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Arkansas Tech University Reviews

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The classes and people who work there are so awesome and I feel like I can really get my degree there. It is very home welcomed. I love this place
This is a small campus but size doesn't take away from the education. It's a charming college within a friendly community. The courses are designed to get your foot into the door of competitive job markets and the teachers that I've had seem genuinely invested in your education.
I love the campus at Arkansas Tech!!! The landscape on the campus is amazing. I have eaten at the cafeteria and was amazed with the overall experience. The workers were very clean and food was great. I am amazed at the employees. Everyone is very helpful and very personable.
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I just love the school period. I have that it will help me grow and learn new things. I feel that i will develop great skills, good relationships/ friendship with others. College is going be the best experience for me. Arkansas tech has many opportunities for students. You just have succed, achieve and put your mind into it. Don’t give up and always try your best, even on worst day.
I really like the size of campus, there is about 12,000 students so it's not too big but not too small. This also allows for optimal class sizes. I always feel like I am noticed in class and not just another student. Most of my professors have gone above and beyond to help me and work with the special accomdations I have. I believe they truly want to see me succeed. I have also enjoyed the student life on campus. There is literally club for everyone. I have personally found Greek life to be my thing and have really enjoyed being apart of this organization since it promotes leadership and academic success. However, the only negative is the food choices on campus, they don't have the healthiest of options. Some of the dorms on campus need some upgrading but I hear they are in the process of doing so. Overall though, this was the best school for me!
I love ATU! The atmosphere is great for a smaller school and they make it so easy to feel at home and meet people.
Helpful and courteous staff. Warm atmosphere and constant service
They took their time to sit down with me and be as helpful and considerate as possible
About to start in the Fall but I have watched the program grow since 05 and I'm excited to attend. Everyone I know who has attended has loved it.
My name is Tristan Weaver and, I am a transferring college student. I will be transferring from Ozarka College to Tech in the fall of 2018 and, I will be classified as a sophomore! I have made several trips down to Arkansas Tech University and, all of my experiences with the students and staff who work there has been excellent. The city of Russellville is very good as well. It is a quiet city and there’s plenty to do there. My time down at Tech will be very much enjoyed!
This is a great University with great people. However this just is not the college for me. It needs more activity clubs and more opportunity for involvement. The school should update the nasty dorms and renovate several buildings on campus.
I have no complaints. It's a very diverse campus with good security in a good part of Russellville.
My experience at Arkansas Tech University has been absolutely amazing! My professors have been so supportive and very helpful. My advisors have been so helpful and have truly helped me tremendously. There are so many opportunities to be involved on campus. Everyone on campus is very friendly and it has just made it more enjoyable being on campus.
I really like this school. There is a lot of things to do. Everyone is so nice. The professor are very good and want to see you succeed. I’m glad I choose ATU!
It is a decent school. Most of the staff is nice and friendly. The cafeteria is also good and has lots of options. The library is great and has lots of resources. There are several different residence building although they are overpriced in my opinion.
My experience at Arkansas Tech University was quite thrilling and overall life changing. I completed four years at Arkansas Tech University with an intended major "Nursing." I recently had a self- realization that I do not want to be a nurse. So I have decided to journey elsewhere. However, I was fortunate enough to be on their dance team for three years. I loved it. I met some unforgettable people. Although, the diversity at Arkansas Tech is quite scarce. I would like to see more involvement with a variety of cultures and ethnicity. I believe in time Arkansas Tech good be an even better school once they take into consideration the lack there of.
Arkansas Tech University is a safe and welcoming community that truly cares for its’ students. The faculty and staff are easy to work with and try their best to help when needed. There are many opportunities for student to get involved on campus, networking, and extracurricular activities. The overall experience at Arkansas Tech is exceptionally great.
I loved Arkansas tech because they made it easy and simple to get into school . I loved the whole experience!
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The university is known for its strong music program, and as a music major there, I can say that its reputation is earned. The reason the school is so strong in this field is due to the outstanding faculty and staff in the music department. I do not know what I would do without their support!
This is a great college. I have enjoyed my experience so far. The faculty is very nice and helpful. The class size is decent enough to where the professor knows your face at least, and in some cases, your name. It is a diverse campus and is very safe.
Arkansas Tech University is overall a great school to attend. The graduation rate here at Tech is quite high, and the school prides itself on that. There are numerous majors and minors for one to pursue, as well as preparation classes for graduate work or further education. There are a number of Registered Student Organizations at this school of well that range in an array of interests. The campus is located in a supportive town and the campus itself is beautiful. The faculty is more than willing to help anyone achieve their educational goals and desire for all students to be successful.
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