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Arizona Summit Law School Reviews

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The school provides great resources for all students such as; a library, study rooms, IT department, printers, and cafeteria.
The student body can improve by doing a lot more activities for the school and involving student ideas in important school decisions.
The career center at our school is great. They help students find jobs and careers for after graduation and during the three years of law school.
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The school can improve a lot by adding an academic advising office that helps students prepare for future courses.
Arizona Summit Law school provides a great variety of different professors with many different backgrounds. The school curriculum can improve for incoming 1L's. The workload can be very heavy compared to other law schools. The study provides many great study rooms, along with a great library and library staff.
The financial aid process is an easy process. Our school offers financial aid advisors that make the process easier for students and they often hold orientations for students and parents on how to apply and how to choose the best financial aid for the student. The school's tuition is very expensive and the most expensive law school in Arizona. The school should attempt to decease the tuition so it can help benefit more students.
I attend Arizona Summit Law school, which recently changed names from Phoenix School of Law. The professors here are wonderful. They take time to meet with students, answer questions, and are very helpful with providing them a great legal experience. The administration office here at Arizona Summit Law school can improve on providing stronger academic advising and placing student with non-professors and employers who specialize in advising.
The classes allow you have have real world hands on experience through mock situations which give a better advantage after graduation since the student already have some of that, where as other school the biggest complaint is they do not learns these things and are lost when they get out.
Seems like there is a lot to offer. I have not used them yet, but what is offered seems like ti would help alot.
very diverse and i love that about phoenix school of law.
Helpful, many people felt like the process was easy.
88% bar passage rate is high and puts all passing student in a great position to get into the work force.
The school is very diverse. The age varies but makes things very interesting. I like the diversity in the school, it is more realistic in the real world.
The professors are all very knowledgeable. They have intense, professional and real life experiences which makes it very easy to learn from them as wel as trust them. The work load is heavy but that is well expected.
This school is all about academics. It literally is the main goal to succeed.
Because it is a law school, there is not an athletic department, but they do have plenty of resources to help the student succeed in obtaining their degree as well as preparing for the bar exam. Libraries are fully stocked and have upgrades study room equipment.
All classrooms are computer ready with plenty of outlets. The classrooms have top of the line computer equipment in all classrooms. The library is equipped with computer for public use as well as printing.
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They offer the chance for students to go full or part time, and the chance to graduate within 2 years rather than 3.
Not bad, I feel we over spend on some things--could use more events
Student diversity is focused on very much, almost too much. Everyone is welcome no matter cultural background
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