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I really love all about my current college! The branch close to me was the San Luis Branch and I decided to go to the main campus which is in Yuma because I wanted the whole real college experience! I really wanted to live in the dorms but due to the fact my FAFSA couldn't cover it all, I just decided to do take the public transport. I do work in the dorms which just makes me want to live in the dorms even more.
I think that ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE is a great school, at least I only have 2 months here, have been fun, interesting, and very educative, I can learn a lot things, in class room and outside of them, all thank my classmates and my techaer, that ever had been togethe.
I am in love with Arizona Western College. Honestly I could not have entered another better school than Arizona Western College. All the members are always helping you, guiding you on the right path. Only what would change was the food, but other than that, nothing would change.
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I really enjoyed that the men and women who work there are very helpful when I come onto campus to ask questions. I have never been treated rudely or been rubbed off the wrong way when I am there. If they do not know the answer to my questions they are very polite and apologize about the wait while they find the answer. The best part about this school though, is they have a little office on the military base that I work on so I can talk to them there! That little office allows you to test, sign up for classes, and they all have a basic knowledge of everything a student could ask about!
Arizona Western College is an awesome campus! They have great instructors and tutors that go above and beyond to help you out if you are struggling with any of your classes. The only negative thing I would have to say is that students can sometimes struggle to get into most science classes due to limited space and such high demand for these classes. Overall it is a great college and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to attend here!
Arizona Western College is a large campus with a variety of cultures within it. The school is very strong in sports and in school pride, and is a good option for students who do not want to move to a university level. The quality of the academics vary by what classes you take, but most professors on campus care about the students success in life.
I have been attending AWC for two years going on to three and the environment is absolutely incredible. I feel safe and welcomed by the staff as well as students. It is a wonderful learning environment.
It is very convenient there are dorms on campus, AWC is also connected with the three universities in Arizona; ASU, UofA, and NAU and they offer many programs that are helpfully for their students. The only complaint I have about AWC is the cost of the meal plan, it is very expensive especially for a community college and coming from a low income family it is very difficult to pay for everything.
A family atmosphere , excellent place for study and work . Various programs are available , what makes learning affordable is the option to transfer credits to NAU or ASU that are available on AWC main campus.
My experience so far in Arizona Western College is more than outstanding. First of all I want to thank the committe and the president of this college for having such a great learning ability to learn and graduate in time. They have one of the best graduate programs ever made thaf lets you distress from going to a 4 year university. Arizona Western College offers a 2 year degree woth associates and a 4 year degree with yiur banchelors. They have a great nursing program as well that lets you earn your banchelors degree as well as your associates depending on your states requirements. Overall its an amazing college that am still currently attending and plan to stay until my graduation. The only thing I would love to see change is a little remodeling in buildings but other than that its awesome!
This college has a great and welcoming environment. There is always someone there to help. As a freshman, I have been able to really feel comfortable at this school.
As someone who loves Yuma, AZ, I have a lot of appreciation for AWC being located here. Every class you'll take is so much more smaller than being at a university. In addition to that, your professors actually encourage you to visit, call, text, or email if you need any help or guidance.
Most of the teachers here are always willing to help the students out whenever they are in need. It comes as great help that they are enthusiastic about wanting to help because some classes may be harder than others. From the first day of classes, teachers make it clear when and where they can be reached. Often times the teacher will give the students a syllabus which will include their office hours and email address. The campus is of decent size, which makes it easier to find a nice place to study or relax. There are a few coffee shops in the campus which can be quite helpful whenever finals come along. There is stores around the campus which allow students to leave campus for a bit and relax and not stress or worry about classes. Most of the people around campus are really nice to talk to, which provides a welcoming atmosphere.
I am the second oldest of seven kids and two of my sisters are taking classes at this college. I will be attending it very soon as well. Our experience has been very good and the school tries to make it affordable for everyone. They offer multiple scholarships that you can ask to apply for. This summer they are having major camps focusing on different majors each week. I have attended one of these camps ( a construction camp) this summer and it was very informational and affordable. This camp helped me see what is offered at the school and included the majors of welding, electrical, A/C, and carpentry.
The school campus is improving, but the school needs to rebuild the Music building. The school also needs to get some funding for the Music department because it's a valuable asset to the college and the community.
My current experience at awc is satisfactory. It's a school that will get the job done but isn't a school someone will "love" going to. The administration has potential but haven't taken advantage of their potential. Everyone seems like they don't want to work there. Other than that, its a decent college.
Arizona Western College is a wonderful community college with many resources and great professors who give us students, the ability to learn by providing us with support and a friendly environment. I am an incoming sophomore for this upcoming fall 2019, and I've had pretty amazing experiences here. I lived at the dorms my first semester, and I interacted not only with people from my town, but with international students from all over the world. Every Thursday night there were activities for residents and almost everyone participated. I had so much fun, but then on Spring 2018, because of financial issues, I returned home. AWC is a great way of experiencing college for anyone who can't financially go to a University.
so far these past two years at Arizona western college have been nothing but amazing, all the way from each and every professor I’ve had to the campus life itself. If I’ve ever had a problem with anything I can speak to any person and it can be easily resolved. I do wish however professors would pay more attention to those who need that extra help in class.
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I liked how the students there are friendly. It is also easy to approach a professor without feeling like a bother because they are always opened to help. I do not have any ideas at the moment on how Awc can change to become better becaus Emmy first year of college was a great experience.
Overall, Arizona Western College is definitely college goals. Being a single mom really made my education difficult but with AWC it expanded my education and provided many great opportunities for me. It provides everything to give you the best college experience and really has to offer many great programs. Arizona Western College has been a memorable experience for me.
I have had an amazing experience at this college. Almost all of my professors have been amazing teachers. They are dedicated to their students and always go above and beyond. The tutoring offered by the school is amazing! The staff is great and is always ready to lend their support! I am lucky to attend this college!
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