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This is for the Arizona College located in Las Vegas. It is a great school. I did a year of pre-reqs and now I am finishing up my first semester of the nursing core program.
I love it. If you would like a supportive environment with outstanding teaching, you will love it here as well. The best part, is I have learned and have grown personally and professionally, leaps and bounds and bounds...

Good luck!
Arizona College is a small school that has recently opened. It is located at a good location that has quick access to the freeways. The school has a variety of programs including Dental Hygiene, Registered Nurse, and Medical Assisting. Due to the school being fairly new, the class sizes are still fairly small which makes the learning that much better.
It is a great school to go to.
Review Arizona College - Mesa
The instructors are knowledgeable and willing to help.
It's all about success. Everyone is working toward the same end goal. The instructors are there to help and will help anytime. It was a won

derful experience
I loved the way they treat you as soon as you enter there campus. It is a very friendly and comfortable environment and they are always willing to help out with anything you have problems with; for example I was having a very hard time trying to figure out how I was going to pay everything off and they were open to give me advices and an opportunity to pay it all off while I was still in school. I am pretty excited and if everything turns out good and how I planned it I will be attending Arizona College in the next few months.
You get hands on training with your instructor and and there is open labs after school.
I love all the resources they have for you
I feel that many of the students I was with were not ready for a professional career path as many of them seemed to be stuck in high school. Some students were great and easy to get along with in the classroom setting. Others, I just didn't like being in class with whatsoever because of the lack of professionalism.
Though the campus is small, it is very well set for the students needs. The labs are clean and organized, the break room is always clean, and the student center is always available.
Financial aid was extremely helpful. We sat down and they broke down the cost of tuition completely. They even helped me with my FAFSA on spot and gave me the cost of loans left over. I knew when I would have to begin payment, who I would be paying it to, and was even given some scholarship sites to help pay off my loans.
Almost everything at my school and been very simple to keep up with. The only negative comment I have is the consistency in staff. While I was there there was constantly new teachers being brought in which did bring confusion as to where we were in the courses and lecture.
The courses and flexibility of the school was great, exactly what I needed. The professors where excellent as well as the administration in being involved with students on an academic and personal basis.
I have heard nothing but great things from recruiters for our campus. Our careers services as well as the director of my program where very helpful in trying to place me in a site that would work with my work schedule. However, I had some issues come up and was not able to complete extern at the time and they have still been able to help me and keep in touch until I am able to return.
love the campuses, just wished they offered some of the day programs at night. the reason why im in my program that im in is because they didnt offer the program i wanted at nights
i wish i would have known about certain programs that i could have attended to get my schooling paid for
I love Michelle, Ive gone to her before in regards to my extern and shes gonna do her hardest to meet my requirements.
Review Arizona College - Mesa
It is super easy with the program that i am in
Medical assisting, Dental Assisting, Massage therapy, Pharmacy Technician
there is resources available on campus, and if there wasn't a resource i couldn't find i could always ask for help to get it.
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