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What I love about Appalachian State University is the sense of community and the strong relationships I've built with my professors. Since the campus is a little smaller compared to some bigger and more well known colleges, I feel as if it's easier to meet people and create relationships with people. All of my professors truly care about the students and my peers are always willing to help me even if I don't know them. I also the the school spirit this University has, especially on game days for football.
Appalachian State University is a wonderful school. The scenery is beautiful and the town that surrounds the campus is beautiful as well. in terms of education, the instructors are there for you when you need them, and the classes are very engaging. The school is small; However, this is beneficial because it's fairly cheap to attend.
I have Appalachian State University to be a great campus for the college experience. The University is very accepting of al different types of people. The University has excellent staff and professors. There is a lot to do outside of class including clubs, teams, and just areas for students to hangout together.
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I love App State! The classes and professors are amazing. I especially like that most of the professors aren't just teachers, but have real life experience in what they are teaching. An added bonus about Appalachian is the beautiful view everyday!
App has provided me significant experience, information and resources, and connections in the last three years that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. However, it is not very diverse with regard to both faculty and staff, administration is varied in its communication and support of students, and the campus culture can be one of hate and intolerance.
I like Appalachian State University because everyone is friendly and willing to help you when you need it. All the campus resources are emensely helpful and there are so many ways to get involved in clubs and organizations on campus. I love how our school is focused on making things more sustainable and helping the environment by recycling and other methods. This school is a school that I call definitely call home and allows me to come out of my comfort zone and adventure!
The school is really awesome. The weather cam be extreme at times. The students come from varies backgrounds and places. I wouldn't change anyrhing about the school.
I love the professors at App State. I would have to say that is the biggest return on investment a person will receive during his or her time at the university. I am a Business Administration student and our Accounting majors in the Walker College of Business have very high CPA pass rates. I took an Intermediate level accounting course and it was the smartest thing I ever did. App has a 4+1 accelerated admissions program that allows undergrad students with a min. GPA of 3.4 to pursue graduate coursework upon completing an application to his or her intended graduate program. The tuition is very affordable, and the atmosphere is amazing. For the most part, everyone at the university is welcoming and humble.
I'm extremely proud to be a Mountaineer, and I can not imagine myself anywhere but here, Appalachian is home. Appalachian has amazing professors and I have nothing but positive experiences with all of my professors. They're all understanding, compassionate, and helpful. Being honest with them when I am struggling in a class, having personal issues going on that might affect my academic performance has been wonderful, all of my professors have gone above and beyond to make sure despite what I may be going through or what I am struggling with within the class, that I get the best education I can receive. From student life to athletics to the dinning halls the environment is welcoming and exciting. Appalachian is very quick to help with major issues, offer helpful resources, and encourage all of their students to be the best that they can be. Appalachian State University is truly my home and I would not have it any other way.
The chemistry program is great. There is small student to faculty ratio and there is ample opportunity for one on one with the professors. The curriculum offers a wide variety of chem classes.
I could not imagine a better college experience than the one I had at Appalachian State. I had an excellent education with the department of exercise science, and all of my professors were extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and WANTED you to succeed. I loved living in the perfect little college town that is Boone, where everybody rallies on gameday to support the Mountaineers. The location in the Blue Ridge mountains allow excellent stress relief from classes, whether its going for a drive through the scenery or going for a hike on the many trails in the area. Overall, I could not imagine a better college experience
Appalachian is a great place to find out who you are. There are so many clubs and on campus organizations that really allow you to explore who you are. It is also a great place for nature lovers that want to hike or ski or just simply enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.
Loved the area, theltics, and student involvement on campus. I would improve the area by making transportation easier and providing better on campus living. The faculty, for the most part, really seem to care for the students.
Great school, great teachers, this school is very helpful when it comes to transferring as well. They help you acclimate to their academic expectations as well as life in Boone. Transfers and Freshmen students are often invited on small trips or gatherings to make friends, and connections to make their upcoming time in Boone easier.
Appalachian has become my home away from home. Boone is a tightly on it community and the professors I've formed relationships with have helped me grow and expand my thinking. Appalachian gives many opportunities to prepare students for the real world.
I love Appalachian State University. It is a great school, with a beautiful campus. There are many majors that you can choose from, and hundreds of clubs that you could become a apart of. The only thing I wish to see change is the amount of diversity here on Appalachian's campus. Though our school is somewhat diverse, it is predominately a white school. I wish for students and teachers of every culture to be on Appalachian's campus. That is the only thing I would like to see change.
I really enjoy my time here at App. The community and staff are very welcoming. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and just perfect any time of year. Professors are caring and prepared. This university is a very nice one to attend.
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I love Appalachian State! It has a great football stadium and awesome athletics. The area is really nice and cool. I love the vibe of the town surrounding it.
I love the emphasis on sustainability at App. Visiting the university, it is clear that the students all have the same goal towards this and are committed to making it happen. Students here are happy, engaged, and intelligent.
I like it because the people are for the most part nice. Most Gen Ed teachers are flexible with grades and schedules. And Boone is an extremely beautiful town
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