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Aquinas College was a very professional and very prestigious college even though it was small. The staff and professors were so knowledgeable and were very patient and understanding. I definitely enjoyed my schooling and I graduated with honors.
Aquinas college is an amazing college, its a small campus, my current nursing class is six students including me, normally there are about forty students to three teachers. They know you as you are and know a number or statistic, and they are always trying to help find ways for you to succeed. I highly recommend attending Aquinas or even just visiting can be an inspirational and emotional experience.
I am a transfer students. All of my credits were transferred very easily.
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The professors really care about you. They will go out of their way to help you if you are struggling in their class. The class size is very small, so it's very easy to get help from the professor.
Aquinas College offers a very hard curriculum. As long as you do your homework on time and study, you will be fine.
Aquinas has really challenging academics. The professor genuinely care about your success and will be more than willing to help you if you are struggling. Aquinas college is a really small school so the whole community feels like family. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
Teachers for the most part are flexible with the curriculum. They are understanding.
The alumni relations staff are great!
The teachers are amazing. They really care about your success, but they won't just give it to you - you have to work for that A. Classes are usually small, which is great for discussion and having your questions answered. It allows for the teacher to have more interaction with each student.
Aquinas nurses have a very good reputation, especially in surrounding areas. It has been encouraging to watch my friends who have graduated the program acquire jobs quickly.
The nursing and theology programs at Aquinas are exquisite. Aquinas upholds Catholic theology and ideology, leaning not to one extreme or the other, but remaining in the spectrum of virtue.
Attending Aquinas College has been the most beautiful experience. The community is friendly, open, and everyone has a sense of belonging. One is challenged daily to grow in Catholic/Christian values and ideals. A strong emphasis in the nursing program is the dignity of the human person. Aquinas is more than a school - it is a family.
The staff are always so friendly and eager to help.
Every aspect of Aquinas College has surpassed my expectations of what the ideal Catholic college should be. The faith of the Church is the foundation of every decision made at this school. The faculty have a close relationship with the students because of the small class sizes and the genuine caring nature of the professors. I have been met with the most genuine leaders, teachers, and friends at this school. My experience at Aquinas College is almost impossible to explain. It is my dream school!
I have never work so hard and been so proud of my accomplishments. Aquinas gave me hope in my nursing career when I thought I couldn't do it. I pushed myself and really became a better student and person.
it is a lot of work but it helps on future tests and examines along with studying.
The opportunities to move up are so hard but it benefits in the long run.
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It's expected from a private college, but it is still extremely difficult every semester to try and find a way to save plus pay for books and such.
They work with you well, but since it is a Christian college you have to take so religious core classes.
That is one terrible set back the wireless service is so poor and you can't get on with a cell phone only a computer.
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