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Arizona State University's Disability resource center is very helpful giving student the accommodations that they need to succeed. When a new semester starts, all the professors are kind enough to work around the accommodation that you have. For me I have an accommodation for extra test time and to work in a quite environment. When It comes time for a exam in the class the professor will just send my exam to the testing center on the campus when other student stay in the class to take the exam. Other professors are more helpful than others such as if i have a class a right after the class I have an exam in. The professor would allow me to go to the testing center before the class starts so I can have the full exam time plus me extra test time and be able to finish with enough time to make it to my next class.
Phenomenal university doing amazing things everywhere you look! Diverse campus, state of the art facilities, great weather Oct-April :)
Arizona State University prides itself on the innovation of its students and faculty. The culture around learning, and enhancing the experience of everyday tasks is a major positive of the ASU atmosphere. The main topic of improvement may be the student tutor availability.
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Great school, high educational standards and overall great flexibility with courses offered. Campus locations are spread out and accessible. Tuition is affordable.
I've been attending the online program with Arizona State University and I've been very satisfied with my experience. Their state-of-the-art technology gives you a seamless online learning experience. The classes are fast-paced, challenging, and engaging. I've found several of the remote classes to be more immersive than any of the in-person classes I've taken in the past. I would highly recommend an online degree through ASU.
I have had a great experience with enrollment, advising, and educational services. The facilitators are all very helpful and pleasant to work with.
My experience with ASU so far has been amazing. As an online student studying out of state, I still feel connected to the university without actually being on the campus. The amount of resources provided to the students is mind boggling. Who would have every imagine an online university experience being so great?
No matter what time you're on campus, where you are or who you are with, there is so much diversity and character among this campus that you will never feel out of place. You can always make a big campus feel small, but you can't make a small campus feel big.
I finished my bachelor's degree by taking online classes and loved how knowledgeable and involved the professors were. The system was easy to use and I was always able to get in touch with faculty easily. As a United States History major, there were several interesting and diverse classes available. The way semesters could be split up meant I was able to focus on a few classes at a time, while still being a full time student, finishing my degree on time, and being able to easily work a full time job. It was convenient, but I still felt like I was receiving a quality education from a university.
ASU provided me with opportunities that have defined who I am and who I would like to be. There are countless chances to become involved in what you are interested in. That being said, it is entirely up to you to make sure what you are doing is meaningful and not simply filler activities.
ASU has a true spirit of inclusivity. They seem to really care for their students and employees. The classes are fun, the campus is inviting, and the area around campus is fun for students and non-students. As a non-traditional student, I still feel that I fit in here at Arizona State University. I also work for ASU. They have amazing benefits like the tuition reduction program for full time employees. I have taken advantage of that for the last 3 semesters. This fall I am going back to school full time and will be working part time. ASU has made that transition insanely easy. I feel very lucky to have found a school that I feel valued at in education and employment.
Arizona State University provides outstanding academic and research opportunities to all students. Even with 72,000 students enrolled, the campus is not cluttered and it is easy to make new friends.
I really enjoy Arizona State. The teachers are very attentive and quick to provide help. I also like how the teachers make sure everyone gets a chance to know each other. It makes you feel more comfortable in the classrooms
I really enjoyed how big the campus is and the amount of classes offered! The student population is also very diverse and ASU offers numerous research opportunities as well as internships. The only thing that I would like to see a change to is the campus food. The food places are only average and I wished they offered more healthier options.
ASU has so many things to get involved with when it comes to chasing your passions outside of the classroom. You really have to actively seek out opportunities to engage in order to make the most of your learning opportunity, otherwise, you'll end up feeling like you didn't learn a lot when you start heading towards the finish line of your degree.
This is the best university in the United States. It has amazing teachers and staff, as well as the best students.
Educational programs are top notch, and students are treated with respect. The campus is diverse and the students appear respectful and driven toward success.
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Although I only attended ASU for a year and a half, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and would recommend the university to my fellow students. I was very nervous and anxious coming into my first year here, but I soon met a group of friends and began finding who I was as a person and growing out of the shell I had been in most of my life. There is an incredibly diversity of clubs and organizations on campus, providing just about everybody with a source to meet like-minded people. Academics are solid, with most of my previous professors being both engaging and caring about their students. Overall, ASU, despite being a very large school, has the possibility of being tailored to your individual experience if you put in the effort.
As a online school it's great. Only issue I have with it is that the cost to attend is steep for out of state students who barely can afford to live without paying for school.
The enrollment and intake staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful almost to a fault. Very good experience with the University so far!
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