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As an Ed major at Arcadia, I've been beyond dissapointed. After layoffs at end of the Spring 2018 semester, the ED department took a huge hit, losing 3 professors. The transparency of the department and school is lacking. The students are often blindsided by the programs, adding unwanted stress to the already stressful lives of the students. The campus is a ghost town, especially on weekends when people all either go home, or go off to other colleges to party. Arcadia has taken a huge drop in quality in the last few years, the strong programs it was once know for are finding they aren't being funded as much or the enrollment is down. There is always a talk if transferring from just about every Ed major here. The highest praise of the school I have heard is, "it's okay... I guess", and for the price tag of the school, "okay I guess" isn't good enough for me.
The small classroom setting allows you to talk to your professor one on one. Some professors are amazing and some are terrible. It's always good to ask around about how they teach.
Arcadia has historically been a great liberal arts school, but recently they’ve been trying to shift focus to stem to compete with other universities in the area, and it’s killing a lot of the potential they had and the campus culture they are known for. The campus has really become a commuter college situation, with most people going away on weekends, and glenside does not cater at all to college students. Despite the direct area not being college friendly, there is mediocre access to public transit into Philly, and unlike most universities in the area they offer no discount agreement with septa, so going to the city costs around 10 dollars per trip. While arcadias academics are alright, the college experience is almost nonexistent otherwise.
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I love Arcadia! I love the class sizes and close-knit environment. If there was one thing I could change it would be relations between students and administrators, but it seems that with the new President, relations are slowly improving.
I call it the goldilocks school. It's not too small where nothing happens, but it's not too big where you don't know what's happening. I love it. It's so inclusive, and there so much voice in the student body. All professors actually care, especially the adjuncts.
Arcadia is very conscientious of one's financial standings, they offer a great help with financial aid and there one campus work-study jobs benefit the student by having flexible schedules allowing us to work for income and still focus on our education.
Arcadia is an academically rigorous college and I can assure you on that. Academics at Arcadia will prepare you for anything coming your way starting your first year.
So far my experience with Arcadia has been good. The staff cares about your well being, there are a lot of events for students, and the community is welcoming. One thing Arcadia can change is improving job security for their teachers.
The best study abroad programs in the country. They make it affordable and give so many different opportunities to get everyone out of the country and to an adventure of a lifetime. Additionally, they try very hard to make the University affordable for its students through scholarships and grants. The campus is beautiful and most of the facilities are top notch and pristine. Location to Philly is perfect for internships, jobs, and weekend life. Upperclassmen housing needs to be improved.
Although Arcadia University has its flaws, it is really a tight-knit community here. Everyone looks out for everyone, everyone is kind to one another, and we all fight for what we believe in.
Arcadia is known for its wonderful study abroad opportunities! I spent an entire semester in the UK during my freshman year. The professors at Arcadia truly value each student, and are willing to go out of their way to help cultivate the educational growth of each student. There are always engaging campus activities. For off-campus activities, the city of Philadelphia is just 10 minutes away by train. There are also apartments within a 5 minute walk of campus where students can live for an affordable price. There aren't many food options, so it's best not to buy the meal plan. Lots of scholarship money available for financial aid. Overall, Arcadia is pretty great.
I really enjoy the unity on campus and the strength in the relationships between teachers and students. However, myself and many other students beg for change in regards to campus food.
Arcadia University is a great school with a beautiful campus and so many amazing opportunities. There is a great sense of acceptance and community on campus. They are also number one in the nation for study abroad.
I would like to see more people of color as well as more on campus activities. There is a divide at my campus. Also the food is not the greatest. More professors of color too. Not just staff.
I like the atmosphere at Arcadia University. The people and professors were friendly when I met them. I'm looking forward to attend in Fall 2018.
Arcadia is a safe and accepting college that is very supportive of their students. I recommend it for students who are looking for a small community with big a heart and passion for what they believe and teach. The professors no doubt love to teach and will do all they can to help.
This school is small. With only around 6000 students (graduates included) we get to actually know our teachers and classmates. We have so much diversity here also it doesn't matter where you came from Arcadia is very welcoming with everyone. That's what sold me on this campus about a year ago today.
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I think Arcadia has a beautiful campus and is surrounded by a friendly neighborhood. But the classes can be either extremely easy or extremely hard. In my experience I have not had a class somewhere in the middle. What I would like to see change is the connections on campus. I feel everyone has there clique and if they don't like you than a lot of other people don't like you. Or that the sports teams are very closed and don't really allow for others to join.
Arcadia University is in generally a very decent school. Academic-wise, it sufficiently delivers and there are a lot of excellent and approachable professors. Its administration, however, could be a lot better. Clubs and activities are pretty decent, quite a lot of programs for students. If you're looking for parties, however, it's not the school for you.
Amazing people! As a commuter the commuter lounge is my go to as the commuter assistants are friendly. The teachers are funny and helpful.
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