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While AQ is great for more timid students, it is a very small school and doens't have the same opportunities as the larger schools in the area. That being said, students do get a lot of one-on-one attention.
Everyone is so friendly and very willing to help with any questions you have. Administrations answered every question I had and really helped me with financial aid packaging and scholarships and grants. The campus is beautiful but slightly dated which really adds character to the atmosphere.
Aquinas is a hidden gem in the middle of Grand Rapids. Just a short Uber to downtown or a quick walk to East town.
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I have been at Aquinas for three years now and have loved every second of it! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and the relationships that I have created with the professors and people here are strong and last lasting.
I am an upcoming sophomore at Aquinas College. The pros of the college are the beautiful campus located close to downtown Grand Rapids, the kind and helpful dynamic of the student body and faculty, and the resources that are constantly put forth in order to help students to succeed. These include tutors, mentors, counseling, campus ministry, academic advising, job and career help, and even escorts form campus safety. Many scholarships are available and achievable. Students take initiative and are leaders in class and in the community. The cons are rising tuition costs of around $5,000 per student that are going toward the new science building even for non-science majors, poor quality of the food in the main cafeteria, cramped freshman dorm rooms that need new furniture and carpets, unreliable wifi, slowness of campus safety in responding to requests for escorts, and too few perks for honors students.
Aquinas has given me a decent experience; the problem is simply in the price. Love the professors, and a pretty campus, but the education is the same as any other good college and it's outrageously expensive. Good college if you get a lot of financial aide, but don't overpay.
Classrooms and academic facilities could use to be upgraded. Overall, the people on campus are very friendly and the small campus allows to make many connections with those around you.
From the moment I set foot on campus, it felt like a second home. The staff were extremely helpful and welcoming, as well as the other students. The classroom environment is incredible, I feel as if I learn something new every day. If I had one complaint, it would be food and scheduling. Scheduling is a mess, and many things conflict. The food is sometimes poor quality, with not a lot of options.
Great campus located in its own little area with the downtown reach of the city right there! Fell in love with the campus and location as soon as I arrived!
Aquinas College is a small school, where most of the students are athletes as well. I completely love how professors and faculty members take care of the athletes and all the students as individuals. Academic and Athletic programs are very successful here, and there is all types of environment to be as good of a student-athlete as possible.
Both the students and staff here are very helpful and will jump at any opportunity to help you. This made me feel very loved and important. I'm a fan of smaller schools- which is why I wanted to come here! It's close to my house and it's a small school that's perfect for me. I'm also a fan of their Track and Field program and I know a few people that are on the team. Overall Aquinas College, is exactly what I was looking for and I will never have anything bad to say about this university.
The small, urban setting of Aquinas gives me the scenery I love while being just 10 minutes away from downtown. Besides the location, the professors and all of the other employees at Aquinas are helpful and want you to succeed to the best of your ability while attending their college. I have enjoyed my first year so far and am excited for the next three!
The campus is beautiful and so is the learning experience! The support that is offered even to a returning colleges student is outstanding. There are a few professors that are a bit outdated in their thinking but it is all and all a wonderful school. The department I am in is amazing and I would highly suggest anyone looking for a higher education to consider Aquinas, even those that are not Catholic.
The professors are great! They really care about your education and your mental health as well. They do their best to try and help students out whenever possible.
A small school that's not for everyone, but the education is unparalleled. As an alum that now works at a Tier 1 research school...AQ offers a much better education for workplace preparedness. The presentation skills alone were worth it! In addition, the professors actually know your name and care enough to work with you and help you individually with your barriers and struggles.
I love how friendly everyone on campus is to one another. The professors are excellent and get to know their students. They care about you and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed. The class sizes are small so it makes it easier to learn. This campus is beautiful and everything is within walking distance.
I love the campus and the people in it. Everyone is here to support and accept one another. Each of the professors that I have had want to see you succeed and will put in extra time to see you pass. Also, for athletics the coaches and staff understand that you are a student athlete. While they want you to do the best you can in a sport they understand that you are here for an education. I believe that Aquinas is an amazing college full of great people.
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I plan on going to Aquinas this up coming fall. I have been on two visits and have loved it every time! people are very, nice proffers contacted me directly when I applied and I LOVE the campus and location.
I love my experience here at Aquinas. It is such a unique school and I love being in a big city. It is the perfect size for me and the campus is beautiful. Not very diverse, but great academic support and clubs.
Aquinas has great professors. You really get to know them and they do not let you fall behind in your studies. The campus is beautiful and the students are friendly and welcoming.
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