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Arizona Western college is a very affordable college . The professors are professional and helpful. What I like most about the college that it has a very diverse community. I would recommend to my friends and family.
I love the staff. They are very helpful in planning out my classes. They professors are very helpful as well . The campus feels very safe and I don’t have to worry about walking to my car at night. The security is outstanding and is very attentive. The online services is very easy to get around. Weather I am picking my classes or have financial aide questions I can always find it on my self service.
I like how this college has variety of opportunities. The professors are ultimately caring; willingly to help you succeed with your career. I like the fact how they recently notice my accomplishments & offered me amounts of scholarships. This college is the school you would want to go to.
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Arizona Western College is a really good enviroment for those planning to do their associate's degree. It is a good option for those who can't afford to pay a 4- year college because of their accessible tuition and fees. Most of the Teachers have really good experience and teaching merhods.
The school has been incredibly helpful, with a beautiful campus and a wide variety of classes offered.
This college provides such little options to my small hometown. Their staff is unprofessional and are hardly of any help. It seems that instead of helping, they always do something wrong and make things more difficult. The amount of mistakes they make is ridiculous.
The reason why I like AWC is because I feel like an adult and don't have to depend on anyone. Also it has helped me grow and get a great education.
Arizona Western College has provided me with a great experience in the classroom and on the court. (I play volleyball for AWC). The campus is full of students from around the world, including places like Israel, Japan and Finland. I love the culture diversity of the school. The professors are really understanding and helpful when it comes to the work. I would definitely recommend other students coming here for 2 years then transferring out. It will save you a lot of money!!
Arizona Western College is a wonderful educational opportunity. It has the benefits of a community college, allowing for smaller classrooms and better relationships with professors and fellow students. But, it also has excellent professors that push you for academic excellence.
My experience with Arizona Western College has been a positive one. I have completed general prerequisite courses at Arizona Western College, both physically and online. Throughout most of my time at the college I received financial aid. The whole admissions and registration process runs smoothly and easily for students. What I would change is the accessibility for students to try and get into a program, for example the nursing program. I would change the class size in courses and programs. This would allow for more people in Yuma to have a career opportunity. This would impact this college’s ratings and it would impact the city.
The college has a very friendly and helpful staff of advisers that are set on helping students to continue with their education. The classes aren't that expensive compared with other community colleges which makes it affordable to live and study here.
Over all a great collage with the minimal experience that I have had. The professors are very helpful and always want each one to pursue and succeed with their goals.
What I like about Arizona Western College is that it is very close to where I live. It has affordable tuition that doesn't break the bank and it was a good way for me to earn my degree while still living in my home town. The professors are good and always willing to help if you have questions about anything and will try their best to make sure you pass, whether it tutoring or helping you after class they are always available to help you. The campus is very clean and friendly to everyone and it is very safe.
there are many thing that I like about the college. I like how there is a lot of classes to choose from and the professor there are great. The school does do a lot to see you succeed in your education.
As a student who's currently studying at Arizona western college and living in the residential halls I can say that my experience has been the most memorable. Arizona Western College tries their best to change anything around campus as seen fit for student to enjoy. For example, our tech guys have made a huge improvement is changing our our school email toromail and having it linked instead to outlook with free Microsoft.
I love my college. All the personal is very kind and they help in any issue. They try to do the best to fix the problems. AWC facilities are super clean and security is awesome. I wouldn't change anything.
Arizona Western College (AWC) is great place for students to continue their education after high school or even return to school. It offers a variety of programs, along with being abke to receive a bachelors degree through programs partnered with surrounding universities. I would like to see that they continue expanding their range of programs.
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Its very convenient for starters. You get free tutoring, classes are small, teachers help you, faculty in general help you succeed. Its a great experience.
This is a great college to get your general courses out of the way. Most of the professors are easy to access and want the best for their students.
My experience at Arizona Western College was an excellent and wonderful experience. Everything including academics, athletics and the people who attend and work at Arizona western College are overall outstanding.
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