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Arkansas State University - Newport Reviews

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Teachers and staff are very helpful. They take the time to get you involved in the class room. It's understandable and affordable.
Asu Newport is a very easy college most of the professors care about the students and make sure they pass.
I love ASU Newport! I have gone here for almost 3 years, and the staff, and education are fantastic! I love the smaller classes, and the focus that the professors give me when I need it.
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It's A good school for your basics and to get into a 4 year college. Overall I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot. Great starter school. Could use more sports and entertainment though. Could use more housing also.
Arkansas state university- Newport is a smaller school which allows professors to be able to do a little more interaction with their students, which is great! Everything is easier to find unlike at a university where you can not find anything at all. You are able to interact with students and get to know more people because it's a smaller college that I could compare to a high school. The only thing that I dislike is that there is lack of staff so everything is moving slower, but no complaint. They are doing the best they can!
I really enjoyed the classes and professors. It would be nice if there were more food options. It would also be very helpful to students if the advisors were more available to meet with us.
I'm a freshman at ASU-Newport (Jonesboro campus). I believe it is a good school. There's a variety of courses that you can take and the people here are really friendly. It is a smaller school, so it is easier for people to connect and get to know each other. The school is very cost efficient. My tuition was around $2000. There aren't any dormitories here or any sports available (that I know of), but they do offer student activities and some clubs. I guess the biggest thing is the food. There isn't a cafeteria or restaurant, but there are vending machines and two food vendors that are here for lunch hours.
the max class six is 20 people so it has minimum distractions
my major is physical therapy. the teachers really do care if you graduate unlike other schools
my school is pretty great i am a freshman this year and we have not started yet but i have met all of my teachers and advisors and they are outstanding. the campus is very clean, easy to find classes, and a good safe enviroment.
It is very flexible to me because I could take it in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It is easier though if you sign up for the term right when it comes out though. The longer you wait the harder it will be.
Convent for the students if they happen to miss a lecture they can watch a video or voice recording of the lecture.
There is a program where you can get a job on campus to pay for your campus life.
The classes are really small so u can speak with the professor more and get the help u need.
They give hands on skills with working on campus.
It's not particularly overwhelming it is a lot of work, but my professors help me when I need it and they really help me a lot.
Well it is a fairly small school so the classes are not overwhelming and it is a cheap school so it is fast and easy for taking your basics.
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just difficult b/c there are no on campus dorms. Housing was the biggest issue.
They are going to be helpful in placing me in my internship.
I've found the instructors and campus to be very helpful.
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