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Due to the nature of my program (hybrid) and Covid 19, I have taken a fair amount of online classes. I love the flexibility and number of classes offered. I would like improvement with the interactive ability of programs.
Overall I like the school. They offer a lot of programs and have diverse student base. I do wish the science programs had more funding for supplies.
I feel like I am getting a great education from here. The teachers and professors are very nice, understanding, and genuinely care about your success. I know that once I graduate, I wont have a problem finding a job because the nursing program here at ACC is very well known and successful.
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The teachers are very fair with their grading. They are very understanding and helpful. They really do care about your successes and want you to reach your goals.
I took all of my classes online and really enjoyed it. Always easy to access and find information on your course. The professors always had extra information and learning tools which made the experience go more smoothly.
I am an online student and have greatly enjoyed the experience. I am able to register for classes online and with easy access.
ACC is a standout amongst all community colleges for its impressive size, affordable tuition, and highly experienced faculty, some of whom teach classes at major universities like CSU and UCCS, meaning that you obtain a five-star education at a fraction of the cost. ACC is highly progressive on racial and gender issues, striving to make students of all backgrounds feel welcomed. Oftentimes, though, their emphasis on this becomes an agenda, not positive values, sometimes putting students from minorities on the spot or disrupting classes and events to bring up politics and issues that most of the students don't want to talk about, and most assuredly not pay for. All in all, though, ACC is a fantastic school with some fantastic professors, and is well worth the low low tuition!
Due to the events of 2020, ACC students were forced to transition to online classes suddenly. Thankfully, the colleges' staff skillfully eased all of the students into learning from home, creating a very smooth transition!
Arapahoe Community College is amazing and offers a wide range of degree options. All of the Professors that I've had thus far are committed to the students succes at ACC. The staff is amazing as well. It has been an absolute pleasure to attend the college.
My online experience has been great so far. Professors are excellent and the software used for the online classes is easy to navigate.
The school offers various opportunities, in terms of academics, and accessibility. There are many clubs and societies to join for a 'college experience'.
The online course work was well prepared and the professor was willing to tutor virtually. The online lectures, however, did not cover all the information that we were expected to know.
My starting semesters have not started yet, but the application process has been easy sailing being able to get all the support I need when needed! ACC Staff is making sure to put time for me whenever I have questions or need help whether its via phone call or email, always available when needed!
Have heard from family and friends that have attended this college how wonderful the overall experience is which is what inspired me to apply! Classes start soon and I just can't wait to get the school needed to start my dream career!
They have a great online scene. You can expect the same outcome from the in-person classes as you can from online. Most of the other community colleges use an online system for all different colleges. But ACC uses there own teachers and will make sure you learn what they want and need.
Overall this college is amazing and gave me the skills needed to be better in my field. This only thing that I will say is the science department needs a lot of work. I found it hard to talk to teachers about problems and they were not willing to work and or help me with different things. The math department was the best. They are there for you and are willing to help an any way.
Overall a fantastic place to collect GEs and get used to the college system. I came here directly after homeschool and had no issues moving right into the system. The classrooms are small and it's easy to ask the professors questions and receive useful peer review from classmates.
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The online experience I had with ACC was fantastic, arranged efficiently, and set up to allow many learning opportunities and allow for extra time to speak with the professors as well.
I have taken online classes through ACC. They have been great. Having a book online, not having to print out tons of papers. Teachers are pretty consistently on and answer back to emails pretty quick.
ACC has been amazing! Currently I am working on my pre-nursing classes so I can try to attends ACC’s nursing program. The teachers I have had have been awesome! They definitely want you to learn!
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