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I did research in arizona for 4 years during my high school. Under nobel laureate, I was able to a protein research project. My experience was awesome
The staff is extremely helpful and eager to help you succeed. They will check in on you to make sure you are doing okay and go above and beyond to help you get any accommodations you may need
Great school, great location, great teachers! I enjoy going here very much and am proud to be a sun devil!
Review Arizona State University
Arizona State University's Tempe campus is quite large and even now they are working on expanding it. ASU is big on Sustainability, which is a plus.
They are very helpful at ASU. The academics are amazing and the teachers are great. The only problem I have endured is the extremely hot weather.
I am an online student. It is an innovative experience taking a class online because so much of peoples lives is online. Yet in this format you can communicate with professors, have access to other students, etc.,
I love the school as a whole! My major of Nonprofit Leadership and Management is amazing and I love the school spirit!
My experience for Arizona State University has been a pleasant one. In the beginning they were the one of the schools to give me a chance when my GPA was low. They gave me a chance to further my education when I needed it the most. The schooling is top-notch, and anything that you can think of, you can study it. The school is big on their athletics and constantly have people around campus to promote the schools athletic teams and clubs. The professors really care about the students and give tons of extra credit activities in order to do well in the class. The party scene is decent around Mill Avenue catering to students between the ages of 18 to 25 come and relieve their college stress. The dorm life is amazing, everything you need is on campus or about 1 mile away from campus. It is easier to get around because the town has its own free neighborhood bus system.
My experience with Arizona State has been a roller coaster per say. The education here is not really my favorite style of teaching. The campus and resources around you are outstanding. The quality of the professors could be revised.
Arizona State University is a great school. In the W.P. Carey School of Business there is a wide range of opportunity for success.
Arizona State is highly regarded as a party school, but academics here are taken seriously. Its always on the top list for the hottest student body. These are usually by default because the population of the students is one of the highest in the nation. At around 40,000 students just at the Tempe campus alone accounts for the life blood of Tempe City. There are also 5 other campuses and a lot of online options. Overall its a good place to go to school if your plan is enjoy nice weather. The Return on Investment is good if you plan on staying in the region but beyond and you'll run into degree snobs.
Overall, it is a good school. There are a ton of people here and lots of opportunities to succeed, though it can be very expensive as an out of state student.
Great college to attend! Always something to do, great degree programs, tons of opportunity to be involved.
ASU is such a fantastic university. I have been on campus multiple times as a student, but completed my degree online in Global Health with a minor in Family and Human Development. From the first day I sent in an application to the day I graduated as a Sun Devil I was cared for, I was not another number, I was guided thoroughly, and I experienced some of the best friendships and lessons in my life. ASU gives every student the opportunity to succeed. The university really works with their students to understand their needs and where they want to be in life so that they can tailor their education throughout the four years one spends at ASU. I high suggest anyone interested check out ASU. You will not be disappointed in the university, its surroundings, or the people.
The School is great! The school is huge on diversity and has groups for everyone to join and to feel welcomed. However; the first year attending the school is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!!! Especially if you are an out of state student. During your sophomore year prices will go down but the school is very big and has a lot of resources.
The curriculum is great, degree program is good, and some teachers are wonderful. The advising department and financial aid department are a mess.
Overall a very good school. Very touch and go with professors as in any college but the majority of the staff genuinely cares about your education and are willing to assist in anything you may need.
Review Arizona State University
I love the diversity and energy of the school. All the professors I've had seem to love what they do and make it interesting to learn.
Arizona State University has been my dream school to attend. I was given the opportunity to make my dreams reality. I came here to Arizona from Texas and was it a great experience for me. The people, the area, the atmosphere is just amazing. The schools programs offered are some of the best and with some amazing resources at your finger tips. Im doing Engineering and the Engineering department is so engaged in students and wanting them to do better and better. I'm also in greek life and it's great but just not how it use to be back in 08'.
ASU Life is great. I earned a spot in Barrett but by one class, the Human Event, which is solely paper driven and existential, if you don't do get dropped from Barrett. Absolutely absurd!
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