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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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With current situation with Covid-19, ASU has offered many opportunity to explore ASU on a virtual platform. I've learned many important details of how ASU works!
Really excited to start my college years at ASU located on Downtown Phoenix Campus. I got accepted just recently and I'm on the prowl to apply for many scholarships to make my success a reality.
ASU online has been good throughout the pandemic. Inevitably, some courses have been more challenging than ideal.
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My experience at Arizona State University has been good. Everyone on campus is very friendly. I have found great friends at the ASU Newman Center. I overall enjoy being on campus and look forward to going there every day.
I cannot complain. Considering the professors had less than a week to convert their entire lifestyle and teaching plan to an online curriculum, I am very impressed. That said, it is noticeably harder to connect to professors on a personal level, as well as discussing coursework. It is also harder to find motivation to care about the classes, although I do not necessarily blame the professors for that.
Overall, I had a very good experience at Downtown Phoenix. I found the size of the campus a good size, as it was all within walking distance, and public transportation was always available. It was easy to connect with professors and people within my major. That said, as most clubs and major events at ASU happen to be in Tempe, transportation is needed to attend any college-related extracurriculars. Due to this, the campus is usually quiet and peaceful, with a very eclectic lifestyle.
The pandemic, however, has changed many things regarding campus life. ASU as a whole did not handle the pandemic well, especially for us nursing majors. A lack of things to do as well as a lack of in-person classes, and implemented social distancing on an already-small campus has led to a somewhat lonely, cramped environment for students. This is a very new development though.
Taking classes online was not a hard entity for me to transition into. Before the virus impeded, I had already been taking an ICourse and planned for another one the next quarter. ICourse's are not intimidating and I highly suggest taking them for general education classes. Some of my classes, like my honors human event, was very difficult to adapt to a technology-based setting. This class is a Socratic seminar where students talk about the reading material they had to consume before class. I noticed half the students distracted, and have been on full alert. This semester, I choose to attend the majority of my classes in-person because that is the best learning style for me. There are sometimes only three of us in class, but I want to take advantage of this space and opportunity in case it is taken away again.
What I like about Arizona State Univerisity is the diversity among the programs and the students. I am constantly meeting new students of different backgrounds and learning of majors I did not know even existed. I am not stationed at the main campus, Tempe, but instead Downtown. When I heard I had to live where my major is, I was very upset because Tempe is where one wants to be to receive the full college experience. However, Downtown has benefited me in ways Tempe never could have. The campus downtown is in the city and in the middle of all the action. When I walk one street over or pass the law school every day, it reminds me of the real-world and not the college-world. This motivates me to continue my academics and hopes to one day be apart of the community and influence a curious student like me, like the strangers are today.
ASU is great I love how the tempe library operates on a 24hr schedule. I had many late night study days there, which were needed. Downtown campus does not have that i believe they close at midnight. But to have that space available is so great. The campus is great I hate how expensive parking on each campus. The culture is great overall.
Im not an online learner, I am easily distracted. I didnt have the greatest experience. I did my best and completed my work but i recommend in person.
Having classes online is good but it is also good to know i can still go to class to get my learning in a physical manner.
As a incoming freshman, So far college life has been a new eye opener. It has been a good experience so far with all the help I need to get adjusted.
Online learning has been a difficult transition but many teachers have been understanding and willing to adapt and listen to their students concerns
I love the Downtown Phoenix campus of ASU it is absolutely gorgeous and I love that it's smaller than Tempe and has a much tighter knit community and everyone is so kind
Great campus , loved the scenery that the location had to Offer. Another bonus is that their are many eatery areas around and on campus , so its never hard finding a place to eat. Also the teachers were great and very helpful, every class I took through downtown campus were highly organized . I rate my overall experience four stars because, I wish my programmed required a class to help us prepare for medical school, personal statement, application etc.
Other than that the experience was great and very pleasant.
My online experience has been very minimum because I prefer in person classes. However, the classes that I have taken online were highly organized and structure. Majority of the time my online classes were a move at your own pace, so if you are a procrastinator it may be hard. Also , classes were very easy, teachers/ TA responded very quickly, and all test were online open book.
Overall a great experience, best advice would be to communicate with your professor at all times, no questions are dumb and ALWAYS READ YOUR SYLLABUS. Follow those simple steps , and your semester should be great!
professors arent food with helping. classes are not structured well. very boring. very hard. i just would not recommendz
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I like having my major close to all the companies that i could possibly work for. other than that, its not diverse and downtown is not safe at all.
I feel like the online courses were not for me. The way some professors handled the workload on top of giving lectures were not the best. It's very easy to get lost in the directions when looking at the assignment, especially when they are not properly stated. Even though asking for help may seem like the right answer, even then I was answered with a question to my question so that was very intimidation. I definitely do not recommend any online classes if you're more of a hands-on/in-person type of learner like I am.
Honestly, I really liked the feel of the Downtown campus. It wasn't too crowded with people, nor was it too dead where there were no students. The students and admin are super diverse. The buildings are pretty subtle, I love the individual study rooms and the staff can be pretty nice.
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