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Argosy University - Northern Virginia Reviews

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The PsyD program is rigorous and engaging. It definitely prepares you to be competent clinician. Class assignments and exams are applicable to course content and able to be integrated and utilized in real-life therapeutic settings.
I like the blended method of learning which eases the pressure of needing to constantly be on campus. There is nothing that I believe needs to be changed. My experience has been extremely positive.
Argosy Have excellent professors. Their administrative, finance and guidance counselors are very attentive and helpful.
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My school is flexible with classroom curriculum.
So far I have taken two on line courses for my program. The professors are knowledgeable and the workload is comparable to the traditional classroom experience.
The training department is helpful and supportive to the students who graduated from the psychology doctorate program.
The professors are amazing. They are supportive and have real life knowledge of being in the mental health field.
Students from my campus are able to apply and receive great career opportunities because of the training department and the reputation of the school.
The professors are amazing. They bring real world experiences into the classroom and are supportive when students need help.
I have had a good experience with Argosy University- Washington, DC. I am in the clinical psychology doctorate program and am learning the skills and knowledge needed to become a competent future psychologist.
All my courses have given me real world experience.
The online library and tutorial access is great.
My classes are well organized and interactive.
Most of the students at my school are full-time career, adult students. Most are graduate students in psychology, business and education.
The education I am receiving is based on the work and effort I put in. Paying for the program is just another motivating factor to work hard in my program and work efficiently in the classroom.
I see posting for post-grad services all around campus- job preparation, internship preparation, and networking opportunities.
The computer lab is easily accessible and alerts are always sent out in case of any lab closings for program updates.
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I received the aid that I needed in order to complete my studies and to fulfill a lifelong dream and although I ran out of money. This school still allows me the flexibility to make payments and continue my studies.
Services Availiable – The services are available and frequently send out announcements for workshops.
Online Course – I have had online courses before however Argosy has a better set up. The teacher gives feed back regularly. I would strongly encourage you to take classes where you can be self motivated for online as it can sometimes be a little dry.
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