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Arkansas State has a very nice campus with great facilities. As an incoming freshman this can be overwhelming at times so I recommend getting involved in some way to make new friends and create a sense of belonging.
The school as far as education is amazing. Professors and teachers are very helpful and try their best to help you understand.
Arkansas State is an amazing place to further your education. The atmosphere is so friendly and homey. I see people I know all over campus, and I know that if I am struggling with anything there is a whole crowd of people behind me willing to help me through. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else.
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I am in my second semester here, and so far it is an outstanding school! The facilities are great and very accommodating, teachers are understanding and friendly, and the atmosphere is overall a welcoming, enjoyable place. I recommend anyone looking into college to take this school into consideration.
As a second semester freshman, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy AState. The atmosphere is welcoming and the campus is just great.
Coming to Arkansas State University, I was immediately drawn in by the diversity, and the social life on campus. Coming to this campus I was able to get involved in Greek life, where I have met some of the best girls! I was also able to get involved in Student Activities Board and let my voice be heard on campus. Academic wise, you will meet some of the most caring, and respectful professors and advisors ever. They are there whenever you need them, and encourage you to go for anything you dream of doing in your career.
I like the people and the campus life. I think this school should remain it's high quality college ways.
I Like Arkansas State University because the instructors are very helpful and material covered is well explained in their social work and criminology classes.
The people are really nice and helpful when you need. They do really good making sure you know everything u need to.
I absolutely love the help and support I have received from the staff through the entire process of getting enrolled and registered each year for my classes. I would like to see a little bit more training to the advisers for class selection so students can get enrolled in their classes right away like they should.
Astate College of Business will prepare you to work for large corporation, start an entrepreneurship, or for whatever endeavors you may have in business; However, the graduation rate is low, but the school as started a team of professionals to raise the graduation rates by providing students with more opportunities such as special tutoring programs and improving advising.
It's a great school. The online bridge program MLT to MT is the best. It's very organized and self explanatory. The teachers grade and give you feedback in a timely manner.
This is a great campus with many friendly people. The times that I have been to A-State there has been nothing but a great times and great experiences. This school is amazing and I cant wait to go there.
So garbage so good. I’m in my 3rd year and the teachers are swell, most of them are very helpful and will work with you if you need it.
Arkansas State University is a very welcoming college. The campus is beautiful and the people are all generous.
I liked A-State. It was a pretty nice campus in a great location in Jonesboro. I would like to see the professors there be more helpful towards the students in classes.
It is a wonderful University. Its campus is great and faculty is friendly and strive to help all students.
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I love it so far! Everyone is so kind, the teachers are great, and everything has been much better than expected.
My experience so far with Arkansas State has been good so far. I am a transfer here and it is a lot different than my other school. The campus is bigger and there are a lot more students. I like the classes and the students because they are easy to get along with and it is easy to make new friends.
What I like the most about Arkansas State University is the atmosphere. All the professors I have met are all very friendly and helpful. The few things I would like to see change is the amount of parking spaces, the school has grown quite a bit over the years and is slightly limited on the parking spaces. And also a few dorm buildings should have a little bit of more maintenance. But overall my experience at Arkansas State University is an A+.
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