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Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus Reviews

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The campus is gorgeous, the teachers are excellent, and there is a great spirit of innovation and learning.
Education wise, the polytechnic campus was very good; socially not so well creating a unbalanced lifestyle.
I am currently in my second year at the campus and I intend to finish my bachelor's degree here. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quiet place to live, but still have access to a large campus.
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Everyone on campus, from teachers to the students in the bookstore are very helpful. They all want you to succeed and will help anyway they can.
Being at ASU Polytechnic campus has been one of the greatest experiences I have had. I am an engineering major and this campus has given me the ability to truly feel like an engineer. Professors are constantly teaching me more and giving me the tools to become a better engineer. The campus is also decent in size- nor too big or too small. There is a great sense of safety and comfort on the campus and makes college an enjoyable experience!
What I like about ASU Polytechnic is there campus is really neat even though it isn't big it is really nice and easy to get around. Something else that I like about ASU is that he people that work there are really nice and even though you are not an ASU student they still help you with any questions that you have.
I love the classes that I have taken so far and am enjoying the facilities provided for students. I have honestly found my attendance at ASU to be the best time of my life and being on my way to a successful career feels like the cherry on top. There are a wide variety of options to pass the time and I find the students and staff I have met on campus to be all around good people.
I transfered to this college from Las Vegas University, that was a small college for sure - however this one is horrendously small. There are hardly any students and the students that are there are way to involved in their work - which is great don't get me wrong! However, sometimes you just want a friend, not someone to talk business with.
Polytechnic campus is a purely STEM campus unlike the Tempe campus. It boasts great academics, courses, and professors who've had experience in industry. This is great, one thing that isn't so good about campus life is lacking. It isn't a traditional campus style of living and the party life is not what you'd expect, although college is more for the knowledge and experience. It's just a fact those are the only aspects lacking really. The campus itself has a variety of resources for projects such as 3D printers, laser engravers, CNC machines, mechanic shops, and engineering workshops. A great campus to learn engineering but not a great campus for clubs, traditional campus life, and partying. Luckily, Tempe is just a quick shuttle ride away to sate one's appetite for clubs.
Great campus for STEM programs, small class sizes and extremely helpful professors. Lots of housing options on campus but still a small campus.
It's nice building and big. It has calmer than another university. The parking lot is kind of adequate. It's safe
The Polytech campus is wonderful. I enjoy seeing wildlife in between classes and it makes me feel like I'm somewhere other than school. The teachers are great, and its actually kinda nice having the same teacher for multiple topics sometimes. I wish I could say nice things about ASU's financial aid, but there's nothing. They are constantly changing how you have to do things and they don't care to help you at all. "Sorry, that's just how it is".
I really like how there was a wide variety of clubs to join. At my other college there weren’t many at all and coming to ASU allowed me to join one of my favorite clubs Chi Alpha. The one thing I would like to see change is housing, when I got there the house they assigned me had someone living in it already.
Small classes, every professor is very approachable, all education buildings are Lead certified Silver or better.
I love that the Polytechnic Campus is smaller in size as compared to the main ASU hub in Tempe. Even though I love the city, I'm used to living in a small town. I received my Associate's degree from the Yavapai College campus of Cottonwood, AZ. This campus is small just like the ASU Polytechnic campus. I like being able to walk around this specific ASU campus without becoming claustrophobic by thousands of other students living their campus lives.
It is a very calm campus and it is small so you do not feel overwhelmed by a lot of unfamiliar people. There are not very many bikers everyone skateboards or long boards and so there's less chance of getting run over.
I am 17 years old and currently a sophomore. So far, the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus has been a positive experience. Most classes haven't been too stressful, and there are plenty of great professors.
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The small campus size allows for better relationships with professors and student to help further the foster future careers in their professions. There are a lot of internship opportunities that are easy to apply for as well as easy part-time jobs.
This campus is absolutely beautiful. Smaller class sizes ensure your professors are involved, and help make learning easier. The community is strong and there is plenty to do around!
What I absolutely enjoy most about poly campus is the class size. I am able to interact with the professors easier than when I was at Tempe campus and the parking is not ridiculously so far .
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