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This is a great college. I have enjoyed my experience so far. The faculty is very nice and helpful. The class size is decent enough to where the professor knows your face at least, and in some cases, your name. It is a diverse campus and is very safe.
Arkansas Tech University is overall a great school to attend. The graduation rate here at Tech is quite high, and the school prides itself on that. There are numerous majors and minors for one to pursue, as well as preparation classes for graduate work or further education. There are a number of Registered Student Organizations at this school of well that range in an array of interests. The campus is located in a supportive town and the campus itself is beautiful. The faculty is more than willing to help anyone achieve their educational goals and desire for all students to be successful.
I have enjoyed great success at ATU. The professors are awesome. I am a Political Science major and have learned so much. I have had a positive experience with Greek life. I do wish they would renovate or destroy the Critz Dorm. Community Bathrooms. I had to stay there for way too long and did not like that part of my college experience.
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There's not enough parking and they spend money trying to make things look nice on the outside while they are actually really old and outdated on the inside. My dorm doesn't even have a thermastat.
I love how beautiful the campus is and how friendly and accommodating all of the faculty and staff are to their students. I do wish that the prices for attending would lower, or that they would create more scholarships.
Arkansas Tech University is a wonderful place to get your education. The tuition is affordable and the professors are truly there to help. Not to mention the campus is beautiful.
I like the friendliness of the staff and the students. If the student has problems one can ask their professors or go to certain channels in the school for better help. They have many great programs to join, from sororities to clubs/sports, and to organization such as the student support services. The library there provides students with many valuable resources. They also have public safety which will escort the students at night if they need it. Even offer 10 free counseling a year.
I loved the people and the community. The staff and students treat u like everyone else and the way your supposed to be treated.
Arkansas Tech was a beautiful campus and the people giving tours were super nice. The cafeteria and the dorms really caught my eye. Some of the dorms were very small but thats expected. There is a ton of walking i would have to do from class to class but excercise is good for you anyway.
Small University and nice campus. Great student to faculty ratio. Safe and sound environment for study. No destruction to study around campus or this urban city of Russellville. Dry county so no alcohols or drugs allowed on campus.
The classes are small. The campus is clean and well kept. Staff are friendly and helpful. They want students to be successful.
Tech is a great school and the people here are very nice. I don't see any changes that need to be made.
Enjoyed my degree program (English), but really soured on the university due to a blatant lack of caring from the previous administration (which ran the university when I attended). There's a reason Gary Biller was fired from his job at Western Illinois after leaving from ATU.
Everyone at Arkansas Tech is so friendly! Since Tech isn't a huge school, you will get to know your professors and classmates easily.
I participated in the Professional Studies program to complete my Bachelors. This program is for adult students that have careers or work full time. The classes were all online.
I love the small class sizes. There are not too many students in each class, so there is plenty of one-on-one time with the instructor. It had a comfortable and friendly campus as well!
The professors are very helpful and encouraging. The tuition rate is one of the lowest for a 4-year university. The campus is very beautiful and it is located in a place that is a outdoor persons dream!
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The campus is real friendly, safe, pretty, and the people are great. The buildings are beautiful and it’s not hard to find class at all.
The staff and student are very friendly and helpful when applying and attending the University. The registration and academic advisor made Arkansas Tech University very easy to choose to attend such a great institution. I look forward to being an alumni of such a wonderful university.
They were very attentive to my needs and whatever I needed they moved with a sense of urgency. Very good.
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