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I came to this college as a rising junior and immediately fell in love with it. I also admired its beautiful city and landscaping and beautiful buildings. I was able to live in an apartment with 2 room mates and it was great to meet people i had never met before.
As for the academics, i loved all of my professors. Since i was a junior i got to take classes that were relevant to my major. My over all experience so far has been amazing.
I am currently applying to grad school at app state, not yet attebnding. I fimd that the course offerings are not as plentiful as other universities, but the price is significantly lower. That is great for me on a tight budget trying to advance my education and ultimately my career. Also, the fact that many of the programs are online is huge in helping me reach my goals. I can't really travel to school on a regular basis due to my familial committment. Great for me as a single mom with limited funds and resources.
Love the feel of the college town of Boone and just being on a family-like all around outdoorsy campus. The only thing that gets old is all the snow and strong piercing winds that accompanies winter and into spring, if it is above 40 degrees you'll probably see some sporting shorts because that is considered "decent" weather. Football Season is a must go-to here on this campus, basically the pride and joy of the University and the whole town of Boone (Go Neers!). Student life is fun here and even though it is a considered a big campus, everywhere you go, you will see and be greeted with a familiar face.
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This school has an amazing atmosphere and I am so ready to spend the rest of my college years here! It just feels like home :)
I absolutely love ASU. I have met the best people here, staff, students, alumni, and the community as a whole are all passionate, compassionate people who show that to everyone around them. The faculty at Appalachian State are always willing to help with anything we as students need and lend an ear, which is one of the most important things of all about any educational institute.
I love App State. If the food was better, I would have no complaints. All the professors are so nice and are willing to help any students who need it.
Appalachian is a great school and is worth your money! I do however wish that the physical plant tried to move us towards more sustainable energy to be used on campus.
As a student in the Interior Design program, I have had professors who were dedicated to their profession and to helping students succeed. The school has a welcoming atmosphere and makes it easy for students to connect and find their own niche. The school also has good quality to services for their students, such as multiple state of the art fitness centers/gyms, free textbook rental for most textbooks, free bus system through town, laptop rental, and much more.
Appalichian state is in a very beautiful region. The college is so accessible and fun, not to mention the great staff.I feel very at home here.
In looking for colleges to apply to, I was looking at the one my sister will be graduating from. I have been to the Appalachian Mountains to visit her at school multiple times before and have taken in all the sights and listened to her talk about how school was going for her.
I'm a senior whos been here 3 semesters and my professors have been amazing. I attended both UNCW and NC State before coming here and App blows them away. I plan on attending grad school here unless I get a hefty scholarship from UNC. The campus is gorgeous and there's lots to do if you are outdoor oriented. The only downsides are the lack of true diversity, the winters are brutal, and the town is small which means limited dining and entertainment.
The schools progressive aims, and beauty of the surroundings attracts world class professors as is evidenced by their CVs. The new health building is top notch and all the class sizes are small. It's hard to believe that it's also one of the most affordable schools in the nation for in-state tuition.
The culture of the campus and community at APP is like an extended family.
I love the location of Appalachian State's campus, as well as the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff and students. Transitioning from high school to a university can be daunting, especially when you move four-five hours away from your hometown, but the vibe of this campus creates a feeling a home away from home and is always nothing short of wonderful.
I found my first visit to Appalachian State University to be my destiny...where I was supposed to be at. I have been able to find my place at ASU...from making the Dean's List my first semester to volunteering and being a part of the Campus Crusade for Christ to participating on the men's scout team that practices against the girl's basketball team to help prepare them for their next game. If I could change one thing I'd definitely like to see the dorm rooms to be bigger in size.
I love going to App State. Having a close nit community where you can count on everyone is what drew me here. The weather and activities are great too when classes get cancelled due to snow.
Appalachian State offers an experience not many other places can offer. Most colleges that are set in the mountains tend to be very small, but Appalachian State offers a bigger school feel while in the location one would expect for a small school. Not to mention that the surrounding areas of Boone are some of the most scenic I have ever seen. These areas are filled with loads of hiking trails leading to views that are unmatched, as they are set upon the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.
My experience at ASU thus far has been excellent! Boone is a great college town. On game days especially, one can really feel the “mountaineer pride”.
App state is a really good school, especially for the cost of attendance. As a business major I have found the resources, and effort put in by the faculty and staff have made a significant impact on my personal, and professional development. Despite some rather below average dining hall food, and dorms, the rest of the campus more than makes up for it with beautiful locations, and a super dedicated group of professionals who care more about the students than the research.
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Everyone here is so helpful and encouraging! I don’t think I’ve ever been in such an accepting environment.
App State is an excellent university if you like the cold. Barring the weather, the 18,000 students here will all agree that there is something for everyone here- from sports to a cappella to theatre to dance to research to politics, the number of activities on campus just keeps growing. The professors are all very invested and the education for its price is of great quality.
I recently visited Appalachian State University for a college tour. I genuinely enjoyed my experience. The campus is small enough so that the farthest walk from one end to the other is only 15 - 20 minutes. They offer many courses and outdoor activities for discount prices. Every building is in walking distance and the campus is several minuted away from downtown Boone.
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