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Argosy University - Atlanta Reviews

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Not worth it in any way, shape, or form! Argosy Atlanta is extremely overpriced and filled with incompetent people. Although there are lots of staff members here who love their jobs and are passionate about what they teach, the overall Argosy experience isn't worth what you pay. Admissions tries to sell it as an incredibly unique school and that their features are perfect for the working adult, but they're just trying to sell you this education and whatever cost so they can make their goals. They don't care about the student's well-being. Don't waste your time or money!
I will start taking classes online, I like the fact that they are local so if I have any problems I can go right up to the. School
Great school and accredited by cacrep. I felt very prepared for the licensure exam. Professors are helpful and have a lot of experience in the field. They are wonderful mentors and will stay in touch long after graduation.
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The teachers are amazing. They are very willing to work with you to figure out what's best for you. The downside is financial aid. They always seem disorganized and delayed. No matter what.
I was disappointed in three things:
1-that most of my elective classes were taught by adjuncts
2-the hammond drive area next to the school wasn't very safe
3-classes were larger than I expected as a graduate student
On the positive side, the diversity in the student body was refreshing.
Getting enrolled has been hassle free. Everyone is so helpful and willing tomgonthe extra mile to help. It's great.
It's a great program. The more a person puts in to the classroom the more they will get out.
For me perusing my education will allow me to

Move up at my job now for 3 years along with gaining higher pay.
The professors at Argosy- online division are superb!! Most have family, jobs, and activities just as the students. Talking with the professors if an assignment could possibly be late is okay. They're flexible and understanding. I've been at conferences with my job in the past and have had the pleasure of meeting a few! It's unique at Argosy- professors seem to want you to have a successful career just as much. It's like family.
I chose Argosy Online because of my full work load. Argosy is a credited school, so every credit counts!
I am able to work ahead if I need to. Time management for me is very important to me being a single mother of four kids and fully employed. Staff is always available for me if I need them. I went into my class rooms 2 years ago for the first time and read over what the professors expect and due dates of assignments. I quickly realized I was able to work ahead if I needed.
Being a mother of four kids and having full time employment, Argosy councilors as well as the professors, work well with me in getting my assignments turned in. I strive for excellence and Argosy employers helps me to achieve my goals.
I love the flexibility and convenience of my blended classes; Mainly online and one weekend onsite classes per semester.
Online classes are very convenient. I love it!
The courses thus far have been very informative. The information provided have both enlightened and inspired me greatly.
My prospects are internships, networking and future employment!
I'm still awaiting internship opportunities. Thus, I am confident that Argosy University staff will assist me in this endeavor.
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I love the competent and well-experienced instructors teaching the classes. They are not only working at the University, but are also currently working in the healthcare industry on a higher level, such as the CDC.
I am in my third year with Argosy University and have taken all of my courses to this point online. I feel that while pursuing my degree in psychology, this University has definitely made sure to require that I enroll in courses that are needed to truly understand the career path that I have chosen.
Although I wanted to major in Applied Behavioral Science, my degree program for psychology has certainly given me the opportunity to learn things that are equivalent for both majors. My hope is to return after graduating to get my Masters.
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