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Loved the area, theltics, and student involvement on campus. I would improve the area by making transportation easier and providing better on campus living. The faculty, for the most part, really seem to care for the students.
Great school, great teachers, this school is very helpful when it comes to transferring as well. They help you acclimate to their academic expectations as well as life in Boone. Transfers and Freshmen students are often invited on small trips or gatherings to make friends, and connections to make their upcoming time in Boone easier.
Appalachian has become my home away from home. Boone is a tightly on it community and the professors I've formed relationships with have helped me grow and expand my thinking. Appalachian gives many opportunities to prepare students for the real world.
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I love Appalachian State University. It is a great school, with a beautiful campus. There are many majors that you can choose from, and hundreds of clubs that you could become a apart of. The only thing I wish to see change is the amount of diversity here on Appalachian's campus. Though our school is somewhat diverse, it is predominately a white school. I wish for students and teachers of every culture to be on Appalachian's campus. That is the only thing I would like to see change.
I really enjoy my time here at App. The community and staff are very welcoming. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and just perfect any time of year. Professors are caring and prepared. This university is a very nice one to attend.
I love Appalachian State! It has a great football stadium and awesome athletics. The area is really nice and cool. I love the vibe of the town surrounding it.
I love the emphasis on sustainability at App. Visiting the university, it is clear that the students all have the same goal towards this and are committed to making it happen. Students here are happy, engaged, and intelligent.
I like it because the people are for the most part nice. Most Gen Ed teachers are flexible with grades and schedules. And Boone is an extremely beautiful town
Appalachian offers a strong sense of community for everyone. Everyone is kind and welcoming and all so encouraging during your time studying at App.
I love Appalachian. The student body, the campus atmosphere, and the surrounding area are what make Appalachian a great school. And in the fall, the leaves turn into beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow - a must see!
First of all, Boone is a very beautiful town to live in. There are many opportunities for the outdoorsman, and to expand your horizons. App itself is a wonderful school, there are lots of different academic opportunities, as well as social ones. The orientation is very thorough, and you come to college ready for being on your own. There are lots of resources for tutoring and such. I'd really suggest knowing what classes you want to take before you meet with your advisor, though, they can be busy and overworked at times, and it really helps if you take control of your own academic life.
I love the campus. It's not too big, but not a small campus either. The campus is kept clean and I always enjoy the walk to class because there are flowers everywhere. It is a beautiful campus. I transferred here from a smaller community college, and ASU made that process smooth. I especially like that there is the Appalbus, whose routes visit almost all the apartment complexes. They make it so much easier for those of us living off campus to get to class and save money on gas. I have only had a few professors who I didn't enjoy taking, but that is likely an issue at any college or university. Most professors I have had love what they do and work to make sure you're understanding the material.
I love everything about the school, including teachers and the campus. It feels great waking up to the mountains everyday. Also, all teachers seem to want to help you in every way possible and are completely dedicated to what they are teaching.
I love Appalachian State University! The friendly staff and students are welcoming! I would like to change the fact that people view the school as a place where all we do is smoke weed.
I've loved it so far! My freshman year at App has connected me with so many new opportunities and not only is the school amazing, but the surrounding area of Boone is great too!
Appalachian State University is an absolute blast to attend. Most of the professors are committed to improving their students and are eager to teach. The campus is absolutely remarkable, there is so much to do , and so much to see. The campus is also located near a number of popular hiking spots which is a plus for me. Being in the mountains offers a lot of recreational opportunities. The campus is very safe and is committed to ensuring students have an enjoyable time. Overall I absolutely love this place!
I've had an amazing experience here at Appalachian State thus far. The people here are unique, accepting and fun to be around! The professors truly care about helping you, and always there to talk to you and help you in any way, even when it's not their office hours. The food options on campus and around the town of Boone are amazing. Most things are locally grown and harvested, with plenty of Vegan/Vegetarian and gluten free/allergy free options. The atmosphere on campus and through out the whole community is one of adventure and excitement. The students really enjoy getting outside and getting active. The Blue Ridge Parkway has some of the best views in the United States, but I may be a little biased! Blowing Rock isn't very far away if you're looking for an adventure close to home--which is EXACTLY what I would call Appalachian State University--HOME.
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It is a wonderful campus with beautiful climate lots of acres the tuition is reasonable lots of parking space the environment is clean and fresh.
Overall it's been a great experience, Boone is a great place to hang out and the surrounding areas are beautiful.
I love everything about campus. The teachers are always willing to work with you and your schedule. Classes are at a good walking distance. Everyone is friendly which makes this school feel more like home.
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