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I liked that the campus had some up to date buildings, their admins and secretaries are nice and organized. I think they should dedicate into giving more to the students like more places to hang out. It looks like they're trying to suck out as much money as they can from students.
Great community college ! I am glad I decided to take the community college route classes are reasonably priced and all the professors are willing to help you when needed. I prefer to take the online courses and have never had any issues with that. I plan to graduate from this college and would recommend a family member or even a friend to do the same.
I am currently a student at AWC and I like it how class schedules are arranged to fit your needs. My professor is a great teacher because he makes you think so could strive and become better. He makes his class very easy to understand the class. I would like that AWC gets track n field for a sport.
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Arizona Western College is the only local community college in my town. I loved going to AWC, because it was close to home and cheaper. The only thing I sort regret is not being more involved at school, like joining clubs just spending more time at the school and making friends.
it is good and still is good to attend here, personally, if it were a 4 year school with bachelors and master i would definetly stay.
My time at AWC has been very good so far. The professors are good and willing to help, small class sizes and good and competitive athletics are a plus as well.
I wish they were more informative, I went in blind and read needed some help but it wasn’t easy to get it. I got financial aid when I was a freshman and didn’t know you had to take many classes to keep the financial aid, I took 2 classes since I wanted to get the hang of it first and they took it away from me. Now that I take more classes I have to pay it all out of pocket and it’s hard, I wish I was told. Changing majors and stuff like that is also hard since you can’t do some things online and you have to make appointments with your counselor which can be a hassle if you work like me. Academics are alright I guess, a lot if professors are really bad and don’t teach very good, you have to teach yourself the material and it’s hard. I have only come across 2 really great professor who go above and beyond to make sure you succeed. Those two are Mr.Close the english teacher and Dr.Moore I greatly recommend them they are passionate and amazing at what they do.
AWC is a great place to go to school. People from all over the USA come here. Great place to follow your dreams and conquers your fears
I have only been here for one semester, but so far it's good! I think Mathlab is a waste of money and could be used towards paying my classes because I learn nothing from it. So far the professor's I have are excellent, but I've only had 4 so far. The environment is lovely, the people feel so determined and so happy to be getting their career started. I love the different age groups because it makes me feel good that no matter what age you are, you can go back to school and do anything you want.
Small community which makes small classes, which makes it easier to get a hold of professors and one on one help. Arizona Western College is a diverse College with people from all over the world. Our Soccer team is number one in the state. Educate is less expensive than any other college offering so many different programs which other universities and other colleges don't have. The great location of Yuma is the place to be.
This is a small campus so you really get the one on one teacher help. There a lot help for students. Also, this college offers a lot of different degrees. They have NAU so you don't need leave Yuma to continue a higher education. They keep updated the school and work really hard to offer a fun, homey, friendly environment. The school and Professors want you to be successful with classes, and in life. A great School!!!
A very good small community college. Programs are excellent for just starting off in college after high school.
Arizona Western college is a very affordable college . The professors are professional and helpful. What I like most about the college that it has a very diverse community. I would recommend to my friends and family.
I love the staff. They are very helpful in planning out my classes. They professors are very helpful as well . The campus feels very safe and I don’t have to worry about walking to my car at night. The security is outstanding and is very attentive. The online services is very easy to get around. Weather I am picking my classes or have financial aide questions I can always find it on my self service.
I like how this college has variety of opportunities. The professors are ultimately caring; willingly to help you succeed with your career. I like the fact how they recently notice my accomplishments & offered me amounts of scholarships. This college is the school you would want to go to.
Arizona Western College is a really good enviroment for those planning to do their associate's degree. It is a good option for those who can't afford to pay a 4- year college because of their accessible tuition and fees. Most of the Teachers have really good experience and teaching merhods.
The school has been incredibly helpful, with a beautiful campus and a wide variety of classes offered.
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This college provides such little options to my small hometown. Their staff is unprofessional and are hardly of any help. It seems that instead of helping, they always do something wrong and make things more difficult. The amount of mistakes they make is ridiculous.
The reason why I like AWC is because I feel like an adult and don't have to depend on anyone. Also it has helped me grow and get a great education.
Arizona Western College has provided me with a great experience in the classroom and on the court. (I play volleyball for AWC). The campus is full of students from around the world, including places like Israel, Japan and Finland. I love the culture diversity of the school. The professors are really understanding and helpful when it comes to the work. I would definitely recommend other students coming here for 2 years then transferring out. It will save you a lot of money!!
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