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I am a student at Argosy University and I love all the programs they have. Everyone who works there are very friendly and help you on anything you need. I believe that they choose what's best for you and try to help you on anything they can, including with your assignments if you Forget to do your assignment they will call you to remind you. I wouldn't change anything from this school I love everything.
We have plenty of discussions in Online classes. My first time taking such classes, and so far it all comes down how determined are you to getting it done? !
I never seriously considered any college. There was a few things was interested in until I visited the campus, and may I add this is the first college I was actually considering. Even on the phone call with the admission advisor I received warm welcomes and honest help. I think that's what is so catching about this college because right off the bat I felt like I was making positive step in my future.
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The school filled out all the paperwork and got my transfer credits for me
My experience with online courses are the same as traditional classroom as in material and objectives. The one thing I like about the online experience if you have a busy life and cannot fit in traditional classroom . I also have a advisor and financial advisor that keep in contact with me on a weekly basis. Also online they also have clubs that you can join as well.
I have not used career services as I am currently focusing on schooling.
  • 8 months ago
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The instructors have be valuable and I have learned a lot . The classes are challengeing , the class size is perfect because they are small and I get to work with people from all over the country. The courses offered is everything I need and more.
There is a strong alumni network. The employers are amazing and there are plenty of career center services.
  • 8 months ago
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My Major right now is to get my A.A and Psychology and them continue on to my B.A in Psychology last I will try to get into graduate school for my Masters is Art Therapy.
I have Eplispy and this school has excepted me with open arms and helps me every step of the way. The best fun is that Im learning what I love and the staff and instructors are amazing and knowledgeable.I would recommend this school to anyone.
It good so far, I'm still going through the process.
THE Course are fun and easy to follow along. IM enjoying it so far.
It's been wonderful and I love it. I'm blessed to be here.
I have attended many other colleges or community colleges and haven't completed any of the programs. I feel and believe this program and the school at Argosy will help me to complete my degree and advance to a much higher academic career path forward,
  • 11 months ago
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The challenge you and push you to be great.
I the being apart of something special. Argosy makes me feel that I'm part of something great and they care.
I received an $8,000 scholarship for transferring credits from my previous school. The transferred credit covered electives and most of the general study classes.
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Every week students have to turn in two papers. One is a discussion, and the other is a research paper. The discussion questions are easy to answer and all students participate in giving each other feedback. The research papers are submitted to the drop box, and graded by the professor.
Most students at this school already have jobs, and study here to climb up the ladder in their current jobs or start their own business.
  • Jan 6 2016
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The professors are absolutely amazing, and have a lot of experience in their field. The evening classes work great for people that have to work during the day.
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