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Love the Arizona Culinary Institute! Attending the Institute, was a last minute decision and extremely close to the start of a new session. The staff has been super accommodating in getting everything set up so I can start in August. I appreciate their positive attitude and helpful dispositions. I also appreciate the scholarships provided to help alleviate the expense of going to school!
The professors at the Arizona Culinary Institute are very friendly, and are never in a bad mood. No question asked is a stupid question. Topics include: Knife skills, Different types of cuisine, Group exercises, Restaurant management, Butchers technique and much more. Class sizes are very small, the most in a class would be 5-6 students, this allows the students to get a better hands on education.
The professors are unbelievably friendly and really excited to help students out. The curriculum depends on how well the students exceeds, you can skip courses or take advanced courses.The class registration process is simple and inexpensive.Programs offered at the Arizona Culinary Institute ranges from all different types of cuisine and cooking methods and technique.
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The unique aspects of this school is that if you graduated from this school four years ago, you can still come back and retake any course or any new classes absolutely free.Once you graduate, you will receive a food handlers card that will be in use for up to four years and can be used in any state in America. Another unique aspect of this program is that class sizes are 5-6 people maximum, this offers students up close and personal training which other culinary programs just don't offer.
The Arizona Culinary Institute offers intensive curriculum in the culinary arts, the second day of school is working in the kitchen, where as a lot of other culinary programs it takes 3-6 weeks to start cooking. There are two culinary basic classes where the chef in charge over sees whats being cooked and if its prepared right: If the dish is improperly cooked, then the student must cook it again, which allows the students to grow from their mistakes.This school also has a library of cook books and even a restaurant where the students cook, clean, and operate this restaurant giving each student hands on knowledge.
There is definitely flexibility at the Arizona Culinary Institute, they will make time for you and your work life. They adapt there courses to fit your personal needs and offer tutoring for free. If you are exceeding in basics 1 they will transfer you to basics 2, thus allowing you to move on in courses freely.
My favorite experiences was when i first toured the school, I met Leslie Idaspe, a wonderful Admission Representative who gave me knowledge and hope for college. The students and staff during the tour where so friendly, and came out of there way to meet me. This school is unique because once you graduate, your still apart of this culinary family.
Most students that graduate from the Arizona Culinary Institute have gone on and became their own business owners or Executive Chefs for high end restaurants.This school has a data base of thousands of potential employers, so it is easy to see that job placements would be in the 95-97 job rate.
A typical student at the Arizona Culinary Institute is bubbly and enthusiastic to participate in school. Even thirty minutes before class starts, students will be up and working in there stations.There is a wide range of different ethnic groups, and gender diversity. Of course there are different religious groups, but that is not a real issue at this school, every student and Instructor respects each individual.
The career center at the Arizona Culinary Intuitive, is vast and knowledgeable. The counselors will work with each student in working towards a productive and profitable career path.Alumni network results in a 95 percent work ratio. The Arizona Culinary Institute lead students to internships which then, in turn, result into job opportunities.
ACI always has job opportunity's through out school and after school, they will help you find and get the job you want when you graduate. When people see ACI on you're resume, they will automatically want you if they know what this school does because that is how good ACI is! (;
Although it is a 5 day a week 7 hours a day program, they have morning and night classes, It is crucial you don't miss a day, but they will help you in all they can if you do, they are open from 7.30 in the morning to 11.00 at night and there are always instructors there that can help!
The student body in my school is amazing, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, the students and staff really try to make it like a family making everyday a positive one!
I believe this school and education I am getting is very much worth the tuition cost. They have so many benefits other schools do not such as, after you graduate you can come back any time you want and retake a class or get help if needed for life! They are all hands on, its a 7 month program with the help of them getting you an internship, and you will learn everything you need to know for the culinary business from the best instructors including not only cooking, but also baking and managing a restaurant and you get a chance to work in the student run restaurant. Instead of being in a 2 year school for one subject, like JUST baking, you can learn EVERYTHING in just 7 months. Its amazing.
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