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I plan on going to Aquinas this up coming fall. I have been on two visits and have loved it every time! people are very, nice proffers contacted me directly when I applied and I LOVE the campus and location.
I love my experience here at Aquinas. It is such a unique school and I love being in a big city. It is the perfect size for me and the campus is beautiful. Not very diverse, but great academic support and clubs.
Aquinas has great professors. You really get to know them and they do not let you fall behind in your studies. The campus is beautiful and the students are friendly and welcoming.
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I love it here at Aquinas! The campus is beautiful and while not far from the city you feel like you are still in the country. While some trees are being removed for campus additions such as a new chapel and an add on to the science wing it is still very beautiful. Everyone is friendly as well and teachers can give you one on one time if you need help.
I really like the small atmosphere of the school. It is easy to get help from the professors and tutors on campus. Everyone wants you to succeed. The campus is beautiful.
Aquinas is great if you love a close knit community. The professors really care about your success. The people are very friendly and the surronding area is great. Aquinas offers lots of non academic events that are for just about everybody. The courses are challenging but rewarding and really prepare you for your future career
It is a small school which is great for some people, not so great for others. Most of the professors genuinely care about you. The campus is impossible to beat.
Aquinas College is very small, which allows for you to easily connect with peers and professors. Class sizes are generally small as well and professors are required to have weekly office hours. Very close to downtown Grand Rapids and generally very safe.
This college DOES NOT CARE about you as a student. They will lure you in with all sorts of great food, offers, and LIES. I haven't eaten a decent meal since I've gone here, and my parents pay a ton of money for this place. The professors do not care about you, and the academic advisers will NOT help you. Forget trying to get an internship.. they will tell you to visit Grand Valley to get one. Do not go here if you want to be at a place that will help you succeed. The credit hours they force you to take in order to "graduate on time" is ridiculous, and they only offer a very limited amount of each class. This means, GOOD LUCK getting the classes you NEED to continue on with your education. Overall, this college experience has been so terrible, and I wish no one would ever go here.
The transition to college was rough, but I found a sense of genuine community at Aquinas. They have great professors; furthermore, they have a plethora of services to meet your academic, spiritual, and physical needs.
When deciding on a college my senior year of high school I knew I wanted to attend a smaller school. That is exactly what Aquinas College is. Since it is such a small campus the amount of students in a class is usually around 18. This is very convenient because that means professors know each student by name and it also allows student more one on one time with their professors if help is needed. Professors always respond to student's questions in a timely manner. Not only are academics great at this school but also the campus and city that it is in. There is never a dull moment in Grand Rapids and you can always find something to do.
I am a sophomore at Aquinas College and I absolutely love it. The campus is beautiful and feels like home as you wonder through it. The classes are small so can ask many questions and have the opportunity to become close with your teachers and peers. There is also always help for anything you need. From tutoring, to help writing a paper, to career counseling, if you have questions there is always an answer. I could not imagine a better college to call home than Aquinas. Go Saints!
I loved the community I found in my areas of study (English and Women's Studies), and made some good connections going forward in my college career. I am looking forward to continuing my education here.
At Aquinas College, I am able to join many clubs and organizations, the food has a great variety, the dorms are a bit old, the professors I've taken so far are very welcoming, and the other students are kind.
I love how the staff are very nice and welcoming. I feel that the professors actually care about my education and want me to succeed. The oreintation students help freshman move in and feel comfortable. The class sizes are small. The campus is beautiful. Also they provide many scholarships to cover tuition costs.
There are so many different trees on campus; it makes every season so much more beautiful. With just that, it make school there a little bit more bearable. You feel secluded from the rest of the world even though you're just 10 minutes away from downtown Grand Rapids. It's so amazing.
I really like the size of the school, I feel very at home there. You get to know a lot of faces and figure out where people study and hangout because of how small it is. The campus itself is absolutely gorgeous, there are so many trees everywhere. It has been frustrating in regards to the fact that it is a Catholic School by name, but I don't find it to really hold to that identity. I believe Aquinas tries too hard to accommodate everyone, causing the loss of the Catholic identity, which is frustrating for someone attending a Catholic College in part due to the religious affiliation. In terms of professors, i've had really great professors so far who really seem to care about my success.
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Everyone is helpful. Teachers will helpnyoubeoth anything and the students are always willing to help you out also.
i think they are good?
If you are a biology major, RUN!!! Don't walk. The professors make the courses purposely hard. I studied so much more at AQ then I did attending Michigan State. I got much better grades at State. Biology professors only look out for the students that have parents that are doctors, educators, and engineers. The favorites get special treatment, the laboratory technician jobs. The don't care about you as a person.

I understand that it is a higher learning environment, but if you need a job do not go here. Whereas if you are apart of some kind of sport they bend over backwards for you. Also if your parents are blue collar workers consider yourself as a space filler.

Don't get me started on adviser! Basically mine is the biggest D*** ever! I had to schedule my advising appointments around his availability and he didn't put his advising appointment sign up sheet until the week of advising!

I have never lived on campus and to be honest the dorms look disgusting. Campus is near a shoddy part of the city and you never see any campus safety. There is not near enough light to make you feel safe if you have a night class and need to walk back to you car. The food from the dinning hall smells horrible. Every year the cost for attendance has risen, so if you have to pay for school yourself good luck!

Also the classroom equipment was most likely new in the 1970's (GRCC has much better lab equipment then us). In the science building there is no air conditioning, some of the laboratory electrical outlets do not work, and even the burners.

So long story short- if you want a updated class rooms and updated equipment don't attend here. If you want bias professors do attend.

AQ has really nice grounds around the campus, but is it really worth almost $40,000?
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