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AQ is an awesome place to be. The campus is gorgeous, the professors genuinely care about their students, and it’s one of the friendliest campuses I’ve ever been on.
I've only been here for 3 weeks, but it's been great overall! The teachers are friendly, it's easy going, and it's much more fun than high school! The only reason for 4 star is because the food isnt great and neither are the dorms.
The major departments are very small so there are no choices in teachers if they are poor. The parties are not worth attending. They won’t let me take a minor within the same major. If I did it again I would not go back.
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My experience at AQ was not as good as anticipated. I moved into a dorm right away.The campus life was not stimulating and most of the time I was cooped up in my dorm eating and watching TV.I felt that the adjunct profs were more passionate and educated than some of the permanent faculty.Many courses were not liberal in study.For example my sociology course was founded in an obscure area of study from one point of view,not what I would call an intro. course.I withdrew from AQ partway through my sophomore year.I was struggling with personal issues and I was not finding help with AQ despite my many attempts.My advisor was rude,unkind,and had no time for students.I found this out through her attitude in email,after class,and scheduling appointments.I came to her when I was struggling and instead of providing academic or personal counseling she reminded me how poorly I was doing in other classes.This was a true turning point for me and contributed for my loss of hope at this college.
I love aquinas so much! It is a great atmosphere for me because there is always something to do and always someone to talk to. I am apart of a few of the many clubs offered here at aquinas. I go to on campus events and there is usually at least one held every other day. The night life in Grand Rapids is very nice and leaves a lot of room to do something at most hours. I love the location because there are so many opportunity's that can come from living so close to GR. I wouldn't chose any other college to gain my degree.
Aquinas College has a great atmosphere. AQ has a loving community that welcomes all people. Not only that but faculty of Aquinas College are always willing to help their students and go out of their way to make sure that everyone is understanding the material.
I am in the nursing program at Aquinas college. I have enjoyed being in program that is not too large so that it feels like a closer community. However, I would like to see some better communication between the staff and it's students, especially in this specific program. Students have a lot of insight on certain topics.
One of the best things about this college is the professors. Almost all of them truly care about your education and are willing to help you in any way they can. Every professor has to have at least 2 office hours a week where you can drop by and talk to them about anything. There is an incredible network of people to help with every aspect of your education. The only problems are the price tag, and the very old buildings. But they give out a lot of scholarships and are working on renovating the buildings.
Small faculty to student ratio. Great community service opportunities. Good opportunities for continuing education students like myself.
Besides drinking, there's little to do on campus during the week or on the weekends. I do really like my professors but some classes seem to be easier than they should be for a college class. The food here is mediocre. Dinner and Lunch options revolve around how many different ways they can prepare chicken.
The professors care about you and help you when you have questions! The campus is located near the city, but you feel like you are in your own village in the woods and don't realize the city is so close. The only downfall at the college is the food and the dorms. The wifi used to be an issue, but it is currently being updated and is a lot better. There are so many different things to do on campus and many things to do off campus. Grand Rapids is only a short walk away. Even though the campus isn't as big as some university's, you are always meeting new people and good friends. The sport teams at Aquinas are very good and a lot of fun to watch. While I have been at school there have been a lot of varsity teams that have made it to nationals. If you are looking to be a well rounded individual aquinas provides that for you because it is a Liberal arts college.
The professors and admitting staff are so accessible and helpful. They are very knowledgeable in their fields and always willing to answer questions.
While AQ is great for more timid students, it is a very small school and doens't have the same opportunities as the larger schools in the area. That being said, students do get a lot of one-on-one attention.
Everyone is so friendly and very willing to help with any questions you have. Administrations answered every question I had and really helped me with financial aid packaging and scholarships and grants. The campus is beautiful but slightly dated which really adds character to the atmosphere.
Aquinas is a hidden gem in the middle of Grand Rapids. Just a short Uber to downtown or a quick walk to East town.
I have been at Aquinas for three years now and have loved every second of it! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and the relationships that I have created with the professors and people here are strong and last lasting.
I am an upcoming sophomore at Aquinas College. The pros of the college are the beautiful campus located close to downtown Grand Rapids, the kind and helpful dynamic of the student body and faculty, and the resources that are constantly put forth in order to help students to succeed. These include tutors, mentors, counseling, campus ministry, academic advising, job and career help, and even escorts form campus safety. Many scholarships are available and achievable. Students take initiative and are leaders in class and in the community. The cons are rising tuition costs of around $5,000 per student that are going toward the new science building even for non-science majors, poor quality of the food in the main cafeteria, cramped freshman dorm rooms that need new furniture and carpets, unreliable wifi, slowness of campus safety in responding to requests for escorts, and too few perks for honors students.
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Aquinas has given me a decent experience; the problem is simply in the price. Love the professors, and a pretty campus, but the education is the same as any other good college and it's outrageously expensive. Good college if you get a lot of financial aide, but don't overpay.
Classrooms and academic facilities could use to be upgraded. Overall, the people on campus are very friendly and the small campus allows to make many connections with those around you.
From the moment I set foot on campus, it felt like a second home. The staff were extremely helpful and welcoming, as well as the other students. The classroom environment is incredible, I feel as if I learn something new every day. If I had one complaint, it would be food and scheduling. Scheduling is a mess, and many things conflict. The food is sometimes poor quality, with not a lot of options.
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