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Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Reviews

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I like the content of material we cover in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The subject matter is challenging. The staff at the school are committed to our success and well-being as students. They are also open to suggestions and appreciate constructive feedback.
We spend a great deal observing and being able to ask questions. It make me feel like this will truly help us to succeed.
The instructors at this school are very much involved with helping students succeed. You can tell they care about how you are doing and are there to help if you need it.
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ASAOM - Post Grad Careers – A broad number of students start their own businesses after graduating. The school teaches you information relative to your longterm career and current practices.
ASAOM Professionalism – The professors are engaging and open to discussion. The curriculum is not as extensive as it could be, considering the bulk of the curriculum is treatment of specific areas and symptoms to ease the disease, instead of treatment of the entire patient. The class registration process was simple and organized very well. The workload is decent, the amount is "stimulating" to say the least. Special study options include Taosim's impact on oriental medicine and well being, and Chinese structural hand therapy.
Arizona School of Accupuncture- Savvy! This school is expensive for the average working class, however, the knowledge you gain there about classical Chinese acupuncture is invaluable. The environment was very friendly and relaxed, yet professional. The Taoist respect made it unique from other schools, as there is a course on Toaism's impact on the science. The school is very enjoyable.
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