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My overall college experience was fine, but I would not recommend this school to anyone. Most of the staff do not care about the students like they should. There were only a select few staff members that were there for the students' well-being, but most of them were horrible leaders. Students were being overcharged for their college experience, and the president had a hard time running the campus. If you are considering this school, please rethink it and go somewhere else...
For the first time yesterday I went to Arkansas Baptist College to get my classes situated for the fall semester. Not knowing my way around the college, a football coach helps me get to where I needed to be after asking for directions. After that, the faculty help me out with everything I needed. From the Information that was given, until it was time to leave was tremendous. I felt as if a was home again. I felt like the people that help me really cared about me and where I needed to be.
I attended evening classes and that was very good for me. The class size was small so the if you needed a little extra help the professor was able to provide it.
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My overall experience could of been a lot better. The instructors there do not care about nothing but a paycheck from my point of view. However, they should not be there if it is not a passion to help students to achieve their academic goals. Nevertheless, it was a bad experience for me there.
What I liked about Arkansas baptist college, it gives students a chance at college with an Christian development to succeed in a global community. Arkansas baptist is a good college to start you college experience. like myself I didn’t want to head right off to a big university or school, here at Arkansas baptist I can consider this college more like family. A family that’s all trying to make something out of ourselves. For example, create jobs, be leaders, entrepreneurs, and many more great things in life. Yes Arkansas baptist may have challenges. What university or school doesn’t? The experience I received from Arkansas baptist is one that will always be with me forever.
I must say being here at Arkansas Baptist showed me the guidance of how to be a better man. They have excellent staffs and coaches. People hear have only been good to me and try to show me life isn’t tied with a bow. It’s something we all got to go work for in life. Always remember from being here at Arkansas Baptist it’s hard but it is fair , if it was easy everybody would be doing it.
Arkansas Baptist College is perfect college for anyone who went to build character of person. my learning how me encourage to competition with each other to make us more eager to learn and study to pass the class. The way I amplify learning with classmate to increase their grade in class. Is to have fun with teacher and student to make them remember thing about the lesson to encourage them to reminder on the test day so they can pass the class. Amplify the class will help my classmate attend class more and learned more about subject even if it boring.
The new president of the school, Dr Jones, has no clue how to run a college.
The teachers for the most part don't give a hoot about teaching
Admissions, financial aid and the business office are terrible to deal with, no one ever answers the phone at the school and if you go to see them in person you are treated like your the stupid one
This so called college should be shut down immediately
Do not let your children go to school here!!
If you study you will pass all classes. I would change football program n some of the professors. It’s what you make this school out of if you don’t give it one hundred percent you want get anything out of it. I hear a lot of people say they hate it here but we came to get a education not have fun.
The professors are personally concerned about students and work with them to enable them to be successful. The dorms need to be improved and are in need of some repairs and the cafeteria food is not very good.Students spend most of their extra money on food and snacks.
The staff and teacher are very helpful the students are very friendly the love that I get make me feel like I'm at home for a person that came miles away from familiy
the academics of Arkansas Baptist College is challenging and consistent. Definitely in my opinion if you put your mind and focus on the same goal. you will be able to reach the goal your going after. The academics of Arkansas baptist can help get to where you want to be.
Professors are great and supportive. The courses are easy to understand.
Im a freshmen. I dont really know about that.
The classes has been alright but i have not had any trouble with transferring credits because i am a freshmen.
I dont take online courses
It is okay. They help out a lot.
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It's education. They really help you out with whatever youre trying to major in and they do a good job at it.
The teachers are really nice and supportive. Also they break down stuff to make it easy to understand. Overall the school is just a good place to get your education from. I wouldnt choose this school again though because of the area thats its located in.
The support provided is excellent.
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