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ASUB is what you make of it, you an have loads of friends and go to parties and get along with your professors but you have to put some effort into it.
I love ASU! There are great professors there that will answer e-mails very fast to help you out! Some even take time out of their own day to help us when we are having problems understanding the course material. This is the best college a student could apply at!
It may be small but the teachers and staff really care about the students. There a many diffrent types of classes for theater to yoha class
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It's really not a bad school, especially if you're looking for somewhere cheap and close to home. Everyone's really nice up there, and the teachers will help out the students if they ask.
You can take a few classes or try to achieve an associates, either way it is useful for transferring to a larger school and starting and easing into college simply and with little stress.
there is a diversity among the teachers, and all seem to have a good amount of experience in their class field and other relating ones.
Some classes (fine art classes for me) only have one time or day they are held, and so you may have to work late nights or schedule things later.
I have one online class and one internet assisted class and they are both very convenient to my schedule and ability to keep up with my work. You have to be able to keep up with yourself and your work but it is much more convenient especially if you have work.
Haven't used much of the career services, but from what I see with the transfer programs and job programs the school does what they can to help you when you graduate.
  • 6 months ago
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typical class size is as big as or slightly larger than a high school class, 25-30 students, but more popular classes can get bigger.
Unless you are here for work, you are likely to only get an associates, but that is useful for transferring to a higher university.
  • 6 months ago
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It's small and affordable, and a great way to transition from high school to college especially when trying to move out on your own.
Easy to set my schedule
Great teachers and great school
The work is not that bad as long as you do it on time.
I love ASUB. I will be sad to have to leave when Iam done.
It didn't take much to transfer credits, just getting transcript from my other college sent to them so they knew which credits to award me.
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I prefer to learn in the classroom, online is really just not my thing.
Mostly this school is for technical certificate and associate degrees but there are 11 bachelor programs and 4 master programs.
  • 11 months ago
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Things I will need to know to do my job when I get out of school.
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