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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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The campus is small which is convenient because of the short distance to classes. There is only one dormitory on campus, since ASU guarantees housing for all freshmen, they have many students without dorms. There are 35 students living in a hotel instead of dorms. I wasn’t informed about living in the Hampton until three days before moved in. Living in the hotel has been very unfortunate because of the lack of exposure to other students. This living situation has made it very difficult for me and the other students in the hotel to make friends and meet new people. It is right in the middle of phoenix, there is nothing separating the campus from the city. There are homeless people walking all around campus every single day. I feel unsafe going to my classes, the dining hall, and even the gym. ASU only offer escort services on the Tempe campus. Almost every single night I receive an alert about someone on campus with a gun or a knife, which threatens the safety of all students.
The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications is very well connected in the journalism community and it offers many different internships/professional programs in order for you to gather experience in the field. The building itself offers many free amenities, which include: printing, classroom use, computer use, and equipment that could be used for podcasts/shows. The dorms are very nice but the dining hall could use work.
Professors at the Cronkite School are great for the most part. Campus is fairly small and quiet, and the area is very career oriented in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Shuttles to and from other campuses make transportation easy. The dorms last year were fairly nice. Each dorm had a shared private restroom and some even had private bedrooms. Only complaints is the amount of crime prominent on campus. Campus does have a large homeless population in the area, making some areas less safe than others. There are systems in place though to notify students about crime occurring on campus and even apps to alert on-campus police about possible issues.
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I attended a summer program at ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. The staff and facilities are all excellent. The downtown environment is fun and interesting. It is a very manageable campus and offers a variety of majors. It is also near many sports and entertainment venues. The best of both worlds. Smaller campus life with the benefits and perks of living in a city.
A diverse school with outstanding professors and programs. Excellent internships with many big name companies.
i love how friendly the staff are and the people there! Everyone welcomes you with a great smile and cool stories. People are there for you whether you are struggling with classes or just need someone to speak to. No one there want to see you struggle, someone always finds a way of helping you. There are success coaches there to also help and guide you in the right direction. The professors are so helpful whether it is trying to find an intern or a job or even getting a A in thier class.
ASU - Downtown campus is an excellent campus. Everyone feels welcomed and most importantly safe! Even though the campus is in Downtown Phoenix it is safe for all students. Education is tremendously great. All the other ASU campuses are great too. Very diverse!
I liked the campus and the environment around me. it was a very welcoming and had a lot of various people. When I went to visit the school with my class, the tour guide was very helpful and told us interesting facts on the school and what they provide. They answered all of our questions that we needed and made the experience good overall.
The campus gives off great vibes. When I toured I fell in love with everything about ASU. I highly recommend touring the school. There is so much to do there. ASU also gives lots of opportunities to freshman that makes them feel like you're at home. I have heard nothing but good things about ASU and can't wait to attend there.
Downtown Campus is very easy to navigate and it is not as crowded as the Tempe location. More Parking would probably make it better.
Parking would be a great needed change as it’s a hindering problem for current commuters. Academics are impacted due to difficulty parking. More spaces are needed and closer spaces are needed. Lastly pricing needs to be more reasonable.
I'm transferring to ASU this semester, but so my experience with them has been great. They really care about you and want to work with you to help you succeed.
Although I am an upcoming freshman, I know this campus is great for me. Smaller than the main Tempe campus, this school focuses on gaining professionalism. Located in the center of the fifth largest city in the United States, Downtown promotes students to take internships located near by. Furthermore, you are still part of the entire ASU system. If the West campus has a class on dinosaurs and the Downtown doesn't, you can take a free shuttle ride over to West to take it. The only downside I can see would be feeling distant from the sporting events regardless of the free shuttle rides as well as the smaller campus size.
I would say its fairly good and I enjoyed being there, I would change nothing as I have enjoyed what has been given to me.
Downtown is perfect if you don't like the atmosphere of having a bigger campus. You still feel like a "college student". You have businesses around that help you be able to get new experiences and try new things, and slot of things are within walking distance so it's prefect if you don't have a car or have money to spend on ride sharing apps.
Arizona State University is my dream school to go to as far improvements is that ASU can making dorm rooms a bit cheaper as for that i rate it as a excellent school all around from diversity all the way to the sports programs
I love the atmosphere of this school because everyone is so friendly and the teachers want to help students succeed. I would like to see some of the technical problems like class schedules improve.
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Arizona State University was one of the best decisions. It is a really positive environment! So far, the professors I have had are great.
Nice little campus. Only issue is that it is downtown so its a bit dirty and there is some homeless people around. The On-Campus food is alright.
I like the small campus feel in the middle of a big city. It's also really nice that this campus is right around the corner from news stations and even law offices, giving the students hands on experience.
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