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I am currently a Sophomore at ACU. My experience has been great. This is a new adventure me because I am from California. The faculty, coaches and students make it a great place to be a part of.
its a very healthy environment , an individual can really thrive. The professors are willing and very helpful. The students come from all backgrounds and get a long very well. This university is more involved in people's lives ; hands on. The people here lift each other up so much.
Great environment with caring and friendly faculty and staff. I felt very welcomed when I first stepped into the school. Great variety of sports and extracurricular activities. They do focus on the Christian faith, but they don't force it onto their students. Being there I've grown so much in my studies, my athletics, and in my faith. Very grateful to have graduated there with endless memories and friendships.
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This school is really good and makes me study deeper into my biblical studies. Also the class sizes are so small I love it. The football team is great.
ACU is an awesome school. The students and professors are very nice, and the classes are really interesting.
Arizona Christian University is 100% dedicated to its students. The professors are fantastic, coaches are all amazing and every single person that works for the school is working toward the same goal. Although campus is small, it is very well taken care of. The dorms are always clean and the suites and rooms are all very big. ACU is a great place to start school if you are looking for a small university that is centerd around The Lord.
Arizona Christian University is a great school. The people are friendly and it's great overall community. The teachers are super flexible and very willing to work with you separately.
ACU is a wonderful school. The people are incredibly nice and the classes are both fun are challenging. The class sizes are very small, which allows you to get to know your professors and classmates, which is a huge advantage over larger universities. I have definitely grown in my faith since I started attending this school, and have received the academic preparation that I need for a career in my field.
It is super safe and warm environment, don't have to worry about anything!
I think that having a degree from this school will be even better in the next couple of years, golden days are coming!
Dorms are nice and clean, very beautiful interior and everything is new!
800 out of 1000 students are athletes! Do I have to say anything else?
A degree from ACU is basically meaningless. Your better off going anywhere else in Arizona.
Academically, ACU is a joke. It's very difficult to find rigorous courses to take, and tuition is very expensive. Save your money and go to another school.
Campus safety is probably better than what you'd find at most schools, but worse than you would expect for a Christian school.
Campus housing is awful, and way too expensive. Do yourself a favor and go to a different school.
Athletics at ACU are underfunded, and the teams really aren't that good.
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My experience at Arizona Christian University has been awful. High school was much more academically challenging; a degree from ACU isn't worth the paper it's printed on. The facilities at the school are just embarrassingly bad for an actual university, and the WiFi never works. Not only that, but it's ridiculously expensive relative to what you get out of the degree. ACU has the highest tuition of any school in the state with the lowest academic standards. If I could go through my college applications as a high school senior again, there's no way I'd choose ACU. If ACU appeals to you because it is a Christian school in Arizona, I strongly encourage you to go to Grand Canyon University instead.
No such thing as parties at ACU.
Professors are great and very passionate about God and what they are teaching.
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