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I am currently online for both my classes. And each instructor has a different approach to helping their students learn what is needed so we can go out in the work force after we graduate. It's actually the best decision I made.
Great campus. The instructors know what they are doing. Very hands-on approach. And the staff is friendly they will answer your questions in a timely manner.
So far my experience here has been a rough one, not due to the school but just life in general. All the students are really friendly an the staff and instructors seem very genuine in helping me become successful, being the reason i force myself to get up and come in every day, and complete my work
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Very caring teachers and helpfull resources center Teachers take the time to make sure you understand the curriculum
Hand on training. The teachers were great very understanding and there not just to educate but to help you become successful overall.
It's an awesome environment. Alot of hands on training . And the instructors are very knowledgeable. The student /instructor ratio is low so each student gets the time and attention needed to understand the material being covered at the time. The labs are great as well as the equipment
it has good instructors and good hands on learning experience and career services is really good especially tonya peters
in the last 10 weeks the job placement team really goes to work to ensure your on your way
the hands on gives me as a student great life experience and because the school is 12 months long they cover many different areas other schools like UTI can not
they have no bussiness other than that of defrauding people of their loan monies.
they are masters at the " bait and switch" beware.
My experience at this school has been great so far. i have really learned a lot, and the instructors really help me outI
the financial aid department is really helpful for the students needs and try to come up with the best solutions for your financing.
my school has a great campus life, and many career networking abilities to aquire a great paying job upon graduation. AAI has a great carpool program to help other students who need to take the bus and have harder times getting to school.
the computer network is easy to use, the network speed is better than average, printers are fast and sharp.overall its great.
the libraries are exceptional and the career resource center is dynamic and very helpful. the teachers and students get along great like a prosp[erous community with different ethnicities is an amazing accreditted school.
The school is well diversed and outgoing. I was there for the tour and there were many smiles and hellos. Very humble atmosphere!!!
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