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I have visited ASU and personally loved the campus. Both of my older brothers have gone to ASU and loved it too. They went for 5 years each and strongly recommended the university to me.
A beautiful atmosphere, but diversity could increase. The students are all very interested and motivated in their studies. Many many groups and clubs to be apart of.
I'm an online student at Arizona State University and it's amazing. They're a yellow ribbon school, so any tuition not covered by the military TA program is covered by a grant. Additionally, the classes are easy to follow and fit into my schedule, which is hectic. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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I like how diverse and friendly the people are. I really like the campus location; there is always something to do and it's never boring. The professors are competent in what they do and clearly passionate in their teaching's.
I missed out on a ton due to ASU themselves. Technical issues with the system on their side. I reached out to someone who basically told me there was nothing that they can do about it and that if i wanted something done i had to do something about it myself. So they mess up and I have to go out of my own time to fix the problem. Sounds about right huh? They don’t care about students, just the money that is coming in. I paid over $5,000 to go here this semester. They can afford to do something about it. So messed up and they will continuously receive bad reviews from me through the months. I hope to see their review stars go down.
My education at Arizona State University was one of the most rewarding experiences I had. The school met all of my expectations as a student and furthered their efforts as an alumni. I am very proud to say that I am an alumni of Arizona State University.
I'm transferring but I had so much fun this year. However, don't be fooled it's not eighty degrees year round. It gets quite cold in the winter; it doesn't snow but it gets down to 50's during the day and 40's during the night. The UV rays are at 1 for most of the winter so you can't even tan for the middle months.
Arizona State University has beautiful campuses. Everyone is lively but very respectful. The weather is bearable and beautiful.
Arizona State University is a really good university for academics and for having a great overall college experience. The college isn't lying when they say that they are the #1 college in the United States for innovation. There's some technology I've seen during my time here that I wouldn't have expected to be at a typical college campus. The professors at the school are more than willing to help you succeed in their classes. The surrounding area of Tempe and Mesa don't make it seem like that it's a college town, which is somewhat of a good thing because that means there's not as large of a party scene and that the campus itself can be more safe and protected. Lastly, the location of the campus is excellent for those who live both in-state, as it's located near the center of the state of Arizona, and out-of-state, because the Phoenix-Sky Harbor Airport is a free 30 minute bus ride away
Arizona State University has a fantastic engineering program. The Tempe campus is beautiful and it really feels like home.
Arizona State is such a big school, but it's also got such a small town feel. Walking around campus, you run into people you knew, whether that be from your high school, hometown or childhood. Class sizes are small, high quality sports and opportunities are endless for jobs and internships.
I have had very successful communication with the college as I am going through the application process.
Transferring from a community college was a challenge. The intensity level of studying I had to do was levelled up. I had more hours into studying than I was in community college. Right now its my second semester and I am adapting to the environment and level of expectation my professor to a university student.
They have been an amazing school for my sister that for sure gives you the college experience and I can't wait to be a Sun-Devil myself this coming fall!
Arizona State University is an amazing university with endless leadership opportunities. Even though it is the largest university in the country, the staff and faculty have a way of making it feel as if you are with a family.
I just finished my first semester with ASU and am starting the spring semester. I've really enjoyed my time here and I'm glad I chose ASU. The size is, of course, massive but I've found that to be a positive. There's more clubs, more sports, more organizations, and more activities than I could have thought possible. I will say that as easy as it is to join its also easy to get overwhelmed and become a recluse, so finding a balance is important! Also the ability to look up professors before taking their classes is such an enormous blessing that I recommend everyone take advantage of.
I really like the diversity of the school and its constant drive to do better. There are so many interesting clubs to be joined, the football games are always so lively, and the professors really know what they are talking about. I love the school.
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Arizona State University is the alma mater of several of my family members, so it is an honor for me to finally be able to attend. I enrolled in a post-baccalaureate program in 2017, having already obtained my bachelor's degree in 2015 from University of California, Irvine. ASU is where I have studied health sciences in preparation for PA school, and overall I have had a positive experience. The rigorous academics, world-famous professors, and vibrant student life have all made ASU a memorable and fulfilling experience for me. About the only disappointment I have had with the school is the Arizona Board of Regents, a governing body which rejected my petition for residency reclassification, despite meeting all of their core requirements. Still, despite ASU thus becoming a financially challenging institution to attend, I have determinedly pressed onward, taking out private loans to pay for my education and prepare for a career in medicine.
I just started my journey at ASU, but so far I’m loving it. The professors are great and helpful and everyone is so caring.
This is my first semester at ASU and the first day I was very lost and confused. But everyone is very helpful. One student went out of their way and show me around campus and where my classes are at. She also told me what parking garage was close to my classes so I don't have to walk a lot and which parking garage was cheaper but it was a bit farther from my classes.
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