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I really enjoy ASU, it has a hometown feel to it, the professors are willing to help you with whatever you need.
The campus is small enough that you can move around carefully, and yet it is big enough that you can explore many aspects of the university. There is such a fantastic vibe when you step onto campus with all of the activities and sports going on regularly. You'll never be bored.
Arkansas State University is a very open and welcoming university. Many people there, especially the administration and students who are involved, are outgoing and try to make you feel comfortable. There are also many foreign exchange students so there is a lot of diversity, which is something you don’t get to see if you’re from a smaller town in Arkansas.
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My experience at Arkansas State University has been great so far. The professors are friendly and very helpful. I love the diversity because I am not used to diversity in my home town. If I could change anything it would be the location of campus in Jonesboro.
Everyone was friendly. The professors were easy to talk to but some of the advisors made it hard to understand for those of us coming back into school.
At Arkansas State it is all about you and the effort you put forth yourself in order to learn the knowledge and lessons taught to you. You are in a boring college town, so if you want to be able to just focus on your school work. This is the place to be.
I like the wide variety of the professors and the help you are available to. The only complaint I have is parking. Besides driving around for thirty minutes to park, I normally have a great day in all of my classes.
I love the atmosphere of Arkansas State. The people here are friendly, but it is big enough to feel like a university. The only downside is no night life for it is in a very conservative town.
Arkansas State University is a wonderful college. I have learned so much from my professors. The Social Work Department is like a family. Everyone there is very supportive and passionate about helping students succeed.
Arkansas State University is a great college for anyone. It has a safe and clean environment. The fellow students are very nice and will help anyone who is in need. There is always fun events to attend on campus. The professors are very intelligent and will help you with anything you need. Overall the campus is just amazing. I would not pick anywhere else to go for my four years of college and once you go here one time for a tour you will not want to leave!
I am a Jr. at this university. transferring to asu was easy and well balanced with the help of my advisor and teachers. This year has been hard but thankfully all of my teachers have been with me throughout the year. When I need their help with something, they are always ready to help. I love how they will always set time aside for students who need help.
I absolutely love Astate! Coming from high school I wasn't expecting much, as every other kid, I hated school. But when I started attending the university, it changed. I loved the freedom and openness of the college life. I've attended so many sports events, club events, etc. And I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I've even made many new friends. I would definitely recommend for people to attend school here.
Arkansas State has a very nice campus with great facilities. As an incoming freshman this can be overwhelming at times so I recommend getting involved in some way to make new friends and create a sense of belonging.
The school as far as education is amazing. Professors and teachers are very helpful and try their best to help you understand.
Arkansas State is an amazing place to further your education. The atmosphere is so friendly and homey. I see people I know all over campus, and I know that if I am struggling with anything there is a whole crowd of people behind me willing to help me through. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else.
I am in my second semester here, and so far it is an outstanding school! The facilities are great and very accommodating, teachers are understanding and friendly, and the atmosphere is overall a welcoming, enjoyable place. I recommend anyone looking into college to take this school into consideration.
As a second semester freshman, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy AState. The atmosphere is welcoming and the campus is just great.
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Coming to Arkansas State University, I was immediately drawn in by the diversity, and the social life on campus. Coming to this campus I was able to get involved in Greek life, where I have met some of the best girls! I was also able to get involved in Student Activities Board and let my voice be heard on campus. Academic wise, you will meet some of the most caring, and respectful professors and advisors ever. They are there whenever you need them, and encourage you to go for anything you dream of doing in your career.
I like the people and the campus life. I think this school should remain it's high quality college ways.
I Like Arkansas State University because the instructors are very helpful and material covered is well explained in their social work and criminology classes.
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