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Argosy University - Sarasota Reviews

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This is my first time trying online classes
I have a lot of great opportunities
The course work is self explanatory
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Overall experience is good if I had to choose doing online school I would pick sitting in a classroom.
Right now, I am still in my beginning stages of school so I am doing a refresher on things I already know. Which is great because it's a lot of things I am learning new all over again.
I've been in school for 4 months now and so far I have had good experiences with my teachers. They are very helpful with feedback from completed assignments.
It was a tremendous experience.
Argosy university was ver rigorous. The professors were very approachable and caring.

I gained a great deal of knowledge from my course work at Argosy
Online courses allow flexibility for individuals with full-time jobs, small children and other obligations.
I have not need to utilize career services.
Students primarily meet in the online setting. For in class obligations, students appear to be very professional, friendly and eager to establish friend and professional relationships.
In the online format, I am able to work at my own pace to complete assignments and necessary research to participate in the discussions.
Argosy University is accredited, provides immediate assistance to students, tutorial programs and an excellent student campus community.
Campus is located in beautiful Sarasota and the architecture matches the area.
Tuition wasn't as high as I expected it to be. Federal loans covered 98% of tuition. I just wish the school offered more scholarships.
Knowing that the school had the accreditation required by the state of FL was why I chose Argosy. Experiencing the level of difficulty and how much the professors care is why I kept going back.
Knowing the level of expertise at Argosy coupled with the interning that I will be doing will give me a great chance at finding a job, once I pass the NCE.
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The schedule for the next semester comes out including the residency days which makes it easier to chose and plan for.
Typically I have found online courses to be watered down version of the live classes. However, Argosy does not fall under that category.
We are all here to learn and get out there and work. You can feel this cumulative sense of drive and passion.
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