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Argosy University - Orange County Reviews

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They are awsome and I don't think they need to change a thing. It would be nice if they had a program that lets students ride the bus for free.
Have not taken advantage yet, but they seem to be satisfying graduates thus far.
Thus far all course materials seem to be very well thought out.
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They have thought of everything that makes them a full-service university to their students, in school and thereafter.
I can maintain my thought of pursuing my degree here.
The campus is perfect and conducive to an atmosphere for study.
All students contacted thus far have been friendly and personable.
Resources provided for my needs, thus far, are first rate.
Combination of in class and online studies are working out well.
Great internship opportunities and helpful career services
The classes are overcrowded and not enough resources to go around
The teachers are either super nice or incredibly mean.
The students are pretty friendly and are always able to find some common ground to talk about.
The teachers of the online classes are never available when there is a problem. The teachers just want you to read the material and submit the assigned homework. They don't want to interact with the students and become upset if you need them for assistance.
We are a small art school with no athletics other than video games.
I'm in my last year of school and thus only need 5 classes left. They are only offering one of these classes on campus for the upcoming quarter and aren't open to offering more unless I can personally hunt down more people who will agree to take the class. We are a small art school and there aren't very many students in their last year of the bachelors program so where would I find more people to take those upper division classes.
Amazing career center with a vast wealth of employers looking for people to hire
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The classes and professors are hit and miss. I am lucky that I had some of the better ones before they either had less classes or left the school. Overall it was more or less like any other school to me.
Argosy is a small campus. There is one large computer lab and one media center and library. This is substantial for the campus. I have had no issues working in either work spaces.
The network is great. I have never had a technical issue with it. Printing on campus is free, which is a great plus for me since I need to print materials from class to help me study.
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