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If your looking for a very active and diverse school Arkansas Tech University is for you. Arkansas Tech is a very friendly environment which makes it feel like home. There is also many events that you will be able to join to get to meet new people and also learn more about the activities that is going on. So Hurry and join and become part of Tech Family.
Arkansas Tech University is a fun University very quite and laid back and all the professors are willing to go out of their way to help you with anything. The student body is great the social life is great. I love everything about this University.
I'm an incoming Freshmen and so far my experience has been pretty amazing. They've helped me with all my needs and getting my classes sorted and where everything is. It's a great campus!
Review Arkansas Tech University
Attending Arkansas Tech made me feel like I wasn't just another student attending class, but someone that mattered to the teachers. The environment was very welcoming and I never felt uncomfortable.
I wouldn't change anything about Arkansas Tech. It has such a beautiful campus. Plus, if you need help in a class the teacher or professor is always there to help when you need it.
I love how everybody is open on campus. I'm coming students don't feel left out or outcasted here. We have constant events that offer better communication for students in getting to better know each other. One thing I would love more would be a little more diversity groups and activities open for all. Overall I look forward to my sophomore year and many more.
The Location where the school is was the most wonderful place. The surroundings of the building is peaceful and an amazing learning environment. Diversity around campus was full of life, friendly faces , and supporting peers was a level up from other colleges. Dorms are spacious right along with the campus .
I'm attending Arkansas Tech this fall and just by the tours and setting up my schedule i can tell that the students and instructors both are just amazing.
Arkansas Tech has very friendly students and professors. There is a wide range of majors and electives. As a Fine Art major I feel Arkansas Tech offers more classes than other colleges in this area, giving me a wider scope of education than I could receive elsewhere. The on campus health center is very convenient and their staff is very knowledgeable.
I love everything about Tech. Everyone there is so supportive and involved in helping you complete your education.
Arkansas Tech University has been the most enjoyable school to attend. The staff is so easy to work with and they give you all the information you need. I suggest this school to anyone that is looking for a laid back and fun school. The school is an experience all in itself. I have made so many friendships in the Arkansas Tech community. Such an inviting school to attend.
Great college and easy to be involved in lots of activities. Dorm rooms are typical of most colleges and food is decent with plenty of options.
As a freshman entering college, I was lost on how to apply for financial aid and how to get involved. Arkansa Tech made my transition from high school to college a breeze. The financial aid was vey patient and helpful. Organizations on campus were very friendly and inviting. My professors were patient and kind.
Great teachers, wonderful food, low cost to attend classes. Nothing needs changed in my opinion because everything seems great. The teachers are very understanding and help you when you need it. Every time you miss class you get a phone call from an administrator asking if your ok. I like that it seems to help a lot!
Overall Arkansas Tech one of the most afordable colleges in Arkansas and provides the best instructors they can. The campus is constantly getting maintained thus looks good year round!
Arkansas Tech University is a great college that lets you explore the many different opportunities that mesh with your interests. I absolutely loved my first year here at Tech and hope to eventually get my Masters here once I complete my Bachelors in Creative Writing Education. The Russellville area around Tech provides a scenic environment that allows you to study surrounded by the beauty of Arkansas's great outdoors. The Professors are also some of the nicest people I have ever had the chance to meet and they teach in a way that makes it easy for incoming freshman to learn and grow with their passions.
My experience at Arkansas Tech University has been great! I love the flexibility of scheduling class times and days, and the help available for students to succeed. One thing that needs to change desperately is the parking available to students. I do not think that students should only be allowed to park in certain colored parking lots. It is a huge hassle to try and find a parking spot and get to class on time. Especially when you cant afford a ticket that is given when parked in the wrong color.
Review Arkansas Tech University
I enjoy the smaller school experience, it allows you to build better relationships with professors and other students. However, it is an extremely liberal university and the leaders as well as a lot of professors have the "agree with us or you're wrong" attitude.
I am an older student and had returned for a second bachelor's degree. I felt very old, but I'm only in my 30s! The school was okay...but I didn't like it enough to stay. I felt like all the professors wanted to push Blackboard but it was a confusing mess. I was an all A student but still missed assignments because they'd be posted in random folders. There was never any parking and not enough time to get to classes with a spread out campus like that. But I think for me, I mostly felt like a number there. No one knew my name, no one cared if I came to class. So I'm switching to another school's online program. ATU isn't a bad school but just wasn't for me.
I have yet to actually attend this college, but I've been accepted there and will be starting classes in august. I've visited and taken a tour, and I was quite impressed. The campus is wonderful, the people sincere, and the classes formidable.
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