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Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus Reviews

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What I absolutely enjoy most about poly campus is the class size. I am able to interact with the professors easier than when I was at Tempe campus and the parking is not ridiculously so far .
ASU Poly is great because you get the benefits of a big university and the benefits of a small campus. Everyone knows each other and we have a tight knit community, plus all the resources at the Tempe campus are a shuttle ride away. There is a lot of nature of campus and a lot of labs to get hands on experience. I love the 3D printers and the algae lab.
Really nice campus! You get the ASU experience on a much smaller scale, which is really nice. There are lots of resources available to students and instructors really care about seeing us succeed.
Review Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus
I take this school online, and it has been a breeze so far, the staff is great and I have never had a problem in the process.
Great small campus, always quiet and peaceful, most of the teachers care for their students, good resources at the students hand.
It has a wonderful Biology program and a great group of students supporting each other. There is a pretty big party scene at Arizona State but it's because of the wonderful athletics that ASU supports. Everyone feels at home and a sense of community. This is also a great area to do things and get involved in many activities.
Great small campus, teachers there are willing to give you the resources to reach your maximum learning.
I really enjoy the Polytechnic Campus, I like the size of the campus, it is small enough that it is easy to get around, and the small class sizes enable you to get to know your teacher and fellow students.
The Polytechnic campus is great for those who want to focus on their studies and not worry about going out or making plans or meeting people. But to those who wish to have the "college experience" and to those who want to make connections or meet people, this is not the place for you. The lack of events clubs and population make for a boring day with mediocre food and a need to do something. This campus can be compared to a ghost town, with a commute to another campus only being 30 minutes, it seems feasible, but the commute ends up being a hassle with getting together making a plan finding a way back and finding a place to go.
I am an online student at ASU. I will be graduating this year and the Information Technology program is a well round program for the IT student. Although on line, most of my professors take the time to help their students if they need help via Skype, Google, or any other video conferencing venue. I wish I was in the main campus since the Polytechnic is fairly good and it is said that they have outstancding facilities for hands on experience as well as work and study to adquire skills in filed before graduation. The staff is very helpful, my advisor promptly responds to my emails and calls me if neccesary to discuss an action plan to finish my degree. The only thing about it is tha the tuition I find it way too high for non-residents. Each credit cost 1,599 dollars! Also the local area in Phoenix, is great but crimes committed by alleged drug cartels are always a concern.
* The campus size is appropriate (not too big or small)
* The class size is about 30 and it seems fitting
* The campus is quiet relative to Tempe known as a party campus
* Plenty of intelligent beings at this campus
* Enjoyable scenery however empty at times
Polytechnic is the quieter suburban campus that while is nice, is dead compared to Tempe. This campus is great for kids who come to college souley for getting a good education, which keep in mind, this is ASU so who really is here for the education?

Regardless, it is very good as the professors are great and the place is good for not having any distractions.
My experience as a first-generation freshman college student was very welcoming. The Polytechnic campus is so diverse and all the staff, students, professors are so friendly and make you feel at home and comfortable. Also the campus is not as big and hectic as the main campus which is the Tempe campus. The Poly. campus is perfect if you want a quiet and less distracting setting so you can study and focus on you're academics.
I love the small class sizes and the big high school atmosphere. I also love the motivation from my peers.
I am currently an online student at the Polytechnic Campus . I have to say that I much prefer this arrangement as transportation is an issue and so would be scheduling. Currently I am enjoying my arrangements as the online resources available do make things manageable.
This campus is the Engineering Campus for Arizona State University. There are about 4000 students in this campus, which is a lot less than Tempe campus, which is why I kind of like this campus more than Tempe campus. The class size on the campus is also smaller compare to Tempe. This campus is about as big as Tempe in land size, but there are more undeveloped area, and ASU is starting to build more building in this campus. So, I expect it to be larger in the future.
There's a reason why Arizona State is one of the best colleges out there and this is my opinion on why. The best thing about Arizona State University is all of the amazing opportunities to better yourself not only as a student preparing for the field they want to work in but as a person as well. There are many chances for you to get help with assignments or be the tutor in a field of your expertise, you can join groups of interest, you can be vocal about the things you find passionate and you can receive tips on what you will encounter in the real world of jobs after college. Arizona State helps you prepare and be realistic about your future endeavors after college. And while you go to school, you have everyone's support because Arizona State operates as a family, a tight unit that will be there when you need help, advice or even a laugh.
Review Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus
I don't quite interfere much in the aspect of extracurricular activities nor spend much time in the campus however; I study in different subjects concerning programming/weight training aside from my major of environmental engineering.
I don't interfere in any sports as I typically just strength train and do my own yoga/HIIT in my own room/gym/nearby mountains. I do wrestling elsewhere.
It is no deifferent than a typically college campus.
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