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Argosy University - Nashville Reviews

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Scheduling has been easy and so was transferring credits.
I am able to work at my own pace and still get positive feedback and help as needed.
There is a post grad program that I am interested in.
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My career adviser is helping me plan out my possible job matches after graduation.
The courses are relevant to what I am wanting to obtain a career in. The professors are very knowledgeable as well.
I love the major I have selected. The instructors are great and the workload is appropriate.
I love this school. I am able to get the help I need and the teachers are readily available.
Professors have been decent overall. Some courses are interesting and engaging, while others are boring.
Many of the students have no real ambition, there seems to be no positive competition between students to achieve academically.
Career counseling is non existent. I've begged for help to find a job, as well as housing (which they claim to help with)- to no avail. My children and I had to move to another location due to not having resources for employment and housing.
Argosy is "known" for their psych program, although I'd never heard of them or their program until I used a search engine to find an online school.
The academics offered are mediocre, at best.
The professors have been great, however they are too lenient when it comes to content and critical thinking regarding students' posts on discussion boards. There are a plethora of spelling and grammatical errors from most of the students in every class. We are college students, not elementary. The only excuse one should have is if English is not his/her primary language. Everyone else should be held to a higher standard for learning.
I am trying to transfer away from Argosy, the credits I've earned there may or may not transfer to certain schools. Many state colleges will not recognize Argosy's credits.
Not only is Argosy one of the most expensive schools I've encountered, it also surprised me with fees and ate up my financial aid. I am 15 credits from completion and have no funding to finish because of Argosy. They do not offer additional financial aid options or scholarships that are attainable. I'm finding that grants and loans (other than federal) are not an option when attending this school.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my online courses thus far. I have learned quite a bit with my part-time workload. In fact, the classes I have taken so far have been extremely interesting.
I have not had the opportunity to check out any of these things yet.
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I believe that I am getting my money's worth with Argosy, however I wish they were a little cheaper simply because they offer so few scholarships for graduate students.
I have had a great experience at Argosy University- Nashville thus far. I don't have any complaints and I believe that if I had to apply to schools again, I'd choose them still.
There are various areas on campus to use computers which is nice. I have not used the schools network therefore I cannot evaluate it.
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