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Arkansas State University - Mountain Home Reviews

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Arkansas State University is the first college I ever stepped foot on, and it was so amazing to have the feeling of college. Now that I am entering my second year with ASUMH I see how different it is from other colleges. One of my biggest things I would love to see is ASUMH turning into a 4 year school and expanding!
Through the pandemic, all of my classes were transferred to online which at first I was incredibly concerned about. Now that I've finished that I just want to tell everyone how amazing our professors and tech team did through the unforeseen circumstances.
Am looking forward to start taking classes online due to Covid-19 and am excited to start my college career at such a great school
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My experience so far has been positive and have found staff members helpful. Have had many friends go here and enjoy it as well.
Arkansas State University of Mountain Home is a fantastic place to earn your two-year degree. The campus is clean and maneuverable. The professors and staff are all knowledgeable, kind, and attentive to the students. I would love to see this campus turn into a four year college someday. However, for now, I do think it would be desirable to have a higher course range of math classes available.
I like about Arkansas State University - Mountain Home how easy things are because it is small. People are close and always helpful and it is easy to feel comfortable.
Professors have a way of teaching that makes you feel close and that makes it easy to learn. Classes are usually for 20 people which makes it a nice environment and not chaotic.
I myself got a job at the college within 8 days of starting to look for one and the all around experience is not stressful like other big colleges.
Arkansas State University - Mountain Home is a great option for those wanting to obtain a degree at a small, friendly college.
From what I've seen thus far of the campus, I'm quite intrigued and I think the campus is beautiful. I personally have yet to experience the true campus life, such as meeting people and attending classes so I'm not too sure if the campus is as amazing as it seems but from what I could gather, ASUMH seems like the place to be.
The staff that I have came across have been very helpful. I would love to see the school offer more activities for the students in order for them to get to know each other and make friends a little easier.
Beautiful campus, spread out but not far, clean and efficient. I was nervous about going back to school after so many years, but there are so many helpful people.
I have recently registered with ASUMH and they have been very friendly and helpful on my transfer from my previous college. They also offer a lot of online courses so that I can continue working my 2 jobs. I look forward to completing my education at ASUMH.
ASUMH is a small campus that allows you to have a more personal relationship with many of the students and administration on campus.
The campus is very clean environment with friendly staff, however could use technology improvement and computer desk not spaced.
I like that it is a small campus and can have a one on one relationship with teachers rather than a class of 200.However are technology could be updated in a few classrooms.
Just becoming familiar with campus. I dont start classes until fall 2019. Sonit would not be very accurate of me to say one way or the other about the college. What i have seen and experience so for has been great.
ASUMH is a good place to start off for a post-secondary education. It offers well-rounded classes and a great student-to-teacher ratio. The instructors are also amazing and seem to care deeply for their students. However, the classes offered are not meant to benefit anyone planning on transferring to a 4-year college for engineering, which I know is a sought after area for degree seeking students. At the very least, an addition of a constant Calculus 1 and 2 class would make a world of difference. On the other hand, someone who is looking to major in teaching or nursing would do great here.
Great 2 year school. Lots to offer for such a small town. Very affordable! More of a nontraditional college. No housing, sports, or food court, but campus is beautiful.
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I love that Arkansas State University- Mountain Home is a small school with small class sizes which allows the professors to interact one-on-one with the students.
Arkansas State University Mountain Home is the only college I have attended, but it is honestly a very good one. Everyone there is so helpful and so kind. I like how the tuition is so cheap. It is honestly so much smarter to go here just for basics, since it is so cheap. I cannot imagine paying $30,000 just for basics. They offer online classes, which is very helpful if you don't live close to the campus. I tell everyone that they should go to ASU Mountain Home, just because it is that good. I like it so much, I decided to take two degrees with them.
I have had a very good experience at ASUMH. The Professors are very knowledgeable.I am currently pursuing a medical centered degree. I want to use it to help others. Rather than further my own career. The campus is beautiful. My classmates are also very helpful.
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