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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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I like the small community you build and the professors are great! I have had an amazing time making new friends and getting help from them with my academics. I have always been able to find someone in my dorm to help me with homework through our Facebook page. My professors have all been helpful and understanding and do everything in their power to help me with concepts I don't necessarily understand.
I love this campus and this school! All my professors have been great and the class sizes are small. The dorms are nice and clean and we have 24/7 security. The dining hall is small but its sufficient. The campus small and classrooms are easy to find.
I love the small campus here in Phoenix. It is quite immersed in the big city yet the campus itself is not overwhelming. The professors are incredibly supportive and helpful. I feel like I am receiving an excellent education here.
The only thing I would change is to have a more accessible parking area for students.
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I Love ASU at Downtown Phoenix. It is so vibrant and is bursting with energy. Many people and students going through the same thing as you. Together we are a community.
I love the intimate experience that I've had downtown. The campus is small, meaning smaller class sizes, less students in the dorm, and easy walking distance to classes. The academics are challenging, yet rewarding. Here, professors are genuinely interested in their own field and care about making a difference in the students' learning from day to day. The relationships I have built over simply the past semester are unbreakable. I have full faith that a good portion of the people I have met here so far will be in my future for a long time. Overall, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Everything about this place is my dream. With the best honors college in the nation and a great journalism school, this place is perfect for me as a prospective sports journalist.
I love that it is downtown and has good public transport options. The buildings are amazing and super high-tech. There is a Starbucks which is great but more food options would be nice. There are quite a few homeless people around which isn't a problem because they're homeless but there is quite a lot of mental illness issues, campus security seems to move them on. Overall I'm happy with the campus, it is not as fun as Tempe but it is a lovely place to study
It's average. I think ASU Downtown represents the average American public college. The enrollment is enormous, so all of the professors are overwhelmed with hundreds of students.
I like pretty much everything, the buildings are nice (including the dorms), the food is decent and the people are great too. I don't like the amount of security, like it just gets annoying but it's also good with all the homeless people around and everything, it just becomes a pain having to scan your ID so many times just to get into the elevator.
The vibe of downtown is really neat, but it definitely misses the "college feel". Maybe if there were more campus events, just comparing to Tempe it is really different.
The Downtown Phoenix Campus is a smaller facet of Arizona State University, offering several general ed courses as well as those concerning journalism/media/nursing/law. The courses are taught by professors who challenge students and often keep to relevant assignments and lessons. Professors serve as a good source for students in need of help and are usually available. Relevance begins to lack when it comes to materials--more often than not "required" materials, which tend to cost quite a bit, are used far too sparingly within the semester to merit such emphasis.

An interesting facet concerning ASU's downtown campus is certainly its location. On the surface, it is placed in the midst of Phoenix, but the locations nearby are actually quite relevant to the the majors of interest designed for the schools there (for example, ASU's Cronkite School of Journalism is nearby major metropolitan news organizations). It is a nice way to immerse students that takes them beyond the classrooms.
Overall the downtown campus is wonderful! The environment is great and the instructors are helpful. The only real issue is getting from building to building and finding time efficient parking. Downtown Phoenix provides a very urban atmosphere and therefore is very pedestrian and bike rider friendly.
I recently started school at ASU in the Downtown Phoenix Campus and have greatly enjoyed my time here. From day one I felt welcomed and that I belonged to this school. The buildings are brand new with many accommodating spaces to study and relax. The professors are also very caring and willing to help students.
A few things I like are the location of this campus, and for the most part the instructors make themselves available (office hours for ex) to go over any questions you have about the material. Sometimes some instructors can seem a little unorganized at times, so you kind of have to push to get what you need from those few.
I feel that when the classes are really big (150+) the professors do not really care about the academic success of their students as much.
Arizona State University is an excellent school with strong academics and a warm, welcoming community. I chose to attend ASU because despite its high rankings and state-of-the-art facilities, all of its campuses are filled with cheerful, friendly, down-to-earth people who know what really matters: integrity, kindness and getting the job done. ASU offers the benefits of an excellent academic environment while sparing students from the arrogant and stuffy attitude so many Ivy League alma maters offer.

ASU is a truly fun school to attend. Its cafeterias are fantastic, the campuses are clean, and there is always something fun going on, no matter which campus you're at. If you're an in-state student, this school offers an awesome bang for your buck.
There are many resources and staff that offer much help. No one feels alone and it's educational system is amazing allowing us be prepared for our future.
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ASU downtown is an amazing campus. Everyone is nice and helpful. There are a lot of restaurants around. There professors are also every experienced and are great!
I love this campus because everything is 5-10 minutes away. Classes are small so you get 1 on 1 with your teachers. Food is great around this campus. There is a lot of healthy options!
ASU Downtown is a widely diverse campus, with fun loving and caring teachers. Most, if not all, the teachers on the downtown campus are well rounded and have much experience in the fields they are teaching. The atmosphere itself is very safe and the campus itself if new. The campus is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, and so it offers a wide variety of activities to do. Yes, the party scene here may not be the most exciting, but with the Tempe campus only a 30 minute shuttle ride away, getting your party fix won't be too hard.
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