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I love that the Argosy location in the Twin Cities has a variety of health science degrees. I enjoy the smaller class sizes and having the same classmates throughout my college career.
I attended Argosy to gain my associates degree in Veterinary Technologies. The instructors were fantastic and I really enjoyed the education I received.
I love Argosy University. From the time I toured the school for the first time as a high school senior, I was in love. It is small which is nice because you are able to get a lot of one on one time with your instructors if need be. The instructors are always very ready to help you out with anything you may need. I am a medical assisting student and I absolutely love the program. The only downfall I've seen with the school is their financial aid office doesn't communicate as well as I'd like them too. Overall, this is a fantastic school if you are interested in health sciences. I would recommend it ten times out of ten.
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My overall experience this far has been great. Class sizes are typically small. There are a lot of resources around to help you get through your courses. The only thing is the price for classes are a bit outrageous since I really didn't have any knowledge of how to being to apply for loans. This has been a learning process.
With online courses, I found some classes to be easier and some to be more difficult, I guess it just depends on the student. Everything was easy to access and easy to understand how to use.
To be honest I haven't really used the career center at all, but I do receive e-mails about vet tech job openings all the time.
The professors in the veterinary technician program are very easy to work with, and also are very flexible with your daily life schedule. I like how there are night classes, so if you work during the day they have times for you to still go to school.
What I've been told is that your almost guaranteed a job after most of the programs. There are always clinics looking for college students whether you graduated or still in college.
In my major which is veterinary technician, you get to learn a lot about every kind of animal in a small class size with professional veterinarians or veterinary technicians as professors. It's average paced but at the end of every semester it'll feel like time just flew by. Generally we have average amounts of homework that are also average difficulty.
I overall think argosy is a great school for vet techs, the classes are very educational and challenging which makes them fun, I love working with animals and I also like that all the animal come from rescues and humane societies. And we make it a goal to find each animal a home!!
It was a great process, very easy and the network is huge, lots of opportunities
Its a really good school to go to. Although, its extremely expensive. I wouldn't mess around if you come here and are paying for it. They are extremely strict with attendance also. Instructers are amazing and the most helpful I have ever come across!
Argosy University, although is costly. It is definitely worth it! The staff are amazing, my first day was at orientation and I definitely felt welcomed by every single one. The staff is not only welcoming but they're helpful! They ask you questions and they explain in great details so you can understand every word and so you can understand what you're getting yourself into. They're amazing at connecting with you whenever you need it and they're great at getting back at you whenever you have questions!
I have met the best people through this program including professors
The night classes have allowed me to maintain a full time job while pursuing my degree
We have hybrid classes so only part of it is online but I feel it is useless and teaches me nothing, I prefer in class
Our career service center had been extremely helpful and we get emails often with open positions for jobs in our field
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From many different psychologists I have been told argosy had a great reputation
I appreciate that the class sizes are small which helps with more one on one experiences and better group discussions
I appreciate that the teachers have a real job in the field of psychology which helps them bring knowledge to the classroom
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