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I enjoy being a student at this college. What I think needs to change is to have both online and in person classes available for all even the gen ed classes.
Most of the general education classes are online. All of the teachers that I have had are very helpful. I get a response from them in a timely manner and they are always open to questions and comments.
I loved the online books we were provided for in class training. They were easy to work with. You could highlight information, listen to the the book instead of read. Listening to the book came in very handy when I was busy cooking or doing other things. I could play and listen to this even lying down because the school gave me a compact laptop that was light and small enough to carry anywhere. Some of the chapters you work on are big, so you’ll want to take advantage of listening to the book. I was also provided computers and printer to print from in the break room area. I took advantage of this when I wanted parts of the book in hard form. We were also provided with free google docs so we could share information with other students. This came in very handy for the odd project we had to do.
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The teachers and all the admin staff at Mesa College are exemplary, including the directors and CEO. They truly care for you and want you to succeed. I truly had the best teachers and managed Dean’s throughout. The school goes above and beyond if you need the extra help, whether it be for schooling or concerns you may have with home life. With this unfortunate Covid pandemic, Arizona College encouraged all students to apply for the Care Act because Arizona College had been granted funds to help students in this difficult time. I didn’t think I would qualify but I received much appreciated and needed funds to help me get by and so did all of my colleagues. If you put the effort in and stay on top of your homework you’ll get the grade you need. Ms Sherry makes sure she sets you up with an Extern placement to get the necessary experience you need and she’ll even find you work while going through school if you need it. You will not find a better more caring place, 5 stars
The professors and staff are very passionate and caring. I think the classrooms are the right size for learning. I’ve had a great experience thus far!
Arizona College- Las Vegas admission department failed to tell me I needed to take an entrance exam for the BSN program even when I asked during the admission interview. When it was time for me to do my clinical rotation 2 yrs later, they told me I had to take the TEAS test ( which was booked out for 3-4 months),when I explained to them that it was booked out I was told ,"It's OK to wait as long as you tell us when you have your test date, we will work with you when it's time to start clinical rotation". When I finally had it scheduled I was told I was dropped from the program for not being an active student and now had a balance with the school due to them dropping me. When I didn't have a balance when I was cleared to start clinical rotation. I strongly recommend anybody in Las Vegas looking for a nursing school DO NOT GO HERE. I even requested my complete student records from them and they said they would let me know when it was ready for pickup, that was 3 months ago.
This school has helped me reach my dreams and get closer than ever to my dreams. The staff has all been so helpful in making the transition to Arizona very smooth. The only thing I haven't liked was that I didn't know my schedule for classes until the week of class. This created obvious chaos but I was able to manage.
The college has recently moved to Tempe which is a nice upgrade. But the college is not fully equity yet. I had labs without the proper instruments and there are no easily assesible printers or computers if needed. Professors are all great however and very helpful.
The faculty has made the enrollment process stress free and way easier than I had imagined. I wasn't pushed into any decisions I wasn't already sure about and they respected me along the entire process. Orientation was great and very friendly and thus far, my professors have been more than welcoming and a pleasure to learn from. All of my questions have always been answered and I always look forward to class, I would recommend everyone coming to this school.
I’ve done my +2 years with AZC Las Vegas campus. Throughout my journey many changes have been made which is understandable being that it was new when I enrolled. Nursing school will never be easy but it helps to have the right curriculum set and best instructors at it. Some of the instructors have been awesome while others aren’t. Price is ridiculously high, but most private schools range about the same. Overall I am passing and moving forward because nursing school is pretty much self taught :)
its an ok school. they have a good fast track program there. the courses go by quickly, more likely to pass the assignments. the most of the homework is easy to accomplish and goes by the book, majority of the time. the professors are highly educated and offer good experiences and how you will use your school work to apply to actual career. most instructors try to accommodate your homework level, so you don't have to much to complete on your own. majority of the homework can be done in class.
I liked the accelerated program. The 8 week classes make the time go by faster , the classes meet once a week and the rest you complete online. I loved that you can still work while you are attending
Considering the fact that this school is growing, they have handled things pretty well. I think with any change there's going to be challenges. The tuition is very high which nobody likes. When compared to other private schools, they are still pricey. I'm a Jr in college now, so we'll see how it all pans out.
I like the staff and professional environment of the school, Everyone is friendly and helpful. I very much admire that the program is only in seven months and i can finish soon and start my career soon instead of wasting any time. I'd like to change the size of the lab size and classrooms/ lecture halls and put them separate so theirs more room instead of everything being all together in one room.
Arizona College is a small school that has recently opened. It is located at a good location that has quick access to the freeways. The school has a variety of programs including Dental Hygiene, Registered Nurse, and Medical Assisting. Due to the school being fairly new, the class sizes are still fairly small which makes the learning that much better.
It is a great school to go to.
The instructors are knowledgeable and willing to help.
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It's all about success. Everyone is working toward the same end goal. The instructors are there to help and will help anytime. It was a won

derful experience
I loved the way they treat you as soon as you enter there campus. It is a very friendly and comfortable environment and they are always willing to help out with anything you have problems with; for example I was having a very hard time trying to figure out how I was going to pay everything off and they were open to give me advices and an opportunity to pay it all off while I was still in school. I am pretty excited and if everything turns out good and how I planned it I will be attending Arizona College in the next few months.
You get hands on training with your instructor and and there is open labs after school.
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