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I have gotten my BA in psychology and every minute i have enjoyed going to school. the professors are the best and they care about your success. They are there to not only provide you with information but to work with you and helping you threw your educational needs.
As a mother with a full time job, Argosy University Hawaii allows flexibilty for myself, my family and my job to pursue completion of my degree.
My experience at the Argosy University learning institute helped me grow as a person, and make educated decisions and choices that will benefit myself in the future.
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I love that I can go to school full time, and am able to keep my job. I was reluctant to return to school before because I didn't want to sacrifice my career with the state.
only 5 assignments, and 5 discussions due for a whole class so your effort really matters. the workload is enough to last you the entire week, but not too much that its overwhelming. I work full time and can still manage two classes.
professors seem knowledgeable about their course, often they have majored and even have a doctorate in it. they have high expectations, and treat everyone like adults rather than children.
I've only taken a couple classes but so far it's great.
The admissions process was wonderful, but seemed to go downhill a bit after that, the academic advisor I was granted seems to never come in to work, I've never met her in person and all my class selection has gone through the other advisor whom deals with the other majors that the school offers. the financial aid help was TERRIBLE. the councilor I was assigned to NEVER answered emails, NEVER returned calls. it wasn't until I complained to my admissions coordinator that she finally responded to anything, and even when she did she had a very spiteful and rude demeanor, as if she was wasting her time.
The undergraduate classes are in the evening and only a couple of days a week and you can switch to a different class day if necessary. I would say that the classes are very flexible and easy to schedule with my job.
The online courses are easy to access and easy to navigate within. Even though it is an online course there is still lots of peer-to-peer interaction.
All of the staff and Professors are encouraging and supportive, I can tell that they want to help us to do well in school. T and hey make everyone feel as apart of the Ohana and not just a number.
I feel that I am learning exactly what each course states that I will learn.
This school makes you feel like Ohana. Everyone greets you with the warmest of welcomes and all of the staff are very encouraging and supportive. Unlike the larger universities, Argosy keeps the class sizes small to enable each student to interact with every student in the class as well as the professor. At Argosy, you are not a number, you are a part of the Ohana. Their classroom style has enabled me to receive the feedback I need to do well in school.
I really enjoy the updated computers in the lab. It's very helpful to have the printer also.
I'm still getting use to everyone and their personality, but so far, their an awesome bunch of people. Everyone has their own personalities and abilities. It's interesting because I've learned a few really creative techniques that people do to study and how they show and express their ideas. Everyone is welcoming and friendly, but competitive and focused at the same time.
I normally prefer the traditional classroom experience, but I was open-minded to the online courses as well. As far as I can tell, I'm really enjoying the courses online. I was a little skeptical about it because of my learning technique ( which is mostly face to face interaction ) but after experiencing this for the first time, it's really good. Although our professor/student relationship isn't as strong as I would prefer it to be, but it still gets the job done.
I am continuing my second year of this program and am very satisfied with my experience and can't wait to graduate next year.
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Computers in the lab are so slow and out-dated.
Although I miss interacting with my instructors and cohort physically, I do enjoy working from home and learning from virtually anywhere.
Instructors and faculty are very flexible and they understand that we do have a life outside of school and can be very accommodating.
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