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The classes are great and so are the professors. The environment is very comfortable you will feel very welcomed. I love my classmates and my courses.
This college was simply good for somebody who already has a full-time job but just wants to go and get a degree by incorporating many of the online class alternatives as opposed to doing campus classes. Aside from that a lot of the classes I feel as though I didn't learn a whole lot from them and the fact that they don't do any tests also shows that they can't be taken too seriously because they just have you constantly writing research papers. College should be incorporated with testing as well not just research papers and discussion posts. Those got old after a while and felt monotonous and I didn't really learn a whole lot from that sort of Education. I would not recommend this college.
I am in my 3rd year at Argosy University, Tampa. I have worked hard and enjoyed every single minute of it! The school is wonderful and the professors are outstanding. Every person I have met within my classes, my peers, have all been very genuine, empathetic, and intelligent people.

I could not ask for a more superb school or a better experience.

Thank you,

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I feel like I have learned more from this program. I like learning about diversity by examining my own biases and experiences in life.
Class sizes are small and professors have an open door policy. Professors are available anytime and provide ample feedback on assignments to help students improve.
Very friendly and informative staff who provided me with all information necessary to make an informed decision about the school and curriculum.
I have only taken one online course, which I found useful and applicable.
The student body is mainly supportive females from diverse backgrounds and upbringings. The small number of students allows for all of us to work together as a team.
The school is private and for profit, but the tuition money is used on extra opportunities for student networking and future employment.
Career services are offered to students with a high rate of job placements for alumni.
The curriculum workload is full time with an additional 20 hours per week dedicated to hands on experience. Special studies options are available through conventions held by the school and through other organizations such as the American Psychological Association and The Florida Psychological Association. The program focuses on special topics in diversity training, neuroscience, families and couples, forensic and military populations.
The school provides ample opportunities for self improvement. The workload is expected for a doctorate program. As an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited school internships sites are approved by the APA. The school has a 97% success rate in placing students at APA accredited practicum and internship sites. The curriculum is structured to provide hands on training, as well as, research in psychology.
Very small school that focuses on Diversity issues.
Argosy is a small school but the resources are great. If you can not find any thing you are looking for the area of location is also great. There are local universities that you can utilize resources on their campus .
I think that more academics are needed along with more professors. The need is to help expand the curriculum. More students would attend with both online and campus classes.
The workload sometimes could be very hard. You have to stay focused and continue. The reward is the completion of the degree. The online courses allow you time to sit down and think about what you are going to write for a project. In class you have to think on your feet.
The overall experience at school so far has been great. The class room size is perfect and the students are all working adults that understands what it means to work and then go home to study. All of the faculity has been very helpful with assignments on line and off.
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All of the professors I have had can relate to the fact that going to school and working is a task. One that you can over come with hard work and a determination. Challenges running a business that is a non profit that require a lot of work with the benefits being that you have help someone that you have no known.
The online courses are great. The time for homework works great for a person who is still employed and with a family. You have the availability to work at a pace that is suitable for you.
Argosy has a open door policy, where if you need help, or have a question about a lab or homework, someone will be able to assist you. The school also has many tutoring services, online or on campus.
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