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Arizona State University - West Campus Reviews

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I enjoyed the small, manageable class sizes, easy to navigate campus, and personable teachers. This college is perfect for someone who is not into the party scene and would prefer to just attend classes and finish their education.
I would like to see more classes offered every semester instead of only being offered for certain semesters.
I loved the campus and the sports facilities. I wouldn't like to see anything change. I love the small campus and I love the fact that you don't have to walk 15-20 minutes just to get to your next class.
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The initial response to such a vast intersystem of resources, and facilities is quite overwhelming, I suggest coming to check out the campus at least twice before making your decision. Only because there is so much to navigate, and learn to utilize you may need to write a list of places to go, before attending orientations; you may get swept up in the enormity of the campuses, and forget what you really would like to seek out. The college overall is a friendlier place than most. They even offer some cleaning and laundry services for on-campus students, and a wide array of activities (over 1,000 orgs/clubs) just in the end of 2016. A great place of fostering innovative ideas, and utilizing resources to make those ideas a reality.
The campus is not nearly as lively as the main campus but its dorms are far nicer. As well it feels a lot safer than the main campus seeing as it is much smaller.
Gorgeous campus. Peaceful and quiet, unlike Tempe. Very clean and beautifully landscaped campus. The only downside is there isn't much around the campus that you could do on your free time.
I love Arizona State University West campus so much. It's a small campus, but everyone there knows each other which makes it a whole lot better and more comfortable. The class sizes are a lot smaller, the most people I had in my class before was probably 50 people. Since it is a smaller campus you have such a easier time finding your classes and getting to them on time. The campus itself is beautiful. They always keep it clean for us and we have a few art here and there around the campus. The dorms are also really nice. Casa De Oro dorms are for freshmen, was recently made so it's pretty new. Las Casas dorms for upperclassmen, on the other hand is a bit older, but also very nice. The whole campus gives you that home type of feeling. The people there are so friendly and easy going. I don't think I'd want anything to change. Highly recommend it!
The campus is really small and almost impossible to get lost on. Stores and fast food are conveniently close by. The freshman dorms are still new. The school is still expanding and keeps getting better.
Since this campus is considered mostly focused on liberal arts and art involved majors. i think the main campus is where all the sports are
i found this school like a small community that is united by knowledge, everyone with a different major but in the same place because they want to make a change in the world.
Arizona takes finding suitable careers for its students very seriously and will help however they can
  • 8 months ago
  • Value
There is a large variety of courses to take, great staff, good staff:student ratio, very helpful to students
ASU does everything it can to make sure that its students are safe.
Very expensive and ASU keeps driving the prices up. Would say it's good, but the prices are just too much and it's ridiculous that they keep making us charge more.
  • 8 months ago
  • Housing
I assume it's okay, but I'm not involved. I'd rather not pay for friends. Some people enjoy it a lot, though.
If you love a sport or want a high quality experience at the gym, ASU has you covered.
Arizona State University- West Campus is a nice smaller campus which has a strong focus on studies and its students. It has all of the benefits and opportunities of ASU, but with less distractions.
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Arizona State University West's demographics are primarily students who are adults and are returning to school. That is the best part of the environment for someone like me who takes their studies seriously. When the majority within a class shares similar desires to gain as much knowledge as possible, it makes for a great environment for those who value their education.
I like living on campus because it only takes me a few minuets to walk to class. The only thing that I don't like is having to share a room because I do like personal space and that is hard to have when you have one person sharing a room with you and three people to share a bathroom with. I am glad though that we don't have community bathrooms because that would be much worse.
Every once in a while we will have team sports where you and a couple friends make a team and you play a sport. Recently, we had a dodge ball tournament and the outcome was good. It was a lot of fun and a lot of people showed up to watch.
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