you after class and will get to know you with small class sizes. Although, the environment isn't the best learning environment and makes you feel sluggish sometimes.
Armstrong is amazing! It is in the perfect location. Only twenty minutes away from the beach! If you're an outdoors and adventurous person Armstrong is the place to be. It is a small campus, but the atmosphere is beautiful. Moreover, the professors are great; they care about helping you succeed and will do anything to help you. My favorite part about this school is everyone is active. Whether it be participating in athletics, academics, clubs, or helping the community. When you walk onto the campus, you feel safe, and you feel like you are at home. Overall, if you are looking for a fun and yet academically focused school, Armstrong State is the place to be!
I have yet to attend the college, I am enrolled in Fall 2017. So far from what I have seen between the academics, diversity, and the professors seem to be amazing. The professors want nothing but the best for you and want to see you succeed. There is individuals of all ages, military, and spouses it gets associated with diversity.
Review Armstrong Atlantic State University
Armstrong's campus feeling was incredible. It was small, but felt like a tight community. The classes seemed interactive because they were so small and the amount of protection and sense of safety was assuring.
I was a Dual Enrollment student from fall 2016- to spring 2017. I took English 1101 and 1102, and I feel like the English department at Armstrong is awesome! The professors I had really cared about their students and their student's success.
Its a great college full of helpful and friendly people that are there for you throughout your college experience and also a very diverse school.
I grew up near to ASU and originally did not want to attend the school. In high school, I wanted to attend an art school, but I could not afford to attend one. For a smaller school, the art program at ASU impressive. All the art professors at ASU are open and willing to help students learn even outside class. There is not as much competition as an art school, but I receive more one on one instruction. I believe that I am a much better education especially for the amount of money that I have to pay. I also have received a more well rounded liberal arts education. Also, ASU has a great honors program. We go every year to the honors conference and volunteer much around the community. We have fantastic librarians as well.
I played a sport while we had a program. The athletics department felt like family. I wish that it was staying around.
The largest negative aspect of the school is that the administration (admissions and financial aid) is slow at completing anything.
I enjoyed attending Armstrong State. The classes we good and I like all the professors. They had great athletic programs. I like living on campus, the dorms were very nice.
I'm enjoying my college experience at Armstrong and would recommend this school to anyone on a budget.
This university is very well rounded with a strong student body. All the staff and professors are willing to work with you. The classes are on the small size so you get more personal with the professor and class mates.
Armstrong is an excellent university if you prefer learning in smaller, tight knit class environments. I really enjoy in the smaller classes, some professors are able to take the time to get to know you as a student and have one-on-one interactions with you if you need help. I also enjoy that the student life is quite diverse and most of the people around are friendly and open to conversation.
My experience at Armstrong is overall positive. When I first attended Armstrong I loved how all of the attending students were more than willing to share how Armstrong shaped their education careers. I loved the fact that many of the people that left Armstrong usually come back to check on the younger generation of Armstrong students. I loved that the classrooms weren't filled with 100 seats. I had one on one time with the professor for all the years I have attended the school. The campus was also very diverse which I feel is a positive attribute to the school. Two aspects of the school that could be improved on is the school activities and also the school food.
It is a good school, but organization amongst departments is slightly lacking. Great professors who reading care about teaching and helping their students become further educated.
I love how active the campus is in community service and other on-campus activities. They also keep everyone updated by sending us emails about clubs, sports, greek life and housing events.
Armstrong is currently going through this ridiculous merger with another university which I feel will bring down the quality of the university itself
I think it's a great school, that helps the student be able to achieve their goals.Armstrong is a medium size school so you do get a lot of one on one with professors. Speaking of the professors, they're awesome and genuinely want desire to help students out.
Armstrong State University is a great school in Georgia. The campus is small, the classes are small enough where each professor knows you. The living experience here in Savannah is great. Dorms are new and modernized and downtown and the beach are just a drive away
Review Armstrong Atlantic State University
Armstrong is a great place if you want to attend a university with a small college feel. The campus is beautiful and very well kept up. There is not a football team here, but they have a great tennis team. They also offer a great and very competitive nursing program.
I love Armstrong so much. It is the only school that I applied to, and I have not once regretted it. It is located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. There is so much to do here!
I love the small community feel at Armstrong. The class sizes are usually small. I learn better in smaller classes, so it is great for me. I feel more comfortable asking questions. Most professors also know you by name.
I am majoring in Nursing. The Nursing program here is great. I will be applying to the program this month! I am so excited to be a part of it. The classes here have prepared me to be competitive in the program. They are rigorous and are designed to make you improve your study habits and work HARD.
Armstrong's merge with Georgia Southern has its pros and cons. I believe that the school will have more funding for its programs and possibly more dining options. However, I fear that Armstrong will lose its unique atmosphere and small community.
Overall my school experience at Armstrong has been very rewarding. The campus is well maintained. The faculty and staff at the school have your best interest in mind and are more than willing to help you in your endeavors. Safety is one of the top priorities at Armstrong which I hold in high regards. Armstrong is a great school if you are looking for a diverse, fun, and safe environment to further your education.
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