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Argosy University - Salt Lake City Reviews

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I am an online student so I don't know about anything but tech support. I have had no problems with them.
I am an online student. The library is the only thing that I use and I'm happy with it.
It is great. Even though I am not working now I can log in at anytime and complete my assignment. The only thing I miss is the direct class discussion and see my classmates.
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There is nothing special, I am just pleased with the classes that are part of the curriculum.
I am looking forward to what is coming.
I haven't used it yet. I've seen others use it though. So far, they are happy with it.
I am satisfied with the financial aid. No problems with anything.
When I started school, I was home bound, once I got into it, I enjoyed it. I don't think I would blend in a regular classroom now.
Most of my classmates are working pleople and stay at home people.
I like the flexibility. I am not working now, but if I did, I can still work and go to school and reach my goals.
I am impressed with the classes offered. For such a small school the offerings are great!
Online Rigor – The rigor of online classes is no less that face to face instruction. It often times requires more dedication to complete the requirements of the class when you don't meet with the teacher every week. When the instructor participates in the discussions it is very helpful. Discussions are difficult when students don't completely respond to the questions.
No Questions Unanswered – I appreciate that the recruiters did not pressure me. They explained deadlines and degree options and let me decide on my own. After deciding, they were very helpful in assisting me with applying and registering. They respond quickly to any and all inquiries.
Very Diverse and Well Rounded – The student body is diverse and well rounded. There are students of all ages, diversities, and backgrounds. We all get along very well regardless of major or studies.
Very up to Date – The career services are very up to date and work well with the potential employers for possible placement after graduation.
Very Easy Process – The financial aid process was very easy to navigate through, all financial aid staff members are always available to answer questions and explain the process. The only issue that I have had was a result from a precious school that I attended.
Great Topics – Every class taken has been interesting. Nice classmates
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Motivating and Managing People – Learning how to lead a team and keep them motivated with incentives provided on good work.
I've been very pleased with my learning experience so far! :-)
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