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Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus Reviews

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I feel that when the classes are really big (150+) the professors do not really care about the academic success of their students as much.
Arizona State University is an excellent school with strong academics and a warm, welcoming community. I chose to attend ASU because despite its high rankings and state-of-the-art facilities, all of its campuses are filled with cheerful, friendly, down-to-earth people who know what really matters: integrity, kindness and getting the job done. ASU offers the benefits of an excellent academic environment while sparing students from the arrogant and stuffy attitude so many Ivy League alma maters offer.

ASU is a truly fun school to attend. Its cafeterias are fantastic, the campuses are clean, and there is always something fun going on, no matter which campus you're at. If you're an in-state student, this school offers an awesome bang for your buck.
There are many resources and staff that offer much help. No one feels alone and it's educational system is amazing allowing us be prepared for our future.
Review Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus
ASU downtown is an amazing campus. Everyone is nice and helpful. There are a lot of restaurants around. There professors are also every experienced and are great!
I love this campus because everything is 5-10 minutes away. Classes are small so you get 1 on 1 with your teachers. Food is great around this campus. There is a lot of healthy options!
ASU Downtown is a widely diverse campus, with fun loving and caring teachers. Most, if not all, the teachers on the downtown campus are well rounded and have much experience in the fields they are teaching. The atmosphere itself is very safe and the campus itself if new. The campus is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, and so it offers a wide variety of activities to do. Yes, the party scene here may not be the most exciting, but with the Tempe campus only a 30 minute shuttle ride away, getting your party fix won't be too hard.
The campus is very nice and is in Downtown Phoenix, so there are many good places such as restaurants and coffee stores. All the professors are very nice and care about their student.
The downtown campus does not have the college atmosphere as the Tempe campus does. The academics is great and professors are fine, it just doesn't seem like you are in college!
ASU downtown campus has great professors that are incredibly knowledgeable in their field. The campus is in the heart of downtown where there is plenty to do before or after class, and there are countless coffee shops where you can sit and finish homework assignments. My only complaint about ASU downtown campus is the lack of parking area for students. I really wish there were more lots for students to park that are closer to campus buildings. I enjoy walking, and it is a great form of exercise, however, I do not enjoy arriving to my afternoon class dripping with sweat and stinking up the classroom. I think more students would attend if the parking situation was more bearable.
I loved being a student at the Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus. I enjoyed attending this campus because it is smaller and more compact. Because of this it's very easy to meet people and make new friends and connections. Since the campus is downtown it is also by some great cafes and coffee shops to study at or get work done.
I love the Downtown Phoenix campus. Tempe can be a bit intimidating for incoming freshmen, but DTPHX offers a smaller, more inclusive atmosphere with fewer people and a closer-knit community, in my opinion. I would definitely recommend it for someone who doesn't want to feel overwhelmed by Tempe's size but also wants to be able to meet people and interact with them around the city.
Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix Campus has played an integral role in my overall intellectual development. The professors are dedicated and passionate about the content they disseminate to students, there's a plethora of resources available to students (financing, advising, tutoring, career development, internships, disability services etc.), the campus is inviting, and the surrounding vicinity is growing exponentially, which also offering a vast array of opportunities and services to students and/or recent graduates. These aforesaid components are just a few of the reasons why ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus is a remarkable institution to achieve higher education.
I love this campus, I do not think I can have any sort of complaints towards it. At the end of the day, I'm getting an education and pursuing my future goals, so I'm blessed. I really love the size of the campus, very small so it is easy to navigate yourself and find your classes. The fact that it's in Downtown, my favorite spot in Phoenix, gives it a very lively and hip feel, lots of great food, art, and culture. Classes are usually small so there is more one on one communication with professors, something that is undoubtedly beneficial. All in all, I can say the ASU Downtown Campus can be the right pick for everyone.
Downtown Phoenix campus is a great transition into the college life. It is a small campus with all of your classes close by. Night life and sports events are all in Tempe so you spend a lot of money on transportation either because the shuttle has stopped running or you're not comfortable taking the light rail with the people that are on it at night, so you opt for Uber or Lyft.
It's a very close community at the Downtown Campus. Smaller classes allow for more personal relationships with the professors which strengthens the learning environment. Great people down here that are always looking for a friend or there to help you if you need assistance.
I am a Community Health student at ASU and I can proudly say that I love my school and enjoy being a Sun Devil. However, I feel like coming to ASU is the best choice that i have made in choosing colleges. Very diverse and full of culture, Arizona State University really is #1 in Innovation
I like the convenience of the classes. Everything is centralized and I don't have to walk too far in the heat to get to any particular building.
What I would like to see changed is possibly less people begging from students focused on getting a degree.
Review Arizona State University - Downtown Phoenix Campus
I am currently in the Nursing Program at the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus. I am in the year-round program in my summer semester. I would recommend to any prospective year-round nursing applicant to do plenty of homework regarding this campus and it's program. This ASU campus does not make things easy for prospective year-round nursing applicants. Summer semester classes are not made available until 3 weeks before your start date. Parking permits are not able to be purchased for the summer semester through ASU. Meal plans are required for ASU dorming students, but cannot be purchased during the summer semester even if you are a dorming student (which makes no sense). My advice for prospective students is consider monthly parking permits via nearby garages that offer them, buying M&G dollars for the summer semester for eating, and dorming at the campus in general. I'm currently living off-campus because it's cheaper, but more of a hassle for this particular program.
The Downtown campus is a good place to get adjusted to the college lifestyle, but it doesn't offer as many social opportunities as the Tempe campus. It's inconvenient to attend club meetings and go to sporting events because everything is on the Tempe campus. The academics are good, and the professors care about how well their students do. Generally, the class sizes are pretty small (it depends on your major). The dorms are fairly new and have private bathrooms for each room, but the food isn't good and the guest sign-in policy is annoying.
The campus is very active and there are always people around. It is easy to access lots of different places in a short amount of time. The teachers are great and the class sizes are manageable.
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