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Arizona College - Glendale Reviews

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The school is always clean when i get there everyone is nice and has an positive attitude. They love to work with you and make sure that you will do the best that you can.
This school gives you a flexibility to work within your schedule.
Being an online student isn't easy for me, I like to be more on campus.
Review Arizona College - Glendale
There is always help within instructors and teachers, even after graduating those students will still stop by giving us advice, to what work and what not to do.
At first when I had started this school I was doing night classes, it helped me manage my time at work as well in school, and time to be with family and friends. As in result I had to change to day times because I was having trouble understanding my teachers at night school I felt like I wasn't getting the same knowledge as I would with my other instructors I had during the day. Switching to days was the best for me I had help all the time. Maybe nights just wasn't for me and it could be just be useful for someone else that likes fast learning.
Even though now I am a graduated student from Arizona College, I still do get letters from them helping me getting a job in my field if I haven't done so. It's great still having instructors still helping you out even after graduation.
My externship was the most difficult thing I had to do through out my schooling. I was already steps closer to the real thing and actually communicating and learning even more things throughout this experience was the most difficult yet most exciting part of this program.
Being in this school helped me really find what my best interest was, if at anytime I needed help I could always find the help I need. I was the first to graduate in my family, and I was truly blessed to have administers, teachers, and students there to help to accomplish something that in family we never had.
I have been to different schools but this school is like no others. I will advice other to come there
Financial advisor is amazing. He took the time to get the most out of my financial aid, so I don't have to pay so much out of pocket.
The quality is very good.
They work with you. Classes aren't that hard.
Anyone interested in healthcare should definitely check it out. They are very organized and offer tons of programs.
Love the staff and how friendly they are. The lab rooms are very well organized.
The overall experience is very good. I learn a lot in my classes and it's fun.
The flexibility is great. I can make it to and from school and have time to go to work and spend time with my family.
We don't have online courses.
Review Arizona College - Glendale
Campus resources are great. They make me feel at home in a safe environment.
The student body is okay. Some of the people are rude and won't talk to you from other classes.
The financial aid is very high. Their loans and interest rates are high. I can't make some of the payments.
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