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Arkansas State University has plenty of opportunities to join clubs, organizations and sororities. There are always evens going on on campus even though certain ones usually end at around 1-2pm. The food is what you expect and the community itself is largely friendly and diverse.
This is a good school with great teachers! Be careful of the teacher you may have as your advisor because they may not know what they are doing! There are plenty of clubs and groups that students can join in!
Arkansas State is a great, low cost state school is Arkansas. It's very affordable and the education you receive is great! There is a diverse selection of food and the dorms are very nice. I would recommend anyone in Arkansas to consider this school.
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My time at Arkansas State University has been wonderful so far. There is plenty of diversity within students, the food is perfection, the campus and dorms are beautiful and comfortable. While the professors are very kind and teach the material well, my friend had an issue with one of them.
Great facilities and staff, very knowledgable professors and great advisors. Caring towards students and helpful in getting them to their goals, an excellent stepping stone on the way to a career.
I adore A-State because of the supportive staff and many opportunities, from the Honors college to athletic clubs to academic clubs! I have had the chance to go places I never thought I would be able to and complete research I never thought I would have the chance to be a part of. Arkansas State University will forever be how I began my professional life and how I discovered myself as a person. Howl on!
I like that the school is very secured. Professors are helpful and willing to work with students. One think that sucks is parking. It seems that there is never enough parking spaces, especially on the first week of class.
I am a Junior at Arkansas State University, I attended a small community college before transferring so it was different changing to a bigger campus and finding my way around; however it is a great school and the professors are always set on educating their students and making sure they are well prepared. I always highly recommend ASU.
I'm studying in ASU. I love this campus and faculty members. The classrooms are such amazing classmates, but it's too small group. All professors are very helpful and friendly. They have a lot of free time to talk with them.
I read ranking reports all the time because I own and operate a College Planning. We help students pick the right college for their needs and interests and we help their families pay for that college degree with as little money out of their pocket as possible.

Arkansas State University prepared me greatly for successful careers in the food industry, publishing, public speaking and financial planning arenas.
Expensive popular schools could be a smart choice made by smart people following advice from smart sources. However, the smart choice often is not the wise choice.

A wise choice would be not going into debt to obtain your degree. A wise choice would be graduating in four years instead of the national average of six years. A wise choice would be selecting a University like Arkansas State that prepares you to compete, succeed and thrive without the debt, ego and drama.

Choose wisdom my friends.
I love this place. I've been attending her for a semester and a half. The staff are very friendly. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they kind of screwed me over with taking two classes I didn't need because I had credit for them already and didn't give me my money back for them. But other than they've been great.
Overall I know that ASU is the place for me! I love the fine arts department and the new humanities building! Can't wait for the new apartments next year. Such a popular school we need more housing haha!
I am going here for a masters in gifted and talented online. The classes are fun and engaging. The content is usefull and really helping me in my class. Overall this college is really good to go to. Especially as a busy father.
The campus is beautiful, in the fall the trees are so pretty and the humanities building is gorgeous. It's my favorite building to have class in. The party scene has been fun and everyone makes you feel like you belong somewhere here. Some of the teachers aren't really up to par honestly. They don't really help you if you need it and some teachers don't make lesson plans, update grades, or even answer questions when you ask. One of my teachers never even looked up from his phone to even help us w notes or answer questions. The local area is nice, very boring though. Hard to find a job honestly. The dorms are gross and very unsafe. It's scary to walk alone to class during the day or night being a girl makes it worse.
I liked the atmosphere and the food. But the computers in the computer labs are slow and it was hard to find the counselor hall
I was at this university when I wrote my first research paper. The professors are so great. The campus is beautiful. Greek life is great as well!
I love Arkansas State University. Although this is the only college I have ever attended I could not imagine going any where else. All of my professors are amazing. Everyone I have ever came in contact with here at ASU has always done everything they could to help me out. If they could not do anything in their department they would find someone else for me to go to and ask. All the professors are concerned about there students and not themselves. They all truly have a passion for teaching. I would recommend Arkansas State University to anyone that is thinking about going to college. This is such a wonderful place to spend at least your next 4 years of life.
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I love Arkansas State University-Jonesboro. The teachers that classes I have attended (within College in Psychology and Exercise Science) were amazing and cared greatly about their students. The classes were not far from the dorms and it was not hard to find a place to live off campus if you needed that as well. Very easy to get involved within the University in a club or program as well. Parking for off campus students is difficult although, so get up early! Highly recommend ASU Jonesboro.
I like the environment. The students are very friendly. There are many professors and staff that want you to succeed. It's a pleasure knowing that people actually are about you, your dreams, and the best route to take in order to reach them.
The campus here is very straight forward. The students here have a mindset like no other in the state. I can go to any student and ask for help. The teachers here no matter the number of students in class seem to have a personal professional relation with each one. You can't beat it.
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