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Argosy University - Schaumburg Reviews

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Accredited program, graduate level, workload and curriculum sufficient, internship sites in connection to program, facilities needs improvement
The academics are top-notch, often provided by leaders in their respective fields. I learned a great deal and will graduate well-prepared for my career.
Educationally and academically the school is very good. There is little support for students as they matriculate through the system and administratively they are stretched. Faculty does not always have time to develop relationships with students and the student body is too large for a graduate program.
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The available resources are adequate to the needs of the student. One can print for free in the computer lab and the library has many resources both online and in print. The network is appropriate to the needs of the students.
Costly but Worth It – While it is costly, the education has allowed me to be well-prepared to enter the work force as a psychologist. The class size is often small and interactive. It is an intense program but I would likely make the decision again.
This program is very costly. It is a for-profit university and, as such, the students carry the burdon. The opportunities for internal scholarships are minimal and the Chicagoland area is not inexpensive to live in. Most students carry a large student loan debt upon graduation.
Traveler's Campus – This campus has very little in the way of amenities. It is a true commuter's campus. There is an onsite library but little else. No athletic center, few campus activities, and no student center for students to gather. However, this may be expected for a graduate program as it is a clinical focus as opposed to research focus.
Professors Are Leaders in Their Fields – The available educational and training opportunities are of extremely high quality and the professors are respected leaders in their respective fields of concentration. The cost of tuition is high and there are not many opportunities for internal scholarships so expect to carry a student loan burden.
Tiered Tuition, but Need More Aid – Argosy University offers a tiered tuition in which they reward a student who takes more classes. In other words, there is a certain cap on the tuition rate, so if you take an extra class, it roughly costs only $100 more. However, this particular campus does not accept the Illinois MAP grant and it does not offer much on scholarships either. In comparison to the other schools, it costs about the same to attend a public and private university. So, all in all, I think this school is worth it.
Needs Improvement – Unfortunately, the student body is not very visible. I have only witnessed one study body held event thus far. The diversity is very homogenous... however, they are very friendly.
Good but Could Be Better – A couple of the attractions of Argosy University - Schaumburg are the quality of professors, accreditation, central location, and friendly students. However, the institute can improve with additional course offerings and better technology in consideration of the tuition cost, book costs, and additional financial factors.
Career Center a Bit Helpful – Although I have not graduted yet, I am always alerted when there are job openings.
Good for Undergraduates – The tuition is fair for undergraduates but the graduate programs are a bit costly. Although I spend almost all of my money, it is worthy.
I love that the classes are blended on-line and on-class because it enables us to have a full time job. The classes are small that way we have better interaction.
Easy as Pie – Argosy University offers classes nights and weekends so more working adults can attend school. The classes are easy to get to and are all on one floor and form a circle so no matter what you'll find the room you need to get to. Transfering credits is easy because all you have to do is tell the admissions advisor you've taken other classes at another college and they take care of the rest.
Professors Very Involved – The professors are working in the field you're looking into going into and are very involved in their students success during the class. Since the classroom size is smaller the professors can really get to know their students and help them to succeed. There are two options for registration, you can do it in paper or online and the academic advisor is very interested in helping the students figure out what classes they need based on their educational goals.
Very Happy With My Choice – I like that fact that the class size at Argosy University is small. It makes it easier to get help from the teacher and it helps when it comes to building relationships with other classmates. I'm not sure if they have sports, but I'm not there for sports. I like the fact that in Argosy you can watch people defend their dissertations so if you want to go for a doctorate degree you can see what it's like.
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Excellent Network – The computer lab accessible to the students is excellent. The availability is great.
Somehwat Helpful. The staff and faculty at my facility show their interest in their students excelling in their careers.
Living Busy Lives – The student body I work with on a daily basis at this school have their own busy lives outside of school. Many are working mothers, single mothers, individuals living on their own, supporting themselves and going to school. I talk to them often but it is not in our important interest to all become friends.
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