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ASU has fantastic academic programs, with the majority of the professors being talented and friendly. The student Life is also top notch, with lots to do in the area, and clubs for almost every interest. My only complaint is that the size of the campus makes getting from class to class difficult, especially when studying multiple disiplines.
I attend online and I feel like I'm a number 1 priority whenever I call to speak with an academic advisers and or financial aid reps.
Arizona State University feels a lot more different than it the rumors have them. Although I am sure that there are party scenes in ASU, I have never seen any of them, and most of the students that I am around are more focused on their academics and financials than going out to parties. The thousands of clubs strangely diversifies the campus while creating smaller "non-diverse" groups within itself. The professors are serious having the students learn the material that they teach in class, and they also understand the college life through their experiences of teaching and being in college before themselves. The campus looks very nice when not under construction. Security isn't a police-every-turn intense, but there are easy ways to contact any of the emergency units around campus when needed.
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Classrooms are often over crowded, very expensive, but expectations of students are usually made clear. Many programs are difficult for working students due to the classes being held only once a year with no alternatives, so if you have to work during the time or day the class is held you are either going to need to get a new job, or you wont be able to advance in the program..
Best school I have been to thus far and I have attended three. The staff are so helpful no matter what department you are in and the counselors and advisors are so supportive with you on your road to success. I thank them for that.
Arizona State University is a great place to go and Im not just saying that because I go there. Long before I moved to Arizona I had been planning on going to ASU since my sophomore year in high school when I was living in California. Its considered one of the best schools nationwide with a wide range of programs, great professors and a very diversified student body. There are a total of five different ASU campuses, Tempe which is the main campus, Downtown Phoenix campus which provides students with a variety of studies and a chance to make professional connections for careers in business and health care, Polytechnic campus which concentrates on studies such as engineering, interdisciplinary sciences and technology, West campus whose main concentration is in business, health Innovations and teachers education, and lastly Thunderbird campus whose focus is in global management. So depending on your area of studies there is definitely a campus that is just right for you.
Opportunity to pick more of the courses of study within our respected fields (meaning more slots for higher technical electives).
I like the campus and class work. However, their customer service and student care could stand to improve.
Arizona State University has been the school that I have always wanted to attend, due to its location and all of the rave reviews i have heard about the education, campus life, etc.
Arizona State is an amazing university. Excellent facilities, diverse list of courses to select from, great atmosphere and location!
Everyone is super nice and faculty are always there to help you with whatever youre having trouble on. Also the campus is neat and clean
Great school, beautiful campus, enjoyed all my time spent there! The campus is perfect for those who love the outdoors. There is always something to do or be involved in. I had a lot of great professors that helped mold me throughout my time spent there.
I love ASU. It's a really big school but there are so many organizations to join to find your small group of friends that make it seem more like family.
My first time coming to Arizona State University, I was a bit nervous because of how big the campus is. Before going to ASU, I went to Mesa Community College. I was surprised at how helpful the staff were. They gave me a tour of the campus and showed where all the buildings such as lecture halls, dorms, classes, lunch halls, and other buildings too. Student life on campus is amazing. There are over hundreds of clubs and organizations to join. There's always something to do!
Arizona State University has grown over the past few years and expanded their scope of education with various programs. This school offers multiple locations across the valley.
A wonderful university with amazing people and programs. Classes and professors in the Sciences are great as well. Student life is always busy and bustling and there are always tonnes of activities and events taking place. However, I'd like to see more integration programs for transfer students such as myself
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Arizona State is an amazing university to attend! The resources available to the student are wonderful and updated. The one thing that could be changed is adding more majors that are agriculturally related. They have almost every major under the sun, except for anything agricultural. All in all great school.
I like how much support the school provides for your individual success. It feels like they really care about your future at ASU.
Although Arizona State is of course known as the 'party' school, it also holds great academics. There is always something to do on campus, and everyone is full of school spirit. There are tons of opportunities to get involved in campus, whether it is joining on of the clubs, or volunteering with other Sun Devils.
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