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It's a great school. The online bridge program MLT to MT is the best. It's very organized and self explanatory. The teachers grade and give you feedback in a timely manner.
This is a great campus with many friendly people. The times that I have been to A-State there has been nothing but a great times and great experiences. This school is amazing and I cant wait to go there.
So garbage so good. I’m in my 3rd year and the teachers are swell, most of them are very helpful and will work with you if you need it.
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Arkansas State University is a very welcoming college. The campus is beautiful and the people are all generous.
I liked A-State. It was a pretty nice campus in a great location in Jonesboro. I would like to see the professors there be more helpful towards the students in classes.
It is a wonderful University. Its campus is great and faculty is friendly and strive to help all students.
I love it so far! Everyone is so kind, the teachers are great, and everything has been much better than expected.
My experience so far with Arkansas State has been good so far. I am a transfer here and it is a lot different than my other school. The campus is bigger and there are a lot more students. I like the classes and the students because they are easy to get along with and it is easy to make new friends.
What I like the most about Arkansas State University is the atmosphere. All the professors I have met are all very friendly and helpful. The few things I would like to see change is the amount of parking spaces, the school has grown quite a bit over the years and is slightly limited on the parking spaces. And also a few dorm buildings should have a little bit of more maintenance. But overall my experience at Arkansas State University is an A+.
Overall it is a good college, I've enjoyed the experience of being here. I would just like to see more diverse and reasonable scholarship offers for students.
Arkansas State University has plenty of opportunities to join clubs, organizations and sororities. There are always evens going on on campus even though certain ones usually end at around 1-2pm. The food is what you expect and the community itself is largely friendly and diverse.
This is a good school with great teachers! Be careful of the teacher you may have as your advisor because they may not know what they are doing! There are plenty of clubs and groups that students can join in!
Arkansas State is a great, low cost state school is Arkansas. It's very affordable and the education you receive is great! There is a diverse selection of food and the dorms are very nice. I would recommend anyone in Arkansas to consider this school.
My time at Arkansas State University has been wonderful so far. There is plenty of diversity within students, the food is perfection, the campus and dorms are beautiful and comfortable. While the professors are very kind and teach the material well, my friend had an issue with one of them.
Great facilities and staff, very knowledgable professors and great advisors. Caring towards students and helpful in getting them to their goals, an excellent stepping stone on the way to a career.
I adore A-State because of the supportive staff and many opportunities, from the Honors college to athletic clubs to academic clubs! I have had the chance to go places I never thought I would be able to and complete research I never thought I would have the chance to be a part of. Arkansas State University will forever be how I began my professional life and how I discovered myself as a person. Howl on!
I like that the school is very secured. Professors are helpful and willing to work with students. One think that sucks is parking. It seems that there is never enough parking spaces, especially on the first week of class.
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I am a Junior at Arkansas State University, I attended a small community college before transferring so it was different changing to a bigger campus and finding my way around; however it is a great school and the professors are always set on educating their students and making sure they are well prepared. I always highly recommend ASU.
I'm studying in ASU. I love this campus and faculty members. The classrooms are such amazing classmates, but it's too small group. All professors are very helpful and friendly. They have a lot of free time to talk with them.
I read ranking reports all the time because I own and operate a College Planning. We help students pick the right college for their needs and interests and we help their families pay for that college degree with as little money out of their pocket as possible.

Arkansas State University prepared me greatly for successful careers in the food industry, publishing, public speaking and financial planning arenas.
Expensive popular schools could be a smart choice made by smart people following advice from smart sources. However, the smart choice often is not the wise choice.

A wise choice would be not going into debt to obtain your degree. A wise choice would be graduating in four years instead of the national average of six years. A wise choice would be selecting a University like Arkansas State that prepares you to compete, succeed and thrive without the debt, ego and drama.

Choose wisdom my friends.
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