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I'm a former Arkansas Tech Student , and. Everything about Arkansas is family orientated. The staff and the people there are awesome and willing to help you succeed in your career in any type of way .
Arkansas tech university offers good environment to learn and the teachers offers us opportunities to learn and successfully complete the goal of learning
Going to Arkansas Tech has changed my life for the better. I'm getting a good education with some great teachers. This is my first time being out on my own and I'm earning my degree so that I can have a better future. The teachers and staff are very helpful in wanting me to succeed. Great campus and would recommend to anyone looking to further their education for a better life.
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I am currently a Sophomore at Arkansas Tech University and I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. There are many things that make Arkansas Tech a great college, but the two that stands out to me the most are the students and the staff. When I first came to Arkansas Tech, I didn't know what to expect. I was nervous and wasn't sure how difficult it was going to be to make friends. The students on campus are very friendly. Arkansas Tech has many events for new students to help you interact with other students. I was able to make friends within the first week of coming to tech. The staff here are friendly as well. They encourage you to do your best and if you need extra help on any assignments just ask them and they will be gladly to help you. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Arkansas Tech and I would recommend it to anyone.
My Experience here at Arkansas Tech has been amazing! I have been a student both in the classroom and online and I have had a wonderful experience with both! You always have someone to help you in anything you need help with.
I chose Arkansas Tech due to my interest in Art Education. I researched Art Education programs in the state of Arkansas and found Tech to be at the top of the list. The smaller class size as well as campus access allowed for personal connections with my professors.
I like the campus and small town community. My dorm is a few miles from school and easily assessible to campus.
I am pleased with the professors and advisors They have been very helpful in advising me in my degree.
I am a current high school senior and have toured the campus many times. The campus is really nice and the staff is always giving out information about the campus and answering any questions that you may have. I plan on going here as an incoming college freshman.
I am currently enrolled as a freshman at Arkansas Tech University, so far my outlook on this journey has been a wonderful experience. I love seeing all the diversity on campus and how beautiful the scenery is. I plan on finishing my college career with a bachelors degree Biology and possible a reach for a masters.
I enjoy attending Arkansas Tech University. My professors are helpful and are willing to help struggling students. I also enjoy Greek life here. The campus is welcoming and there are many opportunities to be involved.
My time has been full of my getting to know my instructors and they getting to know me. The instructors are top notch and will do anything and everything to assist the students, as long as the student is putting fourth the effort to actually pass the particular class. I feel that I have learned so much in my time at Arkansas Tech University.
I like the dorm I am in and the wide variety of food choices. I like the classrooms are not real big. Pretty campus and I feel safe.
Arkansas Tech University is a great University to study at, whether you like being surrounded by thousands of students at the University in Russellville or a more smaller College in Ozark. I currently go to Arkansas Tech University in Ozark, I mainly choosed to go to this college because I do not like to be surrounded by large groups of people. It is such a wonderful college to go to, everyone is so kind and friendly, everyone makes you feel at home even if your miles away from it! There is nothing I would change about this college!
It has been good experience for me to be away from hometown to learn to be independent for first time in my life. I had many challenges and still do. The campus and life style is okay and I'm adapting to same. The academic life is great and many students have similar challenges which makes it easier to me.
I like International students events and activities, and on-campus work opportunities.
I would like to see "International students Tutoring and Writing center" were senior International students work as tutors for fellow International students.
I would also like to see new BLOODS and DIVERSITY at the library's AND Information Center's administration. Someone should keep an eye on those guys because they're trying to turn the library to a political and hate battle field. What makes it worse is American students trying to satisfy the administration.
I am doing all of my classes online. As far as I am concerned they people I have talked to are extremely nice.
Absolutely wonderful school. Teachers are fantastic. Residence life is awesome! Just an overall great school. THey charge some ridiculous fees that dont really apply to you though.
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I really love the community, and the area. The campus is easy to find your way around, and the people are nice.
Coming towards the end of my senior, Arkansas Tech has grown on me. I actually considering staying in Arkansas because of the opportunity Arkansas Tech has gave me.
Arkansas Tech has one of the best nursing programs in the state. The campus is smaller than University of Comway. I enjoy bing able to walk and ride my bike all over campus. The local area is also safe and secure allowing Arkansas Tech to be the rate the safest campus in Arkansas. I like and enjoy the campus food. I also apprecite the different kind of food prepared.
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