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Arizona State University - West Campus Reviews

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I am currently the West Campus of Arizona State University as a freshman. It has been great so far. There is such a great diversity of students in my class that I have became friends with. I am unfortunately not living on campus, but I have seen the dorms and it is nice how the school provides a refrigerator and a microwave for the students. There are such great events to attend on our campus and the football games are also fun to attend.
So far my experience is amazing! The campus is pretty small compared to the Tempe campus but it is definitely equipped with amazing resources for the students. This campus provides so many majors and classes to take. As well as, making your schedule very flexible.
Arizona State is basically run by it’s students which is great. Not only that, but the scenery is amazing and they have so many events to choose from. You can easily keep yourself busy every single day. To top it all off, the students there are super nice as well. The school also has its own apps for safety. Through the app, you can report anything that makes you feel unsafe. Once reported, every student that goes to ASU will get that email, which is another layer of safety .
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The West campus at Arizona State University is a relaxing and quiet campus where anyone can study without distractions. I think it is a perfect place where there's not many people compared to other campuses which provides the opportunity for more benefits.
ASU West Campus is the smallest of all the campuses. Because of this, it built a better sense of community than what I saw at the Tempe or Downtown Campuses. Professors were very involved with students and student activities around campus because of the smaller classroom sizes. You were given the opportunity to form a relationship with the professor rather than being lost in the sea of 400+ other students which proved to be extremely beneficial when I needed help or tutoring in certain classes. It was a quiet campus which is what I loved the most about it. I could relax, study or hang out with friends without all the rush of a major campus.
Spring 2019 was my first semester at Arizona State University. I was a bit nervous but then realized it was more of a community college setting. I warmed up to the university fairly quick. My professors were great and helped me when I needed it. My classmates were friendly as well. I enjoyed how classes are in different sections, such as: A, B, C. This was new for me, at a community college every class is for a full semester.
Well I'm taking online classes at the school at its great because I work and online education really helps me manage time and energy better.
I love the ASU environment. It's the perfect school for anyone that likes to live a lowkey lifestyle and focus on academics. I couldn't have picked a better school.
It is a small campus perfect for an academically driven student. The teachers are incredibly nice and willing to work with students. There are a lot of research opportunities for science students that require no prior experience to join the lab team.
Arizona State allows students to study and and work in a fun and safe environment. The professors are heavily involved in the academic well being of each student and provide a welcoming environment.
I like going to a big institution but on one of their small campuses. Arizona State University has a variety of campuses all varying in size, majors, enrollment, etc... Having access to so many majors and campuses makes college a great experience and gives me so many opportunities to meet new people.
I really enjoy the small campus, because it helps give me a better ability to learn. There are some major faults to the West campus of ASU in comparison to the Tempe campus like the party scene and food. Because the Tempe campus is so large and the West campus is so small, less money goes towards the West campus and therefore hurts some social aspects, however academically I believe the West campus has an advantage because of our smaller class size and the intimacy with the staff.
The campus is very quiet and peaceful. I have enjoyed almost all of my professors and they are very committed to teaching and their own research. I would prefer the campus to have better scheduling when it comes to classes in the same major path.
ASU offers a competitive education and really does an amazing job of making you feel engaged from an online perspective.
I have sincerely enjoyed my time on the West campus. The classes were easily accessible, the professors were caring, and the student life was phenomenal!
Note how subjective this feedback will be. As quiet yet outgoing person, I did enjoy the community college feeling that this far away location had. You will know everyone in your major and anyone in similar classes, clubs, residential location (dorms). Most of the faculty are sweet people, although there is quite a limit on space available for required classes as there are not many professors. So it can be difficult not to stay on track with your program. I am a Forensics major so it just happened more often. My experience was better because of my closeness to peers and the general atmosphere. Classes wise, I learned so much culturally however many science classes I felt were mostly self taught. These professors were intelligent however lack good methods to teach these daunting subjects.
Arizona State University is great for someone looking for a fun and affordable college. There are plenty of resources and help if you know where to look. The school provides transportation options so you can get from one campus to another if need be. The West campus is small but it is a nice one and it is not overwhelming when looking for classes and buildings. There are a lot of events that occur on campus so it is easy to get involved and there is a library and gym so that you can study and use the school computers and you can exercise throughout the week. The good thing is: most of the things I have said are free like the gym, library, and shuttles. Overall, a great university!
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Arizona State University is a wonderful campus, with a very diverse group of students, and a wonderful curriculum. They offer many clubs for the students, and the student life is active and amazing. The dormitories are clean, the libraries are large and well-stocked, and the professors are kind.
I love going to Arizona State University. It is a very good school where the teachers actually do care about you and your success.
My experience at the West campus was very good. It is a smaller campus and not very crowded like those in Tempe and Downtown. It is a lot easier to meet with your professors as the class sizes are so much smaller. It feels more individualized and you can tell the professors actually care about their students success. I would highly recommend attending this campus because it made my four-year experience a lot easier.
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