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I love taking courses online, it works better for and my schedule. Online classes are easy to navigate and simple to understand.
I have only attended Arizona State University as an online student, but I love it. It is simple and I prefer it over in person lectures.
Throughout the semester, my classes were changed to online. I have been working hard to be as comfortable as I can be with the online format and trying to stay connected with my classmates as well as my professors and staff around the campus daily. However, at times it can be tough juggling all classes online, but I still manage to carry on and go about my day in pursuing what I love.. my education. I bet we are grateful for technology because it is another way for us to still get involve and be connected like we are in person. At this time of the year, my semester plans didn't turn out how I expected it to be, but in the meantime, this is only temporary. I do expect myself to feel confident and focused for the rest of the semester as though there are only a few weeks left by pushing myself over the limits by grasping every single lecture, thoughts, opinions, questions, discussions and portray it into an achievement individually and become a strong student as possible as I can be.
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My experience her at Arizona State University, has overall been great. I got to meet great classmates and professions. What I like about the institution has brought me great service when it comes to my education. Everything that I need for myself financially is in close proximity. I think what I would like to see changes here at ASU would be the fast food joints because they are a 3 minute walk, but for me, I would to have homecooked meals and instead grocery stores are at least 1 mile away. Besides the food, everything else is great and ASU is one of the schools to go to for other students to be who they want to be.
I went to school online and really loved the experience. The portal was simple to follow filled with great content and easy ways to connect with other students and faculty!
The programs offered were great and I didn't feel like I sacrificed anything by going this route. My classes were challenging (in a good way) and I still felt I had great relationships with the other students in my courses as well as my professors. I recommend this way of schooling to everyone! It's also hard to complain that I was able to continue working full time while doing this.
Most professors try their hardest and try to be engaging. However, quite a few teachers assign a lot of work without consideration of other classes.
I had a really hard time getting ahold of financial aid and some professors are mean but overall it has been a experience time so far.
Online learning has been hard for me but there are many different types of tutoring and advising sessions available.
My ASU experience with the staff and teachers has been pretty good so far. The teachers are friendly and the staff is cooperative. The one roadblock I've had so far is that I live in a dorm and some of my stuff got stolen when I was away for the weekend.
Unfortunately, I've not had any chances in online learning with ASU. I would be glad to try once thinking it will be a good experience.
I'm really into ASU's student life. Students are able in managing betwwen learning and partying. They are given great opportunity in expressing themselves and making new friends. Personally, I can see that ASU has been trying to establish a new and interesting environment for their students.
Haven’t taken any yet. I was told that the online classes are ok. If you are thinking about trying them out, go ahead.
So far so good. Haven’t been here long enough. Will give update later.xzxxxcx fewer wwecv nbvxzwwerty
Arizona State University is a great place to learn and make amazing friends. The local environment around the university is also great. Who wouldn't want to be a Sun Devil?
The online learning at ASU is very great compared to other schools. Everything is easy and explained well. If you ever have issues there are people there to help you.
I have had some of the best teachers, that have helped me push myself and notice new areas that I excel in. They have also been overly understanding of our new normal and have really made this experience still amazing and beneficial
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I wouldn't chose any other school to begin my online education with. They use universal platforms and really make it easy on us to navigate through the courses.
ASU has great teachers who are always very helpful and are very focused on making sure you do well in their courses and they are always helpful.
ASU was already partially online so the transition to online was not bad at all and the only problem was making sure that I was not late for the zoom class.
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