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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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Loved being part of ASU! My academic counselor is amazing, he did everything he could to make sure I had the best experience as he helped me prepare my schedule for next semester. I have made so many good friends, and unforgettable friendships that I will always take with me. My professors are always there to help me when ever I had a question. Just love everything about being part of the ASU family.
A patient enters a hospital after hitting her head in a car accident. She is diagnosed with a fractured skull but has other symptoms that show she is suffering from brain damage. What technology should be used to confirm this diagnosis? Ct scan, majority of the non invasive tests can be used.
I love it! You get a Downtown kind of vibe and school vibe. Pretty awesome. Faculty and staff are very nice and helpful.
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Campus is not too big so it is easy to get around the campus. Buildings are nice and have multiple study areas.
The teachers are really great. There are a lot of great programs at this campus. I wish some of the university's advisors were more helpful.
The Downtown Campus at Arizona State allows for students to get a small campus feel while still being apart of something bigger. The professors are all super involved and helpful because, in most major-related courses, there are only about 20/30 students in a class. The campus is located only a few blocks from Chase Field and Talking Stick Area, which is great if you love sports. It is also only a short light rail ride to Tempe!
At Downtown ASU, you get the opportunity to experience a fast paced, business filled world. There are various majors to accompany to thousands of different people, going anywhere from journalism to criminal justice. The hands-on practice you get there is unmatched. I am in the journalism program and they have their own news broadcast!
I love the smaller size compared to the Tempe campus, the teachers are extremely knowledgeable about their subject matter, and I've felt comfortable and at home since I enrolled at ASU.
The professors on this campus do a really good job of getting to know their students and working with them. The area around campus is a little more on the sketchy side. Many students commute to this campus, so you find that there isn't a close knit community on the campus. The one thing lacking from this campus is the student interaction with one another, but that is difficult to create when it is known as the commuter campus. Academics and professors are exceptional compared to the Tempe campus, most likely as a result of smaller class sizes.
I love the ASU downtown campus. I enjoy being in downtown Phoenix, I like that the campus and classes are smaller, and it feels like a more mature, friendlier student and faculty population. It's also the most diverse ASU campus. A large percentage of the students are studying social services, as well as journalism, law, and health.
Arizona State University has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. They set up many events so students have the opportunity to engage with one another. Along with working for ASU as well, its really fun to set up for events and movie nights!
I love the professional environment. It seems like everyone's main focus is school and getting a degree which is nice. There is so much downtown culture to explore around campus which I absolutely love. There are not as many majors downtown as the main campus in Tempe so there is not nearly as many students which is nice for crowdedness purposes. Classes are small and professors can better cater to each and every student because of it. The student body is very diverse and you are able to meet so many different people from very different backgrounds and upbringings. Overall, it has been a great experience.
If you are a student at the downtown campus, do not expect anything your admission counselor promised you to be true. My entire cohort in nursing were told we'd have morning classes, but administrators overbooked all the classrooms. Despite paying $3000+ more in tuition to other majors, the nursing students had to come into a dark downtown area every Friday for classes that could have been online. Students had multiple meetings with deans/administrators/faculty and were completely shut down and dismissed despite being assured their opinions matter. Some teacher in my program are fantastic, but some are absolutely terrible. The school is aware of this through student reviews, but don't make any changes. Why offer the reviews then? Overall, this school has really poor organization for my specific major, and also charges an arm and a leg extra for not amazing teachers or facilities.

Overall, ASU's housing is overpriced but the environment is pretty fun in dorms.
I love that ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus is located near Cityscape ! It gives students the opportunity to get away from academics and enjoy the Phoenix area.
For incoming freshmen, the dorms are a good size. Just big enough to offer personal space while at the same time being intimate enough to be close to your new roommate. Though one thing I will say is to be cautious of space as it is not vast. The food in the dorms is alright from my experience. If you are an incoming vegan rest assured they have good options for you, but I have heard things from my friends living there with me that the food quality wax and wanes from time to time. Another thing I will say is that we have had some problems with the surrounding homeless population lately. The campus is small enough so that you will never be too far away from anyone at any given time. But if you want to do partying the best place to do so is Tempe by far, so be prepared to drive a bit to get to the big ones. We do have one thing beat in the Tempe department and that is the surrounding area. We have both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Suns teams. So rarely are with without entertainment.
ASU is such a large school that uis spread out throught the beautiful state of Arizona, but the down town campus is at the center of it all. the down town campus is located in the city of phoenix, which happens to be the states capital. the down town campus only has several building so the walk isn't strenuous. upon first glance the large building may seem terrifying but one will quickly realize how proximal everything is. the down town campus provides a city view and also life. being the center of Arizona many attractions are located near it, such as the baseball stadium. Downtown is such an unbelievable setting, is a unique and thrilling.
I loved going to school downtown. I am a east valley girl from birth, I never venture further west than the 101, so this was a whole new experience for me. I loved the freeing feeling of having to walk from my car parked on one side of the city to the other for my classes. I never felt unsafe or uneasy about any of it, either! The campus is a little spread out, but that was half of the fun!
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The campus is clean. There are campus police there for you for your safety. The professors are open and available whenever you need them. I was in the dorms my freshman year and they are really nice. The food was ok but with my plan I was able to use dollars at places on campus such as Chick Fa La, Subway and Starbucks. The gym is really nice and was open at good times. It is hot in Phoenix so beware. The class size is small enough that you connect with your professors. Great school and looking forward to my 2nd year
The support you receive from the ASU staff is invaluable. I feel so supported and taken care of by the coaches, professors and aides!
I love how the campus is small so I get to interact with everyone and the professors are always available. They also have 24/7 tutoring and everyone wants to see you succeed.
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