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Arcadia University is a school where everyone belongs and is accepted. Its small size creates a great community feeling atmosphere to its students. The professors see each student as an individual and goes out of their way to help them in any way they can.
The professors and university overall were very flexible and understanding when things changed to online learning. They still offered one on one help if the student wanted/needed and were always quick to respond to emails.
Online classes felt somewhat rushed, as if the course had just been accelarated to fit the time frame, rather than reworked
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Arcadia is a great university that focuses on creating students with global perspectives, and although they highlights their diversity among students they could take steps to improve the racial and gender diversity
The professors tried their best to make switching to an online learning platform as seamless as possible. It went well, and students were encouraged to continue with the semester as well as they could, with leniency and understanding that each student's position was different and difficult.
Arcadia is a tight knit community where the professors truly care about the education and success of their students. They know you by name, they know how you learn, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. In terms of campus life, it can get quiet. Finding the right people is essential.
Arcadia University has the best opportunities from study abroad to scholarships. Those specific elements have helped me be more productive with making smart college decisions. Not only has the educational experience been amazing, the environment of living with others and learning to be an adult improved fast. However, one thing I would suggest as a change would be to have more parties that everyone can enjoy from time to time.
My online experience was a bit difficult the first two weeks but I worked through the frustration and started to think about the good that comes out of the hard work. It taught me to learn how to work in different environments especially when it comes down to an emergency.
I love Arcadia. The campus is amazing, it’s truly the ideal small campus. The staff is very understanding and you can really get the chance to know them and vice versa. The students on campus are fairly friendly and I enjoy every minute on campus.
Transitioning to online classes was very interesting. This semester I was coming back to the US from being abroad — another great faction of Arcadia. The transition from in person classes across the ocean, to online at home went fairly smoothly and I appreciate their effort.
I have not taken any online classes with Arcadia yet, but have heard that the teachers are extremely helpful with helping their students to engage in their coursework online, and understand it!
This school is very tight-knit and friendly. Everybody is a somebody! The school pride is so engaging, and there is so much for any type of student to take part in.
My time so far at Arcadia university has given me exposure to a wide variety of people with varying talents and beliefs. expensive.
Being a student at Arcadia University has been very rewarding. I had a good relationship with the academics, college atmosphere, and the staff of Arcadia University. I will say though, in my first year at Arcadia, a lot of classes and fields I wanted to explore were cut without any notice. One of the main reasons I went to Arcadia University was for its Korean language program which was abruptly cut. Arcadia University prides itself for its study abroad opportunity's, which they do have quite a bit. The Preview Program for freshmen students and Global Field Study programs are unique to Arcadia University. Other than these programs, the study abroad program is not very impressive. Arcadia only had programs in Europe, South America, and Australia. For being a big study abroad school, I expected them to have some study abroad opportunities in Asia.
Arcadia University is a great school. The small environment helps with adjusting to college life. At Arcadia, you will never feel lonely. When you go to the chat or dining hall, you will always see someone you know, and be greeted with a smile!
In the classroom, teachers know your name and truly want to help you in any way possible. Arcadia University is truly a community that helps you reach your goals and create life-long memories.
I feel like Arcadia is a place where I can truly belong. There are definitely some flaws - the campus doesn't prioritize accessibility for disabled students, and a lot of the buildings are run-down and in need of repair. The theatre, science, and media departments don't have adequate equipment. The professors make up for that, though, with their high-quality education and passion for teaching.
Very accepting and diverse! The staff are extremely helpful and the financial aid they offer is absolutely amazing. If they could have more food options that’d be amazing.
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The school is highly overpriced for the sub-par education they give. Not to mention the lack of support given by staff. The only things that are good about this school are the study abroad program (which you can probably find at other schools), the communications program (which I am not a part of), and the castle.
As someone who wanted an international experience, Arcadia was great! There's lots of opportunity and support for students who want to study abroad. Each department cares about the students they work with. While still in school, there were issues with administration, but it seems like improvements have been made while under new leadership.
Due to its smaller size, there is great opportunity for one-on-one learning in and outside the classroom; your curriculum is better tailored to your personal goals and aspirations, and most professors make themselves available for research, advice, recommendations, and so forth. If you are looking for a party school, Arcadia isn't for you, although we do have a range of activities running every weekend for students, including night showings of the latest box office successes. Arcadia is centered on learning through action and community service, and encourages students to explore broader horizons––which justifies its #1 rank nationally for study abroad participation.
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