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This has been a great place to start for me as I work full time and go to school full time. They offer such a variety of classes for different times and at different locations. They are very flexible and the staff is very kind. Professors have been so kind as well, and they are very understanding. Not only them but even the students are kind. They are all will to help each other learn and strive. Overall, I am pleased and honored to be attending Arapahoe Community College. It is affordable and a great environment to be apart of.
I am only a freshman, but the staff so far seems welcoming and many seem to actually enjoy what they do. The staff seems willing to provide resources and help students succeed.
As an Autistic student I wanted to chose a university that was the perfect fit because I struggled in math and science sources in High School. I had to make sure I had the right advisers/staff in the special education office so that I would be able to receive the best help that I could get so I could do well in my enrolled classes so I was set up for success. Everything I hoped for became a reality, the special education office set me up with a lot of great tools to use and commendations for extra help that was geared towards me and material that would make sure I would be successful. My instructors friendly attitude as well as their amazing support has made college great for me so far and I can't wait to see my future at the University. I am a very fortunate student to have amazing instructors, advisers and classmates to help me succeed
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So far, the staff at ACC has been nothing but helpful which is a huge relief, especially when dealing with things like FAFSA applications. The building itself is a little rough - lots of holes in the walls, and there's definitely a sign for "Spring activities of 2014!" hanging in one of the bathrooms. The building and gym facilities could use a glow up. It's a community college so there aren't any dorms or a party scene to speak of. I noticed it's a lot of high school kids trying to get some credits out of the way so they can move onto a 4 year university. It looks like they have a solid nursing and EMT program.
I really enjoy going to this community college. The campus is very clean and everything is very easily accessible. The location of the college is excellent. Just north of the campus are shopping stores, a variety of restaurants, movie theaters, and more.
I love all the teachers I have had in class; however, I did take one online class and it was impossible. The teacher would respond at the end of the week and post important information on random days.
ACC is a good two year school. It is pretty affordable while offering challenging classes. They have all the recourses in the world offered to every student.
I am in the nursing program and have found most of my professors to be excellent. The school offers many excellent resources such as free tutoring, lots of activities and a great library with an extensive collection and success to most academic journals.
Easy registration with resources at hand. My teachers have been very helpful anytime I have needed them. Lots of different resources to help get through your classes.
The schedules are flexible, class size is small. The professors vary in knowledge, bu overall pretty good school.
ACC, the professors, they helped me to adjust to the lifestyle and the academics here at ACC. When I came here all my doubts were gone, majorly because it's like a segue between achieving your degree and transition from my studies in Uzbekistan to studying in the USA. I really liked the Math class because my professor and classmates are really kind and friendly. Everything is possible after you learn a lot of new concepts and new ideas.
A great value, a wonderfully informative staff, and interesting programs make with community college a great school.
Arapahoe Community College is a great place for high school students, or for returning students to earn their associates degree. The staff is amazing, and they do everything they can to help you succeed in your academic career. The professors are attentive and take the time to make sure you understand the content. It is truly a 5 star school!
This Community College is a well-rounded college! I believe the Instructors there, all in believe in Success and want the Students to either graduate with an Associate's Degree or transfer to a bigger university! Like they say "Move Mountains"
ACC is a decent experience. Most professors are clearly underqualified and aren't incredibly passionate about their work. That being said, because of this, its easy to get a professor to round your grade or give you extra credit because they genuinely just don't care enough to say no. The workload for most classes is next to nothing- most of my high school classes were more work than classes at ACC. Littleton is a subpar, entitled, predominantly white area and thus the school is filled with a lot of kids who are still living solely off their parents. Most kids I've talked to don't have jobs, they just use mom or dad's credit card for everything.

I came into the school expecting to transfer after a few years so I could save money, but I'm looking to transfer after one year. I'd rather go to a more expensive school and be in debt than go here and have to attend one more dry lecture filled with uninterested students who are detached from the realities of the actual world. Best of luck.
I enjoyed the traditional college atmosphere. Some instructors are experts in their field but don't know how to teach.
Incompetent educators and administration.

This school is he epitome of "Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, administrate."

Save your money. Go elsewhere.
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most of the class i need where up at the main campus and i lived in Parker. so if you don't minded a long drive than these is good for you.
When I went to visit it all seemed great! I can't wait to start in the fall of 2017. My mom went to ACC and she said it's a great school. The professors are nice and will make time for you to come in and get help or talk about questions you have.
The reason for my review being only 3 stars is due to the fact that there should be more clubs and orginizations. I didnt feel at home or like I was welcome. Making friends was hard due to the fact that there werent very many ways to meet people other than class.
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