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Loved the weather, the friendly people, and overall the campus. I've never felt more at home than at ASU.
I like how involved ASU wants to be with the students. They have lots of activities. For example this weekend is Devil Palooza it is featuring T-Pain !!!
I love going to ASU. The campus is huge, but set up in a way that it doesn't feel overwhelming. There are so many people to talk to and the student body is generally kind and easy to talk to. There are so many clubs and programs to choose from. When it comes to variety, you're in the right place!
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I like that Arizona State University is expanding their online classes to different subject material. I would like to see that continue. I would like to see more people come on board for tutoring higher level classes such as upper level chemistry and physics. It would also be nice for parking to be at least discounted for online students should they need to treck down to the campus for any reason.
I enjoyed the involvement on the campus here, it was hard not to get involved with some group on this campus. The study load is what's expected, very manageable but rough at first to handle. You can handle it once you get in the groove and pattern of your routine. The campus is very nice, always somewhere to study and organized enough to find something to snack or snap on while doing so. I recommend this campus for someone who wants to have an active school and personal life, when not stuffing face in the books. Always something to do, no matter what kind of personality or interests you have!
The party scene is pretty great, clubs around the campus and hard not to find some fun to do whether it's hiking, biking, bowling with a group of friends or even just going out on the town for a walk and adventure!
What I like about Arizona state is that there are so many resources at my disposal. I have advisors and tutors that I can talk to about any and all of my needs whenever I need to. I am updated regularly on sporting events, not just football, through my email and can attend these events virtually. My only downside is that it is a bit of a drive and parking can be difficult to find.
If you enjoy being surrounded by a large, diverse, group of people, then ASU is for you! The campus is huge, so it requires a lot of walking, but what's wrong with some exercise? It's also intriguing to see how people will transport themselves to class - you'd be surprised. If you're an epicure, you'll enjoy the numerous amounts of dining options in the vicinity of the campus. The night-life isn't too bad once you turn 21, but there's Old Town Scottsdale for that. The area of where the campus is located isn't the best (a lot of homeless people), but you still feel safe on campus. The apartments nearby campus are pretty pricey, but I prefer them over the dorms. Some dorms are super nice, while others are horrible. If ASU could change something, it should be upgrading all of the dorms, not just a couple. The housing situation is also based on your major, which sucks. Other than that, I still love ASU!
My experience with Arizona State University has been wonderful. Came in to the campus not knowing how to get around and the staff was extra friendly and helpful. They also have great resources for students now how they can reach their academic goals. It is great to be a sun devil!
I was only here for summer camps. The professors and students seem really nice. There are a bunch of different campuses and a plethora of things to do.
ASU has opportunities to become engaged in the community everywhere you go. From clubs to academic involvement like internships, you can easily find your way to being involved. The environment is perfect for focusing on school and also enjoying life as a student. The professors are highly knowledgeable on their area of expertise and many are even working on projects outside of teaching so they provide a personal example of their work in relation to the courses. Living on campus gives one a sense of security and community with all the students living in the same area. It is a large campus but it brings the school to life seeing as how there are many interested students waiting to make friends and sharing their knowledge with one another.
It is pretty awesome that Arizona State University has an online program designed for working people like myself who work, have a family but still desire to continue their education.
Although I am still fairly new to ASU, I am originally from northern California and truly admire how accepting and friendly the students from ASU were towards me. Also, it has been great meeting so many diverse people from different ethnic backgrounds. It reminds me of here in the Bay Area (northern California). I have really enjoyed connecting with different students and sharing our experiences as students in the Bachelor's of Science in Psychology program.
I enjoy that ASU gives students the chance to be a part of a changing community full of innovation and progression into the future. ASU gives their students numerous ways and opportunity for them to get involved both in and out of the classroom.
I have visited Arizona State University, and found that aside from the beautiful campus and variety of programs, the staff were very welcoming. Current students were also very willing to offer direction or answer a quick question to me, knowing I was considering ASU as my #1 choice school. I've committed to ASU for Fall 2018 and I'm very excited to be a future sun devil!
Lots of busy work, not difficult. Was more challenged in community college. Expensive for the education I got in return.
Arizona State University is overall a great university. I would say however that ASU could do a better job connecting students to engagement or employment opportunities.
Arizona State University is such an amazing university to attend, there is nothing I would change about it; it's perfect.
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there is a lot of diversity and the professors are really good. it has been a great experience so far
Overall you can get a very good education at Arizona State University...also plenty of research opportunities if you look for them
I currently take classes on the Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, AZ. Though the campus itself and the surroundings areas are not the most appealing, the classes, professors, and overall academics make up for it.
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