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Absolutely loved the time I was at this institution, so much I am going to go back and obtain my Masters degree from them. From the campus, to the weather this school has everything you can ask for to be successful in a career after school is over
ASU is a great campus with a high standard of education that surpasses the old stigma of a party school. The school thrives on being able to allow students to freely discover themselves and their interest without persecution from fellow students. Their newly renovated dorms and academic buildings makes them competitive in their ability to utilize state of the art technology to teach their students. I would like to see it continue to benefit the students and allow a more diverse campus in the future.
What I like about the school is it's very close to home and I love that there are many different campuses. Each one has a specific major and different size of students.
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I personally have very good experience here, because I love the teachers and people around me. The one thing that is not good is the summer is just too hot to walk around to classes and makes it hard to be motivated to class.
Overall, life here on the ASU Tempe campus has been nothing but great for me. I am loving the experience this has given me so far in my college career. I am glad I made the decision to attend such a great school. The professors, the staff, and fellow classmates are all great people and easy to get along with. I can't see myself anywhere else.
Pleased with all of my courses and instructors. It is unfortunate how much students have to pay for parking, online access, and books that are updated every year so the students have to buy brand new ones.
Arizona state university seems to be an ok place. The instructors and staff have so far been sympathetic to my disabilities and how they affect my performance in class. The university itself will take whatever opportunity to bleed you dry though and trying to support myself is tough.
There a great support from all areas of the school. I especially like how involved they are and I feel a truly honest concern for my success in all areas of life not just academically.
What I like from Arizona State University is the culture. Everyone is very friendly and approachable. It's a college that advocates for minority and inclusion not only in the workforce but in education. I'm proud I will be graduating from ASU. Something it can change is the large number of students per class.
I just transferred to ASU online, and I like that the website is set up in a simplistic way. There is a help desk always on call. Blackboard can be unpredictable and this school is very expensive. In addition, for some reason the online students have to pay an extra fee, which sounds absurd since they are teaching themselves the material.
I have only just started but by adviser's have all been very good. The website is easy to use and searching for classes was easy as well.
There are hundreds of people going to this University. Everyone is different and you can really see that when you step onto campus and start making friends.
Good school, with a lot of options and organization. The environment makes adopting good study habits easy which in turn makes the academics les bearing. Campus is gorgeous and well maintained, and the diversity and size of the school make socializing a bit easier.
Arizona state university is a great place for students and people to have fun and enjoy the campus. One of the best universities out there right now
Arizona State University is a well-rounded school that provides the education I am looking for to further my career. All interaction with admissions has been helpful and the classes appear to be catered to what is most important when it comes to the Social Work field.
Arizona State University is one of the best universities to attend for Business. In my experience, most of the professors I had were friendly and took interest in their subject and students. However, there were some classes that I took where the professor did not seem interested in the subject they were teaching or their students. I would like to see that change.
I find myself loving it more each day, from the entertaining sporting events to the Innovative academics. ASU is really the place to go to build connections and prepare yourself for a future career. The staff here are different in that they really want you to be successful in and outside the classroom. The only reason I gave it four stars is because I feel the dorms should be renovated a bit more, and by this I mean the older buildings such as McClintock and Hassayampa. But other than that ASU really lives up to its name of having some of the best programs in the country.
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The staff and admissions people seem to really care about student success. The campus offers a diverse student body that is innovative in their courses of study. The staff seems to really care about student success and promote individual growth of each student. The classes are challenging, however, engaging.
I am currently in the process of getting a Masters of Education from Arizona State University in Applied Behavior Analysis with a focus of the therapy on children with autism. My experience thus far has been phenomenal. I am attending online, as I live in Utah, work full time and have a second job. The online courses have given me the flexibility to attend school and to learn more than I felt like I did in my undergraduate studies when I attended Utah State University on campus. I was hesitant at first to attend courses online, especially a Masters program, but have been blown away by the structure, the accessibility and the easy navigation of the sites etc. Arizona State University has given me the chance to further my education and help improve the lives of hopefully thousands of families and individuals with autism.
My experience at Arizona State was wonderful. The resources and teaching staff are excellent and accommodation to students of all levels and backgrounds.
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