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I love Arcadia University because of the personal attention they give to their students, the academic programs offered, and their study abroad program. Arcadia’s average class size is 14. The student to faculty ratio is 12 to 1. I like that you get to know all of your classmates and you develop a relationship with your professor. I like having a name not an ID number. The professor’s are easy to talk to and really go above and beyond to help students. Additionally, Arcadia has amazing programs. Personally, I love the Biology department and know all the professors really well. Other majors talk highly of their programs, professors. Lastly, Arcadia is ranked #1 for study abroad participation for the ninth consecutive year. Arcadia offers two programs for first year students that opens their eyes to the opportunities that we have abroad. Students have the ability to travel and study wherever they want.
Arcadia has a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. The campus itself is just absolutely stunning. With a wide variety of courses and majors to choose from, and just a train ride away from the city, Arcadia is the place to be!
Arcadia University is a small university that provides their students with a lot of opportunities to be involved. The university has 50+ student organizations and students have the opportunity to become a part of university committees and become an Arcadia Ambassador. Arcadia is huge in study abroad as they currently offer programs like FYSAE (first year study abroad experience), where students can study abroad for a semester during their first year, a spring Preview experience where first year and transfer students are able to travel to various places around the world over spring break, a Global Field Study Experience that is similar to Preview, semester, summer, and academic years abroad, as well as a study away experience in Washington D.C.. Some of the buildings on campus, including dorms are in need of updates, but overall, I am satisfied with my experience at Arcadia University.
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The professors and administrators at Arcadia University are very supportive of their students. No matter if you are someone they met for the first time or a long time student the treatment is the best quality.
The campus is beautiful. I've had no issues with anything during my time here at Arcadia. Only issues I've had thus far are with the security office- we were advised that PA students would have 24 hr access to brubaker hall, but months later its still an issue and theyre not responsive to email and dont change anything.
I loved Arcadia. The campus looks like an absolute castle. I went to visit with softball coach and then took a tour and everything about the campus is gorgeous. The hospitality of everybody is incredible and it has a very low rime rate, though only being 8 minutes away from Philadelphia.
I love the school so far. I met good friends and also great professors. I made some mistakes relating to academics like not using my resources to benefit me or studying at the last minute. I'm excited for next year.
Lovely campus, good professors overall, small class sizes. Not too much to do in the immediate surrounding area, but I was a commuter, so it wasn't too big of a deal for me. Never lived on campus, so can't say much about campus housing.
I love the small campus and small class sizes, it has a great family aspect to it. I love how helpful and caring the professors are, with the small class sizes they are given the opportunity to really build a relationship with you. The campus is well taken care of and very beautiful with lots of open space for outdoor studying. I would like to see more campus life and activities for students. The food could also be improved, but I feel like that is a problem at most campuses. Overall, I have really enjoyed my four years at Arcadia.
Arcadia has a beautiful campus (yes, there is castle and yes if you're freshman, you can apply to live in it), and some wonderful, experienced professors, and staff members who are very intelligent, and extremely helpful, and a large LGBTQIA+ community. However, the school is extremely expensive, and diversity on campus is almost nonexistent. Some of the classes, course material, and even study abroad programs are extremely eurocentric, and there have been some pretty disturbing instances of racism on campus, (a student was recorded using racial slurs and students using racial slurs in the dorms, and common areas).
While Arcadia is a beautiful suburban campus right outside of Philadelphia that has some wonderful staff, and faculty members, the university as a whole needs to be improved. Housing needs to be updated and renovated, there needs to be more diversity in courses, course material, study abroad programs, and professors.
Commuter school. there is nothing to do on the weekends and there is little no school spirit, the dorms are a nightmare and the town that it's in has nothing to do in it. Please, don't go here.
Study abroad school with many international students. Encourages students to study abroad for breaks or semesters. Not a big party school, which is what I was looking for. Expensive like many institutions, overpriced, but what are you to do in America when trying to go to school. :/ Not s ton of sports, no football. AGain not something I was looking for. Division 3 athletics. Nice ceramics department which is unique to many universities.
Arcadia is such a beautiful campus and their staff is so welcoming. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to help their students.
I felt at home right away and I love the lacrosse team and how welcoming they are. Coach Hosford is awesome. When I came for my overnight I sat in on a class and loved the personal connection with the professor. Lastly, the physical therapy program is very appealing.
My over all experience was very good. The classes were small and the professor were very helpful. I was a business administration major and my academic advisor was extremely resourceful. I believe the university could work on the overall diversity.
Definitely not the stereotypical college experience. There's good faculty that genuinely want the best for you, but there is no night life as a lot of the students live nearby.
Arcadia's great for study abroad, it's PT/PA programs, and it's got a pretty campus. The issues I have are with the mismanagement from the higher ups on board of trustees. The professors are hit or miss, I enjoyed most of my classes, although some of the curriculum is a mess.
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Arcadia is a good school, it’s very unique and has a gorgeous campus! They have helped me with all of my financial needs as well as academic. I have made some of my best friends here as well. It’s a small campus, which is actually really amazing to have.
I like people were nice. Bad organization skills, good teacher, better adjuncts, pretty campus, lots of opportunites. Best thing is to study abroad with this university
My experience has been, for the most part, a good one. I have learn a lot. Teacher are like any school some good and some not so much. They use video classes which for some subjects you really need a hands on professor. They listen to students concerns.
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