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Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus Reviews

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I loved the class sizes and the friendliness of the professors. I could tell they were actually concerned about my success.
I didn’t take full courses online but my in person courses utilized online learning quite a bit. The homework and textbooks were online and it was useful and efficient.
I liked the accessibility to the entire campus, it's not too small but not too large. Faculty is available at all times and the professors are very understanding.
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For my fall semester I had all of my classes online. I am a 1st year student and I was on campus for 2 weeks before returning home for online classes. While I was there I enjoyed everything the campus offered, including the housing faculty and the the dining hall.
Transitioning to online was difficult for some teachers, but for the most part, my professors engaged well with the students while teaching the coursework. I would recommend online classes.
Polytechnic is my preferred campus because all of the teachers I have had there have been fantastic. The campus is not nearly as big as some of the others, but it is a charming and quiet place to focus on your schoolwork.
I like that the campus is not as crowed and busy like the Tempe main campus, plus it is close by my work. I would like to see them add more classes there, since I run into the problem of having to go to the main campus for certain classes.
I do take some classes online that dont require much focus like a math class would. Online classes are good for me to fit into my busy schedule.
ASU-Poly campus may be small but everyone is bound to succeed due to individuals being more connected with those in the same major as them !
Good teachers, but the physical school itself is shitty. The dining hall has almost no food, and the school won’t fix things in the residence halls for months such as washers and dryers. Sometimes they just use duct tape on things they shouldn’t like pipes too. They let students live in a hall they knew had asbestos for years and didn’t consider it a safety hazard when the heater emitted stuff that made students cough. Almost no social life here either. There’s nothing to do in the surrounding area even with a car.
This is a tight knit community that is always willing to help. Professors, advisors and administrators are always willing to help you out when you have questions.
Being on the Polytechnic campus has been great because of the hands-on courses available. Professors and other faculty have been very helpful with academics.
I love the campus, it's very easy to get where you need to go, and all of the staff and faculty are very friendly. The campus is very clean, and so are the dorms. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities and there is something for everyone. The landscaping and appearance of the campus are very aesthetically pleasing and it's definitely an inviting environment.
The campus itself is in a more remote area; therefore, random strangers off the street can't just walk onto campus. I do wish that parking for students was validated.
Really enjoy this campus. It is normally very quiet except in between classes. Professors are really good and enjoy teaching here. There are a surprising number of clubs considering the campus size which is nice. Overall, would recommend this campus if you're looking for a different college experience.
The polytechnic campus is the best campus to study and stay focuses in school. Since the classes are smaller, professors give more attention to students and teach better than professors on other campus where they have big classes.
Arizona State University's Online course has made it possible for me to obtain my degree as a working professional. While I enjoy the courses, it can be challenging when professor's don't respond in a timely fashion during the courses.
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ASU polytechnic is a very good college campus with a quiet focused atmosphere. The professors and staff are great and are very academic focused. The campus has every service you need and is in a good location. The scenery is nice. Parking and tuition are way to expensive. There is not many options on campus for food so you have to go off campus to find something to eat unlike Tempe or Phoenix.
It is a smaller campus compared to Tempe, but you can still get that college experience if you choose to. ASU has lots of different clubs and organizations across all four campuses and Poly has a lot to get involved in. There are on-campus jobs that can help you financially. The professional staff are very friendly and help you grow as an adult. The professors at the Polytechnic campus always try to improve and help the students they are teaching. ASU is also very diverse and I love learning about new things!
its a very small campus, its a good campus if you just trying to focus on school work and not want to have fun
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