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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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The support you receive from the ASU staff is invaluable. I feel so supported and taken care of by the coaches, professors and aides!
I love how the campus is small so I get to interact with everyone and the professors are always available. They also have 24/7 tutoring and everyone wants to see you succeed.
They do not have very many clubs so I did not find one that I want to join. They do have good communication and orientations are very useful. The location is nice and I like how there are not a ton of students.
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The thing I love about my university is everyone is so friendly and helpful here. The teachers provide a lot of flexible hours and as always willing to sit down and help me. Also, my school has a lot of different clubs and opportunities. They have many speeches that I attend to after classes. The speeches teach me many different life things. Lately, my school is downtown so at night, it is so beautiful. The security is great too. I feel safe here knowing that this is my first time aways from my parents house. There is nothing I would like to change bout my school. All in all, Arizona State University is a great place to be.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at ASU, and I feel as if it prepared me to go straight into a career or continue my education. My professors at ASU were especially helpful in guiding me to be prepared for my future. I took many classes, all which were extremely interesting, however, as a science major I enjoyed science classes the most. The labs were very fun and educational as well.
Overall it was challenging, in a good and bad way. Positively challenging me in an educational setting and negatively challenging me in a financial aspect. The college campuses (Tempe, Downtown, West, & Polytechnic) are very nice and unique from each other.
The downtown campus of ASU is very small. Though everyone there is very kind, it is still hard to make friends and build community. However, the education is great. You are given many resources and your advisers are ready to help you with anything. Each faculty of the Journalism school offers a unique resume and teach amazingly.
After transferring from University of Arizona to Arizona State University, I have seen such a difference in the feel and "vibe" of how the school interacts with their students and how their students interact with others. ASU was more open to talk and also have fun as on the other hand UA from my perspective was figure it all out on your own.
I loved attending the downtown phoenix campus. The experience is one I will never forget. The culture of downtown makes the downtown campus so different than all the rest.
Academics are amazing, but the teachers are not always so great. Safety is top notch, but there are situations where safety is in potential danger. However, security handles it very well and quick. The people and security guards are kind. Dining hall only has good food during orientation.
Overall, I think Arizona State University is a good school, however, I have had frustrations with professors. Some of my professors are not the best at teaching and do not really listen to the students concerns. A fair amount of them only know how to teach through death by powerpoint methods. My favorite class this semester is taught by a spunky, upbeat woman who teaches differently than my other professors. She knows how to listen to us and explain the constructs in the class well. She also realizes that sometimes her test questions are not always the best. Thus she is willing to be lenient on our answers when she has written a bad test question. I have taken classes on both Tempe and Downtown Phoenix and I enjoy both campuses fairly well. Downtown Phoenix tends to have smaller classes.
I love the campus in Downtown Phoenix. It is in the middle of the city and has a lot of local shops and restaurants around. The campus isn't too big so it helps me get from home to school and to work. I like how they make it easy for students to find on-campus student jobs. I work on-campus and my work is very flexible with my available hours due to school and homework.
I am an incoming freshman from out of state. I recently was on the Downtown campus visiting and my experience was amazing. My group leaders were insightful and full of energy. They showed me around the campus and talked in depth about academics, and academic tutors that are available to help their students. Overall I felt very safe and secure visiting this campus, with all there automatically locking doors and 24/7 security staff.
Going on my 2nd semester @ ASU downtown campus and it's been amazing! The classes are small and everything is walking distance to class. The only thing I would like to see is more parking.
I like the small community you build and the professors are great! I have had an amazing time making new friends and getting help from them with my academics. I have always been able to find someone in my dorm to help me with homework through our Facebook page. My professors have all been helpful and understanding and do everything in their power to help me with concepts I don't necessarily understand.
I love this campus and this school! All my professors have been great and the class sizes are small. The dorms are nice and clean and we have 24/7 security. The dining hall is small but its sufficient. The campus small and classrooms are easy to find.
I love the small campus here in Phoenix. It is quite immersed in the big city yet the campus itself is not overwhelming. The professors are incredibly supportive and helpful. I feel like I am receiving an excellent education here.
The only thing I would change is to have a more accessible parking area for students.
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I Love ASU at Downtown Phoenix. It is so vibrant and is bursting with energy. Many people and students going through the same thing as you. Together we are a community.
I love the intimate experience that I've had downtown. The campus is small, meaning smaller class sizes, less students in the dorm, and easy walking distance to classes. The academics are challenging, yet rewarding. Here, professors are genuinely interested in their own field and care about making a difference in the students' learning from day to day. The relationships I have built over simply the past semester are unbreakable. I have full faith that a good portion of the people I have met here so far will be in my future for a long time. Overall, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Everything about this place is my dream. With the best honors college in the nation and a great journalism school, this place is perfect for me as a prospective sports journalist.
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