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I only gave it three stars because I haven't yet taken any online classes but I will be taking two of them soon.
It's a good school but it would be better if the financial aid office actually responded to my e-mails.
Learning online was kind of hard adjustment. Because of the pandemic all of my classes were switch to online and they're still online. But AWC mean to online learning very simple and easy after a while if I easy to just too. The teachers are very helpful in understanding to those who are having hard time to adjusting to online.
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What I like about AWC is that it's a very student-centered. It makes things for students very convenient and easy to access. They have longed rooms they have Outlets everywhere to charge your devices. There is a building dedicated to help tutor students that are having difficult times in classes and they even hire students to be tutors. Overall it's a very nice campus with nice and helpful staff
Great staff for assistance! I started back to school a few years ago and was very unsure of the process. I met with an advisor who was extremely helpful in starting my school process. He informed me on how to get my transfer credits taken care of to figure out what classes I needed. The entire admin building is kind and quick to assist.
The teaching staff has been great, too! All of my teachers have been clear and concise and extremely knowledgeable of the topics at hand!
I am now in the Nursing program and have heard great things! Can't wait!
Good luck everyone!
I am currently doing my RN-BSN program through AWC. Although my classes right now are through GCU, AWC is still my main school. I took a couple of online classes a couple of years ago and they went smoothly. Professors were quick to respond to questions or concerns. We also did not have to wait a very long time for grade returns which I think can be a problem with online classes. People like to know what their grade is sooner rather than later. I highly recommend the online classes. Every class and professor is different but I believe with the right approach, anyone can succeed!
This experience comes from taking my in-person classes in online format due to COVID-19, my professors were understanding and always gave good vibes towards students finishing the semester in a good note.
I’m a freshman in AWC, my experience overall has been great. The advisors really gives good advice on future academic decisions. The professors that I have had were awesome. The staff has been welcoming and friendly.
Arizona Western College online classes are super easy to follow and the professors are very helpful and understanding of life outside of school
Arizona Western College was a great college for me. It is flexible and easy for students living in the surrounding off-campus areas who also maintain a part-time job
Arizona Western College is a great start if you plan to transfer out to a University in two years, they have great programs to get you started.
I took my classes on the high school campus and everything ran smoothly. I got graded through my high school teacher.
I have taken multiple semester where I was fully online. I have loved every single class, except for one. The teachers are always willing to help and they always email back within a day or two. They provide you with all the tools necessary to succeed.
I overall have had a very good experience with this college. The professors are nice and usually willing to help in any way that they can. I feel that it is important to feel safe on campus, which I have with both day and night courses. Switching online was not at all difficult to me. I think the only change is that they should do surveys for teachers for all classes, not some.
My experience at AWC was average. Even though I am an art major I had the opportunity to take classes on different subjects I have always wanted to learn about. It’s a small campus so there isn’t many social activities. I’d like to see more varieties of classes. Especially for those interested in art or film.
Definetely recommend AWC. Nice campus, nice cafeteria. 3 different dorms, athletes dominate them. Security good requires passcodes. Only hot weather for 2 months. Teachers are good/flexible. 2 Starbucks locations on campus, can use meal card on them. athletic facilities well-kept. Yuma is a nice town with lots to do, DO NOT BELIEVE the people who say it's a small town, I went to Independence Kansas and all they had was a Walmart. Crazy diversity from Spain, Puerto Rico, Japan, Serbia, Hawaii, etc.
The dorms and campus life sucks. The RAs and police are super strict and the dorms are falling apart because they’re so old. The meal plan is WAYYYYYYY to expensive for the amount of food you'll actually eat. The cafeteria smells bad, had horrible hours, and closes super early. You’ll go hungry often. The library has the same issue, except it doesn’t smell and isn’t even open on sundays!!! They also removed me from the dorms because of coronavirus and still sent me a charge as if I was there the whole semester, which was $3,965 (for a private room)

If you’re going to this school and living on campus, good luck. You’ll need it
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I really like this school. All the staff is very helpful, as well as the students. The smaller campus makes it easier to get from class to class. There are many programs and many opportunities at this school. I've heard many good reviews from friends and family. I can say that my experience with this school was a good one. One thing I would like to suggest is to open up more locations in town or closer to San Luis, Arizona, just because its so far and this makes it harder for students who live on the opposite side of town to get to and from school.
As a dual enrolment student, I haven't taken that many classes at AWC, but I am very excited to finish when I graduate high school. I wouldn't change anything. Well, maybe the parking, but that's about it.
Professors are always willing to help you out with any questions you may have. Classes are not always easy but having their help is very appreciated.
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