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For a community college, the professors were very knowledgeable about their subjects and the campus was well kept. It doesn't have all the fun activities of a larger college but if your main objective is to save money while earning your degree ACC is the right place for you.
The science classes are hard but the teachers care and try their best. The food is delicious but expensive so eat before coming or bring your meal. They try their best to make sure the campus is safe and the student body is engaged.
I applied to this community college and i got in all i'm waiting for is to get into the nursing program but i have very high hopes that this school will be a great experience for me when i do start attending.
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I like this college because I am taking a few classes to apply for Nursing programs and it has been a seamless experience. Professors are great and the campus has been great!
I like the program that I'm in for Medical Assistant. I would like to see more offerings for campus housing.
Arapahoe Community College is an amazing school for people who are focused on getting into the work force. If you go into this expecting to learn a bunch of theoretical information that may not be applicable to your job you will be let down. The teachers and staff are very hands on and are usually very available if you need to get in contact with them. The teachers in the computer networking department are all very experienced and highly certified in their field. I have learned so much more than I was expecting to when I started my degree here. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to join the workforce with pertinent knowledge, and do it quickly!
I loved my time at ACC! Most of the teachers I had were professional, highly trained, and cared about their students. It was both very affordable and had a great location that was very easy to reach by bus, train, or car. The food in the cafeteria area was good, if not a little overpriced. The student store and bookstores were very nice as well. There were also quite a few on-campus events almost every week, though I never attended any of them as I was too busy. I would absolutely recommend this college to anyone looking to start (or restart) their education path.
Arapahoe Community College is an average community college. The academics are ok, but if you're looking for a challenging school, don't go here.
Friendly, knowledgeable Staff, and a great place to study, flexible schedule for evening classes, which helps when you have kids and a working spouse.
Great combination and balance. Switched from a major university to take classes here and I am very happy with my experience.
I've been to two junior colleges in my college career and I would say that Arapahoe Community College has guided me on the right path to a career. I walked in and I wasn't sure what I was doing or if switching schools was the best move, but when I spoke with my advisor he actually cared. He appointed me to the program I am still in and I am about to finish the degree in a year and a half. The program is for journalism and it is new and does need work, but I have made more connections in the field than anticipated. The college has a low to no crime rate and everyone is always helpful. I'm thankful I came to ACC because I actually feel like all my hard work is worth it.
Such a great school if you are undertermined in what you want to do or what you want to study. Super nice teachers who are willing to help you succeed and wonderful peers.
This is a fantastic college. The environment is conducive to success and genuine education. The professors all care about their students and go out their way to point them in the right direction. The School offers a multitude of resources for students studying just about anything. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular things and boost a transfer application.
So far I am loving Arapahoe Community College. Very diverse set of options for degrees and specialties. For Medical I am on a nursing track that allows dual enrollment with University of Colorado to get my BSN.
I love how easy the online courses are to take! I'm so happy I could attend online school while I work full time. The professors were so helpful, and I learned so much. I am in the Mortuary Science program and I really loved every minute of it.
Arapahoe Community College is a great school to take your general courses and get an idea on what you want to do in the future. I like the small class sizes and there are a lot of different clubs. The building looks a little outdated and is made of concrete but the teachers make up for it with their experience and teaching styles. I would like to see ACC offer more certifications and vocation programs.
Awesome! Great instructors in the nursing program. I am in my first semester and it is overwhelming, but the teachers are making it a task that I am able to complete.
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I am currently enrolled in the ADN nursing program at ACC and the most I enjoy about the school is the dedication of the professors and people who work there. Every teacher makes it their goal to see their students succeed. ACC is a great environment, and they have many resources for every student to be the best they can be. I love how affordable it is, being a full time student it is difficult to keep up my grades if I have to work full time. Because of how affordable it is at ACC I have been able to focus on my studies.
I have taken concurrent enrollment classes here throughout high school, and have had a very good experience with classes, community, and the general vibe of the place.
Every professor I had seemed knowledgeable in their fields and were also super friendly. Professors were always ready to help during office hours, which helped me understand concepts and do better in class. Students were also actually engaging in class which brought about interesting discussions.
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