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Arizona State University Reviews

9,185 reviews
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Arizona State is a beautiful campus. It is one of the best schools in the nation. Although this is only my first year attending this school the staff and teaching styles of the professors have been nothing but helpful and understanding. I appreciate the online class opportunities as well. I think ASU should expand their online education to all majors.
Should have went to a school that actually cared about their students and not about lining their pockets. Everything about this school screams overpriced including on-campus food and made up tuition fees. Some faculty/staff are awesome though.
I am really enjoying being an online student at ASU. I am going on a study abroad trip this summer, and I'm grateful ASU lets online students participate in study abroad programs.
Arizona State University at Tempe is a very large and beautiful campus. Although the campus is large, I have never felt alone! The staff and amount of support that the university provides makes my time at ASU more personal than I ever thought it could be. Along with all the support of the staff, there is also a never ending list of other activities and clubs to be a part of. There is something for everyone here!
Advisement for the engineering is horrid. All food on campus is either overpriced or gross and overpriced. Otherwise, huge school, loads of resources, a lot of events, and opportunity galore.
I am an online student and I thoroughly enjoy my classes and education at Arizona State. I feel I am learning a lot in areas that I am very interested in. Their class selection is superb. They have a class for every interest.
Being a live at home student, I believe that ASU still made me feel like I was right at home. There are many ways to get connected and they provide students with plenty of resources in order to be successful.
ASU gives you any opportunity you could imagine. There is something for everyone and allows each individual to thrive.
This campus is absolutely beautiful,and incredibly diverse. The student sand the faculty are amazing and friendly. There are a about a million ways to get involved and pursue your passions within the campus. It a large campus, but there is still a great sense of community and an abundance of small community's to join that give a close-knit feel to the campus.
I love Arizona State University. I have so many opportunities open to me. The professors are very nice and genuinely want you to succeed.
What I like is that even though it is the largest public university in the nation, it still manages to produce a strong sense of community like if it was a small town college.
Arizona State University was named the #1 most innovative school. It is a university of many different students. I am studying biochemistry and I love the way the professors teach. It is a big school but professors are not hesitant to get to know their students.
WP Carey and Barrett give great opportunities. The fees are insane; ASU finds every and any way to bill you for something even if you are not living on campus.
ASU is a great university! Personally, I was able to get great connections from high school to college. It made it easier to adjust and learn a lot within my first semester at ASU. I really like the diversity within the school and being able to hear opinions based from our experiences/backgrounds. The weather is nice for those who want to escape from the harsh winter seasons. I will say that summers are definitely HOT and sweaty! Overall, ASU is a great school!
Arizona State University is an awesome school full of tons of different day and night activities, and lots of school spirit. ASU is definitely a school that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for the complete college experience. I transferred to ASU from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, and it was one of the best decisions I have made. Diversity is found everywhere on campus and there are many ways to get involved within the school and the community. ASU also has great education programs and wonderful professors who genuinely wants to see their students succeed and do well during and after their college career.
My social and academic lives are great - it was easy to find genuine relationships here on campus and it's easy to find the appropriate help needed to succeed in the classroom.
I like that it has such a wide variety of class options. You can get very specific with your interests. Coming from a small town that only offered basic, generalized classes, I found the options a welcome change.
ASU is an academic experience beyond the classroom. Ranked #1 in innovation nationwide, the community of ASU is intuitive and inspiring. As a transfer student, I am most impressed by the amount of opportunity ASU offers. The main campus in Tempe has all the needed college resources. Memorial Union has a variety of restaurants, including Chick-fil-A, as well as spacious places to study and relax. The campus grounds are beautiful, particularly the historic "Palm Walk", a walkway across campus lined with immaculate palm trees. However, most of all, I am amazed by the current president of ASU, Michael Crow. He consistently speaks for and defends the students of ASU. He believes in the value of a diverse student body and continually promotes the initiative of every student. I will be the first women in my family to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I am proud to be achieving this at ASU because I am reminded every day to think of the future and to work towards creating a better tomorrow.
I like the diversity here at ASU. Its so big that you can almost find a group or club for anything that you might be interested in. ASU also has a lot of resources available for there students. If a student might need help on math or writing there are plenty of free tutoring centers available.
I enjoyed the amount of options that ASU provided for the students. It gave itself a nice and supportive atmosphere and made you feel at home.
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