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Very beautiful campus and many opportunities and activities for students to engage in. There is a very diversity in the people here and you can connect with many international people and learn about all the different cultures. Also meeting new friends in the dorms from other states is always fun because you get to learn more about the different states and how other people live life.
arizona state university is a great school. the main campus from what I've seen is a very diverse university. It is known for the party scene which is true the nightlife in Tempe is great. Campus is semi safe, however not recommended to walk alone at night in particular females
Is a great university. The only thing that I wasn't very fond of is the dorm life situation for my freshman year, as for the rest it has satisfied my expectations with everything I learn everyday.
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The diversity and education quality. Ranking of ASU is very good in world. The people are friendly and ready to help. There are a number of opportunities that a student can take help of. The dorms are nicely built as well. There are numerous events which also keep the student body involved.
At Arizona State University, I really like all of the opportunities given to help students learn the content better, especially in the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. However, it is such a big school that it is hard for ASU to feel like a home. I am constantly surrounded by people I don't know, which makes me feel quite isolated.
I really like the setting of ASU. The people are nice and it's just a really fun place to be. Academics is really great there too. They offer a lot of different majors that I would like to be a part of.
The weather here is amazing and beautiful. The campus has many diverse people and students here. Most of the teachers are great here and all classes are in a close proximity to each other and are walking distance. The dining halls are pretty well too.
The campus aesthetically pleasing and all the the teachers there are very helpful. I particularly work in one of the psychology labs at ASU and everyone there is very dedicated and focused. This demonstrates the the University chose to nurture these attributes, which is something that everyone should support.
It's nice being at a large university because there's always new people to meet, lots of events happening on or near campus, and plenty of opportunities. A lot of the professors I've had are helpful and really do want to help you pass and the student population in general is friendly and easy going.
So far as a freshman it's been a good experience. The campus is nice, students are nice and the classes aren't too bad.
As a freshman at Arizona State University, I can already say I'm glad I enrolled! Just within the first few months of school, I have learned more for my degree and future career than I thought possible. The academics are rigorous and challenging like they should be to reach full potential. The campus life is very welcoming with plenty of events to keep students busy!
I love this school it has a very interactive learning environment and the large classrooms make for interesting discussions. I love the diversity and how you always have somebody new to talk to. The staff and my advisors are helpful and somehow always manage to give me their full attention and support.
I somewhat enjoy my time here at ASU, but the campus is really big and is hard to get around. Many ride their boards and bikes, but there are too many walk zones so it is hard to ride them. The people are not very friendly here either.
Advisers are really helpful for registering and getting setup. They also remind you if you have anything outstanding to get turned in. The success coaches call to make contact and ensure that you are doing well and succeeding.
Arizona State University is a great university that has a lot to offer. There are a variety of academic and athletic programs for students to become involved in. The university has done a great job expanding to more than one campus over the last decade or so. I would like to see it continue to grow and to keep offering the students what they currently do, if not more.
It is a big school but I see familiar faces all the time! There is a group for everyone, and staff and faculty are generally very accessible. Also, they are very forward-thinking in terms of sustainability, which is really great.
I loved the location and atmosphere of ASU. it was very welcoming, especially for some one that came from out of state. There are plenty of things to do on campus like sports, clubs etc.
Review Arizona State University
There is a plethora of information I can utilize all while being an online student. The format of the ASU website is very easy to understand and there is an overwhelming amount of support and assistance if desired. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at ASU!
My time at ASU was so much fun. I loved the classes available and the people. Yes it is a large school but you find a group of friends and it feels like home. The size means there is always something going on. Most professors are great and class sizes aren't always crazy.
I like the fact that all my classes are near each other. We get to set up our schedule and classes ourselves. Many things to do around the area. The people here are usually friendly.
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