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ASU is a great school with lots of opportunities. As an online student, I transferred there because their engineering school is producing great professionals. The staff is very accommodating, and communication is easy online. You have access to academic, career, and success advisors in-person, on the phone, voice/video chat. They even use Gmail as the school email so you can use things like Dropbox very easily. There are just so many tools for you to be a successful student.
This was a great 4 years and will send my kids here some day! The student life was absolutely outstanding and I really felt the school spirit. People are always willing to help each other and all around the school is a great environment.
Not as big into veterinary medicine as I would have liked has a great business program though and is continuing to build their sciences.
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I like that my professors are willing to help me out when I do not understand something. When ever I had a question they would respond quickly. If you need support there is always someone willing to help out.
My experience in this school was amazing. This school made me feel safe every where I was. They have high sercurity and makes you feel like your at home.
As a first year freshman, college was really overwhelming. ASU makes my success as a student, priority. There are so many things to keep me involved, and so many opportunities to learn.
Best and largest college to attend in the United States. Innovative and forward thinking. Advanced technology and programs. Always thinking about their students.
Asu is amazing. The best local scene for music entertainment. The school is top notch as well. I highly recommend getting a bachelors degree here
ASU is very well-known for its GRADUATE law, psy, business, and education/above average for nursing. There is no medical school or college of public health/graduate life sciences are average. The undergraduate education is average. Some students think they attend an amazing undergraduate program due to the graduate program's ranking. The school seems to separate its Barrett students which is a little strange. There is no real sight of greek-life or a greek-row. It has very nice on-campus/off-campus living options. The campus is alright, it doesn't have much open space at all and it is extremely crowded, but it is also unique its own way. Mill Avenue is fantastic for when you turn 21.
I enjoyed the student life at Arizona State University and all of the social relationships that I made because it felt as if I had a second family at school of people who truly cared about me. However, the sheer size of the university is enough to cause anxiety and instill hesitation in ones self to the point that you may not want to participate in class or embarrass yourself in front of so many people. The teacher-student relationship is one of extreme importance while attending college and at ASU the ability to grow such a relationship is difficult, which can be harmful and detrimental to ones education.
It is a very good school in Arizona. There are many available majors to be in and there are many different type of resources available to help you in the courses.
As an out of state student I loved the opportunity to travel a distance from my home town to experience a different part of the country. ASU is a considered a large campus but very manageable. I love the layout of the campus and the professors and employees are genuinely friendly.
This university has multiple, large campus's that offer a wide variety of studies and student activities. The town that this university is located in has many different restaurants and great nice life. The athletics at ASU are a great source of entertainment for the community.
ASU has fantastic academic programs, with the majority of the professors being talented and friendly. The student Life is also top notch, with lots to do in the area, and clubs for almost every interest. My only complaint is that the size of the campus makes getting from class to class difficult, especially when studying multiple disiplines.
I attend online and I feel like I'm a number 1 priority whenever I call to speak with an academic advisers and or financial aid reps.
Arizona State University feels a lot more different than it the rumors have them. Although I am sure that there are party scenes in ASU, I have never seen any of them, and most of the students that I am around are more focused on their academics and financials than going out to parties. The thousands of clubs strangely diversifies the campus while creating smaller "non-diverse" groups within itself. The professors are serious having the students learn the material that they teach in class, and they also understand the college life through their experiences of teaching and being in college before themselves. The campus looks very nice when not under construction. Security isn't a police-every-turn intense, but there are easy ways to contact any of the emergency units around campus when needed.
Classrooms are often over crowded, very expensive, but expectations of students are usually made clear. Many programs are difficult for working students due to the classes being held only once a year with no alternatives, so if you have to work during the time or day the class is held you are either going to need to get a new job, or you wont be able to advance in the program..
Review Arizona State University
Best school I have been to thus far and I have attended three. The staff are so helpful no matter what department you are in and the counselors and advisors are so supportive with you on your road to success. I thank them for that.
Arizona State University is a great place to go and Im not just saying that because I go there. Long before I moved to Arizona I had been planning on going to ASU since my sophomore year in high school when I was living in California. Its considered one of the best schools nationwide with a wide range of programs, great professors and a very diversified student body. There are a total of five different ASU campuses, Tempe which is the main campus, Downtown Phoenix campus which provides students with a variety of studies and a chance to make professional connections for careers in business and health care, Polytechnic campus which concentrates on studies such as engineering, interdisciplinary sciences and technology, West campus whose main concentration is in business, health Innovations and teachers education, and lastly Thunderbird campus whose focus is in global management. So depending on your area of studies there is definitely a campus that is just right for you.
Opportunity to pick more of the courses of study within our respected fields (meaning more slots for higher technical electives).
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