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I took 2 fully online courses and 1 hybrid course. Professors do a fantastic job teaching online and their online office hours are readily available.
I love the campus of Aquinas College, it is in the middle of the city of Grand Rapids, yet feels like you are in a peaceful forest.
From the beginning of my journey, I wanted to go for an English Literature degree. I was able to find a place for myself in the Writing Center from my orientation day, when I got to pick my first classes. From there, I have taken as many of the English writing/literature classes as I could, up until this point. I feel confident that I have a broad enough understanding of English and writing to fit in at most writing-focused jobs, editing, teaching, or otherwise. I have already had experience in writing the online protocol for the Writing Center, and I have leadership experience from being president of our AQ Writers Guild.
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I love going to Aquinas because of how much individual help I can get from the teachers. Because we're a small college, classes for my Major generally consist of 8 students, making it possible for me to get loads of one-on-one help. My professors are all Doctorate level, and they all take the time to help me perform the best I can.

Aquinas also has a wonderful Writing Center, where we are able to help our fellow students. I've found a home for myself there over the years, and I've discovered many opportunities for growth. I am in my Junior year and already taking my Senior capstone. I believe that I am being prepared well for life after college, whether that means going to a graduate school or finding a job right away.
professors were awesome when it came to online learning! they were very understanding about the stress that the current issue of COVID caused on a lot of us and was flexible. It had more busy work for some of my classes but overall I did not mind the online learning platform.
I do enjoy Aquinas College a decent amount! it is located in an amazing area of Easttown and is so close to downtown Grand Rapids which is awesome for fun activities. classes are small and so is the school, I graduated from a high school class double the size I am going to from Aquinas. If you like a small school then you will like it here.
Overall I would say that Aquinas College is a very good school to attend. They are very supportive of their students and do their level best to help them succeed during and after college which I think is important. All the staff and faculty are more than willing to help students with whatever problem they might be having whether school-related or otherwise. My biggest criticism is that for a Catholic College they do not uphold the Catholic tradition as well as I would hope.
My online experience with Aquinas is not much different from my overall experience. Where possible I try to stick to in-person classes because that is how I learn the best.
I feel terrible bad for this school and failed to raise up a girl named Lauren who is so careless about her information online and is racist towards the black community about #blacklivesmatter, such ignorance. Shame on her
Aquinas College has a beautiful and historical campus. They are surrounded by woods so there are many trails to walk through and just relax after studying for long hours. They have small class sizes, which makes it a lot easier for the professor to get to know and help everyone. Everyone is so friendly here. They make it feel like home. The campus is also right near downtown Grand Rapids on top of many other big towns. There is always somewhere to go and something to do. Grand Rapids is beautiful and fun.
The professors did a great job with teaching online. They took many steps to ensure you understood the information they were giving you. They did FaceTime calls and linked videos for you to watch. Overall, online classes at Aquinas College are great and pretty easy.
This college is about the same as Grand Rapids community college in terms of practical studies. I went to both cc and aq and they are the same quality. Aquinas college is extremely overpriced and cares little about being catholic or job placement. Job placement is a joke.
Following a campus tour, I realized the beauty that Aquinas had to offer and how it was a great fit for me as I wanted a more intimate education compared to a large university. Aquinas college is home to great student life and engagement. I was chosen to be apart of next year’s E-board fulfilling the role of treasurer for lxsa, to continue to promote the college's mission statement and becoming a voice to reach out to Prospective Latinx students to success and graduation. I found a great community and a sense of welcome from my engagement and academic life at Aquinas.
nothing that what makes the college special it as a character and vibe that makes you want to stay there
Aquinas is a smaller campus yet has all of the amenities of a much larger college. The number of students to professor ratio allows students to get the extra support needed for success.
I enjoyed the campus a lot. Even though it’s down town, the trees make the campus feel secluded like you’re in the country. I live in the country so it reminds me of home.
I love how everyone is a community and everyone supports each other. Even the sports teams go to each others games and cheer everyone on. It doesn't really even matter your religion your cared for every way
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I am a second semester freshman who resides off-campus. I enjoy the overall environment of the campus, and the professors are dedicated in their subjects, focusing on learning and thorough understanding rather than grades.
I really like how small the school is. the classes are intimate and it is easy to get help if you need it.
The school has a small student to faculty ratio. Overall classes are very good. Dorms are not the greatest, very outdated. After the freshman year, students have a good chance of getting out of the dorms and moving into an on campus house.
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