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The campus is beautiful, the system is better than most, and the first year is hands on. I have loved the college since I was 12.
Beautiful campus, nice English department, and a lot of clubs and activities to partake in. Overall enjoyable campus.
Many college visits to local high school, beautiful grand campus, multiple clubs, and heard positive things about their astronomy program.
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I absolutely love Arizona State! There is so much to offer, from study abroad in France opportunities to small events that happen on campus each day. Each campus is beautiful, and the classroom experience is above and beyond. The resources they make available for you are formed to support your success for the student you are today and the professional you will be in the future.
It is great! Lots of helpful people/employees. I received lots of assistance! I am returning to school and can't wait to finish my degree!
ASU is a terrible school. It is extremely segregated and a lot of the students are prejudiced. The professors know their subjects, but are not great at relaying that information to students, especially for students that need a strong foundation for their major. A lot of students care more about doing hard drugs or drinking, and will most likely come to class or even give presentations under the influence, which sucks if you're stuck in a group with them. ASU cares more about athletics than academics, and you will see that in your tuition fees when you are charged for misc. athletic fees, and you don't even attend athletic events. This school is great is you like losing money and you don't care to learn. Seriously, don't attend if you like learning and care about your future. Oh, if you're a female student, be careful walking around by yourself at night, especially by Lot 59.
It a great place, with a big campus. The place is really diverse but the problem it lacking is the label of being a party school.
Pretty good experience so far with the school, campus is beautiful, professors are fine and academics aren’t too hard. However, dining hall food needs to be better. Pretty diverse food choices at the memorial union.
Overall Arizona State University is a great university in my experience. I have been part of a great program with a lot of great professors. The main problems I have run into are financial aid and academic advisement.
My experience is filled with friends, fun, and hard work. I find myself energized to move even further towards my goal. There was always something to do and I am never bored. My professors also are very helpful, caring, and open to any questions I might have.
Arizona State University is the best school forever and everyone here at ASU they are very friendly.
I liked how easy it was to enroll but they when it came to the financial aid department, it was extremely poor. The technology team is also very rude and professors seem to not answer emails.
In terms of school spirit, true college atmosphere you can't beat ASU. Tempe is a great college town surrounded by a bigger city in Phoenix. The nightlife is great as your bars and clubs are only 2 blocks away. The campus is nice and big, and beautiful and the student activities that take place will keep you entertained and not hidden away in your dorms.
Love it! So much to do everywhere you turn. Tons of clubs and activities. We have tutors everywhere. Only thing is the stupid class all freshman have to take SUCKS!
Super positive community with a lot of resources available to help you. Barrett, The Honors College is perfect if you value academics. There's a lot of support, and it gives you a small-college feel despite also being a part of the larger ASU campus.
Arizona State University is an amazing place with tons of opportunities. Mostly everyone who attends are kind hearted people with big dreams and big goals. Arizona itself has a very ambitious and positive environment to live in. If you want to meet a ton of kind, like minded people, with their heads in the clouds, this is the place to go. The party scene is also great, with tons of opportunities to socialize and meet new people to expand your comfort zone.
I believe that Arizona State is very involved in every students needs. Every time I have a question or need help with something someone is always there with an answer right away. I am a new student so I do not think it would be fair of me to rate 5 stars without attending more classes first, but so far I am very impressed with the staff/teachers/campus.
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I really liked it had a great atmosphere and a lot of cool people to interact with. The school is great I love it.
Something that I like about Arizona State University is the diversity of the campus, including staff, students, classes etc. I also enjoy that there are so many opportunities for students to be successful on and off campus. However I don't like dorm living. I say this from experience because my freshman year on campus wasn't fun. My roommate and I didn't have air conditioning for over a month, we had infestations of several bugs. One such infestation was a whole colony of ants that found it's way into our room through a hole in the wall behind the baseboard that was never fixed before we moved in. I was told that they could do nothing about the hole and I had to deal with it for the rest of the year. We also didn't have any heat a couple of times during the winter. I also haven't had very good advisors that made me feel comfortable and act like they cared about me and my education. I just felt like another number to a lot of people at ASU.
So far being a student at ASU has been great! They offer a multitude of resources to help their students in academics and extracurricular activities. The community here is very friendly and inclusive as well so as a shy person it was very welcoming.
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