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The professors are personally concerned about students and work with them to enable them to be successful. The dorms need to be improved and are in need of some repairs and the cafeteria food is not very good.Students spend most of their extra money on food and snacks.
The staff and teacher are very helpful the students are very friendly the love that I get make me feel like I'm at home for a person that came miles away from familiy
the academics of Arkansas Baptist College is challenging and consistent. Definitely in my opinion if you put your mind and focus on the same goal. you will be able to reach the goal your going after. The academics of Arkansas baptist can help get to where you want to be.
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Professors are great and supportive. The courses are easy to understand.
Im a freshmen. I dont really know about that.
The classes has been alright but i have not had any trouble with transferring credits because i am a freshmen.
I dont take online courses
It is okay. They help out a lot.
It's education. They really help you out with whatever youre trying to major in and they do a good job at it.
The teachers are really nice and supportive. Also they break down stuff to make it easy to understand. Overall the school is just a good place to get your education from. I wouldnt choose this school again though because of the area thats its located in.
The support provided is excellent.
This is a small College that offers hope for many students who haven't had the opportunity to go anywhere else.
Its could be way better
Its an up and coming school that needs a lot of work
I don't like the fact that students were not given a copy of the school handbook and campus map.
You have to ask about those things.
It's just like anything else you get out of it what you put in it.
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It's okay, it could be better.
Lack of computers, no libraries with computer or anything. We basically had to do everything by general knowledge. Also lack of books.
Campus activities were bad. No library, no atheletic centers or anything. Just a big waste of time. I wouldn't request that school to anyone.
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