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Arizona State University is a multi-cultural university that and encourages success and provides students with recourses to prepare them for their careers. ASU provides students with a safe learning environment that allows them to focus and bring out their potential. One thing that could make the university better is conveying important information
Good school that cares about safety and education. There is always a support system you can count on.
ASU is amazing! There is a large sense of community and belonging at this school. There are so many ways to have fun and get involved! Highly recommend!
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I like how there is always something to do at ASU. It is impossible not to meet new people and make friends. I would like to see more support in their arts school.
I love this school. There is everything that you need, the staff is super nice and there are a ton of opportunities here. Success is really the only option.
I liked how ASU is a huge campus that provided many commodities and resources/facilities for students to use. They also encourage student participation in clubs and activities.
I feel that ASU attracts students from all walks of life and was a great opportunity to grow, culturally. However, a fair number of classes felt like you were only a paycheck to the university.
My sister graduated from there and I loved the way it looked. It's atmosphere is perfect. I also went there for an AP Spanish field trip and it was an amazing experience.
I visited ASU this past summer to potentially go to school there after I graduate in May. I was very impressed with everything I saw and continue to be impressed either the follow up and how welcome I feel and I’m not even there yet. I am impressed by the $10,000 New American University scholarship that I received to help with expenses and to make my dream come true and that is to become a Sundevil!
Arizona State University is a well rounded college that allows students to follow well structured paths to success. Overall the community is friendly and relatable in many ways, and provides students with a bountiful number of resources to get a head start within their industry of choice. One thing Arizona State could improve upon is the student tutoring centers. While these centers are great ways to assist student's learning, sometimes they are too full to the point where students are not getting the full attention needed for certain topics. Ways to change this may include more tutoring staff or more tutoring locations.
I love everything about this university! Very student active and lots of teacher involvement!I have never had a problem with grades, or teachers. ALl of the students are very nice and helpful, no one is a snob, like at other students. We all work together as students, and teacher to make it the best experience for everyone, in hopes everyone will be able to graduate. There are lots of fun events and football games, with lots of school spirit as well.
I used the online campus for all of my schooling and over alll, I am very happy with it. The only complaint I would have is I would like it if they would email us faster.
I attended ASU under a scholarship for a summer course in Psychology. Also included in this four week program were multiple tours to various aspects in the college, heavily focused on their amazing STEM related museums, study areas, and classes. The teacher was wonderful to be around and taught the course very well, and the mentors who accompanied us were friendly, outgoing, and kind. The campus is perfect for those looking for a large college lifestyle, because the Tempe campus is massive. There are also various things to do in Tempe, which is great for extroverts and the adventurous types. The students are pleasant to be around, and the food is great! I would highly recommend ASU's Tempe campus.
So far it has been very good, although i am only a freshman I can see myself graduating from here. I love the campus. The only problem I have with this college is how expensive it is.
I really like the social aspect of ASU! There are a lot of different clubs you can join and meet new people. There are many different types of clubs ranging from sports, culture, volunteer, dance, and so on. There is definitely a club you can find that will fit your own interests.
ASU has every opportunity you could ever hope for. From Academics, intramural, clubs, (social and business) to the students it has been the best part of my life so far.
This is my first year here at Arizona State and I'm not going to lie, I really like it so far. The professors I've had thus far are very considerate of their students' busy schedules and classes have been fairly easy for the most part. I think the whole 'party scene' that ASU is known for has slowly been diminishing because it doesn't seem so wild here considering I live on campus.
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I have loved my online experience at ASU! The professors are great and very attentive, I haven't had a bad experience yet.
My experience with Arizona State University is relatively fresh. The application and enrollment process weren't very strenuous and advisors were there to willingly assist me in any area I needed assistance.
I am attending Arizona State Univ online and they have been above and beyond helpful, from the registration counseling all the way to my academic and success coaches, they have gone out of their way to help me and make sure I was doing ok,
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