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I really love Arizona State University's West campus. It is on the smaller side which enhances friendships and learning experience in the classroom. It is well kept up with and has very beautiful scenery. They offer a numerous amount of resources that you can look to if you are in need of assistance. This campus ensures you are safe at all times and strives for the ultimate best! I truly can't think of something they could do differently they pretty much have mastered everything in my eyes. However, if I really had to say one thing that could change it would be something as small as providing more cheap and healthy food choices around campus.
I liked how it's a very diverse school, the professors are very helpful, they make sure you're able to attend the events . They have a variety of clubs and classes.
I love living at Arizona State Univerity- West Campus. There is a sense of unity where you are able to create meaning and strong professional relationships.
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I love the campus and the atmosphere of it. The teachers are knowledgeable on the courses they teach and are always wanting their students to learn more.
I love this campus! It's a smaller crowd but still maintains that big university feeling. The faculty are top of their game and I feel extremely lucky to have such great mentors around me all the time
My experience here is limited but the professors are great and there seem to be plentiful resources to help students succeed and feel like the campus is a second home.
This is my first experience with applying and being accepted to an on-campus University. As a veteran, it can be very confusing. There are plenty of people who wanted to help me get started but often times I received the run around. It is very important to be persistent and follow up throughout the process. Do not be afraid to use your resources! I am a little deterred about parking prices once the semester starts but that can't be helped. I did get a very warm welcome and am otherwise excited to get the school year started.
Nice outdoor campus, with lots of friendly people and staff
One of the best asu campuses, close classes and smaller classes
You get the small college feel with all the big university resources and support
Defiantly the place if you want to focus a bit more on education the the party scene at the main tempe campus
Since the campus was so small, you got to see that close nit community. Everyone was practically family.
I'm 2011 I began my ASU West career. At the age of 17 I was starting my own life and responsibile for my own actions. West was one of the best things that ever happened to me, I experienced individual growth that shaped me into who I am today. Along with the relationships I've built which made the experience that much better. I'd do it all over if I had the opportunity.
The west campus at Arizona State University allows students to receive one on one instruction with a multitude of ways to get involved. Due to smaller class sizes, instruction can easily be specialized. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. On the west campus, there is at least one club for you!
So far they have treated me with respect and have answered every question I have had. That they try to answer you and get back to you as soon as possible.
I am from Wisconsin. From the moment I stepped on campus it gives you the feel of a safe homey community. But still big enough to get lost a little bit and people watch. Everyone is so helpful and they really want you to be more than a number they expect you to take advantage of every opportunity that you can.
The campus is a beautiful place. Located in a very safe part of Phoenix, close to malls, the freeway and a YMCA.
I am very pleased when I saw and stay in the Casa de Oro dome for 5 months, it is very clean and comfortable to stay. However, I hope the University would stop charging me to clean things that are not mine. Thank you.
I love the small campus feel, but the ASU comradery is still strong. There are plenty of resources and the library is the perfect place to get work done.
The school is amazing! all of the staff are very cooperative and very supportive to the students. one good point about this school and this campus is that the class size for each lecture is relatively small so there is more interacting with the staff. One thing I would change is the lack of athletic activities on this campus, and that there are no opportunities to pay sports as a competition.
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I enjoyed the small, manageable class sizes, easy to navigate campus, and personable teachers. This college is perfect for someone who is not into the party scene and would prefer to just attend classes and finish their education.
I would like to see more classes offered every semester instead of only being offered for certain semesters.
I loved the campus and the sports facilities. I wouldn't like to see anything change. I love the small campus and I love the fact that you don't have to walk 15-20 minutes just to get to your next class.
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