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Ever since I have gotten into contact with them they have done nothing but help me all the way through with all my questions and concerns.
I didn’t take any online classes this year with Arlington Baptist University. But I have heard that it was pretty good.
Been here for a semester and it’s fun and a easy place everyone get along and everyone work together the campus is small but it’s very good trust me trying play sports this a good place I play for the basketball team I’m redshirt but they show love and the coach will develop you for the next level trust me.-Calvin Sanders
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Arlington Baptist College is a great place to be. The environment is a good one to be around. You get a good feel of God being at a baptist school. I wouldn’t say any changes are really needed.
Im loving it here the experience is something. Glad to be a patriot. First time away from home this long and it's different but the people here make you feel like your at home so it's like I never left. My coach is a great person , mentor ,coach and someone I can call friend. I met alot of people and it's really nice to see faces that you know as well here. Thanks for giving me a chance to become somebody.
The students are VERY nice and helpful. I would like to see the administrative people in the office have a little more patience and take time to meet with students who have issues.
I love my school I just wish it was more kinds of different people there. It's only a few types of people. Either you are there for sports or you are there for the bible. I wish it was different but other than that, the school is great.
I am from a small school, so the fact that I have found a school that has the same feel is very comforting. As strange as it sounds, i am so excited just to have a bond with my professors. In a big university it is very hard to create a bond with the professor simply because they have so many students. I personally think that this relationship with the professor is very important, especially when you are taking courses for your major. This relationship opens the door to so much more when it comes to deciding what you are going to do with your life.
Only 4 classroom buildings, library only has books on or about religion. Cafeteria is enough for the small number of on campus students. Buildings are fairly old. School use to be a casino.
Café is open certain hours. No menu of what is made during the week. Normally just one entrée option and 3 or 4 side entrées, sometimes there are 2 entrée options. Not much variety and not always appetizing
Wifiis awful. Computers are limited and some won't do certain functions. There's a decent amount for the small number of people on campus.
There's one dorm for girls and one for boys. They look like prisons on the inside but they're is a lot of room. The WiFi is awful even though the campus was tiny. Its difficult to decorate rooms because you can't use nails and adhesive hooks don't stick well to walls.
Lots of options and affordable.
The school is not funded very well. I got the Dean's scholarship and it was only $3000. For the price of the school its reasonable enough, but what I paid out of pocket and with loans was not worth the educational experience I received.
Not the most welcoming people. There are no more than 300 people attending the school. The school is so strict, students basically can't do anything without getting in trouble. General study classes are on high school levels. Not a school for someone with big dreams that aren't affiliated with ministry or education.
Its crazy Texas weather. If you're use to it it's alright, but if you aren't a Texan it could be miserable.
Its ok for specific majors, but there's no variety. Some teachers are good with grades, some don't post grades. It varies drastically. At this school you don't exactly know what you're going to get until you get it.
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The boys basketball team and baseball team are the only funded teams. The trainer is volunteer and never there. The athletic director doesn't care about anything but his basketball team. The gym and weight room are the bare minimum. It's not a school for an athlete.
It's a good school if you are majoring in biblical studies or education, other than that it's not the school for other majors and the sports program is well below average.
I would give my college an A, because we are very ethnically diverse.
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