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Awesome classes, professors, and staff. Never feel like there's not a place for me to go or anyone to talk to. So glad I made the choice to go to ASU. Go Devils!
I've been at ASU for 2 semesters and have had a great experience so far. There is a wide variety of general education classes offered, so even filling requirements can be interesting and relevant to your major. There are lots of resources on campus: multiple libraries, tons of public computers, plenty of study spaces, general and major-specific tutoring (most of which are free), advisors with walk-in hours, and a variety of food options.

Some downsides: With so many students, scheduling classes you want or even ones you need can be a real challenge. The campus is huge and crowded, getting between classes in time may require a bike/scooter/skateboard. Parking is expensive and with the size and layout of the campus and the surrounding city having a car is almost necessary.
My experience at ASU has been crazy. I have met hundreds of new people from places I never knew existed. I have made a few lifetime friends and have learned more about who I am as a person.
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I transferred from another college that I did not enjoy or believe that I was getting the education that I was paying for. I am excited to see classes that I did not from that other school that I am seeing at ASU!
I am an incoming freshman to Arizona State University and I cannot be more thrilled. Just from the past couple weeks of working with my advisers, touring the campus, and getting ready to tackle college, I can tell this place will be amazing! The university offers almost any resource a student could possibly need to succeed. Despite the steep cost of room and board, in my book it is totally worth it.
One of the best business schools out there! Can't wait to attend in the fall. I know for a fact I have made one of the best decisions of my life.
It's your typical high-acceptance-rate state university. Nothing really bad, but nothing really great about it either. I liked that it was close to my house and the tuition is relatively cheap. Also, the diversity of degrees available is great. The biggest downside is the student population size (about 85,000 students). The campuses are very crowded and the student-to-teacher ratio is low, which in my opinion results in a lower quality of education. Overall, it's a good fall back if you didn't get into your dream school, but I would apply else where first.
Online student, makes getting a degree so much easier than in class. Did visit the campus and fell in love. Great staff, students were friendly and upfront about the school and potential issues you could run into. Great community feel and highly recommend to anyone looking for a college education
Arizona State University has a great campus area around and many top fields in education in the United States such as their Journalism program and school in Phoenix called the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. There are many restaurants and places to hang out in both the Phoenix and Tempe campuses. One of the school's negatives is cost of tuition and how per credit hour is 500 dollars which is hard to pay for if you're a full time student and is not working.
I'm an online student so I can only say so much, but I will say that I've enjoyed my first year at ASU. I'm studying software engineering, and I think it's just as challenging as I imagined. Basically, if you put in the hours of studying they recommend in the syllabus, you'll get the grade you deserve. If you don't... Well, that depends on you and where you are academically.

Of course, since this is engineering, the math classes might require you to go above and beyond. In other words, you might study as hard as you can... and end up still not getting what you thought you would. Remember: it's not supposed to be easy. You're supposed to figure out new methods to get a solution-- new studying techniques and whatnot in this scenario.

All in all, some parts might require a lot of work on your part while others might be a breeze. It all depends on the person. Everyone is different.
My experience with Arizona State University has been amazing. Every staff member was on top of their job and very knowledgeable. Any questions I have, I get answered.
Despite having choices in universities such as Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon, and University of Arizona (Tucson), I am glad I have chosen Arizona State University as my Alma Mater. Not only is it recognized nationally, it is recognized globally as a business and engineering school.
My experience at ASU so far has been a fun experience. The professors are a big help, and are always willing to help all students. The people on campus are nice and I always feel safe whenever I am walking to class.
everyone says ASU is a party school.
well, it depends on what college are you in.
for example, when i used to be in a science college, students used to be really quite and passionate to their job(doesn't mean others are not) and study really hard. even the dorm building was super quiet.
However, i am really enjoying the school life so far.
they have really good opportunities for on-campus job even for international students.
and there are lots of people from different part of the world, so it would be great chance to meet various people.
What I enjoyed most from my freshman year at Arizona State University was the full college experience I was expecting to have. The school offers more than anything I could ever imagine and I would recommend it to any future college student. There are many degrees to choose from and if you ever feel the need to change it, there is always plenty of options.
ASU is an excellent school that is fully capable of preparing all its students for their future careers with the majors offered.
Great campus! The buildings are gorgeous and the people are friendly. I just wish the campus wasn't so spread out.
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The campus is beautiful!! While the dorms are small, there's a lot of areas to study with people and make friends. The gym is huge and awesome, and there's an impressive amount of opportunities for students to achieve and make the most out of their college years.
I really enjoy studying at ASU. Once you find the right advisor and program everything goes smoothly. I wish that the psychology program had more in classes available in the evening as I work full time.
The best thing about Arizona State is the sense of community created by the campus. Students, faculty, staff, and alums all share a common thread that enhances a feeling of belonging for people who want to be a part, despite a wide array of differences among ASU's constituents. Everyone intermingles regardless of fraternal allegiance, race, belief, or hometown. That being said, I would change the growing student preference for groups that seem to encourage forming and sticking to one group as opposed to belonging to multiple social organizations. I absolutely love the size of the College.
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