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1,128 reviews
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I love how small the campus is, the study abroad opportunities, and the people at Arcadia. But nothing happens there ever. Ever.
I really enjoy the study abroad opportunities, the modern languages department, and the small class sizes. I feel like the professors here really care about me and want me to succeed.
As a student who lives here the life at at Arcadia is not too bad buy the food and the amount of money we need to pay just to attend is a bit ridiculous.
It's a beautiful campus: green hills, nifty looking buildings, and a castle on the hillside. Students typically rush to and fro on their way to classes or their latest appointment. Certain administrative offices are more welcoming than others. Student life is decent. The student programming board works hard to provide entertainment and events every weekend.
Arcadia University is great for amybody who wishes to study abroad. Not only that, but they have a stellar international program and physician assistant/physical therapist program. It's a great school if you know you want to travel.
I had amazing professors who were very genuine about their teaching styles and cared for the wellbeing of their students. Also the study abroad program is phenomenal!!
Arcadia University as a whole offers a lot to its students that are willing to go out and find the opportunities on campus. The academic experience has been a positive one, although the social experience has been sub-par. Social groups can be clicky and appear highly exclusive to those outside the group. The institution has incredible statistics in study abroad and institutional diversity, and has a beautiful and warming campus. Regarding academics, some departments are incredible while some lack proper resources for its students. As a whole, the small class sizes prove beneficial for the students and create a level of personability between students and professors. Campus life can also be a very positive experience, but older residence halls certainly show their age with electrical problems and occasional maintenance issues. There is virtually no party scene at Arcadia, but the campus is always hosting events for students to attend rather than choosing to party.
The atmosphere is comfortable. The professors are above-average. Course availability could be improved.
It's a really great school. It's very diverse and the best thing is that we not only have our major requirements but the schools requirements and the great thing about that is that we are able to broaden our views on different things.
I was drawn to Arcadia University initially because of it's beautiful campus. It is a magical sight to see in any season. There is a historic castle on the property that hosts events and serves as housing for some students. Arcadia is a very small, private school. Campus is usually quiet but it is exciting to see it come alive every day as students go to class. There isn't any greek or party life, which I prefer. I can focus on my academics, and it is also very easy to make friends. The food is often complained about, but most dorms have a kitchen where you can cook and bake your own food. The school is still expanding in various departments and it is great to be a part of that. I am so happy I chose this school and I would not want to be any where else.
It was a interesting experience coming to this school as an junior because it was a new environment that you had to adapt to very quickly, which I did because I was a transfer student. But it is so far a very good experience. Faculty is really great and they are willing to help out with almost anything to help the student succeed.
I like the small class sizes as well as the food options, and the people on campus are very friendly.
Arcadia is a nice enough school with a beautiful campus, great teachers, and a nice student body. It's great for people who want a smaller school and more cohesive community, because they really do their best to get everyone involved in school events.
There is a lot of pride in this school. People are excited to be at Arcadia
I love Arcadia University because everyone is so friendly. The campus is small enough that it allows you to get to now everybody.
I loved the small class size and personal connections made with the teachers. Being an athlete at this school was great. The coaches were dedicated and really wanted you to become a well-rounded individual. The negative about this university is the cost. For many of the majors here, the same major could be found at a different school for less than half of what you pay at AU.
Everyone goes out and parties every weekend.
Diversity helps when going out into the world to work.
It is the same as my High School, but I feel safe.
I feel I am learning valuable lessons at Arcadia.
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