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I like the way they take care of the students here. They show the concern of the student and their education. The whole staff is here to help a student get their degree. The staff and faculty is always available to help their students. They do not just enroll them in and leave them unattended. They will check on you, and make sure you are meeting the requirements. They show as much concern as a parent would their child. You are in very good hands here at Argosy. If you want unconditional love it is here.
At the beginning I was very concerned about taking classes again in a new college. I was afraid that financial aid was not going to help due to my past grades in my previous college. I dropped out of my first college because of personal problems and affected my academic work badly. Thankfully, when I went to vocational school to study CNA& PTT, it opened doors for me to be able to go back into an actual college. Next, I went to another vocational school in where I studied Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. It was an amazing experience to have studied in the medical field, but every time I received interviews, there was no call backs. Then I realized maybe the medical field was not meant for me. I was the type of person who would listen to people's feelings and worries. That is when I decided to study Psychology. I came across Argosy University and filled an application. Right away I received a call and spoke with the main person of the Psychology program. Due to my hard work from medical field, it picked up my GPA tremendously and granted me the opportunity to get back in college. My experience has been amazing, being able to work with professors who level with you, explain everything in class, and have communication with you. I have been to manage my homework and social activities after class is over. One of the most frustrating parts for me; was when I had to get my transcripts from STC, the place where my bad grades were. I thought Argosy would not accept me because of my bad academic past but when the main person of the program said I got accepted, it brought tears to my eyes. Most of my frustrations was when dealing with financial aid and having to get my mother's information. As for the credits, it saved me alot of trouble and I am only focusing on the classes needed for my program.
From my experience of a traditional classroom experience was a bit difficult for me because I would have a difficult time to concentrate in class,too much noise, could not understand the teachers well, and I learned about myself that I was more of a one-on-one person. As for my experience in online class, I have the chance to take my time, making it on my own pace, having a better understanding of the material, concentration is more accurate for me, and its silent. Its not a problem for me to socialize but if I want to succeed in my program, I would like to stay focused and keep track on my due dates on homework, quizzes, essays, and projects. The workload is the same for me, the unique features would be that I have professors who actually care and want you to succeed. My experience with the professor/student relationship in person felt a bit awkward and intimidating. Although, when I became an online student, it felt like a comfortable area for me to study at ease, no rush, no issues with time. Even so, my peer-to-peer interaction is the same as well because I have no problem working in groups, nor partners, and accept anyone as who they are.
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The quality of post-grad services are well explained and the faculty will help you step by step in order to get into the career you studied long and hard for. The job prospects are good and alumni network has no issues at all.
The classes are different because sometimes it can be a small group or a big group. Either way, I am comfortable with my classes and there is no problem with my courses. When it comes to difficult criteria; the professors helpful with any type of questions you seek answers from. The quality of the courses are well-detailed, organized, understandable, and able to keep up with the class sessions. The professors are very friendly, hardworking, understanding,and they treat everyone equally. The class styles can be visual or auditory. The variety of courses we receive is one class every 5 weeks. My experience has been wonderful due to the fact of making new friends and having professors who actually care about your education.
The value of a degree is seen very well because the employers of the campus are professional with their work, understanding on students' schedules, call all students daily to help them keep track of their classes, due dates on homework, financial aid, grants, and getting news feed on joining clubs, or tutoring for your classes as well. The quality of the alumni network works well and does not give any problems. As for the career center/ services on campus are excellent and hardworking. They also define the true meaning of "getting things done on time".
Being in the Psychology program has been a wonderful experience because I have learned to cope with stress, have better communication with my family, friends, and relationship. Despite of the rough times I had during my classes; my professors were very understanding and would level with me. The workload is plenty to keep you busy such as writing notes, listening the auditory videos about the criteria, taking timed quizzes, writing different type of essays to visualize different perspectives, and keeping track of the notes for final exam. I never thought of myself as an online student but attending Argosy University has been a wonderful experience so far. I have also learned that I am more of a one-on-one session with my professor. As far for the curriculum, the classes have been basic and I am getting closer to my psychology classes. The facility will guide you into the internship and will teach you the tools to get job opportunities, interviews, and getting your career started.
I would choose Argosy University because they have an amazing staff group of people who care about your education and are willing to help you any time. They are hardworking, friendly, patient, helpful, understanding, and can work with your schedule. This university is unique because I have never came across a faculty who works as a team and cares for every student body who is their program. Whenever there was a criteria I did not understand, I would ask my professor and gladly explained it more to me. They will also help you push and find motivation when it comes to the rough times but what i love the most about Argosy University is the warm welcome being shown to you once entering the program and making new friends along the road.
Academics flexibility is an options are available and you can choose your coueses
The unique features is that your professor does keep in contact with you and provides the tools that you need to get what you need for completion of the course. The relationship between the student and professor is professional and there is set guidelines that have to be met so relationships with peer to peer interaction is really best for you and the classmates to stay in contact in your discussions.
There is a course that is offered that prepares the students and for work and job aspects are well defined and places you in the alumni for your best advances for your career
The quality of courses and Professors are very educated and mostly are taught by Doctors, professors that hold the highest degree of that particular course offered and class styles are all different and it never fails to amuse me the classes are exactly what you need but not what you expect. The size of class is larger online then when you attend on campus but ARGOSY offers both.I like the campus classes that were 4 hrs out if day and you get your money's worth depending on what type or learner you are.
The job internship are available you must read you student Manuel so that you are prepared and you know what is expected of you because very fast pased and have to still have meet the deadlines on when applications are due.the quality of alumni are as scheduled for the students and there is recruitment and awesome quality of career center that is part of the program and integrated services on campus.
When I first started attending Argosy University 4 years ago I felt I was being attacked and was going through a lot of psychological issues and I just knew they were invading my brain and really trying to get inside my mind as a new psychology major I did not put two and two together. I just did what my advisor advised me to do.I went crazy competing with my assignments digging deeper and deeper into my psyche and I realized 3 years later that the program is set just for you to find the area in your life that needed it's main focus to identify and heal a stage that was missed in my life to make me your good psychologist.
all expenses possitive forthcoming I haven't had any misunderstandings or anything today would recommend this place for education.
I think that you have make time set time aside. is to remember that you have homework and you need to submit your assignmentand remember into feedback when you post your discussion .
I believe that major in Forensic Psychology will be very challenging and worth the hard work.
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For for the program looksyvery intering and challenging.
I enjoy the whole experience of my teacher she is great professor enjoy the time in classroom. She professor mskes all her students feel important. The classroom is small is very intimate it is a great experience that would make anyone feel comfortable.
I feel energetic and on top of my life. My goal are being complete one step at a time thanks to Argosy.
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