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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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The downtown phoenix asu campus is absolutely beautiful! the dorm rooms are very nice compared to many other colleges in the area, the food is not amazing but is very good. the professors are very helpful trying to help and set students up for access and it is a very accessable campus in the sense of it being very close to outside festivities.
What I really like about the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus, is that everything is so close. When I say this, I mean that everything is at walking distance and along with that the campus is small so you get to see familiar faces every once in a while. Something I'd like to see change, would be more nearby affordable nearby restaurants. Like Tempe, downtown needs more restaurants to go to and relax by with friends.
ASU Downtown is awesome! All the school buildings, except for one, are really close to each other. For the residents at TP, this means that they could literally wake up 5 minutes before class and still make it on time to the closeby buildings. I've met a lot of people and everyone I've come across is really friendly. There's always tutoring available, and professors are pretty good too! I have enjoyed my experience so far!
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ASU's downtown campus is my favorite campus because there aren't many people and the environment is great for learning and relaxing. There are many spots to study, hang out with friends, or just enjoy time on your own. Plus, there's great food and coffee shops all around the campus.
Beautiful campus, but still not a fan of walking around alone at night. All of the buildings are new and state-of-the-art. The only thing is that it's not really a campus. It's all scattered around because it's just lots in Downtown Phoenix, so there's hobos, buisness people, and average Joe's walking around. A very different feel.
Downtown campus is nothing compared to Tempe campus on size. It has a smaller school feel, but it is still diverse and has a great environment. Downtown itself is part of the campus so it has a nice city feel. The Dbacks and Suns sports stadiums are near so that is always something fun to attend. Overall pretty great campus.
I think this is a great campus for those who are seeking a career in journalism and medicine. It is smaller than the Tempe campus, but I personally think it's better when it comes to classes.
Arizona State University is a great school! If you want to go to ASU but you don't want the big University classes, then the downtown campus is the perfect place for you! The classes are very small for college classes. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The professors are great and are happy to help whenever you ask. The only thing that's a downside is there are quite a few homeless people walking around and asking for money, since the campus is spread out and in the middle of downtown campus. But it is very safe, and I've never had a problem with feeling like I was in danger on campus. And if I did they have many resources, like ASU police, that will come to you and walk you to your car, dorm room, or class if you feel unsafe.
This university has a lot to offer! From the moment I did a campus visit, I fell in love. Campus life is great. Lots of activities, places to focus on academics, and great friends. I've made a lot of memories so far that I will cherish forever. Go devils!
There are so many resources and opportunities for you to chose from. Everyone one around you is cheering you on to do well. I haven't experienced anything negative here.
I absolutely love being at Arizona State University. In my experience for the first semester I can tell that the professors really do care about students succeeding. There's always some event going on for students to get involved.
Even though the campus is small, it has its benefits. Everything is so close together and extremely beautiful! The atmosphere on campus is professional and then you walk just outside of the campus and you're in the amazing art district. Staff is very helpful and the residential life is pretty nice. The dorms themselves are of pretty good quality and the ding hall has nice food. However there is less places to use your M&G. I love Tempe campus, but there's no other campus that is better for me than downtown.
The security on and around the campus is amazing. They have emergency phones around the campus if you feel unsafe.
It seems that ASU is always hosting career fairs. They really take pride in helping the student to find a career after graduation.
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The housing units around the campus seem to be very well kept. They look like they are maintained on a daily basis.
I have never heard of any problems in regards to Greeks and non-Greeks. I think everyone gets along regardless of who you associate with.
ASU is a very spirited school. Walking through the campus on any given day you will see a sea of gold and maroon t-shirts.
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I would choose ASU again because it has so much school spirit. I love the atmosphere on campus. Everyone is so friendly.
Greek life is huge on my campus. They do tons for theschool from putting on events to community service.
Our school is so decked out in spirit at every single event and game. If you don't attend it's not cool.
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