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App states two best assets are location and the people. Snowboarding in winter, big beautiful mountains surrounding campus and the nicest people you will ever meet. Kinda hippie, kinda redneck, but very laid back. Campus food is trash other than mcallisters, expected better. Party wise there are a couple annual bangers but other than that not many worth going to. Good professors and lots of good programs to choose from. Made the right decision choosing App, would recommend :)
I love the environment of Appalachian State University, the people, the climate, the close knit vibe that the town of Boone gives off, the surrounding locations and the programs that the school offers. It is the complete package.
The experience was great! I was not excited to attend Appalachian State, but after getting to have one on one experience with many professors and experiencing the culture on campus, I loved it. It felt welcoming, and I was able to challenge myself constantly throughout my time. As an alum, I still have great relationships with the university and honors college.
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Appalachian State is a beautiful and outdoor campus that provides its students with many opportunities. The ability to join extracurricular activities that other campuses do not contain and the travel abroad program, allow students great experiences. Also, the location of this university is the best fit for me. Personally, I love the mountains and the weather it brings. With everything said, I'm in love with the opportunities, experiences, and location this university contains.
School is great, loved everything but housing. Beautiful campus and lots to do. Food is pretty yummy. Lots of school spirit.

However: If you are disabled don't go here. Housing doesn't want to work with you. Spent my only month here practically miserable.
The school is absolutely beautiful. I fell in love the moment that I stepped into campus. It was totally not what I expected but it was so worth it.
It has great academics and amazing people but needs to work on diversity as well as engagement between the student body and the chancellor.
I have toured ASU at least 4 times. Appalachian State is a truly beautiful school. The surroundings are picturesque. The community around the school is small. It's a small, rather rural area. The sense of community is strong and powerful. You get the feeling that the entire town is in it with you. They are all there with you pushing you to succeed. There is definitely something in the air, especially on a game day. There is so much to do off-campus. There is hiking, swimming, backpacking, camping, skiing, and so much more. The teachers seem so passionate and seem to know what they are talking about. I fell in love with the library the, the tutor building and impressed by just knowing if I have problems with my computer there is tech help onsite.
It’s very beautiful and spacious. There’s many organizations and clubs to join, as well as numerous majors and classes to study in.
I really love it here. People are so nice and welcoming and I just really feel at home here. Please let me win this scholarship though. I really need the money! T^T
I really like the school as a whole. There is a lot of things to do and many ways to get involved on campus. The food here decnent but there aren’t that many options. The walks to and from classes are relatively short and you can get across campus from anywhere no more than 20 minutes. I am a freshmen and I am very excited about the next four years! The professors also want you to have a personal relationship with each student which I find very comforting and resourceful. Overall I love this school for everything that’s here!
Appalachian State University is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I can not thank God enough for giving me the blessing of being a student there.
Its a beautiful campus with a very caring community. However traffic is a nightmare and the surrounding town offers little in the way of entertainment.
I went to Appalachian for two years and I adored it. It is by far one of the most beautiful campuses in North Carolina. You're surrounded by breathtaking mountain views anywhere you look. It's a very progressive college as well. The students and staff are excepting of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion of a person. The staff are phenomenal and most classes are set in smaller group setting making it easier to have a connection with the students and professor. I highly recommend Appalachian to any student considering or not!
I love the fresh air and all the activities available. The town is adorable and fun to walk around. I have had both negative and positive experiences with professors but most were good. My freshman year was very difficult as I felt I did not fit in, but it got better once I declared my major and found cool people I could relate to. Overall App is a good school and in my experience inclusive.
App State is a wonderful place to go to school. I am a chemistry student here and the professors I have had are all so caring and truly want their students to do well and learn the material.
Appalachian state University is located in the mountains. It is a beautiful environment. The dorm I was living in was located right next to a lovely park which had lots of benches you could sit on and take in the beautiful scenery.
I also loved the classes. Some of them were more difficult than others, but I can honestly say I learned something in each one.
The dorms were nice; you did have a roommate, but that's to be expected. I liked how accepting the Appalachian community was. Neither race, religion, gender, nor sexual orientation mattered. Everyone was very nice.
Campus food is one of the few things i would criticize. Most of it wasn't too bad, and some of it was really awesome, but it was all more costly than what you could get off campus. And as freshmen are required to be on a meal plan, that meant spending more money than I would have otherwise needed to.
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Appalachian State University was one of the most aesthetically pleasing universities I have visited. The academics have proven to be very good because of the graduation rate as well as the percentage of students who receive high-paying jobs once graduated.
Appalachian State University is a great institution. The professors genuinely care about their students success. They are also many opportunities to do research alongside your professors. Their are many great ways to get involve with the campus community. Community service, religious clubs, and sports are a few great ways to get involve. The scenery is amazing. The cool crisp mountain air is refreshing. At the beginning of fall semester and the end of spring semester are great opportunities to go hiking and camping. The people of Boone and Appalachian are very friendly, you will feel welcomed and you will feel like your apart of the community.
A midst the natural beauty of the blue ridge mountains surrounding Appalachian State University's campus is a spirit of love, tolerance, and compassion for all living things. The atmosphere is truly magical, and radiates kindness like no other college campus I have visited. I am so proud to attend a university that I truly believe touches the soul of every student, faculty member, and visitor. I have no doubt that I will forever treasure the time I have spent, the memories I have made, and the lessons I have learned at Appalachian State University.
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