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Argosy University - Seattle Reviews

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Argosy just makes it all seem so easy to start. The staff are all very involved and truly feel like they want to help you succeed in any way that they can.
Everyone walked me through everything that was needed to be done. They are great.
I have met lots now really interesting people from all over the world.
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Class sizes are great. I do not feel bad if I am another person in a class, professors look for my comments and respond when I have asked questions.
I have not used any career platforms yet. I know what and where I want to work after completing my degree
The online classrooms make communicating with others simple. The professors reply back to emails and discussion questions quite fast, much better than a traditional university.
The school has a wide variety of student body. It makes for a great learning experience.
Financial aid typically is not delivered right away. Cost is rather high, although it will be worth it non the long run.
They have a new program that helps prepare you for a new job .
All the professors hold each student to the highest standards.
The college is based on psychology, therefore psychology is a huge factor in the education. I have learned quite a bit about psychology, which will be useful when I become a teacher.
Faculty always willing to help with anything that students need. Very friendly adminstration staff. Library is very great and located in a central location. Everyone is always willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed
Everything has been so easy, such a smooth experience
Many computer labs available, and printing is free! Never had a network problem.
The administration here is really great, everyone I have met and spoken with along the way has been amazing.
Everyone who is there is there for the same reason, they want to be there! So it is a great learning atmosphere.
Unbelievable amount of online databases and resources. The library is small but has an amazing amount of resources still.
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Tuition is expensive, but then again, it is every where these days. Financial aid is easy to get and the financial aid administrators are great.
The class load is broken down very uniquely so you are only focusing on one class at a time, it's great!
Professors are great, registration is easy, workload is fair, curriculum is challenging and very helpful.
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