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Great overall experience! I loved the friendliness and it is a great/ positive community that I would love to be involved in. I also really enjoy the hospitality, it never fails to have a great time up in Boone. I would definitely recommend App State to any friend. Appalachian State may be my future college! Go Mountaineers!!
The university and a great environment for people to be themselves and learn from the best professors.
Appalachian State University is an excellent school, I have only been here 7 weeks and love it. There is always something to do on campus and around Boone. I love that the school is always giving opportunities to volunteer with the community and on campus. Getting involved was very easy and I was able to meet great people.
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The location and community is very welcoming and academics are amazing. You will be invested into because the campus size isn't large, and it has a more personal feel to it.
I like the open community on campus and the variety of activities offered through the school. Many of the professors offer ways to help students if they are struggling with classes and there is a large network setup to help students through the college process.
I toured the campus and the campus was beautiful. The area was not too large but has everything that you would need as a college student. I can not wait to start school here! I tried the local restaurants. On top of the campus itself, the area is full of things to do for young adults.
I love Appalachian State University! It is definitely my home away from home. I love the people, atmosphere, weather, and opportunities that are presented to me.
The scenery is beautiful, the faculty and staff are friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities here for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in.
This school is wonderful and I wouldn’t change much about it, It could be more diverse and once the dorms are finished being updated that aspect will be much improved!
Appalachian State University is a very nice college to attend. The people here are so welcoming and nice. The campus is very beautiful especially when the sun is setting. Coming to Appalachian State University was a probably one of the best decision I have made. I have made lifelong friends here and I have enjoyed every time I am able to walk around campus.
Appalachian State University has very understanding and caring faculties. They are super friendly and helpful when looking for help or guidance. The campus itself you need to prepare yourself for a bunch of stairs.
I love the whole atmosphere of App, although the population is quite large it still has that smalltown feel. In my experience the professors really want you to succeed, and they are all passionate about whichever subject they teach. It could definitely work on their diversity, but they are a welcoming environment. My one complaint of App State would be the limited amount of on-campus housing for non-freshmen; due to their growing numbers more and more students are having to go off campus for housing which can add more stress and more of a financial burden on students. They do compensate students by providing transportation on and off campus. The town of Boone is very student friendly, a lot of stores and restaurants give discounts for students and give ample job opportunities. The mountains themselves are absolutely amazing, there is barely a single place on campus where the view is sub-par. There are also opportunities all around campus to go hiking or doing other activities.
I love this University as a school; the professors are incredible and the material is very thorough. The location is amazing and the types of people who attend here are all very open minded and thoughtful. I hate the college as a business though. It often caters more towards the tourists than students when it comes to things like finances, opportunities, and parking.
Watauga residental college, apply to it if you can. Hands down the best way to experience campus. How ever it is pretty far from the academic buildings
Appalachian state is a stunningly beautifull university located in the Appalachian mountains where there are countless things to do and see. The university itself has provided some excellent professors that are concerned with the future of their students instead of their paychecks.
AppState is an amazing university. Beautiful campus with friendly people and teachers who genuinely care. Not too much to do unless you have a car, but you can always hang out with your friends in the courtyard. Only thing I would change is security, I've heard some worrying reports lately of theft and vandalism.
There are lots of activities to be involved in at this college. They help you every step of the way if you don't understand something and when you call any office you always get an answer.
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ASU has provided me with some of the best memories of my life. Not only was I able to meet like-minded people, but I was encouraged to branch out and try new things. I am a very active person who loves the outdoors and, at ASU, there is an abundance of outdoor activities in which one can participate. It was opportunities like those that I will cherish forever. Thanks, App!
Appalachian State University is the total package. The professors are helpful and it is easy to get one on one help from them if needed, there are many free tutoring opportunities in various majors, the staff are always friendly, etc. The university and area of Boone is a great environment to live and study in. Both campus and the surrounding area is beautiful. There are also over 100 clubs and organizations to join and athletics are plentiful and popular as well.
After my spending my freshman year at Appalachian State, I can say for certain that there are many good things about this school. The campus itself is easy to get around, the food at the dining halls is very good, there is a lot of outdoorsy stuff to get into in Boone, and for the most part, the professors do know what they are doing and care about the students' success.
Of course, there are outliers. During my second semester at App, I had two professors that after being in their classes, had me thinking, "I could probably teach this class better." Granted, two out of the many professors I have had so far have been poor, so I would highly recommend using rate my professor during registration.
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