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They will just take your money and then pile on more
20000 out of pocket, 101000 in student loans and still have a 14000 balance. 😑
So my experience is good. The instructors I have had are respectful and professional. I would like to attend a class in campus, to experience a live class and be able to ask questions.
The administration was very helpful in every aspect of college enrollment. The online classrooms are exceptional and the professors really care. I would recommend Argosy to every one I know
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So far I love how involved the school is in showing how the program i'm going for is done and overall what specifically I shall be learning in the program. I am also intrigued with how the classroom set up is, from discussions and assignments to the grading set up.
I have had such strong Professors in my courses that they push me! And look for more in what I can mantatin.
Online school for a 44 year old student was a challenge but not overwhelming. Professors were helpful, knowledgeable, and great at communicating in a timely manner.
I've been attending Argosy University-Online since 2013 on and off. I love how supportive the staff is and the variety of tools that the campus common provides me with! After receiving my Associate's, my Success advisor walked me through my transition into my Bachelor's program.
It has been quite hard task but i hung in there. At first when I got stated I had butter fly in my stomach because i through that i couldn't do it but i hung in there. And i finally got my lesson.
Graduate with my B.S. furthering my education for my Master's degree. All I can say is that personally and determination are key factors for success 😁
It has been a great experience going to school online at Argosy. I would recommend online learning to many of my friends. I look forward to graduating soon.
I was lucky enough to be contacted by a wonderful representative from Argosy. After being out of school for 20 years, I was hesitant to go back. My worries were reassured and I am so glad I decided to return.
The coursework has been very doable and has a lot to do with my major. However, I would like more contact and one-on-one time with professors.
This is truly a great experience! It is convenient for my busy life! The faculty is always on top of every aspect of my online experience! Blessed I decided to go with Argosy!
So far my experience has been excellent at Argosy University! I am in my fourth class and my advisors are amazing. All the professors I have had so far have been super helpful as well. I definitely recommend taking classes online, they are only 5 weeks long!
I have had an excellent experience in studying for my associates in business at Argosy University. The staff is very understanding, and most instructors really do care of your learning outcome.
Argosy is very helpful in getting you started in the right direction. The professors are very knowledgeable and the staff are as well.
I love the interacting from the professors and the counsel that keeps you focused and in line, they’re great. Always making sure you’re taken care of
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i felt totally pressured to signup. i should have said no and considered options, but the recruiter was pushy, so i enrolled. i had a family issue to occur, so i had to drop out. the only good thing was i could talk to my instructors anytime i needed them. I had alot of help. We could talk on the phone, webcam, or email. They made themselves available. But i was very disappointed in the business side of it. I was talked/forced into taking out loans that i did not need, which took me 4 years to pay back, without a degree!!!
I really enjoy being back in school. Argosy University is totally professional and your team is there for you when you need help. The Professors are more than ready and welling help any student no matter how stupid the question or small or big the problem may be, they are there for the students. That is why the students are the ones who have to pay back our loans. Unless we get grants and scholarships. I my opinion Argosy University online is great. I am an honor student with a GPA of 4.0. In high school I was lucky if I had a c or c- average. So Argosy is a wonderful learning experiences, and they take pride in their programs.
I have not had a bad experience with Argosy University Online I find the professors very helpful when something is not understood. I love it there and the course work is not that bad but as with any school one does have to full apply their self.
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