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I am pleased at how easy they make college online for working adults. I bare the responsibility of setting my schedule to get things done and it works for me.
Arizona State has shown me that there are still professors who genuinely care about the knowledge they are instilling in their students. I have had daily reminders that my professors take their jobs seriously and do whatever they can to help us understand the content they are putting forth.

Also, our football team is fantastic. Sorry, Michigan State. :)
Very good professors who know how to teach. The west campus is easy to get to and easy to park at. Traffic can be a problem, but just leave for school early.
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The company I work for partners with Arizona State to help us recieve a college education. Everyone I have spoken with at the college is knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly.
Wow. I transferred from another school to here online and the difference is astounding. The advisors, the prep team, the career coaches, the professors, every single step of the way the support team has been incredible.
ASU offers a lot of culture and diversity. Asu's refound technology institute is a big stepping stone to the college scene. But I won't bore you, Asu has the best Fraternities to party through the night!
ASU Online programs are great. Students are able to receive education from the same faculty as on campus. Same great quality education with the flexibility of working on assignments when works for you. As a full-time professional, quality of education and ability to succeed for 2 important factors in choosing ASU.
What I like about ASU is the dynamic vibe each school gives. There are several programs that ASU offered for high schoolers to get a college experience before entering college.
I think that the hype over ASU is more than the reality. This is my second semester,I transferred from Community College. My first semester one of the courses was substandard ,no feedback or grading, no email communication from instructor, ton of reading, an hour of drab audio lecture every week with professor who should not be teaching. I presented the argument that sub standard courses and instruction should be reviewed and students eligible for refunds. Aside from that course and instructor, my experience is pleasant, well organized course,friendly staff,but not as leading edge and innovated as expected.I would look elsewhere,somewhere on point , like Bejing,if I could.
We pay hundreds for parking yet I always have trouble finding a parking spot in the morning, which causes me to be late sometimes. Maybe they should reduce the price for parking and/or make more parking spots.
I would like the president of ASU to leave so we can get a new one. But this school is great, it has a beautiful campus, with beautiful women, and the business school is nice. It isn't the party school that it was before years ago though.
I love ASU! As a freshman...I have been placed in what I would consider a new family. It is a plethora of events and activities going on. I know ASU will guide me with the tools to be excellent and successful in life!
I like how diverse the campus is compared to other universities. The university also does a great job at providing different on campus and off campus services that fit your needs. Overall, the faculty on campus are always there to help and guide students.
The school is so big and offers amazing amenities. ASU truly cares about making its' graduates not only capable for the work force but competitive. There are always opportunities and resources available to all students to push them to succeed.
I initially didn't like ASU, I wanted to transfer to any other college during my transfer process but then I thought against and I applied, and with a 3.89 GPA I was admitted. I thought I was going to continue to hate this but I grew to love it. This is my second semester here and it's been fun. My professors are helpful they are ready to help if you request for their help. I met amazing friends in the process as well. It has everything you might need you just have to find and follow your passion. I would recommend ASU to anyone who is going to college from high school to a transfer student.
Arizona State University is a top-rated school. The classes and the instructors are incredible, and I feel that I have learned exactly what I was meant to learn. The instructors are highly trained, and they are always willing to help explain any concepts that I have had trouble grasping. I will always recommend ASU to anyone who is looking to further their education.
For being a transfer student and only being here for 3 weeks, I have had great experiences with professors and faculty. Also, the school provides great resources for you as a student to succeed
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ASU offers a variety of programs and opportunities for its students. The student life is big and exciting, and it really makes you feel proud to be a Sun Devil!
Resources are great, however, academics are moderate. Although there are various courses provided, the experience in the corresponding class depends on the professor.
My experience during a tour at ASU was excellent, people were very nice. People at the university seem very diverse and I believe that I would fit right in and contribute to the culturally diverse aspect of this university.
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