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It was very easy to apply and get a hold of financial aide and admissions. Everyone in the building was super helpful directing you where to go. The staff was friendly and honest about the program. You work hard and the hard work pay off.
They have universities that are in collaboration with them to accept graduating students.
Small class sizes allow more individual attention and a closer relationship with your instructors.
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The field of nursing is constantly expanding and in demand. I've already received post graduation job offers.
They invest in their students and their success.
They give me an opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance.
I don't start the program until august 20 but I work with several nurses who gradeuated from this program and they speak highly of it and my supervisor speaks great things about it also she was actually the one who referred me to this school eventhough she works part time at another technical school
We Need a Better Schedule – This program can become a little too stressful at times.
You have to have a passion for this career. And this is definitely an eye opening experience.
Too Much, Too Fast Good Teachers – This is a life or death career that we are preparing for, so if I could do it all over again I would definitely want to take my time at a different school. At this school, if you fail a course half way through, you can be thrown out.
I have yet to graduate from the collage I am attending, but the teacher helps place you in an extern site, helps you find a job, and helps you create a good resume. Everybody that I have talked to that has graduated has been very pleased with the way the school handles this. I am very confident that they will be able to help find a place that is perfect for me.
Computer Network – The computer network at our school seems to have little to know problems. they are trying to switch from blackboard to canvas but so far it has not affected the students in anyway.
Great Experiences – I chose this school while I was still in high school so that when i graduated I would have a good job. This school has great teachers and is very flexible with me going to high school and still going through the program. I am very happy with my decision to attend this collage while still in high school, my future will be better because of this decision.
My School's the Best – The best thing about my school is the faculty members. Rock Hill High School has the best teachers in the country. They help out with anything you need and will work extremely hard to accomodate you, if needed. I really appreciate them because they have made my high school life much easier.
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