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The faculty has been very helpful, whether it be academic support or just asking for directions. The school is more expensive than the one I have transferred from, but I think this school offers me more opportunities. If I could change one thing about the facility, I would suggest adding student housing.
Argosy is a good school over all. The health and science areas are very intense! Its four years of material in two years! It’s worth it, if you can keep up with it and stay on top of it. The exams are pretty tough as well, they take a lot of studying. I wish the school had better equipment, such as machines, more group study rooms, better and bigger cafe with more options. The library hours are not so coinvent, the hours are not long at all, especially when you have an exam coming up and all you want to do is studying.
This has been, by far, the easiest start to college that I've ever experienced. Everyone from admissions and through my entire process this far has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. I will definitely let other potential college students know that this school should be top choice!
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I love this school! Small class sizes, friendly professors, and great location. I couldn't ask for more!
The classes here are small, making it easy to have one on one time with the professor. Histology is a field that not many know of but is ran by 3 of the most knowledgeable females I know.
Argosy University is a school where you can go if you are pursuing an education that has small class sizes and has spring, summer, and fall semesters. The professors are very good at teaching and it is easy to keep up with homework while finding the help with it.
Being at a smaller school has been beneficial to me! Going to a large campus but having small opportunities to talk to the teacher affected my success in my courses. From the moment I first walked in I had face to face interaction and support from the administration office. They're helpful and straight to the point. They have been great!
I like the flexible class schedules. The staff are very involved and friendly. The campus is also conveniently located near my residence so I do not have to travel far.
The staff at Argosy are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They really want you to succeed. They make it easy to want to learn. All the students in my program are happy to be there and excited to learn their area.
The smaller class sizes make it easier to focus and learn. Help is available for you academically at all hours and the instructors are supportive and care that you are successful in your chosen field. The combination of online and on campus classes makes it possible to pursue your education while being able to work and have a family life.
Argosy is a very unique university. Everyone here is very helpful and friendly. You end up getting to know your class and I think that's really awesome. It's much easier to plan study dates with people that have the same class and major as myself. I've experienced a big university with dorms and everything and I hated it. It was such a large campus I had to leave earlier then I'd like and once it started getting colder walking was not fun. With Argosy, it's a much smaller campus and I like it much better! The food isn't all that but their coffee is the best if you like it strong!
I love that the Argosy location in the Twin Cities has a variety of health science degrees. I enjoy the smaller class sizes and having the same classmates throughout my college career.
I attended Argosy to gain my associates degree in Veterinary Technologies. The instructors were fantastic and I really enjoyed the education I received.
I love Argosy University. From the time I toured the school for the first time as a high school senior, I was in love. It is small which is nice because you are able to get a lot of one on one time with your instructors if need be. The instructors are always very ready to help you out with anything you may need. I am a medical assisting student and I absolutely love the program. The only downfall I've seen with the school is their financial aid office doesn't communicate as well as I'd like them too. Overall, this is a fantastic school if you are interested in health sciences. I would recommend it ten times out of ten.
My overall experience this far has been great. Class sizes are typically small. There are a lot of resources around to help you get through your courses. The only thing is the price for classes are a bit outrageous since I really didn't have any knowledge of how to being to apply for loans. This has been a learning process.
With online courses, I found some classes to be easier and some to be more difficult, I guess it just depends on the student. Everything was easy to access and easy to understand how to use.
To be honest I haven't really used the career center at all, but I do receive e-mails about vet tech job openings all the time.
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The professors in the veterinary technician program are very easy to work with, and also are very flexible with your daily life schedule. I like how there are night classes, so if you work during the day they have times for you to still go to school.
What I've been told is that your almost guaranteed a job after most of the programs. There are always clinics looking for college students whether you graduated or still in college.
In my major which is veterinary technician, you get to learn a lot about every kind of animal in a small class size with professional veterinarians or veterinary technicians as professors. It's average paced but at the end of every semester it'll feel like time just flew by. Generally we have average amounts of homework that are also average difficulty.
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