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Arkansas State University is a great school. It honestly feels like home. Everyone treats you like family and the classes are somewhat small so you have more of a one on one relationship with professors. I have enjoyed being apart of this great school!
Very helpful staff, clean campus, teachers are actually willing to help you and want to see you succeed.
I went to the Heber Springs campus. They had so many wonderful professors who bent over backward for me. They were kind and the Trio program helped me tremendously. They would help me with tutoring, transferring, having a lab and a small gym for students to use, and they even helped me sell some of my textbooks. They were so kind and gave advice to me anytime. The campus is small but beautiful and all of the faculty were just so friendly and helpful. Not to mention, it is so affordable to go there. There were no partying crowds, dorms, or athletics at my campus.
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I went to ASU Beebe for two years and then transferred to UCA. The transfer process was not the easiest.
I had a really good experience here. Most professors will help you out. All you have to do is ask. Class room setting is small the biggest classroom held maybe 30 students. Took psychology and had Brock loved every minute of her classes. Class wasn’t that diverse.
I really liked going to ASU Beebe! It is a small school, so it’s easy to find your way around. The professors there are really nice and willing to help. They also have just about any class you are wanting to take.
I went to tour Beebe and it was the best experience I have had at any college. I enjoyed how everything was set up and how they did everything. I feel like Beebe is a college that I could be set at and get my major, Beebe also has the best professors that I have heard and also my experience there so far. Beebe also has great education there and also works around a lot things. A lot of my family has graduated from there.
The staff has been extremely helpful to me. They've answered all question's I've had and have given recommendations on things I was unsure about. They are encouraging and extremely helpful to do whatever it takes to help get you to the right career path.
I do not like it. There are not very many classes and the professors are evil. I would never ever in ten thousand years recommend this school to any person ever on the face of the earth. Please go somewhere else.
The people at ASU-Beebe are so welcoming and kind. When I got a tour with my best friend, we felt so welcomed. I am so happy to be attending ASUB, the campus is so clean and up to date.
I have had some good teachers on campus. The online teachers can be hit or miss. Trying to get a question answered that doesn't have to do with what I'm studying (financial aid, etc.) is like pulling teeth. No one seems to have an answer, or I will get 4 different answers. The curriculum is not too difficult if you take the time to do the work.
The staff are completely incompetent at helping a student get anything done. I spend an entire week on the phone each semester just to register for classes. There is always a long checklist of irrelevant tasks to complete in order to register for a class. No one ever returns phone calls or emails and if I have a question about the process, I'm sent to someone else to deal with. The online system is a complete nightmare and IT is impossible to get a hold of.
I sincerely hope that someone or something will look into this school. I have no idea who to contact about these issues, but I will keep trying. What a complete nightmare.
I am at asu for a year now, now in my second year and I’ve never had a problem with any professor. All professors are really great and help you with anything you need. The campus is very homey and you can really feel comfortable and not too overwhelmed
I like that there are so many opportunities to further your education. The campus is really fun. There are so many activities, lectures, job fairs, college fairs and more. The teachers are amazing and help with everything. This campus is so efficient and very comfortable.
Great school. Wish I could complete my entire degree here. Its a great cheap school, good teachers and very helpful environment. If I could do it again I would choose this school again.
I went to Arkansas State-Beebe my very first year of college. The atmosphere of the college was great. Most of the workers and professors were extremely nice and helpful. I had some of the best professors that I am going to miss next year. There were many downfalls to the college. The campus food was not that great. The amount of student life activities in the two year college was great. During the first semester there was an event happening, but throughout the end of the year there are still events but not as many. Although some days were really good most days were the same thing and the food got very tiresome. Also while most of the workers and professor were extremely nice some of the workers could be very rude and unhelpful. The dorms were really nice and suite-style so that was an extreme plus.
Great because of location to home. The staff does not care about students. They have hurt my school future, because my advisor and professor could not do his/her job. The financial aid department began the problem with not correctly doing their job, and incorrectly dispensing my financial aid.
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ASU Beebe is a wonderful school to attend! Rather you attend classes or do their online program! I chose the online route and I am completely satisfied with my choice! I work full time and every teacher/professor that I have had in the past year has been completely helpful and understanding! I take my classes seriously and never miss a deadline, but when it comes to having questions each teacher/professor does what they can to make sure I get all the resources that a normal college student would get!
I enjoyed going to this school. I am sad I will be leaving after this semester. I really liked every teacher I had.
I really liked the smaller class sizes because it give teachers the opportunity to help students more personally. I also really liked how friendly the staff is. Its easy to get help if you need it. I do wish that more teachers would notify students if class is cancelled, or that they would use blackboard more. But I have had a good experience with the schools.
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