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It’s very pricey for what they have to offer. It’s overpriced for being a Christian school. I was promised many things that were to happen but none were given. There is no security what so ever. Anyone walks on campus
The learning experience was decent. Everyone has to minor in biblical studies which is not a bad thing but it does make a huge factor is you are willing to pay that.
WORST SCHOOL EVER!! Professors genuinely do not care about their students and do not provide resources to make sure they are successful. I was disappointed in the Christian aspect as well, Professors and students were SUPER judgmental and hypocritical. In my opinion they were all fake Christians. They put on a show and would pretend to be Godly people but in reality were nasty and judgmental people.
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I never took online courses, just in person and they were TERRIBLE. Teachers did not care if their students did well.
During the beginning of the pandemic outbreak ACU ensured all students were notified of the online transition. The professors were well equipped and willing to teach students the ins and outs of the new platform.
Arizona Christian University is a place that strives to reach and teach every student what living for Christ looks like. The staff and faculty put in alot of effort to ensure the experience at Arizona Christian University is welcoming and fun.
The most caring environment you could ever experience on a college campus. The communication between students and staff is efficient, there is great collaboration between staff members. The academic center is accessible to struggling students. There are resources for students to use during their academic journey.
My first online class experience was very successful. The syllabus was very clear and easy to follow. There were 2 discussion questions each week where I was able to respond to the questions and then read 3 or more discussions from other students and comment or provide feedback. That provided a similar experience as though I was in a classroom discussing with other students on the subject. The main assignment was due at the end of the week which was adequate time to turn in assignments. I like that this platform has a visual calendar that shows what assignments are due and when they are due so that you don't miss anything. Great instructors, they communicate and provide video conferencing to discuss any challenges or curiousities that arise during the course timeline.
The new campus is beautiful and it is such a friendly environment. The counselors have been super helpful and communicate important information very well. I am a senior in high school and plan on playing beach volleyball at the college and can't wait to experience all of the amazing reasons why I chose the college: athletics, small environment, friendly teachers and students, it's gated campus, and faith.
At the heart of Arizona Christian University truly is Jesus. I love how Tim, the pastor, is hands on and comes to events. It is a smaller school which is nice because classes are smaller and getting know people is easy.
I would highly recommend Arizona Christian for those desiring to learn in a small atmosphere with instructors that know who you are.
This school offered my son a football half ride to play there. Well they moved to a bigger campus which use to be a small military airbase. Well I came from CA to do a visit to there new campus. I see about 7 different coaches and the head coach never spoke to me. about 40 kids showed up.They broke us up in about four groups. Then they told us their faith and what the school meant to them. After that we went on a 45 minute stall tour and they fed us cold pizza for lunch. We went into the coaches office were we meant with one of his asst coaches who told me we get 14k off are tution. It was 9k per simester when all said and done total 18k per year in a small school of 600 kids. Most of the kids there were athletes of some sport, so that was strange. I say half rides is a scam. Academicley they had a small list of majors. I mean I seen more choices at your local community college.
This school is a joke! The res life is strict and find every way to fine you. The food at the school is terrible. The classes are not hard and the school feels more like a high school. The college experience is poor. The school is so strict that its more like a prison/cult then a college. The schools slogan is "Transforming Culture with Truth" but the school is more interested in Money then their few students. They have a very high transfer rate because the school lacks what students need to thrive in college. The dorms have poor working wifi if they even have wifi at all.
Arizona Christian University is a great school because the teachers and staff really care about the students. They show it by reaching out to help all kinds of students no matter their circumstance. They tie faith into the courses and atmosphere of the school in a loving way which helps us students get through tough times.
ACU is a good college to attend with a staff that truly cares about the students. However, it can be fairly disorganized, and it is very small.
I am a freshman going into Arizona Christian. I don’t know much yet but, from what I see and hear when I go to visit I am just at loss for words on how much they really care for students at this program. It is such a great thing to be apart of and I am happy that I will be attending ACU.
Arizona Christian University is a very comfortable campus to be on and our culture is second to none.The way everyone conducts themselves is what makes it hard to even think about leaving.Being touch with the Word is what is the best part about it, the diversity of people make it to where your not left out no matter what the situation is.
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Arizona Christian has great students around and different ways to enlighten children, but being social aware of all race this school can lack.
Arizona Christian University is genuinely one of the friendliest campuses you will ever be a part of. People are always happy and are willing to have a conversation with anyone and everyone. The teaching staff is very knowledgeable and understands how it is to be a student-athlete. The library at ACU is a great place to get help on assignments and to find information on all classes. There are athletes everywhere you go, and this helps the dynamic of the "student-athlete" life. Overall, the environment in which you will be in is stress-free and very helpful when it comes to academics.
While attending Arizona Christian University, I can say that I have had such a great experience schooling wise, spiritually. I love the environment and the fact that we are expanding our campus , students, and staff. The staff members are very involved and you can tell that they love what they do for living. They have the students best interests at heart. At Arizona Christian University I had little knowledge of the Bible, but in two years I've learned so much more.
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