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A decent size of community college with diverse culture. Professors and staffs here are very helpful. Furthermore, the college have some great athletics.
i have only been at this college for only one year but i really like it. its peaceful and you can find people from all over the world. everybody is really friendly and the teachers do care for the most part so that you can understand the class.
Really enjoyed being a Matador, I especially enjoyed the help I received from my Professors. The School is filled with so much school spirit which makes it the fun and educational school that it has been formed to be.
Review Arizona Western College
Arizona western college is a great two year college. Lots of helpful resources for students and lots of activities as well to participate in.
I attended this school for about two years and a half my experiences with the professor were amazing I found most were very helpful and wanted you to succeed. On the other hand, counselors I didn't find as resourceful I found myself doing most of my own searching and finding out what would be the next step for me.
Arizona Western College is a great place to apply. It offers a variety of 2 year technical careers, but also classes that can be transfer to university. The school is nice as well as the people that works there. They offer scholarships like the CAMP that pay for almost everything within one school year. Since this is not a huge college, you can relate more to the teachers and other students. Also, they have special people trained to help high school students that plan in enrolling AWC. They also offer dual-credits, which means you can work on your college credits while in high school. They not only support you on your career as a student, but also encourage you to join sports, and clubs to support other students.
What i mostly love about awc is they was the professors treat you. Yes there is some professors that do not really care if you pass or if you understand the subject but then there are the others who do and will do anything they can to help.
Walking into this school i was expecting much out of it because it really is the only college in yuma. I would think they would have many degree options but they did not have the one i wanted.
I am currently only a dual enrollment student at Yuma Catholic and Arizona Western College. I have had the opportunity to take several college courses at Arizona Western on and off campus. It is more difficult to take online courses because there is a huge lack of communication on the professors side because they lag when you reach out to them. Classes at the college are diffidently better.
This is a great community college for students graduating from high school to go to before going to a graduate school. The staff and faculty is very friendly and professional. The campus is a safe environment that is patrolled by the campus police. Great selection of classes to choose from.
Arizona Western College is a great college, installations are in good conditions and must of the professors own a higher level of education as master or doctorate degrees which means that professors also own a lot of experience. I will make some changes in the classes that all the semesters are in wait list of 18 or 20 people, if only college put together those people in wait list they will made a full class in a different hour and with a different professor which means creating new jobs. Even though is a small college compare to universities I like that the AWC personal send emails and put some posters around the installations to invited the students to participate in some of the events that will occur during the month. I am about to finish my minor degree and I just hope to learn thousands of new things and enjoy my last semester as a matador.
I am attending the nursing program with AWC. The instructors are very knowledgable and helpful. I believe the school could use a whole Nursing department remodel with study areas designated for only nursing student. Right now we jump from classroom to classroom each semester in different buildings that are dedicated to other majors.
I like that the schedule for classes is very flexible there are many classes offered online and at extended campuses.
My experience at Arizona Western College has been great, I am currently looking to get 3 certificates, and it was really professional and resourceful for success. I would like to see more classes online, and on the San Luis, AZ campus.
There are so many options for class times that you are available to make your schedule perfect for your needs.
I have yet to have a bad experience at this school.
My teachers have all been wonderful. Due to the class sizes being small the teachers care about your success and are willing to provide help. The campus is large but it seems small so it's easy to get to know people.
Review Arizona Western College
The only frustration I have to complain about would be a 6:35AM physics class. How anyone could be cognitively aware enough to excel in that class is beyond me, but even then our class managed to push through. Kind of.
Online courses allow me to better pick my own schedule. If I'm swamped in another class, I can do my online class any time later during the week instead of worrying of what I might miss on a certain day. The more lenient schedule also allows me to have more free time, as I can decide to finish my classes early in the morning or as late at night as I want.
I don't look to much into them, but from what my friends say, they've been having a good time working with such services.
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