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Appalachian is good at communicating and informing their students. It is easy to find information you need by calling and talking to staff.
Online is better here than other schools I have attended because the staff knows what they are doing.
I did not take any classes fully on-line. But all of the online portions of the classes were wonderful, organized and easy to navigate.
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I love the tight community feel and how small that classes are. Very intimate and welcoming. I enjoyed how the professors recognize you and treats with respect and dignity.
The online learning experience has been going well, especially since both professors and students understand this is a new primary learning format that will have many technological issues. Professors have been receptive and willing to help with any issues, and there are several study spots on campus that offer a variety of environments to settle in and work.
App State is a great university that gives its students multitudes of opportunities while still maintaining a more intimate setting and tight-knit community. Campus is the perfect size, where everything is within a brief walking distance, but also sprawls enough that students can move about freely. The surrounding community is incredible, with several shops, restaurants, and other places for students and locals to hang out. Beautiful scenery is partnered with a variety of hiking trails and swimming spots for an amazing natural experience also. The athletic programs are phenomenal, especially the football team, so there is always an athletic event to attend. Clubs and organizations abound at App, so students can find pretty much anything they are interested in here. While ASU does promote diversity and inclusion, I would like to see more diversity in the student body and in faculty, as it is currently a predominantly white institution.
I love the campus and what it has to offer to do around school after classes, but with covid restrictions it has made it hard to meet new people. Most of my classes are online which isn't that great, my I love my class that is in person.
My online learning experience has been okay, but not great. With all the covid restrictions, it has made it hard to meet new people on campus. But, all of my online professors are doing well making sure we have all the info we need, and I really enjoy my one in person class.
Beautiful, if I get accepted there I am going to be extremely happy, the campus is absolutely breathtaking and it has an amazing theatre and creative writing program.
I haven't gone there yet, but if I get accepted I would be extremely happy! I took an online college tour and I wasn't disappointed. I can't wait to step foot on the campus.
I love Appalachian State University because everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. The campus is beautiful and gives good vibes. I love the mountains which is a big bonus.
Do to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID all of my classes are online and I'm trying my best to adapt to these new challenges.
Just transferred to this school and I'm loving it so far. The atmosphere is amazing and you never run out of things to do. There's plenty of places to meet people and study.
With covid-19 all my classes are online and most of the professors have done a great job communicating plans for the fall semester.
Beautiful campus and atmosphere. Weather is very nice during spring and summer. Winter and fall can bring snow.
I have taken a few classes online and they went well. The professors post audio lectures going through each powerpoint as they would in class. They try to keep videos at most 15 minutes so they are easier to watch.
App State is an awesome school! I am in the online program and my professors so far has been exceptional. They don't use distance as an excuse or barrier for your education or assignments. They challenge you and they are there for you every step of the way ensuring your success.
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I like that App State is a diverse University. So far everything has been easy to access and follow online. The online distance learning program is exceptional.
I transferred to Appalachian State from Pennsylvania State - University Park campus and I feel so more at home with the App State community. I feel that Appalachian State has a more diverse population of personality which I enjoy emensly.
My online education at app state was under less then idel situations. the only reason that we moved to online class was due to the corona virus outbreak. But with the time we had to transition from in person to online i think that it went pretty smoothly.
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