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I love the interacting from the professors and the counsel that keeps you focused and in line, they’re great. Always making sure you’re taken care of
i felt totally pressured to signup. i should have said no and considered options, but the recruiter was pushy, so i enrolled. i had a family issue to occur, so i had to drop out. the only good thing was i could talk to my instructors anytime i needed them. I had alot of help. We could talk on the phone, webcam, or email. They made themselves available. But i was very disappointed in the business side of it. I was talked/forced into taking out loans that i did not need, which took me 4 years to pay back, without a degree!!!
I really enjoy being back in school. Argosy University is totally professional and your team is there for you when you need help. The Professors are more than ready and welling help any student no matter how stupid the question or small or big the problem may be, they are there for the students. That is why the students are the ones who have to pay back our loans. Unless we get grants and scholarships. I my opinion Argosy University online is great. I am an honor student with a GPA of 4.0. In high school I was lucky if I had a c or c- average. So Argosy is a wonderful learning experiences, and they take pride in their programs.
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I have not had a bad experience with Argosy University Online I find the professors very helpful when something is not understood. I love it there and the course work is not that bad but as with any school one does have to full apply their self.
Wonderful school!
I am able to still be a full time mom, worker, and student while attending argosy. I love the flexibility. The advisers as well as the course instructors are wonderful.
I have mixed feelings about this school because there are several instructors that help and there others that want you to fail.
I enjoy my school, it allows me to have my work and time for my schooling as well as study time. I think online works well for peopel with busy lifes
Graduate school at Argosy University comprised a unique amalgam of interactions with learners and instructors from around the world. It was an experience that prepared me for a highly diverse workforce and its technological demands. Professor/student interactions toward establishment of congruent teaching and learning styles is critical for academic success. The curriculum and instruction platform was conducive to soci-cognitive growth as well as honing of coping skills toward intrinsic balance requisite for meeting and exceeding expectations inside and outside of the virtual classroom. Finally, Argosy University Online was an exemplar of a student-friendly environment with high-end didactic algorithms.
The staff are excellent at assisting Military members with financial aid options, degree plans, and any sudden issues that may arise while serving on Active duty.
I am currently attending Argosy University Online. I love it so far. The instructors are amazing! They take the time to talk to you and answer questions you may have. The staff are also very helpful, I was having some trouble getting all my paperwork done to attend Argosy and they were very patient and super helpful in guiding me to what I needed to do.
I am a currently an student taking online courses for Argosy University I like there programs and it challenge my mind to value my education and learn all the things that I can learn.
It is a good college, great access to my classes by my computer. All of my academic advisors are helpful when I need some help. They are always emailing you on how your doing in classes and how you are doing yourself.
Argosy is a great school. I have had wonderful academic advisor and instructors. You have to be very self motivated though. There are times when 5 weeks is not quite long enough to feel confident in the knowledge of the class.
I am so thankful to have found Argosy University online. It has already done so much for me being a student here and I feel as though I've already learned so much in the short amount of time I have been here.
I like the course materials. I also, like how the academic counselor and finance counselors check to see how things are going and to make sure that the next class is scheduled and accepted. I also, like how fast the instructors grade the assignments, so students can see how they done right away. Another thing that I like about Argosy, is that most of my classes is only 5 weeks long, which makes completion of each class; very fast. In the short 5 weeks, Argosy really does a good job of teaching many topics, which I was really surprised at how much I learned so quickly. I would like to see more outlines to cover examples in the doc sharing section.
Argosy University is a great school to attend online. I like it because you take one class and focus only on that one class, for five weeks. You do the final in the fifth week and move onto a new subject for the next five weeks. We attend all year long except for one week during Christmas. This helps move you along for quicker graduation too! Attending Argosy University has changed my life!
The online courses at Argosy University is amazing. Everything thing you need is right at your fingertips. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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Argosy Online is flexible with your lifestyle, only giving 2-3 necessary posts a week and allowing access to message the instructor whenever needed. Though through my time there, I have noted a number of problems. The instructors that they hire seem to be more interested in merely putting grades down, while very few actually pay attention in the class discussion boards. There have been a couple of incidences with the same instructor that has left me to be irritated. There have been other times when I have found issues with the grading itself - either far too lax, or too strict, when it comes to assignments that are not mapped out well enough. When it comes to messaging the instructor, it takes quite a while for the instructor to get back with you, let alone being able to catch them. Overall, the main problem seems to be the instructor's inattentiveness, though the program offered is something that I have enjoyed.
As a returning college middle age college student, the online class environment is very appealing to me. I choose Argosy University Online, as it seemed like a good fit. My journey started off very enjoyable, which kept me excited about completing my degree. As time went on, I started to feel as though, "now they have me, so the support and encouragement began to lessen". On top of that, the five week classes began to add a level of stress that was unmanageable. When you are taking a class such as microeconomics, five weeks is not nearly enough time to gain understanding of a semester's worth of work.
I have enjoyed attending Argosy Online because of the convenience and content of the course. However, I do fell that they need a better communication with their students regarding financial situation. The financial advisors should explain before they have a large amount incurred on a student which prevents them from graduation and they have already completed the courses. I am disappointed at that aspect.
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