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Arizona State University - West Campus Reviews

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Very good campus with good professors and nice staff. Easy to drive into and easy to park at. Traffic can be a problem, but not too bad.
It is a very pretty and calm campus. The campus has nice facilities available to students. The small student body which can be seen as a positive and a negative helps to keep class sizes small. There is more opportunity to meet with professors one on one and get hands-on help than on other larger campuses.
I absolutely love my college campus. ASU, in general, is very well established whether it be higher learning, reasonable prices, or student life. While all the different campuses have their pros and cons, mine, in particular, is very unique as well. The west campus is small but reasonable. Students at the west campus have everything we need.
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ASU West Campus is a great school. Professors are very helpful. Classes are smaller compare to ASU Tempe campus, which is a plus as students have a better opportunity to speak with professors about the courses. The campus is calm and clean. As a current student I love going to this campus and feel very safe there.
I love ASU west because of how small, yet alive the campus is. It’s not overwhelming like Tempe, but you don’t feel alone either. Great classes, professors and activities. I participated in a great amount of events this past academic year and had tons of fun. I also enjoy the student job aspect of campus
as I’ve just completed my first summer working in the gym. I would like to see the campus expand some with the extra land we have. New food options would also be nice. Overall, very nice campus and I’m glad I chose West over Tempe.
My experience with ASU has been stellar! Their processes are quick and efficient. The faculty and staff have been knowledgeable and friendly. I would definitely recommend this school to other students.
Dorms and on-campus dining is terrible but classes are fine for the most part. Find housing nearby and don't use the dorms. Professors are hit or miss, but the bad ones are exceptionally bad. The campus is small making schedules and getting between classes simple. Both the Gym and Library facilities and resources are incredible, and despite being a smaller campus with a tight community there are always events happening and things to do. You will be amazed at how quickly you start to recognize people in passing, its not impossible to meet everyone on campus. The honors college on this campus is much less elitist and has a tight knit community of dedicated scholars and helpful staff and resources.
West is adorable and perfect for commuter students or kids who enjoy a smaller high school type of environment. Nothing like the Tempe campus. Everyone leaves over the weekend so the kids from out of state (like me) have to come together to find something to keep busy. There's barely any food options and the area surrounding the campus does not have much in the entertainment or food department. Also, the Herberger Young Scholars Academy middle school (?) on campus is awkward. The dining hall would constantly run out of food because the Herberger students would eat there which caused the dining hall to limit how much food the college students could have. It was weird and uncomfortable eating next to 10 year olds. Not at all the ASU experience I expected. The West campus has incredible professors and Deans, don't get me wrong. The academic part of the school is great. However, if you want to have a real college experience and enjoy where you live, get a dorm in Tempe.
Arizona State University- West Campus has excellent professors and is a decent sized college. The campus is large enough to have plenty of options but also small enough to be able to associate with classmates and professors easily. I would recommend this college to anyone who wants a good education with an affordable tuition.
The West campus is absolutely beautiful. It is small and quiet compared to the other campuses, but full of diversity. However, it always feels like home. Everyone is so nice and it feels like a family.
Arizona State University provides a college experience that I certainly didn't expect. The most important thing to understand about ASU is that it genuinely cares about the well-being of its students and goes the extra mile to make sure we have everything we need to succeed. ASU is constantly coming up with new ways to get students involved in campus activities, whether they be recreational or educational - there are hundreds of clubs and organizations ready to welcome you into their ranks. ASU also strongly promotes and encourages mental and physical wellness. By offering state of the art gym technology, experienced therapists and counselors, and student disability clubs and networks, ASU works to ensure that everybody takes a break from their studies to develop themselves as people as well as future innovators. For these reasons, ASU has always been the best choice for myself and other students who strive to make the world a better place.
Helpful advisors, beautiful campus. Smaller than Tempe but still a nice campus. The drawback is the neighborhood surrounding, and the campus is a little empty in the summer. Great variety of class times for those who are taking classes part time while working full time.
I really love Arizona State University's West campus. It is on the smaller side which enhances friendships and learning experience in the classroom. It is well kept up with and has very beautiful scenery. They offer a numerous amount of resources that you can look to if you are in need of assistance. This campus ensures you are safe at all times and strives for the ultimate best! I truly can't think of something they could do differently they pretty much have mastered everything in my eyes. However, if I really had to say one thing that could change it would be something as small as providing more cheap and healthy food choices around campus.
I liked how it's a very diverse school, the professors are very helpful, they make sure you're able to attend the events . They have a variety of clubs and classes.
I love living at Arizona State Univerity- West Campus. There is a sense of unity where you are able to create meaning and strong professional relationships.
I love the campus and the atmosphere of it. The teachers are knowledgeable on the courses they teach and are always wanting their students to learn more.
I love this campus! It's a smaller crowd but still maintains that big university feeling. The faculty are top of their game and I feel extremely lucky to have such great mentors around me all the time
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My experience here is limited but the professors are great and there seem to be plentiful resources to help students succeed and feel like the campus is a second home.
This is my first experience with applying and being accepted to an on-campus University. As a veteran, it can be very confusing. There are plenty of people who wanted to help me get started but often times I received the run around. It is very important to be persistent and follow up throughout the process. Do not be afraid to use your resources! I am a little deterred about parking prices once the semester starts but that can't be helped. I did get a very warm welcome and am otherwise excited to get the school year started.
Nice outdoor campus, with lots of friendly people and staff
One of the best asu campuses, close classes and smaller classes
You get the small college feel with all the big university resources and support
Defiantly the place if you want to focus a bit more on education the the party scene at the main tempe campus
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