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I attend Arizona State University's online Electrical Engineering program and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Arizona State University has various departments and personnel available to support its students: from enrollment advisors and success coaches to an engineering career center designed to assist students in locating jobs and internships in their field. In addition to their personnel, I appreciate the tools Arizona State University supplies its students with in order to design an education plan. I have charted out my education plan several terms in advance and am able to procure the resources I’ll need and ask any questions I might have well ahead of time.
The online programs and platforms are amazing! There are so many resources available and you always have a point of contact to help ensure you have a successful learning experience.
This place is like a NYC with young people, and nice weather for the majority of time class is in session. They have something for everyone and finding your group of people, clubs, organizations, and educational interests should not be an issue.

Greek life has taken off again and they recently have gotten actual housing.

The night life at ASU is incredible and when you turn 21 it gets even better.

Basically this place is what you make of it, they have so many different people and so much to offer that if being a party animal, or a book worm is your thing... you will find people and places to fit what you want.
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The campus is kinda big, but that’s the only problem I have. Class sizes can be big and lunch lines can get long.

There’s plenty of opportunities to get help with coursework if you need it and professors have office hours.

There are many clubs and programs that can help you have a better experience at university.
I just started at Arizona State University. My experience has been good so far. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the online class I am taking is formatted very well. I would recommend this college.
I've been in a program that involves going to ASU and I have gone to tours with them and it is a beautiful campus! I've read a lot of great reviews about it and how there is a ton of options to get an education, like many majors. They also have more than one campus and they are flexible on where people can go. They even have a bus that can take students from campus to campus so they save money and gas.
Arizona State is a great place for me as someone with an interest in engineering. Fulton Schools is a fantastic engineering school but some of the professors could be a bit better.
Incredible campus, great technology, and a stunning culture. ASU is the best Arizona state school because of these things. It is an innovative and forward thinking school that I love being a part of.
ASU is a great school, full of innovation, experiences, and diversity. It is a school like no other. Give me money !
Arizona State University is an excellent school if you're looking for a diverse population of students with a friendly environment. ASU is a very welcoming allowing you to focus on the school and enjoy yourself socially. ASU is also home to many excellent resources, from tutoring centers to academic or athletic facilities, you are home to many great options. The only thing I wish ASU could improve is more personalized guidance between student and professor. Being such a large university I find it difficult to have any sort of personal relationship with a professor when I am in classes containing over 200 students. The reason I wish ASU had this is because I find it important to be able to personally know your teacher in order to maximize your education.
Well although I do not attend ASU I have visited countless times and do plan on attending after my last year here in high school
ASU is a vast and wonderful university that brings a lot of diversity and strength to its community by educating the future workers in America.
Great online learning environment. Very helpful and involved in student success. They offer a success coach to the online students to help ensure they will be successful. Advisors and Professors are extremely involved and helpful as well. I take classes online so I cannot speak to campus life or the local area. The online program is excellent. ASU offers many degrees in diverse areas of study.
First it's a beautiful campus, but beauty aside, ASU has a really good Nursing program. What makes it interesting for me, is how they explain the closeness of dorm life, especially for freshmen. The look of how the campus is set up, open but yet close knit like a small community. I'm not a student there yet, but I follow many students who attend, who comment on all of the listings below.
I felt like some of the buildings are old and did not fit the culture that ASU has. I was disappointed in one teacher but the rest were very helpful and I was not left behind the other students.
ASU has been a great college to finish my bachelor's degree. I can do it 100% online without sacrificing my income from work. Also, the professors are providing the same course work and attention to students as if they were on campus.
I don't think I would change anything about it. The only problem I have is that I can't pay for classes anymore.
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I like their academics, the diversity of people, the people there are really welcoming to others. I do not think that that nothing should be changed at ASU.
I love the atmosphere and the people however the constant construction on Tempe campus can get super annoying
I am an online student and am enjoying my time with ASU. Classes are a little too fast paced and definitely pricey.
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