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I LOVE this school when it comes to the sports, the facilities, and the extra curricular opportunities. The buildings are nice and there are a lot of resources available. I spend a lot of time in the library and enjoy all of the study rooms and tutoring services. One thing this school could improve upon is the parking situation. There is not nearly enough parking on campus for students, faculty, and visitors. More parking lots should be added so that more students are able to buy parking passes.
Appalachian state is beautiful with many positive forms of sustainability engraved into the school. With organizations dedicated to bee-keeping, river preservation and cleanup, tree planting, etc., Appalachian State does its part to preserve the environment around us. Appalachian State is a place I am proud to call home through amazing school spirit. People off all backgrounds go to celebrate sports, the arts, and other on-campus events. Everyone at App State is connected through their love of nature and being one with the rare warm days on campus. What I would like to see change, however, is some of the dorms on campus. Some of them, like the building I live in, are going on 50 years old with mold in the bathrooms and no working AC in any of the bedrooms. That being said, Appalachian State is a wonderful school I'd recommend to anyone who can withstand the cold.
When I visited this naturalistic environment, I felt blessed. The friendly atmosphere was welcoming for someone who hates social contact.
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The administration has done very little to help/assist/guide me during the application process. They keep talking about how great their school is and how badly they want to bring people in but they’re slowly pushing me away more and more.
Wonderful atmosphere with a lot of caring and determined characters. So much to do and so much to explore with different types of people.
I am an incoming freshman at Appalachian State University, I have visited the college twice and absolutely loved it. The area around it feels like home, and the students there were very welcoming. I am looking forward to my life at ASU. I would like to see an improvement on the dorms, they seem to be very cramped but most dorms are. But I am still extremely excited about becoming a Mountaineer.
Starting in the fall the campus is beautiful and everyone has been beyond helpful to me. I'm so very excited to be there this fall and I will give everyone the advice to not be nervous. I'm transferring from a small community college so the shift is a very large one. What has helped me most is the resources available and App provided an abundant amount of resources to help incoming students.
I am a transfer student at Appalachian State University that chose it because of it's welcoming environment, friendly people, and beautiful scenery. As a whole the professors and staff really do care about trying to create a success learning atmosphere so that you can succeed. The social life is also great because there are always amble amounts of clubs to join and events to see that range in all types of fields such as arts, sewing, athletics and so much more.
I love that the school and community are one in the same. The staff on the campus will do everything in their power to help you achieve your goals. They have staff in every field that are experts and will get you all the information you will need to graduate. Each area of study becomes a community that all helps each other to achieve greatness.
What can I say? Boone is THE most charming college town I have ever come across. When I think Boone, I think Home. The students who attend App are accepting and welcoming and just good people. The campus is stunning and eco friendly, sustainability being one of the university's pillars.
I like the environment. There is not much diversity here, most of the people blend into one another. Most of the people act the same here. The dorms are decent and cheaper than other Universities in NC.
I love the homey feel of the school! The professors are usually fantastic and serve as an outlet to someone who can really help you. It offers a lot of good opportunities to become involved with the school and activities that you may be interested in.
I have toured this college many times and plan to attend Appalachian in the fall for nursing. I received two scholarships and advise you to get your merit based scholarship application during November or before!
My experience of Appalachian State University has been overall good. I have witnessed many different sporting events and concerts at the University. The people and environment in Boone and especially at the campus is warm and welcoming.
There are so many programs available to help students figure out the career path that is best for them. There are also social support systems available, such as individual and group counseling, along with the diversely open minded clubs and sports program allowing the students easy access to a strong social network.
My experience at Appalachian State has been great so far. I am currently a freshman living on campus. The small town feel makes me feel very welcoming and safe. I do not have to travel far to get food or my basic necessities that I may need. The staff really helped me transition effectively from my hometown to Boone. I would recommend this school to anyone.The only thing I do not like is there is not any malls or good stores to shop at.
The greatest thing you will find when visiting Appalachian State is the sense of community. It is not uncommon to see everyone outside on a nice day, all hanging out together. There are always events being held on campus that cover a variety of interests. It is up to you, as a student, to become involved on campus. However, the academics offered are average when compared to other universities. Some professors show passion in their job and of our learning and there are others who you can tell are not as interested.
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I studied Recreation Management at Appalachian State. I wanted to be an outdoor leader/guide. I found this major to be nearly useless. The one or two classes I found helpful, I could have easily learned from a number of other outdoor educational institutions for much cheaper and at a much higher quality( NOLS, AMGA, OBS) We would spend months planning for a 3 day backpacking trip. Even before my education at ASU, I feel as if I could have planned a three day backpacking trip in about an hour. The culmination of all of our hard work was a 5 day trip. For a program that claims to be a leader in producing outdoor professionals, this is a pretty unimpressive course curriculum. I am very disappointed in my education from App and I truly regret my decision to attend.
The area is beautiful and there is a diverse range of majors offered. The sustainable development program offers great opportunities and knowledgeable staff.
The academic advising is a bit of a headache, it would be nice if there was more uniformity among majors for advising.
Appalachian State University, while a pretty large school, gives students a small school feel. The campus is beautiful, and dozens of hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities are within an hour away. The faculty is wonderful, and each student is presented many opportunities to volunteer and or get involved.
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