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After hours of studying, there are several spaces where you can relax and have fun with your friends. School gives you money for bus fees and for printing. Classes are well equipped with the materials needed for each class.
great start, awesome people, everyone friendly, you will make friends quick, not a big campus but also not small, has a game room where you can play video games or pool with your friends before or after class.
What I love about Arizona Western College is that they care about the students’ success and future. They try their very best to bring many institutions and opportunities for students to have a smooth transition to their selected university. Along with that, the institution provides trade career classes for students to gain a degree in their particular specialized area.
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This college has an exceptional campus and is very safe and clean with good professors and has Arizona State, University of Arizona, and Northern Arizona all on campus to get a four year degree.
I have to say that I have not been at Arizona Western College long enough to give it a detail view, but I can give what I have experienced so far. The college so far has been amazing. The teachers I have encountered so far have been understanding and cooperative. There are many internships and work-study opportunities that anyone can take, that have to fit the requirements of course. A complaint I do have is that professors have to have a required book for each of their courses, but sometimes the book that is "required" isn't really needed and some professors say that in the first day of their classes.
I have only taken online classes at Arizona Western, but it has been a positive experience so far. The quality material is adequate and the professors seem to genuinely care about the success of their students, even without ever meeting them face to face. The assignments challenge the students and have to be done in a timely manner. Students aren't being shortchanged by taking online classes here at Arizona Western College.

The reason I didn't give AWC a 5 star rating is due to the fact that they charge extra for online classes. I was a little shocked when I discovered this. While the fee is only 25 dollars, it adds quickly.

Every time I go to campus, I am always greeted with open arms. Everyone is eager to help and they know what their jobs are. The campus itself is very nice. Always clean and well maintained. The gym and the pool are also very nice.
I like that the class sizes are small. Having smaller class sizes lets the professor focuses more on students individually. The campus is very diverse, you get exposed to different cultures, allowing you to be open-minded to different people. Given the low cost of money you pay for classes, you receive a high-quality education. The campus has a lot of activities for students. The campus gives its students the ability to be more involved with the campus given the 80+ clubs at Arizona Western College. Future students would want to come to Arizona Western College for its low tuition rates, connections with major Arizona universities, and it's convenience of having on-campus housing. All these are what makes Arizona Western College considering the fact it's a community college it has that high education feels to it.
Arizona Western College has affordable classes as well as smaller class sizes. There's a variety of selections as online, hybrid, one-to-one as well as television oriented courses.
I personally love the size of the campus, its small size makes it easy to get from one point to another. Professors are also very kind and they are willing to make arrangments on their schedule to meet and help you.
Arizona Western College is a good community college to go to. Easy to make appointments with Advisors also they guide you in which class to take. I would recommend this college.
Affordable!! Very helpful! The professors are great and they all have very flexible and accessible office/tutoring hours. The is a tutoring center and that is always great as well. you get the one on one time that you need.
Arizona Western College is a small community college with a comfortable learning space. The classroom sizes make it easy to adapt and communicate with your professor to receive help. There no overwhelming feeling of large classrooms and campus offers ways to express ones feeling.
It's an okay place to go to if you are going to transfer to university soon. I didn't like the crowd there-they were quite unfriendly and already had there own cliques- but luckily that wasn't the case for all my classes. The professors are okay, but that also depends on what course you choose. I had an awful folklore professor for one semester, however my Freshman English professors were great. It honestly also depends on what quality of education you are looking for and also what background you come from.
What I enjoy about Arizona Western College is the environment in which it provides. It's open which I believe is more appealing to the public. What I don't enjoy is the lack of shade that there is. Considering the weather in Yuma, I would assume there would be more shade. Walking across campus in the beating sun definitely isn't fun, but it's bearable to me to say the least.
The academic level is low and could be better to further help students. The staff is good and encouraging. The college is small and good for the community but it lacks academically. It could provide a better education to students who need it.
It's typically the college of majority's expectations. One that is not chaotic and has a clean looking environment around there. The teachers and staff members there are more than ready to help you on whatever problems you seem to be having. They are there to help you succeed, but of course, wants you to know and have the responsibilities of your own work and things. Just for you to acknowledge that this is the real world and soon you'll be ready to go on your own path with newfound knowledge to your desired career.
Arizona Western College have good resources and bring excellent help to students. The professors help students with their lessons to improve and give a better knowledge.
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A decent size of community college with diverse culture. Professors and staffs here are very helpful. Furthermore, the college have some great athletics.
i have only been at this college for only one year but i really like it. its peaceful and you can find people from all over the world. everybody is really friendly and the teachers do care for the most part so that you can understand the class.
Really enjoyed being a Matador, I especially enjoyed the help I received from my Professors. The School is filled with so much school spirit which makes it the fun and educational school that it has been formed to be.
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