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Teacher quality varies but online portal and system is very well executed. I do feel that I am getting a decent education but the cost for out of state tuition is far too high for most people to afford at 633 dollars per credit hour.
I really love the resources that are available at ASU. Your tuition pays for more than just classes, and finding the resources, such as free tutoring, access to the gym, financial aid and on-campus jobs, writing centers, and first-year coaches, has helped me a lot through my first year of college.
I liked the ability to complete my work from wherever I wanted, at my own pace. I also liked that there were weekly deadlines to help keep you on track. The instructors were very polite and reached out to their classes often.
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I 'm an online student. Though it does take discipline and its hard to stay on it. I love the fact that I can study from Japan and get a quality education.
I was ecstatic when I was accepted AND ASU Admissions took essentially all of the credits I had earned to put towards my Bachelor's. I only found it hard to get through to the specific group when I was looking to change my major.
The administration in the school is not very helpful and always transfers you to another department. The school nickles and dimes you for every penny.
I really did not like going to school at ASU . I am a decent student finished high school with a 3.9 GPA and have a 3.25 GPA at ASU but I really did not like it.
The thing I liked the most about ASU was that the students and staff are so welcoming to everyone form the forms to last day of class. However one thing I would change is fo rather campus to have more interesting clubs that I would want to join.
This is the best school i have ever been too. everyone is very helpful with all the questions i have and they respond quickly too.
I like the many job opportunities that they offer as well as all of the free wellness programs they offer. The professors are willing to help and are there to support each student. The advisors take the time they need with you and do not rush you. Everyone is there to help ensure you are successful.
I really enjoyed most of the professors I have encountered so far, they all seem very knowledgeable. However, assistants and TAs for classes should be picked based on their knowledge of the subject better.
I like that it's all online. it makes it super convenient for all schedules. obviously I do wish it was cheaper but I guess you pay for convenience.
A great place to get a degree. I have been taking online courses for two years now and it couldn't be easier to do. I just login watch the lecture, do the work, and take my test.
I attend Arizona State online. Everyone there is very helpful and wants the students to succeed. Taking half-semester classes can be very hard.
I love how ASU is so diverse. I meet new people from different backgrounds every day and it really helps to enhance my experience. Also, I love how large the campus is. Yes, it can be intimidating, but it just gives students an excuse to explore the campus more and find new favorite spots to study. The amount of clubs and organizations in ASU is absolutely insane. There is a club for everyone, no matter what you're interested in. Joining a club helps to make new friends and new memories.
This is the only college experience I have outside of community college so I do not have much to compare it to. The overall experience has been quite nice. I was in the Herberger Institute in the Architecture program for 2 years before recently deciding to switch my major to become a professional pilot.
The campus resources (Advisors, professors and clubs) have been good. As with many institutions, advisors aren't always the best for class planning but I have been lucky overall. Professors are hit and miss like many schools but the overall programs that they have established are great. Public transit is plentiful and it is a very lively campus.
If you are a bit more introverted, the Tempe campus might not be the best climate. Personally, I have met great people but University life as a whole includes a lot of parties and a very energetic crowd. ASU famously leads on that front.
Im undergoing a B.A. Anthroplogy degree through ASU's online program, and so far I've been having a good experience. It took me a couple weeks to really become proficient with Blackboard, the online platform where all the course work takes place. If I could add one suggestion, it would be to have a Blackboard tutorial "lab" in which the student can learn to navigate through the platform, and this "lab" could be ongoing throughout the online student's academic career. The IT techs could operate through this "lab" and help students with questions or issues they may be having with Blackboard. This way, the student really becomes comfortable with being able to undergo their online studies. I believe this would be effective for both the students and faculty involved with ASU's online academics. Other than that, my experience has been very good and I am grateful for ASU's flexible online option.
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I have been attending Arizona State University for a year now. I just finished my first year. Pros: beautiful campuses, free shuttles, good food options, decent professors, lots of people. Cons: horrible grading scale (almost impossible to get a 3.5 or even a 3.0), never hear of school events, huge classes (500:1 student to teacher ratio), not as safe as I'd hoped (human trafficking problem right now). Overall, not horrible just wish we could get more involved and have better grades. #1 in innovation though, they'll never let you forget that.
Arizona State is quite a large campus. I did most of my studies at east campus. I really like the professors as it seemed more serious at this campus in getting classes done.
I love everything about this university. Everyone is nice and willing to help if you need it. Its very easy to make friends and the environment is amazing!
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