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I would personally like to see the faculty be more involved with the students who they signed up. I have no experience any form of communication from my advisors. The overall experience will be one to remember simply because I am a full time student, hold a full time job, and have managed to get through struggles while being able to maintain my grades and make it to school on a daily basis. The instructors try their best to work with all students based on certain circumstances.
Take your Junery from here in order to be move faster and information and your education can be great and you will Miguel's different peace people from different nationa and custom and cultures and many benfit
The teachers were well educated in their teaching subjects. They were always willing to lend a helping hand.
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Arizona College is a hands on school, teachers are very helpful they are there to help when you need it. Good lessons taught and very understandably great communication with professors and staff.
Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. The way the program is set up is simple and easy to understand. Medical assistant and phlebotomy are tied together which is very neat. Loving it!
Terrible for-profit school. I attended here years ago and don't even work in the field I studied. You won't get a job, and if you do, it'll probably be around 11.00/hour, which is hardly a livable wage and way less than what they tell you you'll be making. Awful graduation rates-- 34% for Medical Assistant, 49% overall. It's on their site under 'Read Important Disclosures' at the bottom. Don't waste your time or money because you'll only rack up a large amount of debt you won't be able to pay back. Go to a community college with the same program instead. I really hope Arizona College closes down for good. So glad these "schools" are being held accountable by the government, are shutting down left and right, and people are realizing what a sham they are. The jig is up!
I am very much so happy with this school. The program is very fast pace and a lot of cramming but I love it and the teachers are very helpful.
The school is always clean when i get there everyone is nice and has an positive attitude. They love to work with you and make sure that you will do the best that you can.
This school gives you a flexibility to work within your schedule.
Being an online student isn't easy for me, I like to be more on campus.
There is always help within instructors and teachers, even after graduating those students will still stop by giving us advice, to what work and what not to do.
Even though now I am a graduated student from Arizona College, I still do get letters from them helping me getting a job in my field if I haven't done so. It's great still having instructors still helping you out even after graduation.
At first when I had started this school I was doing night classes, it helped me manage my time at work as well in school, and time to be with family and friends. As in result I had to change to day times because I was having trouble understanding my teachers at night school I felt like I wasn't getting the same knowledge as I would with my other instructors I had during the day. Switching to days was the best for me I had help all the time. Maybe nights just wasn't for me and it could be just be useful for someone else that likes fast learning.
My externship was the most difficult thing I had to do through out my schooling. I was already steps closer to the real thing and actually communicating and learning even more things throughout this experience was the most difficult yet most exciting part of this program.
Being in this school helped me really find what my best interest was, if at anytime I needed help I could always find the help I need. I was the first to graduate in my family, and I was truly blessed to have administers, teachers, and students there to help to accomplish something that in family we never had.
I have been to different schools but this school is like no others. I will advice other to come there
Financial advisor is amazing. He took the time to get the most out of my financial aid, so I don't have to pay so much out of pocket.
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The quality is very good.
They work with you. Classes aren't that hard.
Anyone interested in healthcare should definitely check it out. They are very organized and offer tons of programs.
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