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I love everything about my experience at Arkansas state university. It has a beautiful campus. The school offers a ton of degrees for anyone and anything that someone would want to major in. I love their graduate program. I am getting my second degree from the college
Great campus and very friendly teachers. I am learning at a much higher level of completion than I have at other universities.
I have had a great experience with this university and I believe it is a great institution. This university works with local high schools to spark interest into upcoming graduated and by offering dual enrollment classes.
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I like that ASTATE has the best medical program that everyone tries to help one another succeed. No matter the circumstances each person is pushed to their abilities. I personally spoke to one of the advisers and they gave more information than I planned to learn, which was helpful later on. He was very friendly and tried to help me understand certain things. I plan to graduate in Arkansas State University with my bachelors degree in Biology. My future career goal is to become a Pediatrician. To work with kids and become a doctor.
I enjoyed most of the ammunition’s that they offer there, but I would love to be more in contact with them. I live very far and sometimes feel very much brushed under the mat with some of my questions.
As a recent student at Astate, being from the North posed some interesting obstacles for me to overcome. When I first moved to Jonesboro, I was disappointingly underwhelmed. However, after living in Jonesboro for five years, working at local shops and attending classes year round, I am grateful for the opportunity to attend such a great university. Although the university stands strong in classical southern ideations, the new wave of professors and students are opening up little Jonesboro to a modern and exciting future.

And as always, there is no parking on campus. Nothing outside the norm of any other university!
Very welcoming school, always smiling. The school is very organized and people are very helpful when needed by other students. Has a wide range of food items and wide range of majors.
The programs are affordable and the online program is easy to follow. Professors can be challenging and some do a lot more work than others. I would recommend this school to anyone, I have had a great experience thus far and have one year left.
Arkansas State University is very accommodating to all students from all walks of life. Their student support is easy to talk to, and their professors are top-notch.
Great school. The staff is very helpful. You can learn a lot of things and be very successful. Everything on campus is easy to access and find. It is very open and everyone is very friendly.
I am a graduate student. I feel I am receiving an education that will adequately prepare me for my chosen health care field. The instructors are well prepared and seem genuinely concerned about our education.
I would recommend the program I am in to other students choosing the same field. I wish tuition was not as much as it is and I wish I could obtain some financial help.
Teachers are mostly friendly. Very helpful students and staff. A lot of clubs and opportunities. Offers many services.
I like the feeling I have when I'm with my friends and with my fellow theatre majors, but essentially I just feel bullied by UPD and all of the RAs. And a lot of stuff Arkansas State tries to do just isn't fair, and it sucks. I got pulled over for smoking a cigarette on a street that wasn't even on campus and he tried to give me a ticket. No sir.
I love everything about ASU! It is a great university with an amazing campus. The professors are also very friendly and helpful during lectures.
I love Arkansas State University. I genuinely consider it my second home. All the campus has to offer benefits me and my studies in every way possible!
I was very excited about attending Astate at first. Then found out you really have to get information yourself. My mom help me with getting my classes in order each semester and make sure financial aid was applied for each year. Never really had an adviser, just got what was thrown at me. This college is a great college if your into sports and the college activities because that’s what is supported with the high cost of tuition and each semester you are charged that big athletic fee,even summer classes. I finally found my major after going through two semesters of trying to find what I really needed to be majoring in. If I could just get the money back I wastedfrom taking classes I didn’t need. I can say it’s been a life learning experience and I will get my BA in 2020.
I have really enjoyed my first year at A-State, and am looking forward to another this fall! The staff is great and really helpful, and there are so many chances to get involved in campus or in an organization. The atmosphere is always joyful! Go wolves!!!!
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I would like to see a better relationship between greek life and the school. I am not in greek life, but I feel that there's a lot of pressure put on them and not enough understanding. They do a lot for our school.
I really enjoy ASU, it has a hometown feel to it, the professors are willing to help you with whatever you need.
The campus is small enough that you can move around carefully, and yet it is big enough that you can explore many aspects of the university. There is such a fantastic vibe when you step onto campus with all of the activities and sports going on regularly. You'll never be bored.
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