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Appalachian State University is an absolute blast to attend. Most of the professors are committed to improving their students and are eager to teach. The campus is absolutely remarkable, there is so much to do , and so much to see. The campus is also located near a number of popular hiking spots which is a plus for me. Being in the mountains offers a lot of recreational opportunities. The campus is very safe and is committed to ensuring students have an enjoyable time. Overall I absolutely love this place!
I've had an amazing experience here at Appalachian State thus far. The people here are unique, accepting and fun to be around! The professors truly care about helping you, and always there to talk to you and help you in any way, even when it's not their office hours. The food options on campus and around the town of Boone are amazing. Most things are locally grown and harvested, with plenty of Vegan/Vegetarian and gluten free/allergy free options. The atmosphere on campus and through out the whole community is one of adventure and excitement. The students really enjoy getting outside and getting active. The Blue Ridge Parkway has some of the best views in the United States, but I may be a little biased! Blowing Rock isn't very far away if you're looking for an adventure close to home--which is EXACTLY what I would call Appalachian State University--HOME.
It is a wonderful campus with beautiful climate lots of acres the tuition is reasonable lots of parking space the environment is clean and fresh.
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Overall it's been a great experience, Boone is a great place to hang out and the surrounding areas are beautiful.
I love everything about campus. The teachers are always willing to work with you and your schedule. Classes are at a good walking distance. Everyone is friendly which makes this school feel more like home.
What I love about Appalachian is how many resources there are to be successful. There should really never be a reason to fall in grade performance at this school, because no only are the majority of our book rentals free or cheap, we have many free tutoring, writing offices, study groups that almost everyone is apart of because its so easy to attain. Being a minority, I will say the diversity is lacking, but the warm and friendly culture of Boone itself, makes up for any indifferences you would see at any typical university. Also the dorm choices are limited and they're extremely outdated in comparison to almost any college which is a huge hindrance at times.
I love the environment at this university. It is easy for an individual to feel at home here with all of the inclusion clubs that are provided on campus. If there isn't something that someone found they wanted to participate in, it is very easy to get an organization started at this school.
Appalachain State is located in a beautiful nook in the mountains, which is both amazing to live in and play in. The area around the university is full of adventure and surprises, and the school itself is very welcoming to students and people of all kinds.
I don't go here but this seems like a very nice university to attend! Love the campus and the scenery is beautiful.
I love the school, it has given me an opportunity to grow as a person in many different ways. I've learned about my passions here. I love the outdoors and thanks to this campus and it's location, i get to enjoy all aspects of nature. I also have made so many new friends, clubs on campus make it really easy to get involved. When it comes to classes, not one day has not been interesting. The staff and campus administration do their absolute best to provide a great campus environment.
Appalachian State has become my home away from home. Campus is beautiful and there are always plenty of activities going on to keep you busy. Joining clubs and organizations on campus have helped me to meet my best friends and become involved in the Boone community.
I love App State! The mountains are beautiful and it's close to home for me. The people are friendly and down-to-earth. Although people are friendly, opposing and more conservative views aren't necessarily accepted. Although I am a minority, I still enjoy going to school there, and the education is very thorough and most professors are helpful and want their students to succeed.
I love Appalachian. There are so many opportunities at this school. Everyday it seems there is something going on within the campus. Numerous opportunities continue to come my way. Professors go out of their way to see you succeed.
Appalachian State University is a great campus with beautiful scenic mountains in every direction. There are so many opportunities for outdoor activities ranging from hiking to snowboarding.
App State is fantastic and I would not trade my time here for anything. I love how environmentally focused the campus is and their dedication to preserving the beauty that is all around campus. Also the atmosphere is unbelievable, everyone here is so friendly and always up to hang out whether it be at the library a football game or out at the bars. I definitely do not want to leave. One thing that I would like to see changed is the whole parking situation. It is very hard to park here but also Boone does not really have space for parking.
It's a very clean and amazing university. Everyone is very nice and friendly here. Everyone wants to help you out and be kind to you. I feel like I'm learning so much and am so happy here.
The academics and professors are excellent, but the campus can seem cramped at times. Having intimate class sizes are great for being able to get help when needed and you will learn a lot.
Review Appalachian State University
Appalachian State is a wonderful university. The campus is accessible and easy to navigate. It is one of the best athletic and academic schools in the state.
Appalachian State has it all! The University has a wide range of majors, a friendly campus, the cost is very reasonable, financial aid opportunities for all students, has a good student to teacher ratio, many internship opportunities, and has very good job placement rates.
I feel that App State if very safe and overall friendly. The professors are kind and caring they help there students in any way possible. App will be putting in new dorms in the next few year which was a much-needed change. Also, they are in the process of building a new nursing building and it will be completed next year. App has a great business and education department and have many new upcoming departments. I am grateful that I came to Appalachia State because it let me find myself, helped me grow up and be responsible for my actions and my life.
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