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I love my instructor and how accessible and professional she is; there are no dumb questions and she's always keeping up with her students. I'm also very pleased with the length and cost of the program and am very eager to finish and get out in the field.
ACI makes it easy to take any academics a student may need. They help you understand and register for academics quite easily. And the curriculum is VERY student-friendly. They want their students to SUCCEED!
Whether you're on campus or online, ACI will work with students so that they can meet their educational needs.
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The quality of the education I'm receiving for the price is absolutely reasonable considering the amount of money one can make in this specific field. I have had nothing but good encounters with the financial aid office
There are a good number of seminars and conferences students can attend. Gives us opportunities to network with working court reporters and building relationships with them, which gives students a means of setting up future employment
The workload is reasonable considering the field of study(court reporting). The instructors are always willing to answer questions or help students achieve their goals.
The staff at the school make their students feel welcome and appreciated. They are always treating us to lunch or throw holiday parties for the students and staff alike.
I get to do my work on my time. And if I ever need help or clarification on something I can always go to my instructor. My fellow online classmates and I are always encouraging one another. And so does the instructor. She's always encouraging me to do my best and really has faith in her students.
all classes are close and easy to get to.
all standard classes to practice in the feild
small classed, feels like private school
a lunch room/ break room area is provided, and a computer lab
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