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I take all online classes and all of my online professors give good lectures just like face to face lectures.
I liked atu's slims chicken and I was surprise how they let everyone know a special event by posting and hanging banners around the area, it shows supportive they are towards students. It allows students to be engage of their surroundings.
I love Arkansas Tech. It's such a small campus and everyone I meet seems so friendly. Arkansas Tech makes me feel at home.
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Online has been kind of tough considering you can't really talk to the teachers that much and ask questions unless it's through email. Overall though it's been an okay experience.
Easy to apply, staff is always helpful and a friendly environment. The staff is always willing to help find ways to save you money by applying for grants and scholarships.
With every online class i have taken so far the professors are always helpful if needed and everything on blackboard is laid out to where you can understand what you need to do for assignments and test.
I went to ATU for three years and got a degree in criminal justice. I very much enjoyed my time at Tech. I always had great professors and student life was great. I will always feel like Russellville is my home away from home. I would highly recommend attending Arkansas Tech.
I took a majority of my criminal justice courses online and it was great. Everything was done through blackboard and it was easy to navigate and the professors were very easy to contact if needed. I actually preferred online to actual in-class courses.
Arkansas tech is a Beautiful school with many amazing programs such as the Cybersecurity program I am enrolled in! Arkansas Tech is also home to one of the best if not THE best marching band in Arkansas, the Arkansas tech Band of Distinction!
We were required to take all of our courses online in the spring 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I rate them as poor because, the courses had to be thrown together in a very short amount of time and it was very difficult for me to adapt to the change
It is not the same to build your schedule around work as you're teacher may not be able to work around you. Which is more directed at late night questions and concerns.
I enjoyed several teachers at this school that love building connections with their students. However, the grounds on which the school was built needs to be re-evaluated. It is prove to flooding and the English building is sinking into the ground.
Arkansas Tech has been a great college. Since this is my last year, I am a little sad! these experiences that I have had, I will not forget! the campus is very conducive to learning and fun!
i took as many classes that i could get away with online, due to being a nursing major, i wanted to focus on my in class classes. the online learning is very effective!
I never took online classes yet. I have heard about our online classes and some people say they are OK and others don't like online classes at all.
I'm a freshman at Arkansas Tech. My experience have been great due to the friendly environment. You will always make a new friend. The sports games are amazing and the food there is out of this world.
What I like about ATU is the support and diversity I see on campus. ATU's President, Dr. Bowen has sent out many statements that include the support towards each and every person on campus. ATU doesn't feel like a place where you go and become book smart, in fact it is also a place where you learn to support, help, and be kind to others.
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ATU has a plethora of different online courses, and during the worldwide pandemic, there was a necessity to transfer to a remote environment. Although most of my classes were great and efficient when it came to this new environment, there was one class in particular where a professor seemed to now know how to handle the new environment. This caused us to not learn as much during that time. However, the professor made up for it with online lectures and plenty of homework to use and study with.
Yes, I did have a few online classes. Mostly over the summers, but the classes were more of a challenge. Getting a full semester of information into 6 weeks is hard on both faculty and students.
I enjoyed my 4 years at ATU. This is a great school, and has many top notch programs such as the nursing and engineering programs. Most professors are very out going and love to interact with students.
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