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A- State was honestly not my first choice in what college I wanted to go to. Picking my college was a big decision for me. I am the first one out of my parents to go to college and I felt like I was pressured to choose the right one. My mom was not ok with the decision that I made and her opinion matters to me so I stayed close to home. That's how I ended up at A-State and I am honestly glad that I did. I started off college in the wrong way. I was getting started on my own and missed the first two weeks of class which left me in a constant state of being behind and trying to catch up and get work done. Doing work this way keeps me stressed and very anxious about failing or choosing to drop out cause I feel I can't do it anymore. College is something that is not for everyone and I honestly and so glad that I decided to pursue in going. I was persuaded by the cadaver lab here on campus to join the medical field and I am excited to start my journey to becoming a surgeon.
Online classes here at A-State are ok I guess you could say. I think it helps those who are shy and don't choose to talk in class. Doing it all online gives you the choice of not showing your face so you don't have to worry about anyone looking at you while you talk. It gives you confidence in your answers.
I have taken all of my most recent classes online and I love it! It is so much easier for me to be able to mange classes on my own schedule and still be able to work to provide for myself at home!
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I love Arkansas State University! There is really nothing that I would want to change about the school currently. I have had nothing but an amazing experience at this School.
None of my classes are strictly online, however, they are hybrid classes with some of the time being spent online and some in person. The online experience that I have had at Arkansas State University has been quite satisfactory. The university has greatly adapted to accommodating students who need to transition to online classes.
Arkansas State University has provided me with many enjoyable academic experiences as well as social. It is a great blend of smaller city with a larger university. Teachers make it a priority for their students to grow academically as well as mentally. Arkansas State University has equipped me with the tools that I will need in order to succeed in every aspect of life.
I love the major selection Arkansas State provides. Rather than just a Comm. major, I am able to major in Strategic Comm. with a social media emphasis. This allows me to take more specific classes I am interested in. The application process was not smooth, as not everyone in the offices were on the same page, which is why I did not give five stars.
I take all of my classes online and love the Blackboard Arkansas State uses. Easy to use and navigate.
Awful experience, I would suggest students don't depend of this being your only school you apply for or you will be like me and have to wait until next year to apply to another PHD program. They rush you to complete applications and no follow through. Not even a letter to state that I wasn't accepted into the school.
Thanks ASTATE!!!!
Awful, I applied for PHD program in April 2020. I felt rush by admission representatives to complete application in April. When app was submitted, I was told decisions will be made August 1st. Why rush me, if app would be sitting in a file for months and not be seen. It is now August 13, 2020 and I haven't heard back from the school on a decision and registration and payments are due on August 21, 2020. I called multiple times and have been given the run around for days now and no phone calls returned. This is unacceptable when people have other options for school.
I am fixing to start my freshman year at Arkansas state university. I am excited about college and hope for a wonderful experience. They have been awesome at having zoom meetings with us this summer to help us on our journey. I hope that our year will go as expected and that the COVID-19 won’t affect my college experience. Thankful for a college that is sending out wonderful information to us regarding any questions we have about college expenses, courses, and housing.
I haven’t started college yet. I have one course that will be online as of now. So far the advisors have emailed us and zoomed with us to help our experience during this virus. I am very excited!
I had to take one online class and it wasn't bad at all. I still learned a lot from it and did well.
Arkansas State University is a very well- rounded college that provides you with the education that you need to get a good career.
My overall experience with arkansas state was definitely a 10/10! The Professors were helpful an gave great guidance when it came to leading me to success!
I would say the professors did an excellent job with communicating through emails when I had questions about assignments I didn't understand!
I love the people and the environment at Arkansas State University. I have enjoyed my time at Arkansas State and joined a good amount of student organizations.
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Arkansas state University did a great job at transferring to online learning. My professors did their best to make sure we were still learning all of the material we needed to move on to the next semester.
Great school. Enjoyed being a part of the school culture. It was very inclusive. For me, the best part was the professors. The work is not too bad. I have learned quite a bit. The teaching staff is also very diverse.
Arkansas State University is a great school. The work is challenging, but rewarding. So far, I have had excellent teachers who I can call or email anytime (Im an online student). The cost is not too bad, and the student services department is top notch. I have enjoyed on my experience so far, even in the midst of the Pandemic, the teachers were very flexibly and also very concerned about our wellbeing.
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