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This is in my opinion a very great 2-year college to attend. The courses are easy to understand and the instructors very helpful. There is help for those who need it. Other staff members go out of their way to help when in need.
There is no hassel. The advisors make sure you have all of your classes and that all credit is transferible.
I have only taken a few online classes but I really like taking them these classes were my easiest classes.
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There are many career advisors at our school to help you a post graduation job.
I love my classes. The teachers spend one on one with the students if they need the extra help.
I love my college. I have learned so much. This college is also very affordable.
ANC is a good community college they will work with you every step of the way. They are close to home and very affordable.
The work load was not tough if you knew how to manage time.
The affordable tuition makes my college unique.
Low student to teacher ratio encourages a relaxed learning environment.
My degree is amazing. There is many airlines that need young mechanics.
So far it's okay. We haven't gotten all the way done yet
It's a lot to learn but I love it. I'm a hands on person plus I love airplanes. The courses are easy I you pay attention.
My financial aid covers all my costs to attended ANC.
There is only few in my classes. They are cool but nerve racking.
I had two college transcripts transferred and they helped by not having to take any more general education courses.
I'm in the aviation program so it's great.
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I work full time so I cannot say anything from my point if view. But Frieda say its great
I feel the student body is great because there are different cultures, religions and sexes here. Everyone seems to get along and the groups are usually a mixture of different student body.
It has been a wonderful experience here at Arkansas Northeastern College. All the faculty are very nice and helpful. I have not had a bad experience yet and do not think I will. Looking to finish here and then transfer to a 4-year college.
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