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Appalachian State University Reviews

2,226 reviews
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The atmosphere at Appalachian State is amazing from the students to the athletics. The academics are good and when you need some down time you can go down the ski slopes.
I absolutely love App State! It is such a welcoming school and all of the professors truly care about each of their students. I would not change anything about my experience here at App State.
A very beautiful campus, with a very large array of classes to choose from and explore to help those who may not know what they want to do yet. All services provided by ASU are very friendly and helpful.
The campus is stunning. Nestled in the mountains, it is the perfect college to attend if you love the snow. Thus far I have found the academics fairly good. Nothing has appeared to be difficult because of a professor's unwillingness to accommodate the student. Everyone is inviting, and it is a great place to receive an education.
I am currently a second semester freshman at Appalachian State University and I love it here. At the beginning of the school year I did not enjoy the school that much since I am not into the outdoors that much, but over the course of time I began to participate in outdoor activities more and make connections with people who also felt the same way about App. However, after a few weeks of being here I have grown to feel more comfortable and to love the school. After being here one semester I found myself missing Appalachian and eager to come back to the school for my second semester. I have enjoyed being here since and am looking forward to the next four years here!
Currently a freshman here. I LOVE IT. Surrounded by the mountains leads to great adventures in all weather. Sledding, skiing, hiking, jumping in waterfalls, ziplining etc.
So far it has been a great school to go to. so may great experiences I have received will making life long friend that will continue to be in my life for years to come. I don't like that some of my friends feel that they are not welcome here based on their ethnic background , but App State is one of those places that tries to welcome all people and all ideas.
As an freshman here on campus, I can honestly say that Appalachian is the school for me. All of the professors I have had, have been extremely talented. They are all very well informed and know what they are teaching. They also connect with you to ensure that this experience will be worth it. They will help you, but won't hold your hand. I have not done bad at all in any of my classes. I am sure that I will continue to excel here at App State. GO MOUNTAINEERS!!
Appalachian State is in the best location and I love being able to go explore all that Boone and the surrounding nature have to offer. For extra credit I get the opportunity to go on hikes and explore waterfalls. I have made some of the best friends at school and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of people professionally in the athletic training program. All my teachers are wonderful and push us to be our best. The school offers a lot of clubs and things to do, as well as a lot of great services like the 24/5 library hours, rental books and free health services. App State is great and I love it.
I love Appalachian State for the challenging coursework and amazing faculty, not to mention the amazing nature that surrounds the school. I've had great classes, and the professors are all very approachable and want us to succeed. I feel like I'm not just another number on a page at Appalachian. Also the resources that they offer students really encourage us to own our education and expand our minds through studying abroad. There’s also great student life, from campus to local Boone spots to hang out in.

The only I would change about Appalachian is the General Education program. I believe it could be more streamlined and less intimidating to freshman. There should also be a wider variety of faculty who teach these classes.
The views are amazing in Boone. It is the perfect college if you come from a small town and want a small town feel. If you enjoy doing activities outside you will never be bored.
I chose to attend Appalachian State University because I saw opportunity there regarding academics, life after graduation, and evolving as a person. Now that I have attended the university for three years I have grown to look forward to my classes every semester because they always bring new challenges and lessons that I know will impact my life as a future professional. I also value that there are many resources available to me whether it is looking for jobs, speaking to advisors, or taking professional head shots. The only thing that has been negative about my experience here are the attacks on marginalized groups of people by privileged students. For example, there have been slurs and comments made toward minority students regarding our qualification to attend a university such as ASU.
I had the opportunity to attend many other schools that my peers consider more prestigious. However choosing Appalachian State was the best decision I have ever made. This beautiful inclusive yet expanding university has taught me so much in academic and life skills. Here I'm getting top notch education and college experience for less that many other "prestigious" universities where you pay more for a title but are deprived by being a number not a actual face.
I have not yet attended Appalachian State University, however I am very excited to apply as their campus is phenomenal. During my tour, I fell in love with the faculty and amount of independence given. I also loved the diversity of the people who attend the college. The majors offered are very interesting and I would love to study there. I am very excited to potentially attend. The guidance to succeed as a student and individual is always offered.
Diversity needs to be expanded though I feel very included here. I love the scenery and the personal connection with faculty and students.
My time spent at ASU was overwhelmingly positive. I loved spending time on the beautiful campus as fall set in drinking some delicious coffee brewed on campus by a local coffee shop. The surrounding town is always bustling and the bar scene, although not as busy as a large city, is always full of college kids looking for fun. I would have loved to rate Appstate with 5 stars because I really loved almost every moment spent there. but there's one way in which the school really failed me. Advising. First of all, let me explain that the professors in your major are randomly assigned to students at ASU. Unfortunately mine did not seem to want to help me at all. They gave me no valuable advice my whole 4 years. I blindly had to choose classes, took credits that were not even necessary. This feeling was shared through almost every student I talked to. To make a university great there needs to be a bigger emphasis placed on making students feel cared about by their professors.
I love everything about this university it gets me moving and looking for great opportunities out there not just as a student, but also a man who is looking for learning abilities. This has been a great first impression on this university to step in and say "we can help how may we help you".
I love the environment at Appalachian and the beautiful mountain scenery. Being able to see every sunrise and sunset on the mountains made my early morning classes worth it. I like being able to get a mild workout just from walking to class uphill both ways. The weather is pretty unpredictable, but the snow days are a ton of fun. The professors are great and very helpful, but some of the buildings are pretty old and run-down. Overall, I think that Appalachian is a great college that welcomes everyone.
My overall experience has been great. The professors are amazing, and always more than willing to help out.
The community is a very strong part of what makes Appalachian State a welcoming school. The people are always willing to help you and the area supplies many recreational activities. There are many resources available on campus such as a counseling center, health center, food markets, post office, etc. There are many activities planned for students throughout the year and over 300 clubs. There's something for everyone here.
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