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Arcadia University is in generally a very decent school. Academic-wise, it sufficiently delivers and there are a lot of excellent and approachable professors. Its administration, however, could be a lot better. Clubs and activities are pretty decent, quite a lot of programs for students. If you're looking for parties, however, it's not the school for you.
Amazing people! As a commuter the commuter lounge is my go to as the commuter assistants are friendly. The teachers are funny and helpful.
I really enjoy the small student to teacher ratio, in my experience there is always a direct line of communication with professors who are willing to give feedback and want feedback in return. As an art student I feel that my peers in my department are like family.
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The academics are what drew me to this campus, and the professors really take an initiative in their students. The student life is excellent, and if you put yourself out there, you will have a fantastic experience. Diversity is very important to all members of the campus community, and resonates deep within the roots of the college's mission, in which all students are taught to think through a global perspective. Housing and dining services have been the only negative experiences I've had within the institution.
The administration has gone through quite a bit of messiness over the years that I have attended, but hopefully with the new president it will be different. Arcadia has also prided itself on its small campus and small classes but now they are cutting classes that are less than 15 people. They are dissolving smaller majors and receiving a lot of backlash for it. It is an expensive small school and they can't follow through with paying professors and providing the education that students want, so students transfer after taking advantage of the Freshman Preview program. Study abroad is cheaper than the school itself.
Arcadia professors are very liberal and do not want to hear any conservative views which is very apparent in the classroom.
My overall experience at Arcadia University has been alright. The school does great in some areas but needs some work in others. I love Arcadia's small class size. I enjoy being able to have a relationship with my professors. If I need extra help, my teachers are willing to meet with me outside of class and help me. On the other hand, the school does not have much to do. The campus is pretty boring. Also, the food is horrible. There are only two places to eat on campus. Other schools often allow students to use their meal swipes in other restaurants but Arcadia does not have that option.
Class size allows for an intimate setting and for personal relationships with professors. Atmosphere of campus is very laid back and contemporary.
The small class sizes/school is great for student and faculty interaction, especially during lectures and more difficult classes. The professors are the greatest aspect of the school, especially the biology department, always willing to help and interact with students to ensure comprehension. Other aspects of the school are not so great, for instance the food, the cleanliness, and the supplies provided for students are all below par.
I have had a few great teachers that help me learn and grow as a person, and I have had some teachers that just give constant information and exams while not really caring how you retain or handle it all. I've had teachers that treated me equal in comparison to students that weren't my race, and I've been singled out by my teachers or not defended by my teachers when race comes up. Being African American doesn't mean that I like being stared at by my 98% white class when we're on the topic of slavery. It also doesn't mean that I'm okay with that class comparing my race to insects/animals/arachnids. It also doesn't help my college experience if I'm told by athletic coaches that I shouldn't even bother coming for tryouts or sending videos because division 3 teams only want superstars and trophy winners.
Arcadia is very much so a 'not for everyone' school. It's for people who prefer a quiet night in with a few friends over a huge college party. I've met some of the best people of my life here. Study abroad and small class sizes are the big selling points with this school.
I have had a lovely experience at Arcadia so far. My classes are small, allowing me ample interaction with my professors and the subject matter through deep discussion with students who actually care about the classes they take. I have gone to China and Washington DC for conferences and will be spending a year abroad in an opportunity to further my education. This school offers not just an education, but an experience that will change you for the better.
Arcadia can be a little boring if you don't have many friends. There is no Greek life and there aren't many sports. We don't even have a football team because we are such a small school. There is stuff to do around Arcadia but you need a car to get to them. There is also a train station about a 10-15 minute walk from campus that takes you into Philly.
Arcadia is a small school but a school that I love. It has an amazing study abroad program that is greatly emphasized. It also has a fabulous science department tat prepares students for even further education. The one downside to Arcadia is how expensive the tuition is. I do not see the need for the outlandish price of Arcadia when it is compared to similar schools with lower tuition. Otherwise, Arcadia is a great school to further my education.
Although the university itself was decent, the environment of Arcadia University does not allow students to grow and expand. The small campus and student body does allow room for close, personal relationships, but also hinders a student's ability to create a variety of friends; and often ends in small, judgmental cliques. Overall, an "okay" experience.
Arcadia is an oddly magical place. Like any college, there are things to complain about for each individual but overall it isn't a bad school, in fact it's quite good! One, the campus is beautiful, well kept. The housing and a few other buildings could use renovation and expansion but it's still quite nice. Academics is pretty impressive but not all the professors deserve the same critique. Athletics are probably one of the few weak points at Arcadia but the teams are still loved and celebrated properly by the student body and faculty. Campus food is undoubtedly the weakest link, enough said. Safety regulations and security could be better. The party scene is weak if you don't know the right people. Diversity is very impressive, probably due to Arcadia's intense focus on international education but nonetheless impressive. Girls are the dominant gender here though, by far, but to be fair it used to be an all girls private school. Ultimately, an amazing experience and beautiful school.
Arcadia is a great school for someone looking for serious one-on-one attention. Arcadia is really small, and your relationships with your professors are very personal. The campus is beautiful, and the atmosphere is really accepting and the value of education is the most important part of Arcadia. If you want to travel, this school is definitely for you as we have one of the best study abroad programs in the country.
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Arcadia University is the place to go for any and all study abroad wants and needs. Along with countless countries to study in, the Freshmen Preview Program allows every student the equal opportunity to learn and travel.
The campus is pretty small, so if you don't want a big school this is the place to be. Classes are small (15-40 people), so you can get to know your professors. Since this is a division three school sports aren't very big here, unless you count basketball. The professors I've had so far really know what they're taking about and are good at tecahing. They're also willing to sit down and help you if you're confused.
This school is trash. Don't go to it. Everyone wants to leave after the first semester. Awful school choice.
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