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Argosy University - San Diego Reviews

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So far my experience at Argosy has been good. The online professors as well as academic and financial aid staff have been helpful
For the MA Counseling Psychology (MFT/LPCC) program, professors bring real world experience, expertise, and passion for the work. Classes are kept small, so each student has the ability to seek guidance and support from faculty. I ended up being dropped from this program but still recognize its worth and the success of others in my cohort.
I though it was fair. They accepted my GI Bill and were very helpful in helping me find other resources and helping me through the process.
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Provided a clean and mellow atmosphere. It is a site location so the student alumi is small and classes are not too big.
The curriculum was not very flexible because I had too many pre-req's to complete and if I missed one I would have to wait for the following year to make it up which made it difficult and created a substantial amount of stress.
Workload was enough to keep me busy but not to the point where I feltI could not handle it. Facilities are clean and comfortable. After I finished my internship I was able to get a part time job.
I loved the professors the werevery helpful, knowledgable and I could tell most of them loved to teach. The class registration proess seemed confusing but not too bad, we were able to work thinks out.
The online library is great. If there is any article out there that a student would have to pay to get, we are usually able to get it for free.
Financial aid disappointed me after I was enrolled. I was charged for two classes as was minimum when I only took one. I was not informed until after the fact that I would be charged a minimum of two classes. Other than that mix up financial aid has been great at getting back to me, and with helping me plan for classes.
I wish I would have been more informed about there being a minimum amount of classes I would be charged for the academics.
The campus is great, I just wish the student lounge was bigger so we could actually hang out and meet other students outside of class. Classes are catered to my major, and I am learning what I need to know for my future position.
The classes combine both in-class and online for a perfect balance for real life application.
With life's demands today, flexibility is a must. As a student, I need to work and pay for my education. With classes offered online, it gives me the flexibility to work as much as the employer needs. Jobs are very difficult to get.
I'm a psychology student. This will be my first class with Argosy. I am looking forward to a positive experience and plan to continue on as far as possible. The education is flexible enough for me to succeed.
Very pleasant. The effort from the faculty is great.
A bit concerned about work affiliations for placement
It is really good. They helped me a lot and I know that what I am going to pay is going to make a difference in my future.
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My major is Business and my expierence when I entered the school was great. I got all the help I needed and all my questions got answered with elaborate details. Not only did I feel at home but I felt a connection to Argosy. I was so happy when I stepped in the office. When I was greaded by nice and friendly people. The environment was peaceful and welcoming everything that I required. I knew that I made the right decision applying to Argosy.
Working Professionals – The Great thing about Argosy University is that most of the students are already working Professionals and it makes it easier to relate to the student body with work issues or juggling a Balanced life of Work, School, and Family life...
The one good thing about Argosy University Computer lab and networks is that they are All FREE, use of computers, printing books or course material it's all free. With the use of our Campus ID badges we can gain access to any door and use the computer lab at any time of the day... I like to use the Lab at night when it's not as busy and Print my Course books from online for Free...
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