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I love that the program that I am going for is all online and no need to go in to the classrooms at all. The reason why this is a good for me because I'm currently a full time mother and worker as well which online makes it very convenient for me to be able to obtain my degree.
Arapahoe Community College is wonderful. People are friendly and the campus is pretty quiet with a decent amount of students attending.
I take all my classes online. Except for one coding class this has been a great experience and I have learned much. I enjoy the assigned Discussions as I believe it gives us a better chance to explore topics than I, at least, have had in live classes at other institutions. I also enjoy the willingness to help each other I have encountered in every class I have taken. There is usually a mix of more experienced and lesser experienced people in an individual class and it is rewarding to be able to help someone else who doesn't understand something and a relief to have someone willing to assist me if I am the one who doesn't understand something. The instructors are supportive and make themselves available for questions, are involved in the discussions and are very clear about assignments, expectations and consequences of not doing one's work.
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I enjoyed my time at ACC. It was a great experience and the professors teach what they're passionate about. Don't take them for granted. They know what they're talking about.
Arapahoe community college is very welcoming to all students and staff are very helpful. The classrooms and lecture halls are great to work in. There is a cafe and a great library with many resources. It is a great environment to learn in.
I love how welcoming the staff are and how much help that their students can get in times of need. I also love how they prepare the students for a positive and safe experience through orientation
Arapahoe Community College is a tight-knit, small, connective college. The Professors and the class to student ratio is wonderful and essential for student success.
I love the instructors and all of the classes I have taken. The change I would make is, the organization of the school is confusing and their aren't maps around to help, so I would add maps around the school so classes are easier to find.
Great community college with multiple campuses around the metro area. Faculty are always ready to answer any and all questions and has a lot of diversity in age and ethnicity.
Organized. Truly care about the student body and faculty; wanting to see everyone succeed and not be at that school for a long time.
I love being able to go to school and getting the same education as other people around me but pay a fraction of the cost. The teachers are all amazing and everyone is so welcoming and helpful to new students. The best part is being able to have one on one time with teachers, the student ration is 16:1 so there are very small classes.
Great community college, learned a lot through the classes. Definitely prepared me for transfer to a four year college
Went to Arapahoe Community College for my 1st year of college and its a fairly good school for being a community college. They have amazing technological access-- for example their student website portal is amazing and super easy to access and navigate. For the most part the faculty can be helpful but its iffy. Also most teachers are awesome, but definitely use RMP. Overall it was a perfect place to spend my first year and I made a few friends too.
The advisors at Arapahoe Community College are very helpful and try to find the best fit for their students. The college has campuses in three different cities, as well as a plethora of online courses, which allows for a flexible schedule. The only thing that I do not like about the college is that they present an evolutionary perspective as truth rather than the unproven theory that it is. Aside from that, it is a great college to save money and start off your education!
Arapahoe Community College is a great step in my own personal education. The professors and staff want you to succeed. They're not here to make you suffer any more than you have to as a college student. The staff is always friendly, and the student body is diverse. It's a great place to go if you are trying to save money while getting your education.
The professors really care about the success of the students. The student body has a family feel. Everyone enjoys helping others.
Community is very diverse and many options available for all different kinds of careers. It's like the first stop at the college bus station with hundreds of different routes to choose from.
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The professors I've had so far have been amazing. Everyone has been amazingly helpful. The library is great, the bookstore is easy to navigate, and I always feel safe on campus.
I had a great experience at ACC. All the teachers are great and always willing to help. However, ACC's book store needs to improve their service. There is not enough help. There are also closed on Fridays if you want to return a book or get your books before classes start you need to go to the little store next to the coffee shop. Last time, they had an hour waiting to get your books. I am sure ACC can work on something else that makes this process more convenient for both the students and the book store employees.
I wish the advisors were more helpful, they dont seem completely informed with many different types of majors
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