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I love Arizona State University. I am currently a graduate student here. Sometimes the program can be a little cluttered and disorganized but there are so many professionals that are experts in their fields. It is obvious that they want the students to succeed, and they help in anyway that they can. I would recommend this school for anyone!
I love being at Arizona State. I am able to express myself freely in classes and feel welcomed when walking around campus
I enjoy attending Arizona State University because it has a lot of resources for students. I think that the student life is very active and there is a very popular night life. The students seem to be very health-conscious and are involved in outdoor activities . There does seem to be an issue with diversity in the sense of not many African-Americans and Latinos are present in the school. There is a high number of Anglo-Saxon as well Asian as well as Middle Eastern and Indian students . The school is well known for its business and engineering schools as well as its journalism and law schools. It is somewhat difficult to get appointments with advising and financially during peak times. I appreciate that they have a foster kids group which helps students who were part of foster care transition into university life. I believe the investment in ASU will pay off and allow me to take the direction I want in my career.
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ASU is a very clean school, its non smoking policy gives the campus another environment. It is also very safe since there are many cops around. Something I would change is the type of food served on some of the dining halls.
Arizona State University is a great school! I am currently an interior design student at the Herberger Institute for Design and Arts at ASU. The professors are great and I have learned so much in the past 3 years. There are also so many clubs and things to do at ASU.
Best university. Great professor. Great communication on academic status. Always want you to be successful.
My father is an alumni of Arizona State University, so a clear choice for me. While the cost of classes at ASU are quite high, I feel that there is clear value for the cost. ASU is highly accredited and I have already been offered interviews for jobs simply due to the fact that I am attending ASU.
I live that I am taking all my courses online. It is amazing! I just wish some of the professors were more engaging like the rest of the professors, but that is okay.
More offers for upperclassmen housing. More information on graduation procedures. Stop raising the tuition rate. Show us what our money is being applied to that will benefit students.
Arizona State is an incredible school to attend! I am an online only student and it is such a blessing that I can earn my degree from home! I work full-time and would otherwise have no way of attending a university nearby. The instructors and advisors work diligently in order to ensure your success. The classes are relevant and the coursework is manageable. I have learned a lot so far and am anxious to graduate to put these skills to use!
ASU is a great university with a variety of opportunities to excel in life rather than just academics.
Arizona State University is a great school. Just the professors the ones I had at least were horrible. The area of the tempe campus is great. It is basically its own little town honestly. Everything you need is all within walking distance or even getting an uber driver.
ASU has become a second home to me. I love the campus, the professors, the staff, and the atmosphere. The party scene is there, but if the right people are around, it isn't overwhelming. The campus is beautifully and naturally landscaped. The professors and staff have all been incredibly helpful and friendly.
I love how many things there are to do on campus, like going to shows at Gammage auditorium, random events that are always going on, football games, and walking on Mill Avenue. The Tempe campus is huge, and there are lots of classes to choose from and people to meet. I like the Barrett dorms and classes, although some of the classes have a heavy workload. Also, the weather is always nice in Arizona compared to other places, but it does get pretty hot here.
I did research in arizona for 4 years during my high school. Under nobel laureate, I was able to a protein research project. My experience was awesome
The staff is extremely helpful and eager to help you succeed. They will check in on you to make sure you are doing okay and go above and beyond to help you get any accommodations you may need
Great school, great location, great teachers! I enjoy going here very much and am proud to be a sun devil!
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Arizona State University's Tempe campus is quite large and even now they are working on expanding it. ASU is big on Sustainability, which is a plus.
They are very helpful at ASU. The academics are amazing and the teachers are great. The only problem I have endured is the extremely hot weather.
I am an online student. It is an innovative experience taking a class online because so much of peoples lives is online. Yet in this format you can communicate with professors, have access to other students, etc.,
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