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Argosy University - Chicago Reviews

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Best instructor and technical support is always there when you need them. Great support from instructor and classmates
I am not really sure how the services are, but from what I remember, it was more difficult to access the career center as an alumni rather than when you are a current student at the university.
The professors I have had during my time here are all great. They are extremely personable and they really care about their students. The class size is usually small (8-14) people, so that allows the professor to pay more attention to students on a one-on-one basis.
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I believe that this program is one of the main reasons why I like the school. It is accredited and I have learned so much through my classes and the experiences I have encountered in class with the professors and outside in the real world.
Overall, in regards to the program that I am in, I think the school is great! The teachers are extremely genuine and caring of their students and the progress the students make throughout their journey in the program. As a school as a whole, I feel like there are some things that the administration can polish up on.
I've had no problems adjusting to my class schedule.
Makes me want to learn more on my own.
still to early for me to change careers, need more education.
quality of courses and Professor's are the best. They are very professional
It's made easy to research all on there website
Don't have to be afraid to ask questions, it's in private and only with instructor
one on one class room feeling and discussions with fellow students help you learn courses with ease.
Academic counselor and other management staff have been so helpful, resourceful, friendly, and professional.
Innovative and up to date information.
I have had no bad or negative experiences while at Argosy - everyone is helpful in every aspect of the school.
Great, easy to work with - user friendly as well as provide resources needed to achieve acedemic experiences.
I have learned how to manage my time to accomplish disciplined goalset.
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I have had so much support throughout my academic journey - I would go back to Argosy.
I have had some great professor, Dr. Watkins in particular. I have had some not so good ones.
I have had some heavy struggles at this school, not so much anyones fought. My advisors have come and go so staffing has been a big issues, and my doctoral advisor has had difficulties and one have passed on so its been a struggle. But supportive as well.
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