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Arizona State University - West Campus Reviews

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The online experience is great. The professors are extremely helpful. The were able to educate students and also provide resources to students.
It is my first year at Arizona State University and I am business major. The experience has been great. I never got the chance to go into the campus. I was able to learn about different programs they offer to help students. Such as tutoring center.
I like ASU west campus because it is small enough to feel very comfortable. I don't have to panic about trying to find things or be able to walk to them in time as everything is in a central location. A small campus like that just feels safer too. Also, they have a Starbucks in the library which is conveniently located which I appreciate.
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Since Covid, all my classes are online. I feel like the professors have turned lemons into lemon-aid and are doing the best they can. It has not been seamless, but it is a solution to a unique problem.
My experience at ASU West is fairly decent. The campus life is very dry and not much to do. Though the teachers at West are pretty cool of course i'm basing my opinion on the teachers that I have and can't speak on everybody else, but the teachers I have like to teach and speak a lot to say about certain matters in the world. Which is very cool to me because its not a teach and listen situation but a lot of interaction between teacher and students voicing their own perspectives on situations. Overall at ASU West its not livest campus so its pretty much up to a person to get out and meet people if there not planning on being bored in their room all semester since its practically boring.
Online learning is convenient, but its also a pain since their are a lot of classes have the same due date and each course has its in depth requirement for each assignment as well as being able to keep up with each individual due date. Nevertheless the pro's of online learning are being able to work on your own time and all the lectures are video recorded/posted online so if I were to miss a part of the professors speech I could simply return to her online page and listen to the lecture finding the missing the part missed.
Very unethical school. r I received a refund from the school after all the charges on my account were paid in full. After about of week into the school session my account balance showed that I owed about $900 dollars. THe charge later disappeared on my account, then it reappeared. They have no respect for people's privacy. they surveillance your devices. THe professor's a very unresponsive considering it is an online education. Terrible school to attend. I would stay away at all cost. Do not invest money in getting an degree from this institution.
My experience with this campus has been minimal, and I have taken most classes at Tempe due to commute. The university itself was very difficult for me to feel apart of, as I could not afford to live on campus. I pay a multitude for parking every week, and have gotten two tickets being 2 minutes past the meter time when not making it back to my car due to a long lecture. There is little to no parking for commuters, and I have an extremely hard time navigating it. I haven't made many friends or often feel as if the professors care for their students personally, I would say that I have loved maybe one of my professors each semester. I think that the best part about ASU is the way the campus looks and the administration. I admire Michael Crow and how he handled the pandemic and continuously releases updates, making it clear that he cares for his students. The second star is to recognize the very few good professors I have had who have reached out to me, a shy quiet student, personally.
I chose to do mostly online starting my junior year, and since ASU was usually school and nothing else to me, I did enjoy it. Online school is different for everyone, and I would never recommend it to someone with ADHD or trouble paying attention. However, personally, I tend to excel in online courses that allow me to do things on my own time, because that is when I am more likely to pay attention. The quality of professors seems to be random, I have had a couple of amazing ones, a couple of horrible ones, and mostly indifferent ones when it comes to online.
Campus is beautiful and everyone on campus is super nice and helpful! Lots of great study spots outside when the weather isn’t too hot. Campus is a little secluded but still close to stores and restaurants.
Online classes are all laid out and organized nicely. If you like to plan, then the online classes at ASU are for you. If you have questions on assignments or coursework, either the professor or TA will get back to you quickly!
I took classes online obviously because of the pandemic. All my classes were in person before. However, the professors and other faculty were well equipped to handle the change to online learning. I have heard good things about the online experience from kids who actually take classes online. The professors didn't bombard me with emails and remained reasonable (mostly) about the work load.
I love how friendly everyone on the West campus is. The professors are wonderful and always willing to help. The campus is quiet, making it easy to focus on studying. If you live close to the West campus (and if schools open again) I would highly recommend this campus over the others. It is a lot less stressful and gives off that small college vibe.
Very nice looking campus from the outside. Clean and pleasant looking and for the most part it is fairly quiet. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get around or study outside without being stopped by someone who is trying to get you to sign a petition. Also the insides of the classrooms are very different from the outside as they are outdated, not very clean, and not very well lit at some places.
The only online part of my classes were to complete discussions boards before tests were given. I did not find that they made a difference.
Let me preface by saying I like online classes. If you do not learn well online my opinion may not matter that much. I will say though, that there is usually not much change to the online syllabus other than extensions, which i think makes things easier. You can work at your own pace, on your own schedule, and even work ahead. The teachers are also pretty responsive.
ASU west is very "low-key" it is definitely the more safe and quiet campus. If you are serious about studying and don't like too much of a party scene this is a good place for you. The atmosphere is very comfortable and the campus is nice and pretty. There are always a lot of small and local events happening.
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The campus is very nice and easy to get around. The professors are really nice and helpful. It is very easy to be able to park on campus with no troubles.
My experience has been really good at West. Everyone there is routing for your success and everyone is super friendly there. The staff that work at financial aid or advisors/ peer mentors are super helpful. The professors go out of their way to help us succeed. There are so many resources available and activities to do there. Something I would like to see change is to have a more lively atmosphere. It's very peaceful and anyone can concentrate anywhere on campus but it sometimes would be nice to have a bustling campus at times.
I am very proud to have completed my BA degree through ASU-West. The campus is much smaller than their main Tempe location and that is what initially drew me in. Along with this beautiful campus, my all of my professors were extremely knowledgable, compassionate, and always willing to assist a student in need or took time out of their day to make sure we (the students) were succeeding.I would have personally liked to see more majors be offered at this specific campus, but the academics certainly challenge the students to think outside the box. Overall, from the campus to the academics and student life, I felt thoroughly prepared and confident to enter the world and make something of myself.
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